Morpheus won the God/Goddess of the Month Poll competition for April 2012 and October 2014.

Gender Male
Status Immortal
Parents Hypnos and Pasithea
Home Olympus
Eye Colour Dreamy Blue
Hair Colour Grey
Weapons Sleep

Closed eye

Morpheus (Μορφέας in Ancient Greek ) is the god of dreams and the son of Hypnos and Pasithea. In some myths he is the son of Hades. Iris is his suspected wife. He is also known as "The Shaper". His symbols are a closed eye and a dark crown. Mortals call him the Sandman. Morpheus is described as a man in a long black coat, he does not cast a shadow (even at midday) and shimmered as he moved like a mirage. His face cannot be made out, as it would keep shifting.



  • Morpheus is the god of dreams, so he can make people fall asleep.
  • When looking at his face, it makes the viewer sleepy.
  • Whenever he passes humans, the human would pass out, curl up and fall asleep, and after he had gone, they would wake up and act as if nothing had happened.
  • He can send images to humans in dreams.
  • He can shape people's dreams.
  • Was able to put New York to sleep, but he could not do this to the heroes.

Sleeping Beauty Colored by PinkParasol

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