Restaurant 'La Lumiere'

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Les Potages

Le potage du jour

Soup of the day $4.95

La soupe a l'oignon gratinee

French onion soup with Swiss cheese, gratinee $7.25

La bisque de homard

Lobster bisque with a touch of brandy $8.50

Les Salades

La salade verte

Green salad $4.95

La épinards à la vinaigrette de Framboise

Spinach salad with raspberry vinaigrette $6.50

Les Hors d'Oeuvres

Le saumon fume, sauce a l'aneth

Smoked salmon served with dill sauce $8.95

Le pate du chef

Chef's pate with croutons, garnished $7.50

Dishes served with salad

Omelette au fromage

Cheese omelette $11.95

Omelette aux champignons

Mushroom omelette $12.95

Our Special of the Day Served with Soup or Salad $17.50


Filet de sole meunière

Filet of sole sautéed with lemon and parsley $15.50

La bouchée aux fruits de mer

Pastry shell filled with seafood, served with vegetables $18.95

Le poulet grille aux fines herbes

Grilled chicken breast marinated with herbs and lemon $14.95

Les medaillons de veau forestiere, sauce madere

Medallions of veal with mushrooms in madeira sauce $19.95

L'entrecote sauce bordelaise avec Portobello

Grilled Angus striploin in a brown sauce and Portobello mushroom $20.95

Petits tournedos aux poivres vert

Beef tenderloin medallions flambeed with cognac, in green peppercorn sauce $21.95

Les Poissons

Le filet de sole amandine

Filet of sole sautéed, sprinkled with almonds in a lemon butter sauce $16.95

Le filet de sole sauce mandarine

Poached filet of sole with mandarine-flavoured sauce $17.50

Le filet de saumon grille au fines herbes

Grilled marinated salmon filet with fresh herbs, sweet red pepper and lemon $18.95

Les petoncles sauteed a la Nicoise

Scallops flambeed with pernod, mushrooms and delicate curry sauce $21.95

Les gambas grillees, Côte d'Azur

Grilled tiger shrimp in garlic, spices and white wine sauce $27.95


Crème brûlée

Vanilla custard topped with caramelized brown sugar $9.00

Profiteroles au chocolat

Olympic Mountain Vanilla Ice Cream-filled cream puffs, topped with chocolate sauce $9.00

Poire Belle-Hélène

Poached Pear, Olympic Mountain Vanilla Ice Cream and warm chocolate sauce $8.00

Mochaccino Mousse

Chocolate and coffee mousse, topped with white chocolate crème. Sablé Breton $10.00

Café Gourmand

Single espresso with a sample of four desserts $9.00

Soufflé au Grand Marnier

Classic Grand Marnier Soufflé $10.00

Assiette De Fromages

Plate of five assorted Cheese served with fresh fruit $14.00

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