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He's a straight forward guy who takes everything seriously despite him having a high IQ and good and sports.He also tends to see the good in people and will never gives up at any bad thing you do to him. But he's a nice guy whom likes to keep his promise and will do anything to help out.He's also someone who likes equality(meaning what I get I'll give you the same amount) and if he sees someone getting hurt he will help out(even if it kills him). He also have respect for you and has a bit of a flirt.He likes to plan ahead of time.


His mother met his father at the collage his father was working at. . After their fist encounter they met each other many times but there were nothing serious as his dad have high respect for his mother .That is until one day the relationship finally had a fling resulting in him.

When his dad found out of his existence he was angry at first as he planed to have his first child with his wife rather than girlfriend but it ended up him accepting him in.He being a professor thought nelson everything he needed to know adding this was a good stance in morals as well as sports. When he was 9 he and his dad moved to Japan, there people started taking advantage of him. Nevertheless he can still smile another day as he became friends with ichiro another person in his class with the same problem which is dyslexic . But when ichiro was thought to be dead he was depressed but that did not kept him from going through the next day as he knew his mom would want him to. Even when his dad married someone and sent him away he still is a happy child (as his dad still let him call his new wife mom). Even so at age of 15 a hell hound found him at school and almost killed him if not for a satyr being nearby maybe he's dead. the satyr that found him wanted to bring him to camp but he was reluctant to believe anything until his mom gave him his weapon making him believe everything that the satyr said. Soon he was brought to camp.



Amethyst gave this to me


Name Relation Feelings
Ichiro Ishikawa Best friend He's here!
Dad and step mom... Family they don't know I'm here
Mom family well she love me enough to give me a weapon...
Amethyst Jewels friend She's worried about me...
Lucy Ridgwell half sister she's nice
Paige Louise Evans ... hmmm.....
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