The Forge

Only The Most Quality Weapons




Headed by New Athens' very own Chet Decker, the New Athens Forge is the best place to have quality weapons forged. From the most quality Celestial Bronze items to some more... luxury metals should you have them, every weapon is made with a certain finesse. Charmed by Hephaestus as to not burn down, this wooden building is one of New Athens' more visited locations.

The small storefront houses several varieties of pocket knives, key chains, trinkets, and small jewelry. A few racks hold small stacks of swords, spears, and other simple weapons. Shields hang along the wall and a handful of different styles of armor sit on stands in the corner. Over the door to the forge reads, “Custom Orders Welcomed”. Around the backside of the building holds a testing area, training dummies similar to Camp’s and a short throwing/archery range.

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