Temple of Themis

The Gateway to New Athens





The Temple of Themis is the official gateway to New Athens and what greets prospective residents as they approach the community. On the opposite side of Camp Half-Blood, the Temple of Themis is the only New Athens building that non-clear sighted mortals can see that resembles how it looks for those who can see through the mist. For any mortal that does happen to stumble to the Temple of Themis, they'll get told that they're trespassing on government property and that tends to do the trick.

Manned by Themis' Cabin and any child of her's who lives in New Athens, the Temple of Themis screens potential residents of New Athens to see if they have a loyalty to the Gods. If one passes their test, they can become a resident of New Athens. Anyone who's response is deemed subpar will be ushered away. Much akin to the Wolf House in New Rome, the Temple of Themis is the starting point for everyone's journey into New Athens.

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