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He is ruthless, decisive, and cold-hearted. He is a warrior through and through, and won’t stop until his enemies are rotting on the battlefield.


As a beast man, he stands 9’ 3”, 655 pounds, very muscular,and ccovered in hair with a mane. As a human, he stands 6’1”,195 pounds, lean but muscular, and has dark blonde hair. As a lion, he is 8’ 2” long, 525 pounds, and looks like any other lion.


He is the offspring of the Nemean lion and a mortal worshipper of Artemis. One day the mortal woman was raped in a temple to Aphrodite. Enraged, Aphrodite makes the woman fall in love with the Nemean lion, and though Artemis wanted to save her, she couldn’t because she wasn’t a maiden anymore. She gave birth to a half-lion half-man beast. His mother died shortly afterwards and he lived in the wild around Greece. He was never disturbed until the Romans came and concurred Greece. They captured him and took him to the coliseum to fight. There he got the name Octavian. He gained great fighting skills and his sword, bow and arrows, and ax. He was forced to fight as a beast, and found the ability to change into a full lion, much to the displeasure of the Roman people. Also there he grew to despise mankind, for they are as pathetic as the gods are immoral. He was one day able to master an unsung power of his, to change into human form. He used this to escape the coliseum and head to America to hate the gods for neglecting him and man for their impudence for the rest of his life.


  • he has immense strength
  • His hide and fur are resilient to lesser cuts, stabs and blade strikes
  • He can cut through metal, wood, flesh, etc. with his claws, similar to his father but not as strong,
  • He can morph between human, beast man, and lion


Ileana Viorel - feels like she truly loves him, girlfriend

Szoria - fellow Liberatio Generis member, she is quite intelligent, acquaintance

Navitus Magnes - talked with him, is impressed by him, acquaintance

Chris Mitchell - a little out there, neutral for now

Charlotte Stills - I haven't seen her in ages, she left me...

Kiera Ames - he though he loved her, but it turn out to be not, is hated

Lydia - meet her, isn't sure what to make of her, she was nice enough, cast a pain spell on him but hasn't that bad, acquaintance

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