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Welcome to the Official Wiki Helpers Page. Here, you can apply to be a helper of the wiki's departments.

Why, helpers are non-rollback users who have certain privileges to complete a certain task to help the wiki and its users progress. If one wants to run for Rollback someday, then being a helper first would be a big step to achieve your goal. Just simply do the tasks you are assigned to do and accomplish them. That would bring you one step closer into becoming part of the wiki administration.

A Helper can perform certain tasks that regular users can't. This includes commenting on regular claims, commenting on pet claims and even approving them. There are also lots of stuff helpers can do and you can see them by looking here.

In order to apply for helper status, one must contact an administrator and ask them about applying. Applying would be very simple as you would be tested on how you can handle commenting on claims and if you can give out the right information like if the claim has specific mistakes or if it's ready to go then you can surely be a helper.

  1. A helper would be given a badge once approved. This badge will certify that one has the ability to perform assigned tasks. In order to keep the badge, you must do your duties reasonably regularly, especially if you want to run for a higher position on the wiki some day.
  2. If a helper clearly goes at least a month or two without any helping edits, they will lose their helper status.
  3. If a user has been stripped off their helper status, they would have to re-apply again to regain their badges.

  1. Leficence (active)
  2. Steven Winterson (active)
  3. Demi (active)
  4. Thesirene (active)
  5. DrXax (active)
  6. Broken fire (active)
  7. AoCatrene (active)
  8. Aeradise (active)
  9. OnyxVolcano (active)
  10. Hara Ynaguinid (active)
  11. Liss (active)
  12. Elfie (active)
  13. EmiChannel (active)
  14. Drew (active)


Official Wiki Helper's Badge
You have been awarded this badge of honor for being a 100% certified official wiki helper. This badge proves that you have passed the official wiki helper certification test and that you are given permission to perform all tasks assigned to you that no other regular users can. Congratulations and keep up the good work!
-The Administration


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