Oliver Campbell

Son of Apollo
Suntouched 🏹 Camper

Owned by: Eternal Sterek
Basic Information
AGE 18
MODEL Danny Schwarz

Marius Campbell was a famous singer who rose to stardom in the 90s. He had very good technique and his vocal range was so impressive that he always managed to wow the audience no matter what he sang. This is exactly the reason why the god of music, Apollo, felt himself getting attracted to the mortal. He approached him after one of his shows once, introducing himself as an executive producer who would like to take Marius to the next level. Captivated by the charms of the god, the mortal obliged and they started a relationship together while working on his career. After quite a long time of passionate love-making, Apollo suddenly disappeared. He returned a few months later carrying a baby boy swaddled in soft white cloth and explained to Marius that he was not who he thought he was and that he was a god. Marius wasn’t much of a believer, but his love for Apollo came through and he accepted the fate of their relationship as well as their son’s. As a one last gesture of generosity, Apollo left Marius and Oliver - the name of their son, they decided - a good amount of money as well as having someone else take over the management of Marius’ career. And so, the father and son continued to live in wealth and prosperity, albeit a bit sad in exchange for all that because of the absence of Apollo.

Unlike typical children of Apollo, Oliver grew up rather timidly. He was shy and liked to keep to himself, and only really talked to his father as well as some of his closest friends from school. He and his father had settled down in Windsor, England, then, and that’s where Oliver spent most of his childhood. When Oliver turned 12, his father had to go on a tour. Not wanting to leave his son alone in a lonely and massive mansion, Marius decided to take Oliver with him. While they were on the road in Ireland, a Hellhound caught a sniff of the son of Apollo’s demigod scent and attacked the vehicle that they were in. It tumbled and crashed on the side of the road, killing a lot of the passengers inside except for Marius, Ollie and a girl named Karen Bolivar who was Marius’ manager at that time. They crawled out of the coaster, in pain, and were almost eaten alive by the beast if it weren’t for Karen who suddenly had a glowing bronze sword in her hand that she used to hack the Hellhound until it turned into a pile of shiny gold dust. Karen told them that she was a demigod daughter of Ares, and she was actually surprised when the father and son were able to see the Hellhound with their own eyes. She deduced that Marius must be clear-sighted, and that his son is too, but the singer explained that Oliver is actually a demigod as well, a son of Apollo. Karen quickly offered to take him to Camp but Ollie - a nickname he goes by - didn’t want to be sent to a Camp where he barely knew anyone. Understanding the shyness of the child, Karen decided to be somewhat a personal trainer to Oliver, as well as being a bodyguard while she was at it. Happy of the arrangement that they had, Marius invited Karen to live with them and she became Oliver’s best friend.

In an effort to slowly relieve Ollie of his timid nature, Marius started training him in singing. Oliver naturally had a good voice and talent for music, being a son of Apollo, and they were able to utilise this by having Oliver join in singing contests. He went to the small competitions at first, and after gradually winning them, he slowly moved on to the higher levels. His guitar was a constant companion of his, and he was most comfortable in singing songs with guitar arrangements, some he even composed himself. On a nationals competition, he wowed the audience by perfectly singing a medley of Adele songs with his out acoustic twist, the product of which came out perfectly from his vocal chords. He bagged a gold medal that day, his father very proud and him as well, he was very proud of himself.

Meanwhile, all the monsters that dared get close to Ollie were all vanquished by Karen. They had regular sparring too, and combat training on top of the musical rehearsals that Oliver undertakes daily. It was tiresome, sure, but it paid off because not only was Oliver a slowly rising star in the music industry, he was starting to become a successful fighter as well. He learned to fight with a sword, and became a high level Krav Maga practitioner as well. He was happy with his progress, and told his dad one day that he no longer needs to go to Camp Half-Blood. He was happy with where he was, and his father, not wanting to be separated from his son as well, nodded in agreement.

However, like all demigod stories, this decision, of course, backfired. Ollie was admitted to Britain’s Got Talent, and he excitedly went on with the competition. His father was busy recording an album at that time, and so it was only him and Karen who went to the contest venue. As the competition went on, Ollie rose to the top of the ladders, and on the fateful night of the Semi-Finals, a horrible accident happened. Turns out, there were two other demigods in the theatre, a young one in the audience and the other a contestant in a dance group. This, coupled with Karen and Oliver’s scents, attracted two Chimeras that started wreaking havoc the moment they set foot in the venue. People were screaming, and rushed to get out of the theatre; it was total chaos. The young one was easily killed, and the other three demigods all gathered on stage. Karen and Oliver managed to kill one, while the other Chimera took the life of the dancer. Then, as Karen and Ollie prepared to fight the last one, a harpy swooped in on them, managing to carry Karen in the air. She fought against monster and managed to disintegrate it to dust, but she got dropped off and fell against stage contraptions. She got pierced with one of the pipes and it went clear through her torso, fatally wounding her. The Chimera took it as a perfect opportunity and finished Karen off. Oliver cried out in horror, and out of anger, he blasted the Chimera with a beam of hot white light before finishing it off with his CB Sword. He was too late, though, Karen was already dead as well as the other three demigods. He was the only survivor, and he knelt on the ground, in tears, where he grieved his loss.

After that incident, he decided that he had a lot more to learn. His dad personally brought him to New York and hailed the Grey Sister’s Cab - he had knowledge of this because of a parchment that Apollo left him all those years ago, containing instructions - bidding goodbye to his beloved son. As Ollie sat on the backseat, slowly inching towards Camp, he looked back at all his previous experiences that caused him to be exactly where he was, right that moment. He might have gotten more confidence because of all of his singing, but the fear that he felt that night was chipping away at him. And because he was going to a place where he hardly knew anyone, he was afraid that he’d be timid again, and be the shy kid he once was. He asked himself if he’d be able to change for the better, but he wasn’t able to answer it on his own, because he decided that the only way he’d find out, is when he actually gets inside the borders of Camp Half-Blood. And so he exited the cab, the question floating around on his mind, and as he hiked up Half-Blood Hill, he whispered to himself, “Well, this is it. Time to find out.”



Oliver is naturally timid. He likes keeping to himself, and rarely interacts with people. However, this doesn’t mean that he hates people. In fact, he’d love to be more confident and social, it’s just that he’s usually shy when he’s around someone new. He’s striving to change though, and he thinks that being in Camp could help him achieve that goal. He wants to one day be able to talk to anyone he wants, be able to keep a conversation going, and have more friends than he ever though he would have.

Aside from all that, Oliver is compassionate, and kind and generous. He is an animal lover, and loves tending to the creatures he encounters - aside from monsters, of course. He also has a green thumb and is actually an accomplished “gardener”. He is also vegetarian. For sexual preferences, Oliver has figured a long time ago that he was bisexual, and although he’s a virgin and hasn’t been with anyone, the thought of actually dating someone excites him. That is, if he actually manages to go through his awkwardness and initial wave of timidness.


(has 3/6/9 powers)
  1. Children of Apollo have the ability to conjure weapons out of pure light which can be used for combat; however, only one weapon can be conjured at a time and it cannot be bigger than the one who conjured it.
  2. Children of Apollo have the ability to focus an intense beam of light which will burn anything it touches.
  3. Children of Apollo have the ability to create a protective dome of solid light around them which will defend them from attacks for a short time.
  4. Children of Apollo have the ability to quickly heal minor wounds and slowly heal major, but not fatal, wounds.
  5. Children of Apollo are innately proficient archers.
  6. Children of Apollo innately heal faster than the average human.
  7. Children of Apollo feel stronger during the day, empowered by the sun.
  8. Children of Apollo become slightly empowered when they are protecting those younger than them, as their father is the god of protection of the young.
  9. Children of Apollo are able to use their voices to sing or simply yell at such a high pitch that it temporarily deafens anyone nearby, but it has the disadvantage of not differentiating between enemy or friends, the longer the pitch is maintained, the more energy is drained.
  10. Children of Apollo can teleport themselves by merging their body with sound waves and travelling along them. Which could be called "sound-travel". To do so, there must be source of sound at where they're leaving and going to. Like someone's singing or any device that plays music. The user must be able to hear the source of sound they're traveling to. The further traveled, the more energy drained.
  11. Children of Apollo have the ability to create temporary light sources, similar to concept of a flare, which will alight an area or blind enemies for a short time.
  12. Children of Apollo can curse someone to sing loudly for a fair amount of time, the target can fight and operate while singing. But they cannot hide and could suffer from a sore throat over time.
  13. Children of Apollo have a degree of control over diseases and plagues, but not to the extent that they can cause death. They also have control over infections, but not to the extent that they can cause death. They can cause a person to temporarily break out in hives, rashes, and boils. They can also cause a person to feel overcome with flu-like symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, indigestion, congestion, sore throat, etc for a short amount of time.
  14. Children of Apollo can create massive waves of heat and radiation, hindering others around him, but rendering him/her unable to move. The more heat generated, the harder it is for the user to recuperate after this power is used. If weakened enough, (s)he will have a hard time moving and staying conscious.
  15. Children of Apollo have the ability to shed their flesh and turn into a purely plasmic state for a short time and while in this state, the user is granted flight, immune to all attacks, receive a boost in their already existing photokinetic abilities and anything they touch is intensely burned; however, once the user changes back they will be extremely drained, nauseated and immobile for a long time.
  16. Most children of Apollo are experts at basketball and other missile weapons or games.
  17. Since Apollo is the God of Music, his children are natural musicians and singers. Able to master any instrument instantly and learn any song with ease.
  18. Since Apollo is god of prophecy and oracles, his children are innately better at interpreting prophecies than others.
  19. Children of Apollo can grow up to become great doctors in any field of medicine.
  20. As Apollo is the god of protection of the young, his children are often inclined to protect and defend those younger than them.
  21. Children of Apollo are usually in better moods during the day and enjoy waking up early.


FATHER Apollo (godly)
Marius Campbell (mortal)
MAIN WEAPON Bow & Quiver
SPECIAL ABILITIES Has mastered 3/6/9 powers
OTHER ABILITIES He's very quick and agile
BODY TYPE Athletic
BIRTHPLACE Windsor, England
LOCATION Camp Half-Blood
FAVE FOOD Filet Mignon
FAVE DRINK Macchiato
FAVE MOVIE Music & Lyrics
FAVE SONG Water Under the Bridge



I barely know anything about him, but I'm grateful to him, I guess? My mad archer skills and golden voice had to come from somewhere...

Marius Campbell
Oh, my dad, I miss him so much. He raised me, nurtured me, loved me, and I will forever appreciate him for that. He's my rock. I love him.

Leon Addington

Leon, the Head Counselor of Athena's Cabin, is like, my only friend in this entire camp. He took the liberty of welcoming me on my first day, and actually touring me around. I had a lot of fun with him, and I guess that transcended into future encounters. I treasure our friendship, and we grow closer and closer each day.

Leon Addington

Oh, Leon. He's probably the most attractive person I've ever met in my life. He's one of my only friends, and I find him really really adorable. He is a nerd, but he is a cute nerd. I have a really big crush on him and sometimes I wonder if our relationship will even develop into something more...

UPDATE: WE KISSED!!!!! (11/15/2017)


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Oliver "Ollie" Campbell - Son of Apollo
camper • singer-songwriter • here comes the sun
-There's a dazzling haze, a mysterious way about you, dear.

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He nods his head and gives you a shy smile.

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