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Opus Superum

Opus Superum
(Work of the gods)

Selume proferre
(Towards the light)

It has become clear to me that, as demigods, we encompass the best of both worlds, the benefits that mortals possess, without their weaknesses, the powers of the gods, without their petty conflicts and self-imposed restrictions. We live in both worlds, but up until now we have lived below the radar. Hunted by monsters, hiding from mortals, and kept on leashes by our immortal family. I say, NO MORE, we are clearly the master race, and we should be treated as thus. We must rise up, and take our rightful place as the mortals superiors, the gods should bow to our will, their only purpose being to create more demigods when and with which mortal we deem worthy, we shall weed out the inferior races, we shall conquer and rule.


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Second in Command

  1. Haruki Akiyama (Child of Deimos)

Faction Members

  1. Anamika (Child of Mnemosyne)
  2. Lucas Edge (Child of Poseidon)
  3. Quentin “Q” Hathar (Child of Circe)
  4. North Heywood (Child of Khione)
  5. Yuble Pluton (Child of Hades)
  6. Leo Thompson (Child of Phlegethon)


Lock Down

User Officially Inactive

Members who Left/Died

  1. Belladonna Bianchi (Child of Aphrodite)
  2. Daphne Clarity (Child of Eris)
  3. Darius Callaway (Child of Perses)
  4. Isaac Cebotari (Child of Ate)
  5. Scarlett Connolly (Child of Lyssa)
  6. Dimitri Crawford (Child of Thanatos)
  7. Kerri DePew (Child of Peitho)
  8. Kane Gärtner (Child of Morpheus)
  9. Tanith Keys (Child of Proteus)
  10. Miranda Lehane (Child of Psyche)
  11. Liam McLoyd (Child of Delphin)
  12. Dante Moretti (Child of Phanes)
  13. Delilah Moriah (Child of Thanatos)
  14. Audric Odilone (Child of Plutus)
  15. Dustin Smith (Child of Circe)
  16. Malachi Smith (Child of Khione)
  17. Christos Tantalos (Child of Kronos)
  18. Desire West (Child of Acheron)
  19. Cesar Matias (Child of Lelanto)
  20. Chen Junshik (Child of Rhea)
  21. Zora Delene (Child of Boreas)


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