Ortu Justitiae


Ortu Justitiae

(Justice Rising)

Fiat lux
(Let there be light)
Quod me nutrit me destruit

(What nourishes me destroys me)

The gods have been in power for far too long. They have become senile and corrupt. It is time for a new age, a new golden era. But we are not fools. We will not take on the gods blindly. To defeat them, we must take away the source of their power. We must ally with the mortals, and together we shall defeat the gods. It is time for the gods to be cast down, it is time for we demigods and the mortals to rule. Too long have we been underestimated by the gods. Too long have they ruled over us. Why should we be forced to toil under those who are no better than us? No more, I say! We strive for liberty, for justice, and for freedom.


135 lbs.
Alden Richards

"We have a new member, Harrison. See to it that you live long enough for the goddamn fall of the gods."




  1. Children of Enyo have the ability to unleash their battle-lust and fight to their full potential; however, as they are in a chaotic frenzy, they are temporarily blind to friend or foe and attack anyone nearby.
  2. Children of Enyo are changed during battle and become stronger and quicker in combat than a normal human could achieve.
  1. Children of Enyo can become resistant to all types of physical attacks for a short time.
  2. Children of Enyo can create an invisible forcefield around them which can bring images of mass bloodshed of devastation upon contact, causing the inflicted to back away. It only withstands for a short time, and later disperses.
  1. Children of Enyo are innately proficient in all form of combat and hold a higher state of physical prowess. They do tend to become, however, ruthless and barbaric in battle.
  2. Children of Enyo are innately stronger in times of battle, chaos, mass bloodshed or devastation. They can also sense sites of battle or bloodshed.
  3. Children of Enyo have innate battle reflexes which allows them to attack and dodge quickly.
  1. Children of Enyo have the inhuman ability to leap great distances at once. This can be used to dodge or attack. Upon landing, a tremor is unleashed which unbalances anyone within a few feet.
  2. Children of Enyo can enstrengthen nearby allies and instil fear and terror upon nearby enemies with a deafening war cry.
  3. Children of Enyo have the ability to enchant nearby weapons with either a positive effect or negative effect for the duration of a weapon; some examples would be increasing the sharpness of a blade or even dulling it.
3 Months After a Character is Made
  1. Children of Enyo are able temporarily corrode an enemy's armor/clothing/weapons for a short time, if the corrosion breaks through to skin it has the potential to injure a person. The effects only last for a short time and the longer the demigod tries to maintain the corrosion, the more power it drains from them.
6 Months After a Character is Made
  1. Children of Enyo can create a short lived “storm of devastation” which may cause inanimate materials and objects within it to warp, or break, or be destroyed. The effects are random, but typically powerful and can stretch over a wide area depending upon the amount of energy put into it. The more energy used, the more that can be effected at once. This power drains the user depending on the amount of energy invested.
9 Months After a Character is Made
  1. Children of Enyo can create an illusion of massive bloodshed, destruction and devastation on a battlefield, instilling everyone around them with cowardice and terror, causing them to panic and be routed for some time, until it wears off and they return to battle. Similarly, they can also do the opposite, causing everyone nearby to go into a battle frenzy, in which they recklessly fight the enemy. This power drains them significantly.
  1. Children of Enyo are often ruthless, barbaric, and destructive.
  2. Children of Enyo are more courageous than most, especially when facing danger. They are also fearless, and tend to inflict fear and terror in others.
  3. Children of Enyo, in contrast to those of Ares, are skilled in creating chaos where there is order.
  4. Children of Enyo tend to value greatly their freedom and independence.

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          Second in Command

          Faction Members

          1. Brian Rockefeller (Child of Psyche)


          1. Avery Jacobson (Child of Thanatos, See Theawesomeperson202)

          Lock Down

          Officially Less Active Users

          1. Lexington Gray (Automaton)
          2. Alice Knight (Child of Pandia)

          Members who Left/Died

          1. Bayin Bandula (Child of Hyperion)
          2. Colleen Campbell (Child of Adephagia)
          3. Scarlett Connolly (Child of Lyssa)
          4. Nicholas Davenport (Child of Nyx)
          5. Kenny Dawson (Child of Momus)
          6. Cameron Hartly (Child of Khione)
          7. Johnny McKinney (Child of Bia)
          8. Megara Megalos (Child of Hecate)
          9. Miyako Mori (Child of Hecate)
          10. Audric Odilone (Child of Plutus)
          11. Mitchie Nelson (Child of Psyche)
          12. Asterick Seilers (Child of Asteria)
          13. Jacqueline Sparrow(Child of Lelantos)
          14. Puck Summerhaze (Child of Hera)
          15. Seijun Suzuki (Child of Psyche)
          16. Mike Tyler (Child of Hecate)
          17. Edward White (Child of Pontus)
          18. Erik Zeno (Child of Nyx)
          19. Micah Daft (Child of Psamathe)
          20. Nicholas Zefania (Child of Kakia)
          21. Hope (Flower Spirit)
          22. Jemima (Moon Nymph)
          23. Maisie Beaufort (Child of Techne)


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