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Gender Female
Status Immortal
Parents Zeus and Selene
Hair Colour Black
Home Olympus
Weapons The Moon

Pandia/Pandeia was a daughter of the sky-god Zeus and the moon-goddess Selene. It is likely that she was a goddess of the full moon (panselênê in Greek) and of the earth-nourishing dew (hersê).

Several other writers mention a daughter of Zeus and Selene but name her Ersa (Dew) or Nemeia. It is not clear if these are three distinct goddesses or just alternate names for the one. She may also be connected with the Menai (Months), the fifty daughters of Endymion and Selene.

Pandia (Πανδία) or Pandeia (Πανδεία), meaning all divine, was another personification of brightness and a daughter of Zeus and Selene. Many have argued that she could be a goddess of either the full moon or the sun. Pandia was often said to be a goddess of beauty and youth, being confused with Hebe as Selene herself was sometimes confused with Hebe's mother Hera. Her beauty was renowned among the gods.

Cult of Pandia
According to the Scholiast on Pindar's Nemean Odes the eponymous goddess of the town of Nemea was a daughter of Zeus and Selene. She may be the same as the goddess Pandia described in the Homeric Hymn. Her mother Selene was closely associated with cult of Zeus Nemeios in the town, being described as the mother or nurse of the famous Nemean Lion.

The goddess Dia was worshipped in the town of Phlios in Sikyonia near Nemea. She may be the Pandeia mentioned in the Homeric Hymn. Although the locals apparently identified this Dia with the goddess Hebe. This does not preclude her identity, since Hebe's mother Hera was sometimes identified with Pandia's mother Selene.


  • She presumably had the same powers that Artemis and Selene has over the moon.
  • She may have powers over the night.
  • She also may have had hydro- and chronokinetic abilities due to her being a goddess of the moon (which influences the tides) and month respectively as well as the power to both induce and cure lunacy.


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