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Clam Pearl Dolinska Clam
Daughter of Hecate ~ Camp
Owned by: Margaery Tyrell
Basic Info
Full Name: Pearl Ivy Dolinska
Titles: Daughter of Hecate
The Nihilistic Cheerleader
The Babygirl
The Powerpuff Girl
Born/Created On: 19 April 1998
Current Age: 19
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Single
Current Location: Hecate's Cabin
Affiliation(s): Camp
Current Status: Alive
Species: Demititan
Nationality: Polish
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Accent: Thick Polish Accent
OOC Plans & Info
Inspiration: i've carried this character around for a while on tumblr and honestly i wanted to bring her to chb, lit one of my favourites 2 do cus she's lit the girl with no emotions but is the most emotional person you will ever meet ugh idk how to explain it
Love Interests: None; Help change that by messaging me on my talk page!
Active RP's: Page comments
Created Page On: 25 Christmas 2016
Last Updated On: 3 December 2016
Plans: None
Model: Nicola Peltz
Gender: Female
Eye Colour: Green/Hazel(???)
Hair Colour: Blonde
Height: 6'3
Weight: 150 lbs
Blood Type: AB
Voice: Baritone
Distinguishing Marks: None
Body Style: Athletic
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Family & Childhood Info
Mother: Hecate
Father: Aleksander Dolinska
Creator: N/A
Half-Siblings: Other children of Hecate
Full-Siblings: None
Other Relatives: N/A (Though if anyone would like to do this type of thing and plan it out, I'm sure we could arrange something)
Home: New York, New York
Schooling: all the way up to High school
First Kiss: Unnamed boy in school
First Sex: N/A
First Love: N/A
General Info
Nicknames: Bubbles (As in Powerpuff Girls), Babygirl, etc
Native Language: Polish
Language(s) Spoken: English
Italian (Not Fluent)
Character Flaw: Nihilistic; over confident but doesn't care enough about anything
Fears/Phobias: Absolutely nothing except perhaps death
Hobbies: Dance
pouring buckets of sugar into her coffee and drinking it without dying
Moral Compass: North
Most Important Person Before: Herself
Most Important Person Now: Herself
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Dream Job: Anything that makes her buckets of cash
Current Job: None

Pearl can be selfish but that is just mainly the result of being abandoned. She doesn't seem to want to live anymore despite this, she's definitely on the depressed spectrum. Above all she's an attention seeker and will do practically anything for attention. While some attention seekers are more like puppies begging their owner for a treat, Pearl is more like an adult rotweiler causing trouble until her owner screams at her. She just doesn't know when to stop. Pearl has no real emotions but is also the most emotional person you will ever meet--- a living contradiction. She knows how to get what she wants but she can't quite be explained as ambition because she doesn't care enough to go after anything (Her dream of being an actress is the only thing she's given even a salt of caring towards besides for her pet Henny). She doesn't have any real relationships with anyone or anything besides her strip club family from Teasers, Henny, drugs, and alcohol. She's extremely impulsive and will kick ass and throw down if provoked (Or if bored, it's a normal thing for Pearl). Pearl is far from being a stickler from the rules and she does what she wants. She is a bold person despite other's opinion on it. She speaks with a tragic/creepy flair to her words and some may think she's absolutely crazy but it's all for show, it's all for attention.

Traits (TL;DR): observant, selfish, intelligent, sociopath, calculated, effervescent, charismatic, deceitful.


• (TL;DR is at the end)

Aleksander Dolinska was a small-town dentist living in Kazimierz, Poland. Kazimierz is an independent city located South of Kraków Old Town and is separated by a branch of the Vistula river. Outsiders had a hard time trying to venture into the remote village for the river was hard to get across. As a result of it's closeness, not many wanted to live there. The district was a mixture of both Christian and Jewish cultures and as a result of Aleksander growing up in the distant location along with his devoted-to-religion family, he soon started to believe in the words of the Old Testament and everything the Jews stood for. The young man lived an average life, similar to all those who lived in the area. He didn't speak much English and attended his local synagogue frequently, at least twice a week. He was a dull man but he was very content with his life all the same and didn't see much room for change after his wife from an arranged marriage died.

Arranged marriages wasn't anything new in the far off area. Family friends and family business partners would always set their children up with each other to connect families/and or for business transactions. He become a widow due to his wife [Halina] committing suicide the day after their honeymoon over wanting to be with the woman she truly loved. Knowing that it wouldn't be accepted in her religion, she realised that she would never be happy with a man that her father had forced her to marry. Aleksander was an aggressive, non-sentimental man and cared little to nothing for her. Love was for the weak and it was of importance for him to carry on the legacy of marrying off his children, trading/sharing ideas/secrets/recipies/antiques/etc that the Dolinskas held special and to keep his family "pure" (without illness/disease/non-jewish/etc.). He wanted her to be a traditional wife for him who cooked, cleaned around the house and procreated with him to make hundreds of "pure" babies. Aleksander took the ways of the Old Testament very seriously. Others outside of Kazimierz would consider this absurd and unreasonable but Kazimierz was known for it being very religious so his thoughts on what his dream lifestyle was seemed extremely normal for many of people.

One day, Aleksander decided to head to the capital of Poland (Warsaw) to see a special restaurant that was unlike the one in his small little town. Everyone was raving about it, so he decided to see it for himself as to get his own opinion on it. Deciding to take his tiny car, he stopped many times despite it only being almost a four hour drive. His map-reading skills were absolutely horrible so as he attempted to venture into Warsaw but he accidentally directed himself to a random forest. Being the stubborn man that he was, he continued to drive around and wouldn't accept help at the hikers/campers. After driving around for two hours, his car finally ran out of gas. The sky was getting darker and he didn't want to sleep in his car so he started his way and looked for a camp of some sort. As he walked, he saw a flame burning as bright as the sun so he walked toward it, hoping a family was camping there.

He was right! There was a camp there, however it seemed more like a village. Tents were set up, 'wires' were set up as to dry clothes and there were many people each doing their own little thing. Some were washing clothes, others were tending to the fire, some were directing a group. Aleksander assumed this was some type of crackhead cult so he was about to turn and leave, a petite woman rushed towards him and said in his native language to all the people that 'it's a new guy!'. All the people stopped moving to look at him and cheered. Aleksander was confused but went along with it just in case the people were dangerous and capable of murder. They gave him some clothes, a tent and a job to do around the place and so he got to work as quickly as possible.

The petite woman he had met on his first day helped him out the first week there as to make him comfortable and help him settle in. She had also taught him English and soon, they became great friends. They were connected at the hip and had an unspoken loyalty to each other. Aleksander would've left if it hadn't been for her. She was everything he wanted in his wife--she fed him, cleaned his tent, etc. All he wanted was to marry her and then procreate and life would be perfect. However, the woman refused his hand in marriage as she wanted to be 'free' and didn't want to be controlled by a man (Highkey she was a feminist). He was saddened by this but she quickly cheered him up by having sex with him on a regular basis. All he had to do was complain a little bit and she would make him forget everything he was thinking. Sure, it may have been against his religion to have sex before being married. but he tried to convince himself that God would've wanted him to be happy and so he didn't try to stop it.

His ever so lovely life continued for about a year and he completely forgot about his old, religious way of life. He smoked and drank with the other men and enjoyed his life with the petite woman who was known as Antonina. He was living the dream and he couldn't be any happier until she revealed that she was pregnant. Aleksander was stuck at a crossroads. While he did want to have children, would this mean that his lifestyle would just be gone and he wouldn't be able to do as he pleased? He grew irritated with Antonina and her pregnancy which kept him from doing all the things he wanted to do with her. So one night he hit her as she complained about being hungry and cranky then forced himself onto her. Enraged with him, she left the village as soon as it was over and he was too tired to run after her. He didn't see her again afterwards and assumed she had committed suicide. Continuing his lifestyle, he didn't think much about Antonina and didn't bother asking anyone where she had went. He called her pathetic as if it were her fault that she got pregnant.

Walking out of the village area for a bit, he decided to check out the area more. It was something that he had wished to do but never got the chance to do it as a result of always being occupied with the luxuries of weed, sex, and alcohol. There, he had saw what seemed to be hundreds of candles. As soon as he appeared, they lined up seeming to try and spell something out. Fearful, he sat there in awe as he saw the lights spelling something out. First it was a C... then a H... then an Ild. The candles had spelled out child in the lights. Thinking it was some type of scary animation put by people who most likely had a similar situation to him, he had put his hand over the flame and to his surprise, he felt heat radiating from it! Running back inside the camp and to his tent, he couldn't believe that the candle thing was real--it had to be his imagination. Asking a few of his men to go out of the area to see the candles, all there was two candles which were not lit. The men had looked at him, annoyed at what they thought was really a miracle but he was awestruck. Who could pick up all these candles so quickly, blowing them out so easily? Nothing was adding up. Standing there in silence for a moment, he did a good job of convincing himself until a baby girl's cry was heard. Going over to the center of the camp where everyone met up and hung out, one of the 'elders' of the camp was reading over a card. Reading the card, the elder had said his name out loud, and yet Aleksander still couldn't process it. Wanting to make sure, the camp had performed some "ritual" to see if the child was actually his and sure enough it was (The ritual isn't scientifically proven, it's just something they've learned that works kind of like how everyone thought 'pulling out' would make sure no children would be made). It had said that the baby was his and only his. Was this Antonina? Was it some type of joke from one of the prostitutes? Was it a miracle? Aleksander didn't want children, why was he getting one? Wanting to give it away or leave it outside of the camp for whatever comes to take it, he struggled with this. His moral compass kicked in and he realised that it was his responsibility. Sure he hadn't want to deal with it but perhaps he could use this child to his advantage...

The young girl was later named Pearl Ivy Dolinska and while her father might've decided to take care of her, she was probably better off with another parent. Her father became an alcoholic and was addicted to drugs, he never payed her much attention as result. Another reason was the fact that he only wanted her because he felt responsibility towards her---it was his child after all. The man had only let her out of the tent for three minutes a day for fresh air and slid her food so she didn't starve. Her bed was like a cabinet that he could lock with air holes so she didn't die. He locked this cabinet at night so she wouldn't escape. As she grew, the cabinet would too. He got people to guard their tent in the day so he hadn't had to worry about her escaping then. Considering his popularity among the people, this wasn't overly complicated.

By twelve, she had encountered her first monster attack. She had been let out of the tent for what seemed to be like the first time in forever. It was only for twenty-five minutes but she cherished it and didn't want to mess up. Pearl had been attacked by several hellhounds. Her life was endangered and she had to get back to her cabinet before the time was up. Running as quick as her skinny legs could take her, she made it late and was sent to her cabinet. The hellhound hadn't seemed to be behind her at all from that point. Pearl had assumed she hallucinated the wild beast but little did she know it was killed by a satyr, a hiker of sorts that had come across the beast and defeated it with the celestial bronze powers of his weapon.

After that incident, she hadn't seen the outside world until she was fourteen. With the exception of the slits she had grown to be accustomed to, she barely could even breathe. Aleksander had decided it was time for her to be sold into sex trafficking. Her body was maturing, if not already matured (He had tested her out himself) and Pearl was an absolute beaut. No one could compare their beauty to her. Aleksander had sold her to a rich conservative for 39,422.50 Polish Zloty (Or 10 grand).

The man had two other young girls besides her and she felt comfort in talking to them when she had the chance to. The girls had spoken Polish along with English while she did not (speak English) so they had taught her the language. He smuggled the three girls from Poland to Germany to France. Living life with him was full of rape and domestic abuse, he was pure evil and sin. Two years living with him made her grow wild with anger and disgust so Pearl f This all changed when she felt done with all of it. Pearl had found her chance at escape when he decided he was moving the group to America (She was sixteen at this point). In spite of wanting to make sure the two other girls were okay, she knew with them she wouldn't make it. The minute they got to America, she ran away and never returned. Making it all the way to Brooklyn, she found herself wandering the streets. She knew she'd get caught especially with no money plus the danger of the monsters that she wasn't actually even sure she was hallucinating. Pearl wasn't fluent in English either, only knowing basic conversation and phrases here and there. Living in New York would be tough without better general knowledge so when she went into Teasers, a strip club, she knew it'd be perfect.

Teasers was a gentlemen's club ran by a cheap-looking-haiwaiian-shirt-wearing-grizzly-bear-creepy-man that had hired her without ID or anything. The owner of the place was secretly Dionysus and seeing the girl practically drown in troubles caused him to hire her. It couldn't help that she barely understood America so paying her cheap for her work was great for him. There, Pearl had met other female workers with different titles (goldie, mami, black dahlia, cookie, creamy, etc). She was called 'babygirl' for being the youngest out of the group'. Those girls taught her English, loved her, they were the only family Pearl had ever known. They showed her how to properly please the customers, social skills that she hadn't learned from Aleksander, everything. Along with that they had shared their liquor, drugs, it was used in excess. It was a magical life for her despite living poorly along with the monster attacks. Behind the curtains and the 'lux life', the girls were secretly demigoddesses. They were all told by Dionysus of her status and they helped fight the monsters. Pearl drank excessively and did cocaine, etc so tricking her into thinking it was a hallucination was oh too easy

The attacks got harder though. With their demigod status on top of hers, they couldn't do it anymore. Mami (the oldest out of the group) had decided to bring her to camp herself by the time Pearl became nineteen years old. Along the way, she had told her of her history and who was her mother (Dionysus could tell a daughter of Hecate from a mile away). Packed with a few months of various drugs and alcohol, Pearl had gotten into camp with ease. Mami was an experienced fighter, a child of Limos allowing her to be brought to camp without a single blonde hair on her head harmed.


  • ran away at sixteen due to shitty (ALCOHOLIC PARENTING + DRUGS)/little to no parenting
  • lived on the streets for a while and fought monsters before she got an ok job @teasers (all tha people working there *were lowkey demigoddesses + the owner of the place (Dionysus) could sense it as well) where she started to save for college and fight monsters (she drank excessively and did cocaine, etc. so it was rlly easy for the girls to trick her into making her think it was a hallucination until they were ready to tell her at 18 but by then the attacks got worse and they had to b able to protect themselves so they said 'f it' and one of the girls (who was a respected figure and also the oldest there so they tended to all call her mami) brought her to chb and now she's here)
  • is an actual depresso espresso
  • loves: glitter in her cuts, acid, shoplifting, bad decisions, being spoiled
  • hates: milk in her coffee, split ends, not getting her way
  • acts like a sociopathic a lot of the time
  • lowkey a sinnabun but highkey a cinnabun
  • abandonment issues (lowkey daddy issues bYE)
  • motivations: spite, envy and attention
  • best friend is a serial killer on the run who writes her occasionally n she pins the lavender scented letters all over her bedroom wall
  • secretly codependent and needy af (but hides it in the beginning by being independent and pretending she doesn't need anyone)
  • bitter bitch
  • found a ugly hunchback chihuahua while she was out on the street on her own called henny (short for hennessy) but during her journey to chb, she kinda got lost in the road and she misses henny dearly
  • dreams of being on the silver screen
  • lord of the flies level savage
  • throws tantrums as a job

Powers of a Child of Hecate (3/6/9 Month Powers locked):


  1. Children of Hecate have the ability to fire an intense beam of magical energy which will burn anything it touches. The ability can also be focused into small magical bullets, which have better range but are less damaging than a beam.
  2. Children of Hecate have the ability to use magic to electrically charge something made of metal for a short time.


  1. Children of Hecate are able to create a protective dome of magical energy around them for a short time.
  2. Children of Hecate are able to become ethereal in form for a short time, which temporarily causes all attacks to go through them. In this state, they cannot attack an opponent and if they do their ethereal state will dissipate instantly.


  1. Children of Hecate have the innate ability to see in all directions at once.
  2. Children of Hecate are innately stronger at night.
  3. Children of Hecate are able to communicate with the dead to gather information.
  4. Children of Hecate are adept at making potions and elixirs, however potions used in battle cannot be overly powerful or altering to the events of the battle. Potions that can automatically heal all wounds or restore all energy are examples of over-powered potions. Only descendants of Hecate/Circe and Lampades can create potions. Overconsumption of potions can result in overdose symptoms and some potions could have side-effects or not work at all.


  1. Children of Hecate can conjure spells to teleport themselves and allies. The further the distance, the more energy drained.
  2. Children of Hecate can cast a levitation spell on themselves for a short time which will allow them to fly, the longer they levitate the more power it drains. The spell can also be used items and enemies.
  3. Children of Hecate are able to use some healing spells to quickly heal minor wounds and slowly heal major wounds. Fatal wounds cannot be healed.

3 Months After Character is Made (UNLOCKED)

  1. Children of Hecate are able to control the Mist around them, allowing them to create optical illusions that can fool even demigods. The illusions can confuse enemies with false memories, alter the appearance of the user or their allies, change the appearance of items or weapons or even alter the appearance of the environment to an extent. Changes to the Mist only last for a short time, mist control is less draining than custom spells. (6 month)

6 Months After Character is Made (UNLOCKED)

  1. Children of Hecate have the ability to create new spells, whether they were trained, self-taught or devised the spell on the fly. The spells can be minor, such as locating, summoning animals, divination or controlling emotions. Or they can be more advanced and powerful such as controlling the elements, pure magical energy, necromancy, curses and summoning monsters or magical guardians. Spells cannot be overly powerful or controlling. The more complex and powerful the spell, the more energy it drains from the user.

9 Months After Character is Made (UNLOCKED)

  1. Children of Hecate have the ability to focus all their magical abilities into transforming themselves into any living being, or even a being of their own imagination. This power is, in essence, the ability to shapeshift into anything the user can imagine. The user can transform into another human, an animal, a monster, or anything in between. The transformation can last as long as the user wishes it to, but the longer they hold their form the more it drains them. They cannot cast any spells while the transformation is in place and they cannot transform into anything overly powerful. (Like a rabbit that can make people’s heads explode with a thought. ) The form they shift into cannot be larger than 2 to 3 times the human size of the user, and after the user resumes their regular form they are severely drained. Unable to move from exhaustion and they could possibly faint. This power can only be used once in a fight.


  1. Children of Hecate typically love the magical arts, many of them are known for writing spellbooks. Her children have created/re-introduced and improved spells and techniques all over history.
  2. Necromancy is commonly a favored magical art among children of Hecate.
  3. Children of Hecate are known for being quite mysterious.
  4. Children of Hecate are often more active and exhibit better moods at night and in dark environments.
  5. Children of Hecate wield innate knowledge and understanding of the Mist.

Name: Relation: Feelings:
Hecate Mother Never knew her.
Thomas DiFiore Father Barely knows him
Romano "The Fork" Bonanno (Adoptive) Father All he wants to do is impress him and the rest of the gang

  • His Bow
  • His Scimitar
  • Close-up of one of his arrows
  • His Thrasher Sweatshirt
  • His iPhone 6
  • His iPhone 6 Marble Case
  • Her LUSH Bathbomb and Bubble Bar Collection

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