The Preface: Athena and Ares have feuded and bickered since ancient times. Both have often done things to get underneath each other's skins but with Ares threatening to throw the world into turmoil with another war to get a rouse from his war counterpart, Athena would like to put a stop to it forever (or for the time being, at least). Choosing Aphrodite and Eris as her confidants, Athena has stolen Ares' helmet and given it to a group of demigods and nymphs to cause chaos around the world under the name of Ares. Aphrodite and Eris have distracted Ares, rendering him unable to stop the acceleration towards war under his name. Both goddesses have joined in for different reasons; Aphrodite for Ares to stop being so grouchy and hot-headed all the time and Eris for thriving off the discord. Ares has suspicions on where the helmet has gone and has ordered Ryder, the Head Counsellor of his cabin, to retrieve it for him. Overall, this quest is a challenge devised by Athena to place Ares back in line by showing him the effects of his actions on the world and his children. Will it work in the long run? Who knows, but Athena's willing to try for the safety of the earth.

The Questors:

  • Hellhounds [ Abdera ]
  • Stymphalian birds [ Abdera ]
  • Skeleton Warriors [ Aegospotami ]
  • Boar [ New Zealand ] + a hydra
  • Demigods & Nymphs [ Niue Island ]
    • Daughter of Athena
    • Son of Zeus
    • Daughter of Boreas
    • Tree Nymph
    • Fire Spirit
    • Owl Guardian

The following dream came to Ryder late one night;

The following message took place during a dream:

Dear Ryder,

"I don't know how much time I'll have to send you this message, Ryder, but I need your help. Whilst I cannot prove it, I think someone has stolen my helmet. It isn't where I have placed it last and Aphrodite and Eris are stopping me from searching for it. I believe it's fallen into the wrong hands as turmoil is growing on Earth far beyond what I could conjure on my own. If it weren't for these goddesses, I'd find it myself but, I can't, so I need you to find it. I can't offer you any other advice other than Thrace is a good starting point. I need your help, son - someone's threatening my honour!"


This dream was then followed by a second one, this time from Athena;

The following message took place during a dream:

Dear Ryder,

"Ryder. I have every right to believe, now, that your father has contacted you regarding his helmet. Be vigilante in your search - your father's honour and status on Olympus may very well rest on how well you and those you choose to help you complete the quest. May the counsel I preside over guide you well."


  • Camp Half-Blood
    • This is where the questors will meet up with one another and get to grips with things. For sake of ease, they will have all been briefed prior and we can just get moving straight away.
  • JFK International Airport, Queens
    • Here the questors will board the plane to the first location of the quest; Abdera, Thrace in Greece. There are no attacks but questors will be aware that they are being watched as if someone knows exactly what they are doing as they look like teenagers going on Spring Break otherwise, bar Woo Hoo. Perhaps there can be a small interaction between one of the questors (Ryder?) and a random person where they pass their trip off as Spring Break and have to lie about Woo Hoo.
  • Abdera, Thrace, Greece
    • Here is where the questors will go to examine some of the ruins in the region that is touted as Ares' birthplace. At the entrance of the tomb, they will fight three rouge hellhounds. Here they find the plume of Ares' helmet within a tomb. It is confirmed to be the plume of Ares as it is draped over a part of the tomb's ornate interior that pays respect for Ares. This, in turn, confirms that Ares' helmet has been stolen and now the demigods must locate it. The questors are attacked by some already agitated stymphalian birds, chasing them to one of the forests nearby the ruins. This is another giveaway that Ares' helmet has gone missing as the birds were reared by Ares himself and thus unlikely they'd attack those sent by Ares himself for assistance. It is in the forest that they find an envelope that details the Battle of Aegospotami during the Peloponnesian War and has a map on how to navigate the Aegospotami. The questors take this as a hint and go in that direction.
  • Aegospotami, Turkey
    • After deducing that, whoever stole Ares' helmet and left the plume in an tomb at Abdera had come up the Aegospotami, the questors take a boat up the river. Here they might recount how this was a deciding battle during the Peloponnesian War wherein Sparta, whose patron is Ares, defeated Athens into eventual surrender. There may be some questioning as to if Athena is really behind this, linking back to Ryder's dream from Athena that he would've kept a secret until now. As they contemplate travelling to Athens and maybe Sparta, believing this to be the clue, they are attacked by skeleton soldiers on a ship. Judging from the ship's construction and the armour that the skeletons wear, they are the remains of the Athenian soldiers who lost their lives during the Battle of Aegospotami. A fight ensues in which, afterwards, the questors find clues on the wreckage of the skeletal boat of the believed perpetrators making their way to an island off the coast of New Zealand with no further details than that. Stumped, the questors make camp for the night on the shoreline of the Aegospotami and discuss their next plan of action. They'll eventually decide to take a chance and IM Ares to get intel on any particular New Zealand island and why might people be heading there. It is revealed to them that the island of Nieu is where Ares has historically stored some weapons, given the island's small population and being adorned the 'Rock of Polynesia;' a place of greatness. Though the message is short, Ares theorises that whoever has stolen his helmet is going there to retrieve some old weapons of his to further implicate him in the growing turmoil of the world. He is, notably, relieved to see the plume has been recovered and is in the hands of the questors.
  • Istanbul Airport, Turkey
    • The next place the questors are roleplayed at is Istanbul Airport. Again, they won't face any monsters here but the feeling of being watched will be even more intense than at JFK International Airport. They will definitely get the feeling that they are intruding in on something and, subsequently, realise that they are going in the right direction.
  • New Zealand
    • At Wellington, they make their way towards the north-western shore of New Zealand to Auckland where, there, they will catch a plane to Niue. On the travel across New Zealand, the questors will fight off multiple boar. They do notice a few owls uncharacteristically circling the area which further confirms Athena's involvement. The questors, when they do make it to Auckland, have very few obstacles remaining until Niue.
  • Niue Island, New Zealand
    • Here, at Niue Island, the questors will be face to face with those who stole Ares' helmet. They will be led to the Avaiki cave system and venture inside one of the deeper chambers that is typically not accessible to tourists. Here they will be faced with three demigod children and two nymphs. A third nymph will stand at the side-lines, holding Ares' helmet. After a fight ensues and the demigods and nymphs retreat out of the cave and leave the helmet, the questors go to IM Ares once more to deliver the good news before receiving an IM from Athena. She instructs them to go to Athens where she will meet them.
  • Athens, Greece
    • Here at the Parthenon in Athens, Athena meets with the questors at night as to not be disturbed. She tells them of her intention by stealing the helmet and giving it to the demigods. She apologises that Ares had them run around but hopes that, through seeing the demigod children suffer and struggle to defend his honour, he'll cease the constant arguments and teasing nature. She thanks them for teaching him a lesson, taking the two components of the helmet. She reassures them that they'd each get something as a reward and that Ares will be fine.
  • Camp Half-Blood
    • At Camp Half-Blood, the questors end their quest. They are commended by Alexander who has since been filled in and are praised for their resilience. It is here that they receive their gifts from Athena. They then part ways, knowing they helped stop the world from entering a Third World War - or worse.

  • Athena explains that, whilst this is an elaborate way of teaching Ares a lesson, it also served as a way to quell the turmoil that he himself had been created. With Ares preoccupied with his helmet, his attention to the world affairs had decreased, thus leading to a softening of tensions. Athena reiterates that she would've never fully thrown the world into World War Three to teach her brother a lesson but rather get close enough and use Ares' helmet to frame him and see him punished - after all, why punish mankind for a God's trickster, arrogant ways?
  • Ares' helmet is returned to him and the turmoil that had been caused ceases.
  • Each of the questors receive a gift from Athena for helping her complete her goal of teaching Ares a lesson, no matter how wasted it may prove to be.
    • For sake of ease, these gifts will be determined closer to the time.

The Quest

Please add your name to this order when you join in! We'll keep to this for as long as we can. [ Oli, Brocky, Aera, Time, Aerie, Gaby, Manolo ]

Camp Half-Blood

  • Ryder: It'd been a while since Ryder had been on a quest, let alone led one himself. His dream from Ares had been unsettling enough but a further one from Athena that explicitly told him to worry about his father's reputation? Well, let's just say he hadn't told anyone about it - not even Beau. He stood at the bottom of half-blood hill as he waited for the other people to arrive, backpack slung over one shoulder that contained all of the essentials; drachmae, dollars, ambrosia, a few extra weapons in small mist forms, tightly packed clothes - a lot. He hoped this'd be a short quest but he had been at Camp long enough to not expect this to be the case.
  • Beau: It wasn't unusual for Beau and Ryder to keep really minor things from each other, but Beau could tell that something was really bothering his husband and for that reason he was fully willing to come along on the quest when Ryder had asked him to join. Having packed his bag full of everything he figured he'd need from money in multiple currencies (mortal and mythical), to food and other supplies. As he made his way done the hill, he kicked a rock alongside him till he made it down to his husband. "I hope you know this is way too early."
  • Aera: Aera joined the two of them shortly after Beau had arrived, looking slightly unsettled as she rolled up her sleeves and eyed the trees like they owed her something. She wasn't particularly close to either Ryder or his husband, but when the opportunity arose to get out of this place and see something new, it wasn't like she wasn't going to just... not take it. So here she was, staring at the ground and picking at the dirt under her nails, which she decided need a manicure once they got back. Go ahead and jot that down...
  • Maia: Maia walked up with everything she needed. Especially her bubble tea, which she was periodically sipping from. Don't ask her where she got her hands on it. It's her secret. Jokes-one of the first spells she learned was summoning something. Which included stealing someone's orders from her favourite store. Maia didn't really know any of them save for Ryder, who she had talked to a few times. But she had no reason to turn down this quest and was happy to help out. "Hi guys!" She said, seeming as chirpy as she usually was, despite how early it was in the morning. "I'm Maia!" Really, moreso for the people who she didn't know rather than Ryder.
  • Woo: Decidedly, Woo thought this would top the worst practical jokes ever played - if it was one. She patted the small of her back to check if she'd sheathed her daggers while pondering what kind of insanity had driven her to this. Adults are scary! Quests are scary! English grammar? SOUL SUCKING. Why did she let herself get nudged into joining? "It is a good experience for you," she mumblewhined as she trekked past the barrier. She felt the protection vanish as she continued ranting. "Has older people. You are safe." She choked back a snort as she got to the bottom. In her experience, adults were not safe. That's how they had kids. She wasn't sure what that meant, but she'd heard one of her siblings argue about it once. She had packed light - two changes of clothes, ambrosia, and her thumbtacks; her scissor thin daggers clung to her belt. Day hours did not incite resentment from her on regular days. Today was not a regular day. Resigned to the terror of daylight, she looked back and forth between the other people already there with the acute awareness she was the youngest. Her eyes rested on the bubble tea a fraction of a second longer before she looked away.
  • Rhys: The only thing Rhys felt in regards to this quest was relief he wouldn't be continuously walking into Theia whenever he was out and about. Otherwise, he was caught somewhere within the concept of indifference. As he approached the group that had congregated at the bottom of half-blood hill, he came to realize he was one of - if not the - last one to arrive. Coming to such realization, he winces and glances down at his watch to ensure he wasn't terribly off track. He might be a little late, but better that than arrive early without enough supplies for the trip. He looks up at the small group and smiles apologetically, "Sorry, I thought I was on time. Rhys, son of Poseidon."
  • Ryder: "The other guy said he'd catch up with us," Ryder said as Rhys eventually made his way to join them. He returned the smile as he looked around. He recognised some faces - others were new to him. "So that means we're all here, great!" He ran a hand through his hair before crossing his arms over his chest. Though he smiled at his husband's comment, he didn't respond. "So we're going to find my dad's helmet, right? He said to me something about people using it to frame him for something? He doesn't know if it's actually a thing or not but he has his suspicions. It'd help us more if he was certain but hey, our divine parents never seem to make sense when we need them to, huh?" He cleared his throat. "I went to Alexander about our first stop being Thrace and he agreed it was good; Ares was born there and had retreated a few times in the past. If he has just misplaced the thing, it might be there. Sound good?"
  • Beau: All in all this seemed like a rather diverse bunch of demigods, sure he didn't know all of them all too well, maybe seeing them in passing, but he was sure they covered a wide enough range of powers or skills. And if all else failed turning into a lion could be fun, he hadn't done it in awhile. "Sounds good to me, lead the way."
  • Aera: Barely noticing anyone had showed up until Beau queued in for them to leave, she lifted her head, noticing the group that had formed while she had been busy in her own little world. Clicking her tongue as she looked over the rest of the team with a stoic expression, she shifted her wait to one side and sighed, ready to roll out already. Though, eyeing Maia's bubble tea, she was considering requesting for a road stop at a bubble tea store. She'd been craving some lately and camp never has anything that actually tastes... good. "Sounds good," she agreed. "I'm Aera, daughter of Hera." The unintentional rhyme made her internally cringe, but she made no move to reveal it in her expression, holding the same stoic level of grace she had since meeting here.
  • Maia: Maia watched everyone arrive and smiled at them all. She did notice people eying her drink and hoped it wasn't a problem that she had it. However, if it was suggested they stop on the way-she'd be a big supporter of this! Probably, fortunately, she didn't notice the rhyming words and she listened to Ryder attentively. Greece! She'd never been outside of the U.S. so the prospect of visiting another country was exciting! "Yes, that sounds great-oh, sorry, I'm a daughter of Hecate," she said, forgetting people also introduced who their parent was. Give her a break-she was new to this.
  • Fernando: Every bond you break...every step you take... I'll be watching you. Is that a walking sun? A moving flashlight? An asshole? Certainly the latter. Fern's feeling exceptionally cocky today, and it shows, literally. He's shimmering with supplementary Elpis power, and as he gets nearer, so does his aura of optimism. Every single day...and every word you say... "Hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm, hmm hmm hmm hmmm hmm hmm, hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm." The music coming from his walkman headphones is almost as loud as his humming. The skuffed jeans and bleached white t shirt didn't help him blend in, but it's hard to even make out his outfit, what with him shinning. The whole get up makes his large hiking bag almost inconspicious, along with the plain celestial bronze sword hanging off it's side, next to the celestial bronze cooking pan. Ah, they're already talking. He jogs lightly over to the group, stopping next to Woo Hoo. What a tiny. Fern straightens his back so he can look even taller next to the young girl.
  • Woo: Woo perked up at Aera's introduction. Korean, definitely. She wasn't sure about a translator (she'd been assigned a Mnem kid for several months when she first arrived), but it was a small comfort. Her expression had tightened at the mention of Greece. Not her favourite place. ...empty stone... She jumped at the voice in her head. It timed with Fern's appearance, so it appeared as if she'd been spooked by the glowstick aesthetic he was going for. "Woo." She said her name like it was a curse. "Pandia." She decided against saying her full name from experience and turned to face Fern with as much disarming disapproval as someone of her stature could muster. "You are a beacon for bad. Do you want to die before we find the scary hat?"
  • Rhys: For his part, Rhys doesn't know any of them, so he limits himself to nodding at Ryder's suggestion and smiling kindly when the other questers introduce themselves; at least there was some variety in terms of powers, and likely experience.
  • Ryder: With the affirmations of the destination, Ryder smiled. It felt good to have competent questors; he had heard horror stories from when he first arrived at Camp and would be mortified if his ended up in a similar way. "Oh! By the way, I'm Ryder, of the Ares' Cabin." He rubbed the back of his neck, figuring that he should've said that earlier but oh well. "The Uber should be coming soon. Alexander offered a few chariots but we're gonna be roughing it out pretty much the entire time so why not have some mortal comfort, y'know?"
  • Beau: "Beau, Cybele, and this guy's husband." He said, using his thumb to point to Ryder beside him. He wasn't sure if that kind of knowledge would make the rest of them feel weird, but they'd be finding out sooner than later if they didn't know already. Nodding his head at what Ryder said, he wondered if they even had Ubers big enough for the seven of them.
  • Aera: Aera glanced at Woo with a look that was simply unreadable. The kid had be to be at least younger than fifteen, but then again, it's not like it was uncommon to see Asian kids who looked younger than they were. Hell, she could relate too. But her expression cracked into a smile at the 'scary hat' statement. Perhaps she'd be fun to have along. "Let's not... kill anyone before we even leave camp premises," she says, turning her attention back to the rest of them. Upon hearing the announcement of an uber, she nodded and smiled. "Sounds good." The last thing she wanted was to sit in a chariot for who knows how long. Might loose her mind honestly.
  • Maia: "Will the uber fit all of us?" Maia asked, not really thinking to keep this to herself like Beau did. But she was happy to go with whatever, even if meant be squished into a pancake by them all. Well, except maybe Woo. Everyone but Woo was able to squish her. Then again, she supposed she stood a better chance than Woo did.
  • Woo: Woo gave Fern one last judging look and returned to the focus on the... Uber? She nodded at Aera's words seriously, then creased her brow at Maia's revelation. "I can sit on someone," she said. "Not him." She jerked a thumb towards Fern. "He's a bong. Monsters eat the bong. I don't want to be dessert."
  • Rhys: Rhys doesn't think it to be necessary - or appropriate, really - to reply to their comments, but he does share their concerns in whether they will fit or not in the same car. Instead, he looks over at Ryder and asks what had been most pressing on his mind, "Will we be flying there?" He'd be in for a long journey if they were.
  • Fernando: Every little thing she does is magic... The mixtape has moved on to another song before Fern can pause it. Fern laughs at the little girl's comments, glowing a little brighter to mess with her. "You're a worry bug, huh?" He pats her head, ruffling her hair. As soon as he's stopped ruffling her hair, he stops shinning (albeit, his outfit is still just as loud.) Finally, the tiger bandana keeping his curls from falling into his face can be made out. The child of Elpis pushes his headphones onto his shoulders. "I'm down for sitting on someone's lap too man." He taps his chest. "Anything for the team." He snaps some quick finger guns at Rhys. "Don't worry bucko, we're gonna be perfectly fine. I'm gonna hope really hard nothing bad will happen on the plane. Because nothing will. Unless, like, you're a child of Poseidon or something." The last bit is supposed to be a joke, but since he had missed Rhys' introduction, of course he didn't know it was truth. The air of optimism around him gets a little stronger.
  • Ryder: With everyone familiarising themselves with each other, Ryder felt better about the whole situation. He trusted Alexander enough to round up a team for him and he was sure he wouldn't disappoint. "Yeah, I got a big uber, we'll fit," He said with a nod to Maia. He turned to Rhys and nodded again. "It's the quickest way to get to Thrace. Alexander assured me Zeus won't smite us out of the sky because us calming whatever is going on because of this is in the interest of all the gods but we all know how Zeus is." He let out a chuckle, letting a silence settle before the uber eventually pulled up in front of them. "As I said, this is like the one bit of mortal comfort we're gonna have - might as well enjoy it." He made his way to the vehicle, opening the door with the intention of letting everyone else in as he'd ride up front next to the driver.
  • Beau: Beau stayed quiet for the most part, letting Ryder explain more details of what was to come out of this quest and what they were to expect. With the uber pulling up as well and his husband letting everyone pile in, Beau got in and buckled himself up.
  • Aera: Aera was tempted to groan. Since she got here, she was hoping for as much mortal comfort as possible, especially considering how rough her like three thousand year life has been, but whatever. She agreed to this quest, this was on her. Even if the uber might be a bit cramped. The moment she was in, she took a seat closest to the window and seated herself, making it clear no one was to interact with her during this whole car ride when she took out her phone and ear-buds.
  • Maia: "You know, I've never been on a plane before," she said to no one in particular as the uber drove up before choosing a free seat in one of the rows. She was probably the second smallest out of all of them (with Woo being the smallest) and was more likely to be able to fit with a few of the guys (who were all giants). "I've only really seen the interior on movies or, like, in images. I hope it's as cool as they say."
  • Woo: After a few moments of struggling, Woo clicks her belt close and leans back into her seat with an aggrieved sigh. She claims the end of one row, inadvertently avoiding becoming sandwich spread. "They're okay when you aren't a stowaway." Placing her rucksack on her lap, she stifles a yawn and stretches rather enviably. Tight squeeze or not, she won't suffer the most.
  • Rhys: Fernando draws a nervous chuckle from Rhys. His concern wasn't being killed. The nihilist in him didn't care. It was the airsickness he'd have to deal with. In the uber, he's sandwiched between Maia and Beau, angled awkwardly so he minimizes touch with both of them for his sake. He doesn't know any of them well enough to not mind the physical contact.
  • Fernando: "From what I remember, they can be a plane in the ass," he says, having overheard Maia's comment. As fate would have it, the remaining seats mean he has to take the middle in the row Woo is in, the one right behind Rhys Maia and Beau. The 80s boy nudges her with his elbow. "What's up squirt? Want a fruit roll up?" He pulls a box out from the backpack which is now facing forward, cradling his lap. Now would be a good time to pull out his mixtape again.
  • Ryder: With everyone in the Uber and having signalled the driver off, Ryder turned around to face everyone the best he could. "So, when we get to Thrace I think we should go down to the ruins of Abdera and familiarise ourselves? I don't think Ares would leave something so powerful out in anything modern - s'much easier to hide something in the ruins, y'know?"
  • Beau: Having found himself getting lost looking out the window before realizing everyone had now shuffled in and Beau was, for the most part, crammed to one side of the vehicle with Rhys beside him. Hearing Fernando talk from behind them, Beau's ears seemingly perked up as he was listening now. "Sounds like a good idea, familiarizing and stuff. But um-" He started as he turned to face Fernando behind him. "Could I have a fruit roll up too please?"
  • Aera: Once everyone had climbed into the car, Aera turned her head towards the window to prepare herself for the drive. She was already ready to ignore everyone all the way there until conversation started back up again, and at the mention of 'fruit roll up' (a delicious modern day delicacy that honestly seemed genius to aera), she turned her head back, pulling an earphone out of her ear. "Woah, wait, can I have a fruit roll up too?"
  • Maia: Maia giggled when she heard Fernando's pun, knowing it was a terrible one but it was still funny. Briefly, Maia wondered if the uber driver would question why Ryder was talking about Ares and ruins. But then decided he'd probably think they were all on drugs and wouldn't question them any further. So that was fine. However, like mostly everyone else, people were becoming more interested in the fruit roll ups than the plan. Maia was fine with anything, really. "The ruins sound pretty," she said before she was twisting around-which meant accidentally potentially closing the distance between her and Rhys- to look at Fernando. "Do you have enough for me too?"
  • Woo: "If these are poisoned, I will escape Asphodel and devour your every meal then your soul when you die," Woo says starchily. She holds her hand out for the offered fruit roll up possessively. "If it's in the ruins, does that mean when we get there we're putting her"—she points her free hand at Maia's nose, almost hitting it—"in front?" Her brow pinches together again. "Your cabin was so annoying to play hide and seek with. You can see in all directions."
  • Rhys: "Oh, yikes," Rhys mutters, trying not to grimace at the sudden proximity of Maia's face to his. If Theia knew he was in this spot, she'd mock the shit out of him. He nods at Ryder's suggestion, but otherwise stays still, because accidental kisses really aren't his thing. He doesn't ask for a fruit roll up, but - "Can you see how close you are? 'Cause like - my air and all, y'know," he states awkwardly. Honestly, why'd he join?

Fernando Son of Elpis • Lt Counselor

"How cute." He boops Woo in the nose with a fruit roll up, before dropping it in her lap. He passes the box around so everyone can grab their own. "Of course you all can take part. I'm a sharing king." Fern smiles brightly. "Anyways, I trust your judgement commander. I have the utmost respect and faith in your decision making señor Ryder. Just point me in the right direction."

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