The following message took place during a dream:

Dear Jake Robson,

I know this is the first time I've talked to you, but I know, you more than you think I do. The problem is: my love potion has been stolen. It is the only one I have, since it never finishes, yet it is in a small heart-shaped container. It is the potion where my arrow tips stay wet, so the love-at-first-sight-magic can work when activated, otherwise, the tips alone can't work. I think some demigods must have snuck and stole it in my Venice lair yesterday (since it is one of the principal cities of love) while I was making my preparations before from one of the busiest day of the year: Kiss day (April 28). I need you to lead a group to go there, find it and give it back to me in my lair (you will know where the lair is, my kids always know) before Valentine's day. If you fail, nobody will fall in love at first sight, can you imagine that? No spontaneous love? However, if the enemy, doesn't discover how to use it. But if it does, there will be too much love between people not meant to be, and we don't want any of both to happen. I need your help.

- Eros, your Father

Eros needs Jake and his team to find and retrieve Eros' stolen love potion, who was probably stolen by some BC members.

Jake Robson - Son of Eros, owned by Xax

Scott Grey - Son of Apollo, owned by Maickol

Santiago Diaz - Son of Nyx, owned by Jay

Georgia Hales - Daughter of Prometheus, owned by Waves

Katsuya - Priest of Themis, owned by Hyu

Tina Grey ~ Daughter of Eros, owned by Royal

Roman airport, outside it (x1 Ker)

Milano's train station (x2 Lamiai)

Venetian gondola (x2 Sirens)

Venice outskirts (Arachne)

Demigods from the BC did not steal the potion. Arachne's minions did, that's how Eros didn't hear anyone enter the house, because spiders stole it, so Arachne could be loved again by someone, since, now that she is half-spider, nobody loved her. The problem is she doesn't know how to use it, and they defeat her and retrieve the potion, however, they don't kill her just because of pity.

Amorous vial heisted with no vestige,

From archer's abode, from La Serenissima's prestige.

Half-bloods must traverse the boot-shaped nation,

Prior to the clock ticking on the day of the lovers,

For too much nor little is total desecration.



Italian Air Service


A Plane, and a New Place

  • Jake: He enters the plane, a bit scared from it. "Sooooo... we go to our respective places right? So... I got the 17B, anyone knows where that is? Anyone?"he says a bit insecure.
  • Georgia: Since she got seat 16B, and was well aware of his reluctant reaction, she let out a sigh and lightly nudged him by the elbow, hoping he would get the message and follow her as she started making her way towards a window seat.
  • Jake: He gets her message and follows her toward the seat he thinks is his. "Thank you" he whispers.
  • Santiago: He yawns and checks his ticket. "19C..." He sits down and yawns again. He closes his eyes and goes in a deep thought."
  • Tina: She waves her ticket in the air excitedly, staggering a bit as she walks through the narrow aisle on her espadrilles. "I got 16C," she screams, and plops herself down right next to Georgia. She turns to her, pondering whether or not she should say something. Deciding to break the silence, she asks, "You don't snore, right? 'Cause I wanna sleep on this flight."
  • Scott: Scott looks to his ticket and sees he has 19b so he goes to sit by santiago but doesnt speak only looking out the small circular window going deep ito thoughts.
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