Important Information

The following message took place during a dream:

Dear Atalanta,

The dream is a little hazy, making it somewhat difficult for her to see Apollo, but even through the haziness of the dream, she can make the vague outlines of hospital beds behind him. “Atalanta! I don’t have much time, so I need you to listen carefully! I’ve done something bad that I need your help to fix. The Caribbean Islands - there’s a plague, and it’s my fault. I’m trying to stop it, but I need the original laurel branches; I blessed them many millennia ago and hold the pure healing properties I need to make things right. Talk with Alexander and get me those branches, Atalanta!”


When told about the dream, Alexander prompted Atalanta to visit the Oracle of Delphi, who gave her a grim prophecy:
Of romancers and healers, polyglots and water masters,
The mother transmogrifies the saving roots
Be all or leave all in the race against the brutes
Of covetousness and grudges, distrust and mistrust
Wretched yet heavenly comes the hand of lust
Here comes mischief marking it unjust
Nike runs amok with its crown of victories
Yet heavy lies the mind of their valedictories

  • Who will be going on the quest?
    • Atalanta Ayteria, daughter of Apollo (Gaby; Leader)
    • Noah Azid, son of Poseidon (Time)
    • Elijah Huntington III, son of Plutus (Miggy)
    • Jake Robson, son of Eros (Xax)
  • What locations will the quest include?
    • Camp Half-Blood (departure)
      • It could potentially be the most important part of the quest. They weren’t supposed to receive a prophecy, but Alexander had been unsettled, suspecting there was more to it than meets the eye, so he sent Atalanta, who lo and behold, received a prophecy. Here, they decipher the quest and map out where they need to go.
    • Olympia, Greece
      • Following their arrival, they decide to go to a diner, where they're attacked by a pack of lycanthropes. Afterwards, they decide to go to a motel and crash until the next day, at which point they need to find the laurel branches awarded to the first victors of the very first Olympics. However, the branches are dead, which they shouldn’t be given they have the blessing of Apollo as laurel is his holy tree following the altercation between him and Eros regarding Daphne. When they’re attacked by two cyclopes in the vicinity, it occurs to them Daphne - in her tree form - must be dying if this is what's happening to the branches.
    • Thessaly, Greece
      • In the riverside where Apollo fell in love with Daphne that fateful day lies the dying laurel tree Gaea had turned her into. At first, the campers will suspect it’s the reawakening of the Titans. It’s an idea that is restrengthened when they are attacked by two karkinos, which narrowly costs some of them their lives; however, one of the monsters lets it slip that the dark times of Apollo’s reign based on infidelity, lies, arrogance and pompousness are over. Realizing they meant Apollo only, and not the gods, they begin to realize it’s personal rather than general.
    • Grove of Dodona, Myrmeke's Lair, Camp Half-Blood
      • Knowing that Daphne is dying, they need to find something - anything - that will help heal her. Thus, they set out to find the Arrow of Dodona, which they come to find deep within the Myrmeke’s Lair. However, there are many protective layers in order to reach it, all set up by Apollo. They need to fight the myrmekes and find the arrow, which is protected closely by a pit scorpion. The arrow sends them to Delos, citing they needed to go to the place where it all began.
    • Delos, Greece
      • Here, they discover Hera, Oizys and Eros are behind the entire debacle. Hera has the Curse of Delos, which is the ingredient they need in order for Apollo to create the Physician’s Cure and heal Daphne. The gods don’t take them seriously until Apollo arrives, with Hermes and Artemis to provide backup in spite of not usually becoming involved in Apollo’s affairs, seeing as Leto, who had already reformed following canonical events, was still there. They don’t seek to avoid an escalation in conflict, and engage with Apollo, Artemis and Hermes.
      • They fight and come out victorious, but they’re led to believe they’re too late and Hera escapes with the daisy; however, they’re wrong, as she left it in the care of the leading demigod, her child. When Atalanta goes for the daisy, Hera harms her in an effort to stop her, briefly killing her. The gods leave when they’re smitten by lightning, knowing it’s Zeus calling; it’s truly now up to the demigods to fly back out to Daphne and attempt to save her before both Daphne and Atalanta die, which they succeed in doing.
    • Olympus
      • With the laurel branches now restored, they make their merry way to Olympus to hand them to Apollo, but it turns out he can’t really tend to them since Zeus has called the council to convene and discuss the gods’ shortcomings. They leave the branches in Apollo’s temple before returning to camp. Comedic relief, mostly.
    • Camp Half-Blood (return)

When they arrive at Delos, the place where all of Apollo’s misfortunes began, the demigods are meant to discover Hera, Oizys and Eros are behind all this trickery, conspiring in an effort to get Apollo cast back down to the mortal world. Oizys was the one to curse the Carribean islands in hopes of killing them all and framing Apollo for it, with the help of Hera and Eros who continue to resent Apollo for being born and mocking him respectively all those years ago. Oizys' involvement was only because she abhors Apollo's domains, as they're the polar opposites of her own. Her curse specifically rendered Apollo - and by extension his son Asclepius - useless, as they weren't the ones to cast it and couldn't be lifted without Oizys.

The Quest

Camp Half-Blood, USA

  • Atalanta: Although she’d known for about two days now that she would be going on a quest, it’d only been enough time to get a prophecy from the Oracle of Dodona and decide on who she’d be bringing with her. Ultimately, Alexander had had a role in helping her choose in accordance to the prophecy. Where she had Elijah accompany her, he suggested Jake Robson and Noah Azid be involved as well. Having had no problems with it, she’d agreed, but as she waited for them to arrive at the Big House to discuss the prophecy and lay out where they’d need to go, she began to regret her decision. What if something happened and she couldn’t trust them to save her life? Or vice versa? Considering the prophecy’s closing sentence, it’s one of her biggest concerns.
  • Noah: When he was approached to go on a quest by Alexander, he eventually agreed. Sure, he was new but he thought Alexander realised Noah was struggling to find himself in camp. Maybe he thought this quest would help him figure out where he fitted in. Or he was running short of people who would say yes. So Noah turned up at the big house, his duffel bag slung over his shoulder. Really, he had everything that he owned in there. In the case he didn’t come back. You never knew. “Atalanta, right?”
  • Elijah: Elijah was personally asked by Atalanta to be part of the quest, after the two had developed a personal bond a couple of nights before. Plutus’ Cabin was barely filled anyways, and so it would not be too hard for him to be away even though he was head counselor. Wearing a long sleeved forest green polo, a pair of jeans, white sneakers, and a backpack slung over his shoulder, Elijah made his way up Big House to meet the other questers. Once there, he nodded at Atalanta and Noah, and gave them both a small smile. “Hey,” he greeted, raising a hand.
  • Jake: Luck didn’t seem to be on Jake’s side these days; fact that was quickly proven by the fact that his alarm hadn’t rung at all. Waking up just 15 minutes before the accorded time to meet at the Big House, Jake hastily cursed under his breath as he as swiftly packed the bare essentials into his usual questing Backpack. At least he had made sure to leave every responsibility to the lieutenant for the following few days the night before. While he knew he had to assist to the quest and help as it had been requested by Alexander, he genuinely felt a bit hesitant about the whole situation. Once finished, he quickly changed into clothes that he didn’t particularly care for, knowing that he’d probably face monster attacks and could potentially get them ruined. Soon thereafter, he entered the big house, his chest heaving and panting as he mustered a “Hi. Hope I’m just fashionably late.”
  • Atalanta: “Yeah, that’s me,” Atalanta smiles at Noah when he approaches her. Just as she opens her mouth to ask whether he’s Jake or Noah, she’s interrupted by Elijah’s arrival. Almost immediately, she feels a little more at ease. Elijah’s looking comfortable and prepared, so she does what she can to emulate those vibes. “Hi,” she grins at him, and, when Jake arrives, she extends the same courtesy. “You’re fine, no worries!” By the time everyone has arrived and is settled, Atalanta has already underlined, highlighted and written down different potential meanings that could be found within the prophecy, making it easier to discuss the nature of the quest and an appropriate course of action. She looks down at the piece of paper wherein lies most the information and takes a deep, calming breath before looking up and at the trio before her. “I’m not going to lie, this is my first time leading a quest of any sorts, but I wouldn’t like to see this quest become a ‘how many times can Atalanta be a bossy bitch?’ thing. I’m hoping we can work together as we progress. I also don’t know how much Alexander divulged, so bearing that in mind, I’d like you to know sort of… what has led up to this moment. My father Apollo reached out about two or three nights ago in a dream. Pretty sure we’ve all heard of the plague down in the Caribbean right now, and - well, he claims it was a mistake and needs us to get the ingredient he needs to create a potion to stop it, which is the original laurel branches, wherever they might be; I’m afraid he didn’t specify. Alexander sent me to the Oracle’s Cave, where I met with the Oracle of Dodona and got a prophecy,” Atalanta pauses momentarily to allow that information to sink in before she continues. And so it says:
Of romancers and healers, polyglots and water masters,
The mother transmogrifies the saving roots
Be all or leave all in the race against the brutes
Of covetousness and grudges, distrust and mistrust
Wretched yet heavenly comes the hand of lust
Here comes mischief marking it unjust
Nike runs amok with its crown of victories
Yet heavy lies the mind of their valedictories
“This could mean a number of things, but… I wanted to see what you guys thought, since… I dunno, but it doesn’t seem to correlate with what dad said in the dream.”
  • Noah: Noah watched them all arrive. The idea that being late was ‘fashionable’ and desirable was confusing to Noah. Being on time had been drilled into him since he was four. It got even worse when he entered his high school’s swim team. Being late meant extra laps, being yelled at. So Noah? Late? Wasn’t a thing. Still, not his place to judge so he shrugged it off. Dressed in a navy blue hoodie and grey sweatpants, Noah was aware he’d be moving around a lot so he withdrew from wearing jeans and anything that might have been restricting. Nodding to the newcomers, he listened quietly to what Atalanta said before scratching his ear. He didn’t know a lot about Greek mythology save for the bare basics, so he didn’t think he’d be too helpful in deciphering it. “I can’t hear anything about plagues, but I’m assuming the first sentence is referring to us.”
  • Elijah: “Probably, yeah.” Elijah responded to Noah’s query. “Healer refers to Atalanta, I’m pretty sure polyglot refers to me. As for the other two, err….” The son of Plutus paused for a bit as he looked at both Noah and Jake, both of which he barely knew. “Well, I suppose either of you are sons of a water god, and a love god, am I right?” He concluded. “As for the other lines of the prophecy, I would assume some of them will warn us against possible trials we might face, like the brutes, and mistrust among us, I’m guessing.. And apparently, someone is going to be mischievous.”
  • Jake: Jake paid attention to the others’ contributions as he tried regaining his air and composure. Luckily, by the time that the alleged polyglot had finished his suggestion, Jake was as good as new. “Yeah. You suppose correctly. Or at least partly, I don’t know about the other guy,” he said squinting slightly at Noah and gesturing to him. He was a bit bemused upon finding that he couldn’t really recognise him. It’s not like Jake knew absolutely everyone at camp because that was ridiculous, but he prided himself in at least memorising the other campers’ features and Noah’s made no match whatsoever. Either way, he continued his thought, “Who, I’m sorry, but I don’t know your name, but I am at least a son of Eros. What confuses me is the line where it mentions lust. Now, I believe we are all aware of how heavenly it can be, but what about the wretched?”
  • Atalanta: “It could be that someone’s not going to be happy with how the quest is going to turn out? Or maybe someone’s unhappiness led to this quest?” Atalanta pauses long enough to mull over their suggested meanings and how it contrasts to the ones she had jotted down some time ago. “The brutes thing might be that we have to fight someone… not so smart. Maybe an Ares demigod? No offense to them, but they don’t necessarily have the best track record in recent history,” The apology is hastily added when she realizes her words may come across as derogatory, which isn’t at all her intention.
  • Noah: “The water god would be me,” he confirmed before watching Jake as he talked to him, “Noah. Son of Poseidon.” And then Noah listened to the other people theorise about the prophecy. Like he thought, most of it did fly over his head and he didn’t know enough to dispute the Ares comment. He’d seen their cabin a few times and thought it was rather off putting. That was as much as his opinion went. “Nike’s the….uh...victory one, right? She was the goddess that sponsored the Olympics, back in Ancient Greece. They held it in...I think Olympia?” Being so centered around the Olympics his entire life, he knew some history of it. Not the exact details, like the dates, but small little fun facts. Like, for example, it was reintroduced by a French man who intended it to be held in Paris, but it was moved to Athens.
  • Elijah: “Mhm...mhm…” he nodded intermittently at the others’ suggestions. It wasn’t exactly coming together just yet, so Elijah figured they should tackle the prophecy line by line. “Okay, so now that we know the first one refers to us, the questers, we should analyze the second line now. The saving roots probably refers to the laurel branches Atalanta has mentioned, but who is the mother?”
  • Jake: “Well, the first ever laurel tree was Daphne after Dad made Apollo fall in love with her, right? And Gaea, the mother of all, was the one who turned her into said laurel tree, so I’m guessing that must be it,” he said, furrowing his eyebrows as he tried piecing what little information they had together, but something didn’t quite click. “What’s that have to do with the disease in the Caribbean, though?” He put down his backpack on a nearby chair and turned around to look at the rest of the questers to hopefully see if his ideas made sense or if he was talking nonsense.
  • Atalanta: “Well, dad did say he needed the original laurel branches. I know that laurel wreaths were given to the victors of the Olympics at the time - or at least according to the myths, but given the direct mention of the crown of victories, I’m pretty sure that’s about right - so I think we should plot a course for Olympia, assuming Noah is right and that’s where the first Olympics were,” Atalanta pauses for a moment to consider Jake’s question. “I’m not sure, either. Maybe… we’ll need to visit Daphne’s laurel tree? I couldn’t fathom why, though, if they’re in Olympia, since the whole thing with Daphne and Eros wasn’t there,” she frowns.
  • Noah: Noah went back to being quiet. He didn’t know. Right now it just sounded like they were going to be travelling around the world. He hoped they didn’t need a passport-he hasn’t got the money to get one. Would they catch a plane? He’s only done it once and he’s been told it’s not a good idea for him to do it, considering his father’s arguments with Zeus. Shoving his hands into his pockets, he watched them all, waiting for a decision to be made.
  • Elijah: “Either way, I think Greece is our best bet,” he replied, thinking it made sense, given that everything related to what they’re supposed to do seems to have taken place there. “Do you guys have any idea about how we’ll get there? Because honestly, I can pay.”
  • Jake: He shrugged, “If it’s really urgent then I don’t think we should travel on a boat, so I’m guessing that taking an airplane would be our best bet. Still, I agree with Noah and Atalante. Olympia is probably our safest guess so far, and if anything, we might find more clues to where to go next.” Jake tightened his lips into a line as he mentally contemplated the implications of all of it. It certainly wasn’t ideal but he supposed that they’d have to make do, considering their circumstances.
  • Atalanta: She nods in agreement with Jake’s suggestions. “If you’re willing to pay and that’s what everyone wants, then I don’t mind. We could also use the Flying Chariot, seeing as we still share possession of it with the Ares Cabin. Whatever is easiest,” Atalanta shrugs. As it becomes clear they’ve come to a general consensus, she takes her paper and folds it before sliding it into her backpack, which has an emergency set of clothes, medical supplies, miscellaneous objects such as money, and some snacks, just in case. “As long as it gets us to Olympia."
  • Noah: “Yeah, I’m in the same boat as Elijah, I can’t pay for much,” Noah admitted. Read: Nothing. He can’t leave camp right now cause his bank account was miserable. Paying rent in New York? What a joke. He might have a better time moving in land. “If we take a boat, I could try speeding it up a little. But the chariot might be quicker. Especially considering we already have access to it, I believe. I don’t know where we’d find a stable enough boat to take us there.”
  • Elijah: “Alright, the chariot sounds good, then. It might be faster than a jet anyways.” He said with a nod. “And this is not to boast or anything, but seeing as I’m the son of the wealth god, I can sponsor the financial necessities of this quest, may it be now, or later on.” Elijah was a generous person, and he wanted it to be clear.
  • Jake: Despite Elijah’s offering to financially aid them in whatever it was that they needed, Jake tried as hard as he could not to roll his eyes at the ‘modest’ comment. Still, he couldn’t blame him. He was only trying to help and he didn’t seem to be a jerk. “So the chariot it is. Don’t you have to let the Ares Head Counselor know though, that we’re going to take it for the duration of the quest?” He didn’t really know how it worked, seeing as he wasn’t part of either cabin, and even less privy to the understanding they’d reached of sharing said chariot.
  • Atalanta: “I hadn’t thought we’d be entertaining any other option, so I’d already let Alexander know of my intentions. I’m sure he passed it onto Ryder, but I can remind him on our way out? He can’t be too far.” Atalanta didn’t really see Elijah’s offer as a brag or an attempt to make himself look better; she imagined he only wanted to help and really appreciated it. Atalanta slips her arms through her backpack and pats her chest and pockets to make sure her weapons were still there. With that confirmation, she nods towards the Big House’s door. “Shall we?”

Olympia, Greece

  • Atalanta: he ride has been relatively uneventful, which was honestly very surprising; Atalanta half-expected to encounter a flock of Stymphalian Birds or Harpies, or for Zeus to smite them out of the sky because of Noah. However, she didn’t quite relax until the Flying Chariot landed safely on the grounds of Elis, Greece. It had been a bit difficult finding a vacant plot of land among the woods, but thankfully, the pegasi has been able to secure one shrouded among the vegetation. “Finally,” Atalanta mutters to herself when she stands for what feels like an absolute eternity, making a mental note to talk with Ryder and Daniel Russo about making some modifications to it. A transatlantic flight on that chariot was not very conductive for her physical health. Atalanta turns towards the other guys, mustering a smile for them. “Everyone good?”
  • Noah: Noah felt queasy. He had never been seasick (not that he’d ever been out into the sea to know but he’s been told it’s practically impossible for him to be sea sick) but he imagined he felt pretty close to it. The second the chariot shot into the air, he was on the verge of putting his head between his knees. Only thing stopping him was his pride. He’d been careful to not look over the sides and see how high up they were. That would probably have pushed him over the edge. Finally, they touched down in Greece and he jumped off the chariot the first chance he got. The world swayed just for a moment but he was on the ground and he was feeling a bit more balanced. As long as he didn’t end up emptying his stomach, he was fine. “Yeah, I think so,” he said after a moment, his voice rather...well, weak. Noah was rather pale but he was gaining some colour now that he was on solid ground. The swaying of the air really didn’t help.
  • Elijah: As a young kid, Elijah had gotten used to flying long-distance on private jets and the like. Granted, he hasn’t been on one recently (because of his house arrest and consequent stay at Camp), but the feeling was still familiar enough that he didn’t get any trouble during their trans-atlantic journey through the skies. He did feel the need to stretch out, though, and that’s exactly what he did the moment they disembarked, letting out a yawn or two as well. “I’m fine here,” he called out in response to Atalanta’s query, still stretching.
  • Jake: The son of Eros blinked several times before an unceremonious yawn escaped his lips. Sure, at first the flight had been somewhat disconcerting given that it wasn’t exactly the same as taking a plane, but not enough to really worry him or put him on edge, and so, his latent need to sleep for a bit kicked in and he’s snoozed off around halfway through the ride and hadn’t awakened since. His yawn stretched out for a couple of seconds, but he finally smiled after it, his eyes somewhat wet. “All good here.”
  • Atalanta: Everyone looked to be in fairly rough shape, and it made Atalanta feel guilty. The trip had taken a long time even with the Pegasi, and no matter how well-rested you might’ve been, a trip like that was bound to be a little draining. “Well, we’re not far off from Olympia; it’s a few miles westbound. Once we get there, we can find a place to crash, maybe get some food?” In her subconscious, the weight of the quest rested heavily. She knew more people were succumbing to her father’s disease by the minute. But they weren’t any use in the state they were in. “We can freshen up and start first thing in the morning?”
  • Noah: “Yeah, I can get behind that,” Noah said, relieved at the prospect. God, he could eat a horse right now. Or a whole pizza. He missed it already. “I could do with some walking anyway.” It might him make feel a little bit more… alive.
  • Elijah: “What’s the nearest town where we can find a hotel?” Elijah asked as he let out another yawn. Truth be told, Elijah was tired enough that he’d really appreciate a nice, warm bed and just some time to sleep. Whilst he was able to have bouts of slumber on the journey to Greece, the flying carriage didn’t exactly offer the most comfortable of riding experiences.
  • Jake: At that very moment, Jake didn’t find himself too tired given he’d just woken up, but it was a fact that the trip would take a toll on him soon and his stomach was already growling. “I don’t really have any clue whatsoever, but I agree that once we get there we get something to eat.”
  • Atalanta: “Not too far,” Had she driven the Chariot and checked her phone simultaneously? Yes. Not smart, but needed. Atalanta begins walking past the olive trees, towards the west, where it was brightly illuminated through the shrubs and trees slightly obscuring the view. “I’ve never really had Greek food, even though we’re… y’know,” Atalanta admits, laughing a bit sheepishly. “Any of you tried it before?”
  • Noah: “Sure. I’ve tried spanakopita before? But I hear it’s good. Fresh meat, fruit. All that sort of stuff,” Noah responded with a shrug. “But-I guess we’ll have to suck it up if it’s absolute shit. So...lets go?” Noah was ready to leave that chariot in the dust if he was honest.
  • Elijah: “I’d tried some. My favorite would be Moussakas. They’re Greek comfort food.” He said in response to Atalanta, before turning his head to nod at Noah. “Yeah, let’s hit the road.”
  • Jake: The son of Eros shrugged, “I’ve had gyros and souvlaki but nothing too crazy,” he admitted. “I doubt it’s bad though. It should have similar roots to Italian, Turkish or other Mediterranean cuisines.” Jake yawned yet again before slapping himself rather slightly to make himself wake up before blinking twice and steeling his body for the walk to come.
  • Atalanta: Atalanta feels a bit bad when she hears Jake's yawn and the slap that follows it. It'd really been a taxing trip, huh? If she'd known how they'd take to it, she might've taken up Elijah on his offer to pay. Nonetheless, she's made her bed, now she has to sleep in it. Her guilt weighs heavily on her and it's noticeable in the way she remains silent for most of their trek to the neighboring town, but as they begin to approach the first few buildings, she starts looking about for a good place to stop and catch some dinner. Up ahead and to their left side, there's a small diner-looking establishment that piques her interest, and Atalanta nods towards it. "Thoughts?"
  • Noah: Noah trudged along, quiet as always, before looking at the diner and nodded. "Yeah, seems good a place as any," he said, before looking at the other two guys.}
  • Elijah: "Sounds and looks good. Vamos," he said, walking towards the door and entering the diner. He got them a booth by the glass wall. "What do you guys fancy for tonight? I'd like to try some of what Jake talked about earlier, gyros, was it?" Elijah turned his head to look at the son of Eros.
  • Jake: He nodded quietly, looking at the menu, which was all in Greek. True, he knew how to talk and speak ancient Greek, but modern Greek was different. Still, he could understand a few words here and there but nothing seemed to quite grab his attention as much as the mention of gyros. "Oh yeah. I think I'm gonna have one as well."
  • Atalanta: "I'll do the same," Atalanta shrugs. She isn't sure at all what it is, but if it's what they're going with, she thinks she can trust their judgments about it. They know more than she, at any rate.
  • Noah: Noah slid into the booth and looked over the menu, narrowing his eyes as he tried to decipher the ancient Greek words. "Yeah, I think I'll get that too," he said, giving up on trying to see something else to have.
  • Meanwhile, a group of five lycanthropes sniffed the demigod scents that came from the diner and followed it, disguising themselves as regular old customers and seated themselves not far from the booth where the questers were. One of them, the so-called leader, was in perfect view of Elijah, and he stared at him rather intensely.
  • Elijah: After ordering their food, Elijah felt a certain feeling of unease down in the pit of his stomach. Looking up to observe the surroundings, he laid his eyes on a group of unruly men in a nearby table, and made eye contact with one of them. The son of Plutus furrowed his brows and was about to tell Atalanta and the others about the weird feeling he's having, when the man's eyes glowed red, and fangs slipped out of his lips. "Monsters!" He yelled as he stood up and reached for his bracelet, transforming it into a celestial bronze spear.
  • The leader of the lycan pack yelled something in Greek, presumably "attack!", and they all burst from their table and ran towards the group of demigods, claws and fangs and all. It was a 5 vs 4 battle in the middle of not-so-big spacious diner.
  • Jake: Quick on his feet, the son of Eros stood up from his chair, turned around, and yanked on his dogleg necklace, standing in position as his bow and quiver materialised. Unfortunately, however, the space was rather limited, and in order to properly shoot he normally needed more. Ignoring the current conditions, he nocked and arrow, pointing it at the closest lycanthrope's thigh with a closed eye and shooting upon verifying his shot.
  • Inside the diner, the best word to describe the scene is: chaos. Mortals are screaming at what they perceive to be savage wolves, and are falling one on top of the other in an effort to escape the ongoing mayhem. They're largely successful, but they're speedy escape attracts the attention of other townspeople. Thankfully, it doesn't pique any interest, as their common sense leads to many of them getting on their vehicles and fleeing the road. Within the diner are

    Meanwhile, the battle is divided fairly equally. The presumptive leader attacks the demigod it had been staring at - Elijah - baring its fangs and growling loudly as it lunges, aiming to ram into his legs to knock him down and pounce for his legs. Meanwhile, Jake faces a lycanthrope of his own. It's smaller than the one that lunges for Elijah and considerably less agile. It dodges the arrow easily, capitalizing on the limited space to leap onto one of the diner tables and attack from the air. The other three are equally as small as the one that attacked Jake, but a lot more agile.

    Towards Noah lunges one of them. While one goes straight forward and the other opts for attacking from mid-air, Noah's weaves under the plethora of lycanthropes and demigods to ambush him from beneath. The space is very limited and makes it incredibly difficult for any of them to be able to handle the pack of lycanthropes comfortably. The only solution would be to make a quick escape to the outside, but in the midst of all this chaos, it'll be difficult reaching the door. There are only two other options: the windows or the kitchens. With two lycanthropes blocking access to the kitchen from both sides of the diner, baring its fangs at Atalanta menacingly, it's unlikely that that's a good escape route. As the closest lycanthrope begins to inch towards the group of demigods, the other following its lead, its clear they're running out of time to prevent a demigod massacre.
  • Atalanta: "Fuck," Atalanta curses. The moment Elijah had shouted, she'd pulled out her bow and quiver. It was going to be very difficult using them effectively inside the diner, considering they were... well, exploding arrows. A quick look around her leads to finding a pitcher of water discarded in a nearby table, which she hurls with as much strength as she can muster. It's like the gates of Olympus have opened when it successfully shatters the window closest to her. "Get out, now!"
  • The lycanthrope closest to Atalanta seems to realize fairly quickly what her strategy is, so just after she shatters the window, it surges forward, trying to catch any limb it can find to rip out. Unfortunately for it, Atalanta is able to seize the chair she'd been sitting in and throw it towards the lycanthrope, which deters it only momentarily. It is, however, enough time for her to escape through the broken window, but before long, it makes a quick escape through the window to chase after her.
  • Atalanta: Atalanta's trying to think, quickly, what its strengths and weaknesses are. These beasts are fast, smart, heavy - wait. Heavy. It's almost like a lightbulb has gone off over her head. However, she can't reap the benefits of her wits just yet, because the lycanthrope she'd just knocked away was coming for her again, with the other one hot on its tails. She runs and runs and runs, not looking back until she just can't anymore without losing sight of the diner. Believing she has enough distance between her and the lycanthropes, she stops and turns. Atalanta doesn't have a lot of time to react, but it's enough for her to draw her quiver and release the arrow. It comes in contact with the lycanthrope, and as soon as it does, emits a loud boom!, lighting the lycanthrope on fire.
  • Noah: In truth, he had frozen when the lycanthropes appeared and it took him until he noticed one of them trying to get him from underneath to react. The second the lycanthrope lunged at him, he went to turn most of his body into water almost instinctively in order to avoid the lunge and reform when he was safe. Then he fumbled to bring out his sword and swung it at the beast the first chance he got.
  • Elijah: Elijah threw his arms upward, raising a wall of diamond in a desperate bid to create some space between him and the murderous Lycan "leader". He thought of making a move against the monster, using his spear, but he suddenly remembered a vital piece of information, something he'd read from a book not too long ago. "Hey, lycans are not like normal monsters, they don't die from Celestial Bronze!" he shouted out to his questmates. "Silver works, though! And crushing them with something heavy!" With that, he transformed his useless spear back into its bracelet form, and conjured a silver one instead. With the diamond wall now crumbling to dust, he lunged forward and thrust his weapon towards his wolfy assailant, aiming for its torso.
  • Jake: "Damnit," the boy curses softly under his breath as his arrows misses. Then he listens to Elijah's comment and it all starts coming back to him. Of course. They had to fight against the only monsters who were mostly impervious to their godly weapons. They might not die from Celestial Bronze, but he could do something else with them. Slinging off his celestial bronze quiver from his shoulder with his right arm, he slung the thing forward hopefully feinting the lycanthrope into thinking he would hit him across the snout with it as he pulled his unused left hand and focused a beam of emotional magic enemy at the monster's chest.
  • Sadly, even the force of the explosion wasn't enough to mutilate the lycanthrope. While it slowed it down into almost a grinding halt, it was still baring its fangs - just slightly less menacingly. However, Atalanta didn't have time to even try to deliver the fatal blow - not that she had silver, to begin with - because the one behind it capitalized on the brief pause to leap over its packmate and lunge for Atalanta's neck, apparently intending to decapitate her. Meanwhile, Noah successfully turned into water, causing the monster to lunge right through him. When he was at a safe distance outside and had reformed, the lycanthrope seemed to finally sniff him out and chase after him. He lunged once, but Noah was able to hit it with his sword. Because celestial bronze was ineffective against it, though, it lunged again and successfully knocked him down before pushing its face into Noah's as it snarled. Shortly after, it sunk its teeth into Noah's shoulder, intending to rip it to shreds. It'd be crucial to get him out of the lycanthrope's clutches before he was torn to pieces.

    Elijah's realization, it seemed, would be the leading force behind the demigods' next wave of attacks. Just as it occurred to him to attack with silver, the lycan leader surged forward with enough speed and force to knock Elijah off his feet, falling flat on his back and hitting his head against the road. However, he finds some success regardless, because even with the injuries he had likely just sustained from his rough landing, he was able to dig the silver spear into the lycanthrope's torso. It howled, clearly feeling the effects, but because the spear didn't make a fatal delivery, it only scampered back before attempting to attack again with ravenous fury, aiming for Elijah's legs. Jake also faced a modicum of success in his plan. The lycanthrope shied away, falling prey to Jake's feint, and was then knocked back due to the beam of magic that collided with its snout. It slowed the lycanthrope down as it tried getting on its legs, providing the demigod with ample time to kill it.
  • Atalanta: Atalanta reacted instinctively, continuing to step backwards as she fired arrow after arrow. Eight of the twelve she shot reached her intended target; five to the lycanthrope that had lunged at her, in its neck and head, and three to keep down the one she'd managed to disorient earlier, mostly in its torso and legs. The other four landed in different parts of the road, causing different explosions to occur near the other demigods and their corresponding assailants. Atalanta, trying to capitalize on this sudden advantage, tries to come up with a suitable plan. When none seem to come to mind, she panics and breaks into a run towards her questmates to try and salvage as much of them as she can. She dips into her powers to do so and creates a solar flare she can use to ensnare the lycanthrope attacking Elijah, hoping to drag it away from him to give him enough time to kill it and Jake's, or at least summon more weapons for them to use. "I don't know how long I can hold it!" Atalanta shouts, when she finally seems to get a hold of the lycan leader. "Elijah!"
  • Elijah: Elijah's head hit the asphalt pretty hard, causing him to groan in pain. Fuck, I'm gonna get a concussion for sure, he thought to himself as he struggled to get up from the ground. However, hearing Atalanta's cries for help gave him to motivation to get back on his feet, and within several seconds, he was up and about and running towards the child of Apollo. Quickly getting into position, Elijah spun his silver spear above his head before throwing it like a javelin, aiming for the lycan leader's head.
  • Elijah and Atalanta's joint efforts are successful. While there's a slight tug-of-war between the lycanthrope and the daughter of Apollo, Elijah manages to pierce it between the eyes and effectively kill it, forcing it to dissolve into a pile of golden dust, with the silver weapon falling right underneath it.
  • Atalanta: Atalanta, seeing the silver weapon, and the state Elijah and the rest of the questers are in, decides to make a lunge for the spear before Elijah dematerializes it. When it's safely in her grasp, she turns towards the nearest duo - Noah and his monster - and digs it right between its two back legs while it's distracted with the smell of Noah's blood.
  • Atalanta is successful in her endeavors to kill Noah's lycanthrope. However, because they've wasted so much time getting rid of the aforementioned two, the one recovering from Jake's blast is quickly gaining strength again and is circling around the son of Eros. Meanwhile, the two Atalanta had blasted with her arrows had also done a recovery, and began to stalk the quartet of demigods threateningly.
  • Jake: He felt an initial sense of elation upon seeing the monster get knocked back by the beam, but it seemed that he was recovering quickly from the blast. He didn't know what to do, given that his weapons were useless. He could only stall for time in hopes that the others would lend him a hand or hopefully Elijah could conjure him a silver weapon to use, so he got inside the lycanthrope's mind, and influenced it to only be able to think about whoever he favoured the most, whether it be a master, an old lover, or simply a friend, trying to make the thoughts as consuming as possible.
  • Atalanta: "Okay, okay, okay." This is good. Breathing room. Thinking rom. Okay. "Here's what we can do. If we can distract the three, it could give Elijah a chance to impale them or crush them. Noah, you can blast them with a jet of water. Jake and I can burn them. Fire slows them down considerably. It should work. If it doesn't... then we're going to have to run like hell's on our heels." This is going to work. If it doesn't, Atalanta will cry. "Ready?" Pause. Then, she creates the first solar flare to coil around the hellhound to the left.
  • Atalanta's plan comes just in time, because the trio of monsters is rearing an ugly head and preparing for an attack. While she successfully gets her solar whip tangled in the hellhound, burning it with every move and squeeze, the other two leap into attack; each demigod has a very small window to do their part before the hellhounds reach them and their plan goes to waste.
  • Noah: Noah was still reeling from the pain that coursed through him when he felt the teeth dig into his shoulder and his expression squeezed together. Rolling onto his feet, one hand was pressed against the wound, hoping to stop the bleeding that was beginning to drip down his chest and stain his clothes. Water. Blast. Yeah, he could do that. He could sense the bottles of water that they were storing in the fridge. A second later, with a little bit of concentration, he tried to make it all explode with enough force to break out of the plastic and out of the glass. Then straight towards the lycanthropes and hope it doesn't hit them instead.
  • Elijah: Seeing the opportunity to finish off the remaining lycanthropes, Elijah discarded his silver spear in favor of creating a large silver ball, with protruding spikes in all direction, and was roughly twice his own size. With the ability to telekinetically move the contraption with his mind, the son of Plutus sent it hurtling towards the monsters, hoping that the incoming wave of water, courtesy of Noah, would prevent them from escaping

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