The following message took place during a dream:

Dear Cheryl,

Two of my children have stayed in the Lotus Casino for a very long time now. I haven't gotten the chance to actually retrieve them since I am so busy watching over my other children who are scattered around the world. I would like to ask your half-siblings who are running the cabin but I figured that they have too much on their hands already. I ask that you travel to the Casino and guide your half-siblings safely back to camp.

-Your father, Dionysus

Two of Dionysus' children have always been stuck in the Lotus Casino and Dionysus hasn't gotten the time to send a satyr and guide them back to camp. Dionysus asks Cheryl and a couple of her friends if she can travel to the Casino and guide the two back to camp safely.

  1. Cheryl Anders, daughter of Dionysus, owned by Pandora (leader of the quest)
  2. Marcellus Ryder, son of Hades, owned by Hydro
  3. Kevin Blazer, son of Pandia, owned by Broken

  • Camp- questors meet up here
  • Airport- NY airport. take plane to Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Airport- Depart from plane, attacked by 3 Myrmekes here
  • Taxi- Discuss where their next move
  • Hotel- afternoon, arrive at a hotel (not the Casino!), attacked by Lamiai in an empty room, stay for a night
  • Taxi- drive down to the casino
  • Lotus Casino- look for Cheryl's half-siblings, finds them, attacked by an Empousai who wanted to attack the half-bloods [two siblings]. they steal a car for transportation
  • Car- drive down to the airport, explain the half-siblings who they are and what the greek gods are
  • airport- fly down to long island
  • camp boarders- reach camp, no monster attacks.

once the questors find the two children of Dionysus, they steal a car and drive back to the airport. on the drive to the airport, the questors explain to the Dionysus kids about their background and everything about the greek gods etc... they fly back safely to camp.


  • Cheryl: She's waiting patiently near the camp entrance for Marc and Kevin, wondering if this was the worst group she has ever picked. She sighed as she waited with a backpack that has things they might need on this quest.
  • Kevin: Coming after Cheryl is Kevin. Dressed in warm winter clothing, Kevin straps his backpack on himself before leaving the cabin. He then rides a moonbeam towards Cheryl and successfully lands, jumping off a high distance from the ground. Hey. He looks around. Still not here?
  • Cheryl: She sighs, "Not yet here. Where is he?" She wondered out loud. She looks at him, "You sure you don't mind going? Even after I said that the other person is coming as well?"
  • Kevin: Kevin shrugs, avoiding the question. It's not like I want to stay here any longer. She hasn't been talking to me, even in Valentines. He sighs.
  • Cheryl: She nods and hums as they both wait for Marc to come. But by each second he's not standing with them, she gets really impatient.
  • Kevin: Kevin preoccupies himself by pressing his fingers against the bench, making a beat to what she is humming. Occasionally looking at Cheryl, he looks at the road afterwards to make things not obvious at all.
  • Cheryl: She sighs and thinks if she should iris message him and yell at him to hurry up. She gets very bored and yawned.
  • Marc: He shadow travels behind a tree, he has a black backpack with red stripes. He sighs realizing he overslept. He bites his lip, figuring Cherry will be pissed with him. He steps up and walks up to them "Uhm sorry, I was helping this old satyress with her strawberry basket and lost track of time...." He says, hoping his girlfriend will buy the lie.
  • Cheryl: She sighs, "Well, at least you are here." She looks at the guys and knows how awkward things will be for them on this quest. "So, Kevin, this is Marc, Marc this is Kevin."
  • Kevin: Despite totally not buying the lie, he doesn't want to start hatred inside Marc and decides to let him go. After all, he has Cheryl fair and square. He looks at Marc and extends a hand. Shall we get this quest started?
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  • Marc: He looks at his hand a bit, before reluctantly shaking it and walking ahead.
  • Kevin: He walks beside Cheryl towards the outer gates of camp. Do you have our transport set up already?
  • Cheryl: She holds out three plane tickets and smiled, "Yup. Hope you guys don't mind taking an airplane."
  • Kevin: He gives a ._. face, wondering how the plane tickets would take them over to the airport first. Ugh, how do we go to the airport?
  • Cheryl: "... Uh, we can use one of the camp vans to get to the airport." She said.
  • Kevin: Kevin then takes the keys hanging on the door and unlocks the van. He then climbs into it and starts the engine, despite being slightly under-aged. He looks somewhat confident on his skills as he has been strolling around New York for a long while already. Climb in then.
  • Cheryl: "Hold up... are you confident in your driving skills? Because you aren't that old yet to drive since you are about my age, but a couple months older than me." She asked a bit hesitant to get in the car.
  • Kevin: A student's permit is good enough. He smirks. I think you should trust me enough to trust me with my driving.
  • Cheryl: She sighs and gets in the car, as she did, she said, "Okay, but if we get into a car accident, it's on you."
  • Marc: He sits next to Cherry in the back, just the way he likes it. He wraps his arm around Cherry, before beginning to nod off. Still somewhat sleepy.
  • Kevin: Deciding to avoid looking at the back, Kevin steps on the gas, fast. They hurriedly sped on the streets of New York early morn.
  • Cheryl: In the middle of the car ride, she fell asleep (hoping to get a quick nap) and snored lightly.


  • Kevin: Soon after, they finally arrive in the airport. Kevin turns back to see Cheryl and Marc asleep and half asleep. He grabs a nearby cushion and throws it at Cheryl and Marc. With a airline voice, he says his next line. We've arrived. Thanks for riding with Kevin's van service.
  • Cheryl: Once the cushion hits her, she wakes up startled by it. Sleepily, she said, "I'm up!" She sees the airport, "Oh, we're here. That was fast."
  • Marc: Since he was somewhat of a deep sleep. He remains snoring and such.
  • Cheryl: Seeing that he's still asleep, she grabs a cushion and whacks it on him hard (not hard so that he'll feel pain but hard enough for him to wake up). "Get up!" She hissed getting a bit pissed that he's still fast asleep.
  • Kevin: Despite enjoying what Cheryl is doing to Marc, he can't help but ot be disgusted by the cuteness. Out of his annoyance, he decides to remain a stoic face and get out of the car, waiting for them outside.
  • Cheryl: She's still trying to wake up Marc and tries to wake him up by shaking him a little, "Marc, we're going to miss our flight." She said.
  • Marc: His eyes flutter open, he can't help but smile a bit. Being able to wake up to such a pretty face, but he remembers they have business to do. So he rushes out, his backpack over his shoulder.
  • Kevin: Kevin eyes Cheryl and Marc, who are now outside with him. Without another word, Kevin enters the airport and gets everything prepared for himself: immigration, luggage check-in, and etc.
  • Marc: "So are we headed exactly?" He looked around, welcome to answers from both of them.
  • Kevin: Upon hearing Marc's question, Kevin makes a O_O face. Never has he seen a person who didn't know where they were going. He tries to hold what he wanted to say in and gives a small nod. Lotus Casino in Vegas
  • Cheryl: She looked at him with a puzzled face. "I thought I told you already..." She said to him trying to remember if she did mention the fact that they were going to the Casino.
  • Marc: "Right..." He facepalmed, realizing he's been quite airheaded on this quest so far. "Better go then" He said as he wrapped his arm around Cherry's shoulder and led her inside the airport.
  • Cheryl: She walks with him to the airport and pulls out their tickets. "It says we have to go to flight (insert random flight number here)."
  • Kevin: Kevin takes a ticket from Cheryl before looking at the signs for their plane number. Soon enough, he finds it and goes to the plane.
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Le Destination

  • Marc: He had gotten up from his seat when le plan landed, he rubbed his eyes since he spend most of the trip sleeping on Cherry's chest. "Come on.." he tells them both as he walks off.
  • Cheryl: She yawns as she stretched in her seat. "Yeah, we need to get moving," She said and got up from her seat.
  • Kevin: He yawns and stretches, nearly hitting the man beside him; however, it's a good thing the man was asleep. He sighs in relief. He looks back and sees Marc and Cheryl newly awoken. He gets out of his seat and does as Cheryl says.
  • Cheryl: She walks out of the plane with Kevin and Marc, glad that they only had to bring small traveling bags with them. "Alright, now we need to find a cab so we can get to the casino," She said out loud.
  • Marc: "Right." He said as he began to hear small tremors. "Oh boy.." he began to seem alarmed.
  • Chery: "'Oh boy' what?" She asked, getting very worried since she couldn't hear the small tremors.
  • Kevin: Not being a son of Hades, he doesn't feel the earth as much. He looks at Cheryl with agreement.
  • Myrmekes: The 3 Myrmekes scuttle as quietly and quickly as they can across the ground, hoping to not attract too much attention. They gnash their jaws when they spot their prey, hoping to have an easy lunch. After their prey is in full view, they align themselves with some nearby trees to be able to use them as a force of attack if needed.
  • Marc: He turned to the Myrmekes, glaring at the large ants. "Yeah, we're not alone.." He said plainly as he made a fist with the hand which possessed a skull ring. He carefully advanced towards them, ready for a fight.
  • Cheryl: She took out her hair clip from her pocket as she saw the Myrmekes near them. "Okay, anybody got a plan? Cause right now, my plan is to attack."
  • Kevin: That's the best plan. As soon as Kevin said those words, his pair of hooked swords appear on his hand.
  • Myrmekes: Discovered, they moved, almost in sync, towards the trees. They gnawed on the bark of the trees rather fast once they reached them, hoping to use the trees to capture and weaken their demigod prey.
  • Marc: His skull ring transforms into his rather heavy Claymore sword. He grabs Cherry before shadow traveling to safety, they land right to the side of all 3 of the ants. Marc conjures a fissure of hellfire, hoping to burn them into dust.
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  • Kevin: Kevin creates moonlight and rides the beams towards safety from the tumbling trees. Afterwards, to assure the Myrmekes burning death, Kevin uses his powers to try and pin down the ants by manipulating the gravitational pull of the moon.
  • Myrmekes: Even though the Myrmekes are pinned down from the attack, so are the falling trees, which fall down with much more force than expected, as if they were small meteors hitting the earth's surface. The pressure sends tremors through the ground. The hellfire is affected by the pull, lighting one of the trees on fire as it falls.
  • Kevin: Not thinking the pull would affect anything else than what he was targeting for, he suddenly lets go of the pull to try and to try giving the monsters an unexpected move. He then swiftly shoots an intense beam of moonlight instead, going on a horizontal line, which aims for all the three's thoraxes.
  • Cheryl: She morphs her clip into a sword, not sure which one she should attack because it seemed like the guys had it covered. >.<

Myrmekes: Two of the Myrmekes see the beam before it comes in contact with them. They scuttle away. It hits the third one squarely in the thorax, sending it tumbling backward. It sprays acid at the three demigods as it rolls around in pain. Another one begins to hurl boulders at Kevin, trying to get revenge. The final one lunges for Cheryl, its pincers snapping.

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