The following message took place during a dream:

Dear Brett,

I am Pandia goddess of the full moon. I come to you in a dream because my moon pendant has been stollen by those no good BC members and I need your help to get it back. The pendant allows me to do my job and change the phases of the moon so you can see why I need it back. The only thing I can tell you is that the pendant is in Seattle. I must warn you that the BC members are protecting it so you may have to fight them off. You may ask yourself why I'm asking you and not one of my children and there is a reason behind that. The reason is that the head and Lt. counsellor are far to busy for me to send them off and I wouldn't be able to help my children on their quest because of that very annoying direct interference rule so, here I am asking for your help.


Pandia had asked Brett to get her pendant back while enlisting the help of a few of his friends. The Moon pendant had been stolen by a group of BC Demi-gods who had taken it to Seattle as to sell it on the 'black market.' They take a train to Boston where they encounter where they encounter a Cyclops. They eventually slay the beast and walk for awhile they come across the train station again which they take to Washington D.C. While there they encounter an Empousia causing Brett and Scott to become enchanted and led off. Leaving Ambrosine and Clarity to find them and slay the Empousia. The girls find the empousia in a abandoned warehouse not far from the bus station. They finally slay the monster, but before she turns to dust she gives them a name of someone in Springfield Illinois. They make it back to the bus station in the nick of time. They travel for awhile making a few stops as to get things. They reach Springfield, Illinois and are attacked by a flock of harpies at a park while looking for someone. The Harpies attack, but are eventually slain. They find the person they're looking for, and get valuable information from the young women. They make there way further west just via train. They travel for awhile without incident to a train station just outside of Twin falls, Idaho. They walk for about an hour, and It's a little after dark when they finally arrive. The moon is high and full. They arrive in the center of the town, and are attacked by Lycanthropes they eventually the monsters but not until Clarity receives a bad injury, although not deadly it does incapacitate them for a little while. They let Clarity heal up for awhile and then head back off on the quest. They walk a little while until they reached the train station they had arrived in. From there they head to Seattle.

  • Cyclops
  • Empousia
  • Harpies
  • Lycanthropes

they find a way the location of the pendant which is in an office building that is actually a BC trading warehouse. Where a small group of BC members (3-4) trade weapons and rare items. in this case the moon pendant. They fight them off and eventually defeat them by knocking them out and tying them up.

We haven't decided on this part yet, but near the end, I guess we will..


Camp Half Blood

Brett: Brett woke up early that morning as he had the quest on his mind. He had decided to ask Ambrosine to come along on the quest. Although he hadn't asked her yet. He thought on this as he started to get dressed. A few minutes later and he was heading out the doors of his cabin and heading towards the Thanatos cabin. He knocked twice and waited a few seconds, but no one answered so he decided to head on in.

Ambrosine: Ambrosine was sitting on a couch eating Ice cream when she heard someone walk in. She knew all the campers were accounted for and most were still sleeping. She stood up and started walking towards the front door to see Brett standing in the doorway. "You do realize it's exceedingly rude to walk into a cabin you don't belong to." She said this as she rolled her eyes. "Okay, what did you come here for?"

Clarity: As the sun began rising in the sky it also began to peek through Clarity's window. Slowly opening up her eyes she looked around her room for a second before remember the quest. Clarity threw her covers off of her and walked into her bathroom to get ready. Minutes later Clarity walked out and had taken a shower and was dressed in some comfortable travle clothes consisting of a pair of grey skinny jeans, that were stretchy and flexible, a black t-shirt with a black sweater over it, an a pair of black feamle combat boots. Once looking in her mirror and liking her outfit she grabbed the backpack next to her door and walked towards the Hecate cabin to pick up Blake. Hopfully he was already ready since Clarity had invited him to go the night before. Reaching the hecate cabin, Clarity walked in only to find Blake sitting on a couch in the main room with a backpack next to him. "Oh good your ready." Clarity smiled

Blake: Glancing up to the person who just walked in, he realized it was Clarity. With a small smile Blake stood up . "Yea i didnt wanna be late or anything so i got up a little early." Blake grabbed onto his backpack and slung it over his shoulder as him and Clairty began walking towards the entrance to camp.

Brett: Brett looked at Ambrosine for a moment and then busted out laughing. "You have a bit of ice cream on your nose." He said this as he started to make his way further into the cabin, and sat down on a black leather couch. He waited for Ambrosine to sit down and then delved into his story about the quest. He did this in great detail, but within a few minutes. He then cleared his throat and started to speak again. "I was wondering if you wanted to go on the quest with me. I already have two others coming on the quest also."

Ambrosine: Ambrosine frowned and whipped the ice cream off her nose. "Not funny!" She said this with a little bite to it as she followed him further into the cabin. "Yea, sure make yourself at home." She said this as she sat down across from him and listened to what he had to say. She sighed and then nodded. "Sure, I'll go. Just let me get my bag." She grabbed a bag on her dresser that she had made just in case she decided to go on a quest. "Alright lets go." She said this as they exited the cabin and headed towards the entrance of camp.

Clarity: "are you nervous about the quest?" she asked Blake as they continued to walk toward the camp entrench. "I'm not sure how well ill do...... i'm afraid i'm gonna do something wrong and get someone hurt." she mentally winced as the thought of Brett getting hurt because of her passed through her mind. "Maybe i should just tell Brett i can't go." She said out of fear. Looking up from the ground, she noticed the gate of camp in the distant and getting closer with every step.

Blake: Hearing Clarity's words made him slightly frown. "Stop doubting yourself...." He replied while glancing over to Clarity. "Your gonna do fine so don't think like that." He added as he to looked up and saw the gate of camp. after a few more minutes the two arrived at the entrance and noticed that the two other questers weren't there yet. "looks like were the first ones.." Blake said as he placed his bag down and leaned against one of the pillars.

Brett: Brett continued to walk further to the entrance when he started to delve deep into thought. He had a few dark thoughts, swimming in his mind, about the quest, but decided to just shake them off. He then turned to Ambrosine and frowned. "Ya know, you're not a great conversationalist." He said this as he looked towards the entrance of camp to see two campers with bags. One of them he knew was Clarity, the other one he didn't know. "Hey." he said this loudly as to get there attention.

Ambrosine: Ambrosine rolled her eyes and continued to walk. "I said I'd come on the quest, not that I would chat." She said this matter-of-factly as she heard Brett yell hello. She decided to just smile and wave to the two strangers.

Clarity: Suddenly Clairty heard the sound of a familiar voice. She slowly looked up and noticed Brett's familiar face. "Hey!" she said just as loudly, smiling widely at the sight of her boy friend.

Blake: Blake chuckled as he saw the excited Clarity. "Hey..." He said not so loudly which the two demigods probably didn't hear. In Blake's opinion the boy looked fairly nice but, the girl looked a bit distant and not much of talker. Mentally sighing he thought. Hopfully we can all get along....

Brett: Bretts lips quirked up into a smile as he walked closer to the two people. He noticed he hadn't met the young man with Clarity. He had seen him a few times around camp but never really botgered to get to know him. He turned to Blake and held out his hand for a hand shake. "I'm Brett." He then turned to Clarity and gave her a hug. "Goodmorning."

Ambrosine: Ambrosine trudgged a little biy behind Brett. As she got closer she sized up the two people infront of her and the nodded. "I'm Ambrosine." She said this as she looked stiffly at Brett. She wasn't angry, but she was a little annoyed that he had waited till the last minute to ask her to tag along.

Clarity: Clarity softly hugged Brett back. "i missed you..." she said as she softly peak his cheek with a kiss. after greeting her boyfriend she looked over to the girl and gave her a small smile along with a wave. She looks really grumpy... better not get on her bad side. Clarity thought to herself as she turned back to Brett and whispered in his ear. "I told you you should have asked her last night...." The whisper wasn't as low as she thought and Ambrosine could have possibly heard it.

Blake: "Blake Shadows son of Hecate..." He said as he shook Blakes hand and then let his own fall back to his side. He then looked over to the girl and gave her a smile before speaking. "Nice to meet you.." He said.

Brett: Brett looked at clarity and nodded in agreement. "I missed you too..." He looked at blake and smiled. "Ah, a son of Hecate. That's awesome." He said this as he looked at the group clustered at the entrance of camp. "You guys all know what we have to do, correct?"

Ambrosine: Ambrosine nodded at Clarit and smiled. "I'm Ambrosine Lt. Counslor of Thanatos." She said this as she turned back to Brett, who had started talking.

Clarity: she gave a soft nod. "Yea we have to find Pandia's moon pendant that was stolen by the BC." Staying next to Brett and hugging on of his arms Clarity looked to the group and a small smile formed on her lips.Maybe we can actually do this.... she thought to herself.

Blake: Blake gave out a soft laugh. "Thanks..." He said as he looked over to Ambrosine. "Wow Lt to Thanatos cabin? Thats pretty cool to." he said as he ran a hand through his hair and looking over to Brett who was now talking. "Yea Clarity sorta explained it on the way...." Blake answered.

Brett: Brett looked at them in surprise and shrugged her shoulders. "Alright, I guess I don't have to explain anything then." He said this as he looked down at Clarity. "You got everything you needed right? We wont be back at camp for awhile."

Ambrosine: Well, I only got it becaise the former Lt. Stepped down. So it's not really that impressive." She said this natter-of-factly, before trning back to Brett. "I think we should go, and stop dilly dallying."

Clarity: Clarity gave a slight nod. "Yea i got everything." she gave him a smile. "She's right we should get going." Clarity replied as she heard Ambrosine's words.

Blake: "Yea sounds good...." He said in a quiet voice as he to heard Ambrosine's words. With one more look to camp Blake was the first to walk out the camp border and wait for the other to follow along.

Brett: Brett looked at Ambrosine and nodded. "I agree we should go." He said this as he started walking past thw magical borders.

Ambrosine: Ammie had a slight smile tugg at the corner of her lips as she followed the rest of the group out of camp.

Clarity: Clarity started following the group out the magical border. Besides going to the near by town Clarity hadn't been outside camp so, she was feeling nervous. "I'm kinda nervous..." She whispered to Brett and looking up to him her eye's showing her nervousness.

Blake: seeing the rest of the group following he began walking down the hill to camp. "So how are we gonna get to where we need to go?" He said aloud, not to anyone in particular.

Brett: Brett looked at Clarity and smiled gently. "There's nothing to be nervous about, you'll do fine." 'He then looked in Blakes direction as he decided on what mode of transportation to take. "Well, I say take a train or a bus."

Ambrosine: The daughter of Death continued walking forward as she heard Bretts suggestion. " i thinj we should take a train. Traffic has to stop for a train, so it would be quicker."

Clarity: Clarity gave a nod as she heard the suggest of taking a train. "Trains are a lot more comfortable to..... they have separate rooms the passengers can stay in." she added in as she follow the group, standing closely to Brett.

Blake: "Looks like it's settled then" Blake said pausing for a bit before bringing up another question. "Sooo how are we gonna get to the train station.... im pretty sure there aren't any around here and dont really wanna walk all the way to the city." He gave a small laugh while rubbing the back of his neck with his hand.

Brett: Brett thought for a moment before replying. "I say we shadow travel, both Ambrosine and I can both shadow travel. We can each take someone or if soneone else has any suggestions." He said this as he turned to Ambrosine.

Ambrosine: Ambrosine looked at Brett with an annoyed expression. "Sure, but only if there are no other suggestions."

Clarity: "That sounds good to me..." she said as she grabbed onto Brett's arm and gave him a soft smile.

Blake: "Ummm i could use a spell to transport myself....." He suggested so that Ambrosine didnt feel uncomfortable.

Brett: Brett nodded and lookrd down at Clarity, giving her a gentle smile. "Alright, shadow travel it is."

Ambrosine: Ambrosine put her hand on Blakes shoulder and smiled. "That won't be necessary. I can shadow travel with two people." She looked up at Brett and nodded. "Alright, i think we should leave now. But first things first. You guys who aren't used to shadow travelimg might get sick." She said this to no one in particular.

Clairty: Clarity held onto Brett's arm tightly and closed her eyes as she heard Ambrosine's words. "Ok im ready...." She said waiting for something to happen.

Blake: "Ill try not to throw up when we land...." Blake said as he to waited for the shadow traveling to happen.

Brett: Brett lookes at Clarity and the to Brett and Ambrosine and nodded. "Okay lets go." As he said this the darkness from the trees started to engulf them.

Ambrosine: Ambrosine looked at Blake and smiled. "Alright." She said this as she grabbed Blakes wrist just as the darkness started turning there vision black.

Train Station

Clarity: as the Darkness engulfed them Clarity kept her eyes tightly shut. "Please be over quick...." she said quietly, feeling a gust of coldness for a second then it disappeared. "are we there yet?" she asked still closing her eyes.

Blake: Having traveled through magic before Blake expected to already know how it felt but, once the shadows shrouded over them he heard a few screams come from the darkness and felt a cold wind hitting against his face. Once the shadows disappeared he felt sick in the stomach but managed to not throw up. "That was really...... wierd." He said as he looked up and noticed the train station.

Brett: Brett tapped on Claritys back just as the darkness turned back into light. "Where here." He says this into her ear before turning to Blake. "If you don'y feel well, i would consider sitting down for a few hours." He says this in a joking manor.

Ambrosine: Ambrosine shook her head when the darkness disappatied. She didn't generally like shadow travel very much, and it felt weird every time she traveled. She let go of Blakes wrist and looked at Brett with pure annoyance on her face. "Shut up, and lets get the tickets." She didn't sound mean when she said this, but rather wryly.

Clarity: Clarity cracked her eyes open as she noticed the train station. "Oh thank god." She said letting go of Brett's arm and looking to the group. She gave Brett a small slap on the arm as she heard his joke. "I agree lets go get the tickets"

Blake: Blake gave out a small laugh while shaking his head. "I think im good." He smiled as he began walking to the ticket booth.

Brett: Brett lips quirked up into a cocky smile and then quickly fated. "Yea, lets get the tickets." He said this as he started walking towards the booth.

Ambrosine: Ambrosine nodded in agreement and started walking towards the booth, catching up with Blake. "Sorry about Brett, he can be rude with out meaning to."

Clarity: Clarity walked along side Brett as they eared the ticket booth. "I have some money to maybe pay for a few tickets." She whispered quietly to Brett.

Blake: Blake gave out a small laugh. "It's cool i know it was just a joke...... or at least i hope it was." He smile as they reached the ticket booth. "Umm i would order but im not sure where were heading....." He said aloud to the group.

Brett: Brett looked up at the board and decided that they'd take a train as far west as they could, Boston, and then switch on to another train, in case a monster started trailing them. "I say we take a train to Boston."

Ambrosine: She flashed a light smile and nodded. "With Brett you really never know when he's kidding or serious." She said this as she turned back to Brett. "I have enough money for all the tickets." She says this pulling out a gothic Hello Kitty wallet.

Clarity: Clarity stayed quiet as she looked up the the board looking at all the train's departure times. Her left hand was wrapped around her right arms upper part. "Ive never been to boston." she said to herself quietly

Blake: "I have a friend just like that." He said to ambrosine with a small laugh after. Once heaing her sentence he looked to the girls wallet. She shouldnt pay for all of it by herself..... He thought to himself but then again he didnt bring any money.

Brett: He couldn't help but think about what Ambrosine said, and it irritated him, but he just stood there, a passive expression on his face. How could he seem so serious? He wasn't serious at all.

Ambrosine: Ambrosine went and paid for the tickets, ignoring everyone else voice, as she did. She returned with 4 tickets to Boston, and had them out. "Now, all we have to do, is actually make it to Boston."

Clarity: She grasped the ticket in her hand and gave Ambrosine a thankful smile. "Thanks...." she said, turning her gaze over to the train they would be taking. I hope we can do this.... i hope i can do this... She thought to herself.

Blake: Blake took the ticket from Amrosine. "Thanks for the ticket." he smiled and then looked to the train. "Should we get going then? we dont wanna miss our trian."

Brett: Brett laced his fingers with Claritys and then pointed to the train with his free hand. "I think we should go."

Ambrosine: Ammie was already walking towards the train when the others started asking wether to go or not.

Clarity: Suddenly Clarity felt a familiar hand slide into hers. she turned her gaze from the train down to Brett's and her hands then up to Brett with a smile. "Let's go..." She said pulling him along.

Blake: He hadn't noticed everyone was leaving until he looked up. "Well thanks for waiting..." He grummbled to himself as he to began to walk to the train, his hands shoved in his pockets.


Brett: Brett woke as the train pulled into the station, it had only been a few hours, but ti was enough for him to fall asleep. He looked out the window, waiting for the train to come to a complete stop.

Ambrosine: Ambrosine had stayed awake, because she had wanted to stay vigilant in case a monster had decided to attack them on the train. Ambrosines ears were buzzing as she sensed another death, this time it was a human boy only 11 years old, but she shook it off and stood up

Clarity: Her head leaned softly of Brett's shoulder as she to slept. Being a daughter of morpheus she was always half awake and found it quite useful at times and annoying other times. As she felt the train hit a bump and rock it back and forth slightly she groaned and leaned more into her boyfriends body.

Blake: throughout the train ride Blake had decided to stay awake but remained quiet for the whole ride. Despite his friendly nature Blake still didnt know these people except for Clarity and really wasnt sure what to say. "Looks like were here..." He said to himself as he stared out the window, watching as other passengers began to exit the train.

Brett: Brett watched Clarity sleep fo a moment, before speaking. "Hey, we're here." He said this lightly shaking her.

Ambrosine: The daughter of Thanatos shook her head, and then started to speak. "Four Demigods in a closed space. Any monster would love that, so I believe we should get going."

Clarity: Upon hearing Brett's voice Clarity's eyes slowly flutered open. "Are we here?" She asked take a quick look out th window to see boston just outside. With a wide smile she looked back to Brett. "I've never been to Boston.... i it's not the time for sight seeing or anything but it's still cool." She leaned in to give Brett a small kiss on the lips.

Blake: Blake smiled at the sight of his close friend Clarity and her happiness but, looked away not wanting to see like he was staring. "I agree... If any monsters decided to attack i dont wanna be in this small room."

Brett: He kissed her back lightly, and the pulled away, just as he stood up. "Yea, I agree with you guys, we shoild probably go."

Ambrosine: She walked out of the are first leaving everyone behind, not really caring what happened to them at this point.

Clarity: She smiled at Brett once more before he stood up and followed right behind him. In all honest Clarity was dreading the moment the group would be attacked by monsters. Would she be able to protect herself? or Brett? She shook her head softly trying to shake the feelings.

Blake: As he noticed everyone standing up and leaving he to did the same.

Brett: He was a little worried about how things were going to go, though he decided not to state it, as it would probably unnerve the group, he walked off the train, just as everyone else was following. Something caught his eye, it was something usual, though Boston was a little different. "Maybe we should scan the city, and maybe see if we could find something? They probably came through here."

Ambrosine: She was a little anxious to get this over with as soon as possible, though she wouldn't break the tough girl facade she had going for her. "I don't think that would be wise. I have a feeling something might happen...."

Clarity: Hearing Ambrosine's words made Clarity a bit nervous. What did she mean by that? A monster attack maybe? "Ummm yea maybe we should stay here....." Clarity said looking to Brett. the were filledwith worry and anyone could see that.

Blake: Blake listened intently as the other spoke. He really didnt have opinion on the matter so instead he kept quiet and waited for the group to decide. While doing so he kept an eye out for anything suspicious like monsters.

Brett: "Well, it can't hurt to split up, I'm pretty sure where safe here." He was actually uncertain, but he didn't want to unnerve everyone. "I say we split up, I'll take Blake with me, and Ambrosine and you go together." He said this looking at his girlfriends worry filled eyes. "Everything going to be alright." He whispered, just enough for the girl to hear him.

Ambrosine: She knew Brett wouldn't listen to her, heck he never did, but she wasn't going to argue about it, ever. "Whatever floats your boat, captain." She said this sarcastically.

Clarity: Clarity gave a soft nod of the head as she heard her boyfriends words. It was no secret Clarity was worried and when Brett said to split up she was actually very shocked. Hopefully he will be alright. With that Clarity gave Brett a quick but passionate kiss and walked over to Ambrosia. "Ok sounds good." She smiled and tryed to hide her worry for Brett as best as she could.

Blake: "Alright well lets get going..." Brett said, turning his attention over to the son of Nyx. "We should all meet back here when were done." He suggested. Splitting up didn't sound like to good of an idea but Blake wasn't one to bring up unneeded debate or arguments so instead he stayed quiet.

Brett: The son of Nyx turned towards Blake and nodded. "You got my back right?" He said this as he made a small dart out of the shadows that where around the train station. "I have yours, okay." He said this as he started walking, tossing the weapon in the air as he spoke again. "Alright where going to go west while the girls move east." He said this loud enough for the girls to hear him.

Ambrosine: The child of death had a small smile cross her lips at the thought of finally viewing the world outside of New York, since she found out she was a demigod, she'd been cooped up in that boring old place. As if she'd actually be doing something like searching, Brett should of known her better by now. "Yea, lets take the east side of the city." She had heard rumors that the east side of Boston was where all the shops where, lucky her.

Clarity: Despite all the bad feelings the daughter of Morpheus was having, she ended up following Ambrosine. Hopfully nothing bad happens.... Was all Clarity could think as she followed Closely behind the daughter of Thanatos. "So what are we looking for exactly?" Clarity asked, looking around at the buildings and other people that were roaming about.

Blake: Walking side by side with the other male, Blake could tell he was worried. "Hey you don't have to worry about Clarity....." He said with a small pause. "She's with Ambrosine so i'm sure she will be fine." Blake said as he walked. Would they really be ok? What if they were attacked? It wasn't like Blake to disagree with anyone so when the idea of splitting up came along he didn't say a word.

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