This page is used by the Research and Development Department to keep activities in line, developing, and changing. As of right now this is just the bare minimum of what needs to be done, but soon I hope to get it more organized.

To Do

  • Finish changing all cabin codes over to the new format.
  • Once cabin coding is all completed, make sure all of the cabin treaties line up.
  • Find mini-games for upcoming Big Brother CHB challenges. [ Being done by Brocky and Frost ]
  • Prep for the upcoming contests in December [ Character Contest and Cabin Symbolic Theme ], deciding if there will be any format changes, which gods will be used for which contest, etc. [ Being done by Muse and Clay ]
  • Train current halpers in order to help them get rollback.

Constant Upkeep

  • Stay on top of Big Brother CHB; making sure challenges only last the specified three days and ceremonies/evictions only last two days. [ Being done by Brocky ]
  • Keep cabin photo albums updated; remove former campers and add new ones. [ Being done by Frost ]
  • Keep the counsellors by cabin and counsellors by users lists up to date; depicting which counsellors have the month grace period and any changes that must be made. [ Being done by Clay ]

Cabin Pages Remaining

  • Zephyrus
  • Thanatos
  • Prometheus
  • Notus

Administration Team

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