RP Buddy


This page is dedicated to helping people find more people to roleplay with. Can't seem to know who to roleplay with? Are you too shy to ask people?

Go to "Sign-up" and place your username and Character that you wish to roleplay with. To those signing up to roleplay with them, it is recommended you post on their character page, or contact them about rp plans.


Username Character Users to roleplay with Their Character
User:YorkieWolf Miller Sallow

Do you wish to get to know more users who are active roleplayers? Are you interested in having a broader range of users to roleplay with? Are you interested in creating plots? Go to the list, where there is a list of users who are always willing to RP or make a plot, and are just one talk page away!


Username Character Users to roleplay with Their Character
User:EmiChannel Emilio Crawford
User:Ajacopia1 Theós Hampton


~ Feel free to add yourself! ~

  1. Broken
  2. Hyu
  3. June
  4. Kane
  5. Kevin
  6. Lilly Mara
  7. Mel
  8. Nat
  9. Reese
  10. ShadowYJF
  11. Sophie (pls do ask me if chu wanna rp c: )
  12. Thistle (I don't bite :D)
  13. Uni
  14. Yorkie
  15. Crystal
  16. London
  17. Dira (always eager to rp)
  18. User Talk:Yukaronachan (Really in need of some fresh RP yo)
  19. User Talk:Zakcie (Always Here!!)
  20. Aja (Rp anytime, anyday!)
  21. Ms-Jinx (Always available and love to RP)
  22. Aaron Najim Willing to participate with anything!
  23. Magnus Still getting used to this...
  24. Minkclaw
  25. Sam (Love to RP! Contact me anytime! My character is Sadie Anis)
  26. Fish I'll do whatever! Come to my wall at anytime!
  27. User:TomBush1 New here, really wanna do some roleplay so HMU
  28. User:HollowWriter Hey I'm new here, my character is Eurydice Rose
  29. Hi I'm Echo and I'm a hunter and a child of Hestia. Please role play with me!
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