Robert "Bobby" FergusSon of Prometheus (This Character Belongs to Raid)
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Bobby -Child of Prometheus
-The Great Scot

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Bobby grew up in Glasgow, Scotland. His mother was a genetic scientist and always traveled to the U.S for presentations. She met Prometheus, after one speech and she was impressed by his knowledge. He told her who he was and she accepted it. He told her that if they had a child that the child would need to go to Camp. After a month of back and forth travels, he disappeared, leaving Moira to care for her now unborn son. She had hoped to raise the child together, but those hopes were crushed. When Bobby was born, his mother had to quit her job to stay with Bobby. When Bobby was in school, he was always teased that his mother was a "sk*nk or a wh*re" because his father left her. Bobby never had any real friends. When Bobby was fifteen, Moira took a job that required her to travel from time-to-time to speak for a genetics study company. She took Bobby with her every time she could, knowing that Bobby would need to go to Camp soon. But she didn't want to part from her son. With the traveling making it harder for the monsters to keep up, Bobby turned nineteen. But that year, one monster caught up. A snake-woman attacked them, leaving Moira severely hurt. Bobby attacked the snake-woman and killed it by pushing it over a cliff. While in the hospital, Moira told Bobby about his father and that he needed to get to Camp to learn to defend himself. Bobby traveled one final time to the U.S to become a Hero.

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Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Born 1992
Family Prometheus (father)
Dr. Moira Fergus (mother)
Status Alive, 19
Eye Colour Green
Hair Colour Ginger
Height 6'4
Affiliation Camp Half-Blood
Weapons Bronze Razors
Spiked Gauntlets
Home Camp Half-Blood
Glasgow, Scotland
Quests The Spawn of Hate Quest (Has not begun)



He's usually quiet and seems to always be thinking. He's usually to-the-point when he's talking to someone. He can be a very kind and warm person when he opens up. He likes indie and classic rock.



Bobby has curly red hair and a beard. His eyes are green-ish blue with long eyelashes. He has a tattoo on his leg of a winged skull. He's tall, strong and pale-skinned.






  1. Children of Prometheus can fire off small bullets of clay at a very high speed, the bullets would materialize and fire from the user’s fingertips. They can be shot fast enough that they could pierce skin on impact.
  2. Children of Prometheus have the ability to turn the immediate ground into soft clay that acts as quicksand, potentially causing anyone stepping in to fall and sink far enough to not move at all. Gradually, the ground will solidify, allowing everyone trapped to slowly regain their footing.


  1. Children of Prometheus have the ability to coat armor, defenses, and shields with an extra layer of hardened clay that will dull most kinds of attacks for a short time. They are also able to coat weapons with the same material in order to make them unbreakable.


  1. Children of Prometheus excel greatly in wisdom and forethought, allowing them to comprehend of what is true coupled with optimum judgment as to what action to perform. They are able to take into consideration all variables in a situation, foresee the outcomes and what choices one should make to reach the conclusion they want.
  2. Children of Prometheus can see a few seconds into the future; allowing them to possibly predict the actions of others, but also obscuring their sight at times.


  1. Children of Prometheus are able to trick another person into doing something for them, coming into agreement with them, or revealing a secret to them; nothing guarantees the person will complete the task, if they figure out they are being tricked.
  2. Children of Prometheus have the ability to generate fire or heat in order to ignite things, distract others, combust objects, augment weapons and constructs, or cause anything to be hotter to the point they are cooked, burned or melted. However, once created, they are not able to control it, and the more fire or heat they generate, the more energy it drains them.
  3. Children of Prometheus are able to conjure pure clay, which can be molded into weapons,armor and shields, or any object possible, that are no more than 2 to 3 times the size of the user. However, only one object can be molded at a time, and the user is continuously drained as they create more clay.
  4. Children of Prometheus can telekinetically move clay with their mind, the more moved and the further the distance. The more energy drained.

3 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Prometheus can transmogrify others into clay in order to either petrify them or just render them useless and more vulnerable because they become slower and all soft, muddy, and sludgy. The more people affected and the longer the transformation is held, the more energy it drains. And people turned into clay cannot be telekinetically moved by children of Prometheus.

6 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Prometheus have the ability to construct a group of clay men or animals with a maximum number of five, which can then be controlled by the mind of their creator. Men and animals summoned this way can only be the normal size of the form they take. While the clay beings fights for the user, the latter has a hard time moving until they are destroyed or dismissed. Alternatively, they can create a golem or a giant animal that is equivalent to five clay men combined altogether, no larger than 2 to 3 times the size of the user.

9 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Prometheus have the ability to turn their entire body into clay. This allows them to change their physical aspect and even mold extra limbs and appendages (but not wings), provide a strong dermal armor and enhance their strength by hardening, or even become flexible and elastic. They also do not feel pain in this state. The longer they keep this up, the more energy it drains, and the longer they have to stay nearly immobile after transforming back.


  1. Children of Prometheus are typically wise and intelligent. However, they can also be cunning, crafty, and incline to be like tricksters. But nonetheless, they are able to give convincing counsel, whether good or bad.
  2. Children of Prometheus generally have a morbid fear of eagles and vultures and they tend to not get along with the children of Zeus very well.
  3. Children of Prometheus are always great at molding and shaping clay without use of their powers. With that, they become known as great sculptors and carvers.


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Relation Feelings
Prometheus Father From what my Mum's told me, he's a genius. I like him.
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