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You should only be in this forum if you have a claimed character to rp with....

Sometimes lots of comments build up on a location page or a character page and it becomes hard to load the pages. Unfortunately there is no easy way to archive or delete old comments, and they weren't really ever meant to contain so many templates. On the other hand, some users may be more accustomed to roleplaying on roleplay forums and find this style easier to follow.

Either way, whatever your reason for being here, this is for roleplaying out on pages. It is set up so that there is a generic area you can go to, but there are also areas that have more specific locations. So roleplaying here on the cabins, would just be like roleplaying on a specific cabin/location page like Aphrodite's Cabin, in the comments.

Godmodding, OP and metgaming rules still apply here, see Our policy on Role Play if you have any questions.

Roleplay Areas

These are the main basic areas there are for the roleplay forums. It is divided up by General (for roleplays that may take place over a large area of locations), Training Arena, Camp Locations, BC Locations and Town locations.

If you are doing a roleplay where the characters move all over the place, you would select general, but if they are only in camp, you could select one of the camp locations.
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