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No posting order, no fighting--we party like it's 2017


Bernard Duarte 2

Bernard -Bear Nymph

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Dume -Bull Nymph
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Coira Ntsimango ~ Daughter of Nyx
Coira Ntsimango
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Bernard: The bear nymph was trying his best to drain the Dionysus Cabin of its alcohol stockpile, but his best efforts hardly even made a dent in it. Laughing uncontrollably for no apparent reason, he sprawled face-down on the grass outside the cabin. "M-merry Christmas!" he slurred, breaking out into laughter once again.

Dume: "Get up, you're making a scene," the bull nymph hissed at his drunk friend. Even though Dionysus was his patron deity, Dume had remained depressingly sober at the party so far. When Bernard refused to move, he sighed and lifted the bear nymph by his shoulders into a sitting position before plopping down next to him. "At this rate, you won't even be alive when 2018 rolls around."

Cambria: She sits at the corner of the room, drinking beers.

Jax: Jax was chatting with some npcs nymphs, sipping from a glass of sparkling grape juice (because Jax is a responsible adult).

Shay: Xe wasn't really chatting with anyone. Not yet anyway. You could say xe was wanting to talk to someone, but xe wasn't exactly sure. After all, xe doesn't strike up conversation randomly.

Coira: ​The daughter of Nyx was just strolling around, chatting with random people and drinking glasses and glasses of some Mirinda-like drink.

Bernard: "If you start off 2018 dead drunk, the year can only go up from there," Bernard declared in a moment of lucidity. Looking around at the fellow party-goers, he waved his arm in a circle before pointing at a random woman drinking grape juice. "You! You're over 21, right? T-then party like it!" he grinned, gesturing at the table of alcoholic beverages within the cabin.

Dume: Dume rolled his eyes and shrugged helplessly. "Feel free to ignore this idiot. He does this every year."

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