Awkward Reunion

Emmaline: After another exhausting Counsellor challenge, Emmaline decides she should really do something for herself. When she hears about the pool party she thinks it's a near perfect excuse for her to leave the cabin and socialise; the only downside being that she hates exposing so much of her skin in front of others. Emmaline sat in her room and sighed, but after a moment or two of deliberating whether or not to go, she stands up and moves towards her wardrobe, picking out her modest swimsuit and changing into it. She accessories with dark sunglasses and a wide-brimmed grey hat, looking every inch like a Melinoe kid. She slips on a pair of black flip-flops and throws a grey strapless dress over the top of her swimsuit then heads over to the pool party.

Aaron: Why am I even here? Was the first thing that popped into his head as he arrived at the party. He wore black swimming trunks and a black vest. As he walked past people they began eating more, in the past few weeks Aaron has been trying to socialize more. But since he was incredibly awkward and very bad for people's diets, none of the attempts really worked. He felt like people were looking at him, judging him. All this anxiety all started when his brother left. "This was a mistake..." he muttered to himself.

Emmaline: She arrived at the celebration and scanned the crowds briefly, not able to spot anyone she knew. She sighed in relief and found herself a poolside chair where she placed her towel and other belongings, then quickly stripped off her dress and slid off her flip-flops. She took off her hat and tousled her hair, then walked over to the deep end of the water. She glanced at the water hesitantly, considering whether or not this was a good idea, before she took a few steps back from the pool and then ran and jumped into the cool water, her arms crossed over her chest as she let out a squeal of delight. 

Aaron: "What the...?" He quickly turned around, the squeal sounded somewhat familiar. He looked around, trying to track the sound. "Emmaline?" He asked with hope in his voice. He called out to her more, not able to see her under the water. His anxiety somewhat rises, afraid he just got his hopes up for nothing.

Emmaline: Under the water, Emmaline sinks to the bottom of the pool and stares up at the blurred bodies above her, the movement of everyone mesmerising her. I could stay here forever... she thinks, until she realises she's short of breath. Panicking, Emmaline propels herself quickly to the surface of the water and breaks out from the cool blue doing one of those majestic hair-flicky things and gulping for air.

Aaron: He was somewhat in awe of her return to the surface, causing his face to become quite red. "F*ck.." He muttered, completely unsure of how to approach her. "Hey!" He quickly squeaked and looked down, desperate to hide his blushing.

Emmaline: Her breathing returned to normal, but Emmaline looked a little worried at how close she had come to wanting to drown herself. Suddenly she hears a familiar voice near her, and the worry on her face grows even more. She turns towards the voice, a blush already spreading on her face. Why now? She's questioning the timing of the meeting in her head. "Hullo," She nodded her head towards Aaron, her wet hair falling in her face.

Aaron: "I-I didn't expect to see you..." Sweat ran down his forehead as he stepped closer to the edge of the pool. His heart rate began to rise as he got somewhat tongue tied. "Uhm uh..." He began to chuckle a bit, the sight of her hair malfunction putting him at ease.

Emmaline: She looked up at Aaron and realized he looked quite nervous for some reason. Oh gods, I hope he's not going to ask me to be his girlfriend again. She thinks, the blush on her face intensifing. "I wasn't expecting to see you here either..." She murmured, waiting for aaron to stop chuckling.

Aaron: He quickly stopped, realizing how rude his laughter was. "Uhm I-I can just take off if you want.." He backs away a bit, a part of him does want to join her in the pool.

Emmaline:She shook her head quickly, "No, it is okay." She motions with her arm to the water. "If you came to swim, I cannot stop you from swimming."

Aaron: He stepped closer, as he tipped his left foot into the pool he remembered how Aidan loved pushing him into pools soon before they arrived at Camp. He sighed, Just grow a pair.. He thought to himself as he jumped in, careful not to splash her. "So... I didn't expect to see you here." He brushed back his hair as he advanced towards her, but gave her a foot or so of space.

Emmaline: She winced as Aaron jumped in, raising her arms to shield her from the splashes of water. She blushed a little as Aaron brushed his hair back, thinking that it made him look attractive. Stop thinking like that Emmaline, it's disgraceful. Emmaline scolded herself, looking down and away from Aaron in an attempt to stop her blush. "I can't say I was expecting to see you here either." She said to the rippling water, still not ready to look at Aaron directly.

Aaron: "I mean, I didn't think you wanted to see my ugly face. Like I know things were uhm...complex after last time." He couldn't bring himself to look at her either, a part of him thinking she hates him. "Not really sure why I'm here anyway, not exactly a social butterfly.."

Emmaline: She crosses her arms and frowns, not liking Aaron's self-depreciating manner. She raises her head and stares at Aaron with a stern expression. "Listen, Aaron, you are not ugly nor will you ever be. Just because..." She pauses and gulps, looking ever so slightly awkward for a second. "Just because our last encounter did not go as according to plan as either of us would have liked does not mean that you should think of yourself as any less than you were." She wades over to Aaron, closing most of the distance between them and slowly stretches out an arm and places it on his shoulder, a sorrowful look in her eyes. "It is just... a little difficult between us at the moment."

Aaron: He blushed a bit, not able to remember the last time someone said something that nice to him. "I mean, I just really wanna fix that. I just...y'know" He didn't have to heart to verbalize his feelings for her. Even though it was painfully obvious they were there. He silently cursed the fact that he lost any girl experience he might've had.

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