Ryusei & Kesha Fling (Part 2)

  • Ryusei: he saw the tears and at the moment of impulse he hugged her its ok...he said slowly let it out..
  • Kesha: Kesah, in his embrace, cries. It is almost time for them to go down once more but by then, she will have some magic trick that will make her face less puffy and appear as if nothing happened.
  • Ryusei: when she finally stops he noticed what he did was totally impolite thus he pulled himself away a bit red umm sorry about that...he said slowly scratching his head
  • Kesha: Kesha touches the hand he used to touch his head. She clears her throat and chuckles, covering her mouth. It seems like you're not used to hugs? The daughter of Hecate was more fond of them.
  • Ryusei: upon feeling kesha gentle touch he turns to her looking at her directly in the eyes before turning away yeah welll i'm not that use to physical contact...she said simply i can talk but thats about it
  • Kesha: Kesha chuckles again. Her tears flow from laughter. Being hugged is the most comforting feeling, even if words are unsaid. Since it was said in Chinese, Kesha didn't falter at all. She seems to remember herself from Ryusei's lack of physical touch; it was like the first time she came to America. Ryusei, can I call you Ryu instead? It reminds me of a little boy I used to play with centuries back.
  • Ryusei: he blinks a few times uhh sure? he said not knowing what else to say to the girl who was slowly coming out of her shell
  • Kesha: Kesha nods contently. She then chants a spell that enables her face to look youthful and fresh again. Her red nose became pale once more. Her eyes, however, remain red; it was a curse given to her as a remembrance. Good thing her contact lenses hid them well.
  • Ryusei: he turns to her looking at her as she chant her spell not really having anything to say as he waited patiently for her to finish
  • Kesha: Kesha smiles politely. By the time she had finished, the ferris wheel had already arrived on the ground.
  • Ryusei: soooo food or extreme ride??
  • Kesha: First one will make us puke if it comes first. Therefore, extreme rides! Kesha looks excited and energetic to have Ryusei beside her.
  • Ryusei: he nods sloly thanking the gods above for the fact that there's no rollercoaster on camp
  • Kesha: The daughter of Hecate bashfully walks beside Ryusei. Since they weren't alone again, she found it hard to be free.
  • Ryusei: He followed her out and upon seeing her face he took a deep breath and took her hand holding it gently it'll be ok promise he smiled as he went against his own code to which no special contact with patients
  • Kesha: The sudden hand grab was a surprise to her. She then retrived her hand out of impulse. Realizing what she has done, she stops and bows. Sorry!!
  • Ryusei: he shakes her head its ok I should have warned you its just seeing you trouble makes me feel sad he smiled gently anyhow shall we go?
  • Kesha: No's just it's been a while. I don't really hate it..The daughter of Hecate nods, chanting a very soft spell to raise Ryusei's hand so she may touch it once more
  • Ryusei: he was looking away trying to find a ride that they could do not really aware that his hand was slowly rising
  • Kesha: WHile he wasn't aware, Kesha slips hers into it. She then pretends to be scanning the place, which is practically useless (she can see all sides).
  • Ryusei: when he felt kesha's holding his hand he was shock and promptly turn to her not knowing what to say he just tighten the grip hoping this would clam her down
  • Kesha: It actually shocks her. A faint blush comes across her face as she tries to let of the awkwardness. Instead, she shuts up and looks pretty like a flower
  • Ryseui: sooo how about we go to that spinning thing? he said as he pointed to one of the ride then go find something else??
  • Kesha: "Sp-spinning things?" Kesha tilted her head in both confusion and curiosity. Nonetheless, she nods. "Mhm! Let's go~" With her hand still entwined with Ryusei's, she walked beside him towards the ride.
  • Ryusei: he accompanied her like any gentleman and when they reach upon the ride his face look a tiny bit pale sooo lets ride this? he said slowly trying to fake his excitement before turning to kesha
  • Kesha: Kesha notices his pale self and shakes her head. Since they were still in line, Kesha motioned elsewhere. Being the kind angel she is, she wanted to create an excuse. "I'm hungry! Let's get food instead?"
  • 'Ryusei: he actually breath a sigh of relief yeah camp or in town? or do you want to try some of the stall food....even if thats not really recommended considering the health value
  • Kesha: Wanting to buy time (and save Ryusei's manly pride), Kesha answers. "I want to check out the food stalls. It might be interesting." Kesha then turns to Ryusei with an adorable smile on her face. Her tone filled with child-like innocence. "You'll help me if I get sick, right?"
  • Ryusei: he laughed if you get really sick I'll be next to every step of the way till your better...he said simply not really noticing the romance he just said
  • Kesha: Kesha smiles as she took it to friendly gestures as well. Thank you. I do need a doctor though, or a few spell books
  • Ryusei: he nods his head ahh yes I forgot your a child of hecate
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  • OOC: then what?:))
  • Kesha: Kesha chuckles, covering her mouth elegantly. "Yes. I am. Is that a bad thing?"
  • Ryusei: he shakes his head gently no of course not its just a trait I noticed he said quickly not really having the words to explain his theory
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  • Kesha: "That's nice. Let us go before everyone finishes the food." Kesha chuckles at her impossible statement. They two soon reach the food courts.
  • Ryusei: he smiled looking around for a seat how about you go and find something while i find us a spot? he offered not really knowing what else to say

Ryusei & Kesha Fling (Part 1)

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