Brooklyn: She wandered through the fair, pushing through the crowds, a large drink in the hand raised above her small frame as she didn't want it to be knocked about.

tydal: she was a bit bored with the rides thus she decided to play some games in the arcade hmmm she said to herself as she tried to beat one of the games there hoping to get the high score

Brooklyn: She wasn't looking where she was going due to the crowds and tripped just next to her, drink going everywhere.

Tydal: after a while she got bored with that game thus looked around for something fun to do hmmm she said when she saw brooklyn falling down, she knew it wasnt a good idea but against her better judgement she came to her and smile hey you ok?? she asked in a polite manner

Brooklyn: She winced at the spilt coke. 'Yeah I'm fine, can't say the same for the drink though.' she muttered with a snort.

Tydal: she turns to look at the coke uhh I'll buy you one with my prize..i mean cash...she said slowly with a smile

Brooklyn: She looked at her in surprise. 'Y-You would? I mean, you don't have to do that. I mean, I don't even know your name.' she gushed absolutely shocked by the offer.

Tydal: she smiled I'm tydal athena kid you? she asked quickly not wanting to go through the formalities

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