Benny: Hearing that the funfair is in town, Benny knocks on Ichiro's door pretty loudly. "'s a funfair in town. Do you want to come?" He asks, bouncing with excitement. "They have a ferris wheel and dodgems, cotton candy and everything!"

ichiro: he was on his bed half asleep but by the time benny knock on his door his visit to dreamland was interrupted, He wanted to just yell at the person on the other side but upon hearing benny's voice he sigh his kitten azurian jumped onto his bed cuddling against him being a bit scared with the sudden noise He's still new azurian he said quietly as he pet the kitten before getting up to put a change of cloths Ok i heard you benny...he said slowly we can go if you want..

Benny: He scratches the side of his head. " can I come in?" Benny asks, unsure whether Ichiro is dressed or not. "I'm ready to go whenever you are." He adds, hearing the exasperation in his older brother's voice, but not really questioning it. Ichiro: he was in the shower so he cant really hear him thus the little kitten thought she could help when it got up to the door and open it

Benny: Expecting to see the door open to Ichiro, he sees Azurian. He gets down on one knee to stroke the kitten. "Who's a clever girl? You, yes you are." He says, scratching the cat behind its ears for a few minutes. He hears the shower going, and assumes it's Ichiro.  Ichiro: after like 10 minutes he came out of the shower wearing a green hoodie, matching with his jeans he spots benny and nodded to himself soo what do you want to do at the fair? he asked as he dries his hair with a towel

Benny: "There's loads to do! We could eat cotton candy, go on some rides, play some funfair games..." Benny shrugs his slim shoulders. He gently strokes Azurian. "Did you know that she can open doors? That's so smart!"

Ichiro: he turns to him staring at him as if he just came from out of space let me guess you never went there before?? he said to him placing the towel down or anything similar to the fair??

Benny: "Not really." Benny scratches the side of his head and stands up. He chuckles a little at Ichiro's wet and messy hair. "I went once when I was little, but I spent most of my time training for monster attacks or playing by myself. Fairgrounds weren't really safe for me."

Ichiro: he kept quite remembering his own youth... full of training not one bit of mummer to himself slowly thinking more and more about his past his expression for once changed showing his sadness

Benny: "Ichiro....? Um.....are you okay?" He asks, as his half-brother seems dazed, perhaps having some weird flashback or something. Apparently it was pretty common for demi-gods, or his own father had said so. 

Ichiro: he snapped out of his daze huh? oh yeah I'm fine he said slowly soo you want to go to the fair do you have money?? he asked a bit worried for benny

Benny: He shrugs his shoulders. "Yeah, Dad gave me a few drachmas for pocket money." Benny smiles at Ichiro. "So there's no need to worry. I've been trying to save them up for a while. He wants me to send him Iris messages every week." The teenage boy shrugs his shoulders again.

Ichiro: the mention of the word dad pained him a bit yet he was quick at hiding it...benefit of being a hypocrite for half his life... you should be glad benny half the kids here have parents that dont even care...he said simply pointing out the sad fact to benny

Benny: "Um, I know...." Benny gave him an empathetic smile. "I'm really lucky for a demi-god. Most kids my age don't even get an actual education, or anything like a normal life." He explains. "Um, do you want to go on the dodgems first, or the ferris wheel?" He asks. "

Ichiro: he looks at benny anything you want kiddo cause I dont really mind I go to that place every year while this is your first time right ?

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