suzaku and alex

suzaku: she was sitting near the nemesis cabin not really aware of her surrounding as she stare down a puddle seeing people in thefair going in and out how fun is the fair... she said to herself trying to surpass the urge to go there

Alex: He walks up next to her. Silently he crouches and stays close by her side. "You would know how fun it was if you go there now."

suzaku: when alex spoke up she ACTUALLY got the scare of her life jumping up looking pale ALEX!!! she yelled at him not enjoying the scare

Alex: He smiles at her terrified manner, betraying a look of apology that can be seen in his eyes. "Sorry. Meant to freak you out but not that bad."

Suzaku: she rolls her eyes YEAH right...she said sarcastically as she made the image in the pool of water disappear

Alex: "So. fighting your urges to go and have a fun time at the fair. if you come, i'll treat you to a pranking spree."

Suzaku: she rolls her eyes and I doubt that you'll follow it...she said sarcastically as she cross her arms

Alex: "I will follow it, don't worry. It is a fair, pranking is the main event and of course rides and food."

suzaku: she rolls her eyes once more OH that makes me feel SOOOO much better..

Alex: He looks down for a moment and then tilts his head up, pouting at her with sad eyes.

Suzaku: she does a hair flip go with one of your siblings alex bet they would be more fun than me

Alex: He glares at her with disapproval "They will never be as fun as you. if they were i would be with one of them and not you."

Suzaku: she rolls her eyes then date one of them and dump me she said simply

Alex: "Never. i would never do that to you nor would i date one of my sibs. But if you don't like me anymore......" He doesn't finish his sentence and walks away sadly (not at all)

Suzaku:' she shrugged it off and began to walk away too

Alex: He turns around and silently steps beside her, matching the rythm of her steps. being careful not to be seen.

she continues to walk not realizing she headed to the fair

As soon as she set foot into the fair, Alex starts to walk faster, losing his guise right next to her. He smiles ever so slightly as he steps in front of suzaku.

Suzaku: seeing alex she paused and crosses her arms i hate you for tricking me to come here.... she said with her pride refusing to admit defeat

Alex: He gives her a smug smile and disappears once again only to appear with various tickets to rides around the fair. He looks at her with utter amusement in his eyes and the sense of guided mischief in his voice, accompanied by his sense of body movement it is obvious that he will be up to some kind of mischief but not wanting to make suzaku any more mad at him, he holds out his hand. "This fair wouldn't be any fun for me if i didn't share it with someone i loved."

Suzaku: she rolls her eyes as she placed her hand on her chin hmmm let me guess your dog?she asked simply

Alex: "Never had a dog. but if my dog is what you want to call yourself. i know very well not to try and stop you."

suzaku: she laughed sarcastically nice joke..

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Alex: "Cmoooon, suzaku. I scare you once and you give me the cold shoulder? I apologize for scaring the living daylight out of you. Be with your prank prince once more?"

suzaku: she rolls her eyes you dont get it

Alex: "Then let me know what i don't get. Let me know how i can make it up to you. I know i sound desperate or something like that but i can't stand you being cross with me."

OOC:....she's not going to give in you do know that...

OOC:well, he can't do anything to convince her without using his powers, so, for once, you have stumped me.

Suzaku: she sigh one ride and then back to the sanctuary..she said simply still a bit pissed off

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Alex: "Come to the ferris wheel with me then?"

OOC:the ferris wheel, where love happens in a fair.

Suzaku: she looks at the ferris wheel for a while then back to alex what kinda tricks do you want to pull on people there?

Alex: "None. i'm gonna be serious for once. i wanna enjoy my time with you, i imagine i have very little time as you seem ready to send me flying."

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Suzaku: I can do it now to you for free..she said sarcastically still a bit angry for his trick

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Alex: "Will you ever forgive me suzaku?"

Suzaku: she takes a deeep breath and glares to alex lets just go to your stupid ride so I can go back to the nymph sanctuary

Alex: He frowns for a second, but then regains his smile as he takes suzaku's hand being careful not to do anything to upset her even more. He leads her toward the ferris wheel and takes her into their car. As the ride starts, Alex pulls out a few cylinders from his hoodie pockets. He turns his head to suzaku and gives her a pretty wide grin but his usual demeanor makes it look mischievous as if he has something to hide from her. "Don't freak out cause of these things, okay?"

Suzaku: she lets alex leads her to the ferris wheel as her eyes wonder around the fair seeing the people and how fun their having yet as they reach their destination she sat quietly in the car as the ride slowly started she looked down as the cart slowly rise above yet her Peripheral vision catches alex as he moved something from his pocket what is...she then hears what he said and glares at alex keeping a close watch at the thing that he have in his hands

Alex: He runs his fingers along the cylinders, they are wrapped in gold and red striped bows and are warm to the touch, occasionally shaking in his hands. He looks at suzaku and sighs. He unwraps the cylinders and screws off the caps to the entrance of them. Revealing even smaller caps, alex runs his palm along the caps ever so quickly and carefully, and as the caps fall off, fireworks come out from the cylinders and fly high, lighting up the sky just enough so you can see that a message spells out from the fading embers of the fireworks, saying "Suzaku, your british boy loves you. - Love, Alex." "So, you see why i wanted you to come here, on one of the best rides? Not for me to bring you into my pranking spree, but for me to get closer to you than i already am."

Suzaku: she wanted to stop alex from throwing the thing out the window yet she was too late and when she saw the words she turned bright red looking away trying to think straight and what to say to the boy that just violated at least 5 laws maybe more thats sweet she said slowly as her thoughts came to be but seriously do you want to go to jail??

Alex: "Well, i am an apate kid. My powers are all i need to escape imprisonment. Unless they can see through my enchanted untruths, i will be fine."

Suzaku: she sigh you do know some themis kids go to work in courts and police station right?

Alex: "Uhhhhh, then maybe we should get away from this ride."

Suzaku: she sigh as she called upon some clouds to cover the fireworks your full of trouble alex she said slowly like a mother to her child

Alex: He folds his arms back into the inside of his hoodie and starts to pull out many more objects for pranking, but instead of using them he throws them over the edge, even some of his exploding paint cans have been tossed over the side. He fixes his arms and waits for the ride to get them to the bottom, so he may run with suzaku almost immediately instead of jumping desperately to avoid jail, in case anyone saw his display. "I may be full of trouble, but you can't help but admit that you love the trouble that i am full of."

  • Suzaku: as the ride slowly came to a stop she grins turning at alex maybe...she said awaiting the door to open but then again maybe I'm also full of trouble she winks as she got up giving alex a kiss on the lips before escaping into the crowd

Fair staff come out of the crowd heading towards the ferris wheel, aiming what looks like tasers at Alex, Alex holds his hands up and starts inching away toward the edge of the crowd but not before being barely hit by one of the staff who rushed toward him and tried to tase him, Alex slams his elbow onto the man's back saying sorry as he runs away into the crowd, going after suzaku.

Suzaku: she was waiting at the sign post for alex knowing fully well he must be facing some trouble yet she had full trust onto alexhmmmm should I go and help him...

Alex: He appears out of the crowd, running at full speed towards suzaku only to trip and fall on his face, landing in front of her. "Ummmmm, there are staff members trying to tase me."

'Suzaku: she bend down to alex level and laugh told you not to do anyting stupid...she said before making some clouds to hide the two you owe me a lot...

Alex: He gets up, brushing himself off as the clouds start to surround them, he gets closer to suzaku, close enough for their noses to touch. Alex being close as he is gives off an aroma that smells like cinnamon, in his closeness with suzaku he proceeds to kiss her. "Yes, yes i do."

Suzaku: upon receiving the kiss she grins as she slowly got up I have a complaint about that kiss... she said playfully to alex but then again we need to get away sooo...with that she made the cloud raise up from the ground any suggestion on where we should go?

Alex: "I already tricked you into going somewhere, so it's your turn."

Suzaku: she rolls her eyes all I want to do is go to my room and sleep alex...she said simply cause..she paused thinking what to say to alex let just say I didnt have a good night rest

OOC: we're overshadowing the story (the one I wrote for xylia)

Alex: "Then tell me all about it, i probably cant do anything else for the rest of this time without being arrested for those fireworks." He frowns, looking down solemnly.

Suzaku: she made a O.O face ohh no your not coming inside my room!! she yelled out no way nope not gonna happen! she said repeating the words as she refused to let alex in as in there was more than a few secrets..

OOC:yes we're still going there still good luck in convincing her...

Alex: "Didnt a certain someone say she wasnt going to go to the fair but ended up going anyway? Dont underestimate my ability to get what i want, it usually works." He smiles teasingly

Suzaku: she glared at alex please dont forget your in the sky and one snap of my finger you'll be dropping down from this height...

xylia and....someone (forgot his name sue me)

xylia: she was in the fair following some random dude that invited her there not really aware of their malice purpose

Luke: Luke appears by the side of this random dude and kicks him in the face. He turns to xylia and smiles innocently. "Havin a hard time saying no to strangers?"

Xylia: she blinks as she saw the dude being kick down that dude was a stranger?? she said giving the xylia reply he told me he was your friend...

Luke: "If he was my friend, he would have been the one to kick ME in the face. not the other way around."

xylia: she tilts her head not getting his reference i dont get it...she said in a naive voice

Luke: He smiles and takes her hand. "Don't worry yourself about it. Not a big deal."

xylia: she stares at him as he took her hand where are we going??

Luke: "It's a fair. we aren't going anywhere. lets have some fun."

Xylia: she looks around ehhh this is a fair?? she asked in her regular daze

Luke: He laughs. "Yes, love. it is a fair. food, rides, etc etc."

xylia: she turns to him food??

Luke: "Yeah. Caramel apples, nachos, pizza. you name it."

Xylia: she blinked a few times whaaaaaaa soo many

Luke: He put his hand on xylia's head. Looking down at her. "So, you ready to have some fun?"

xylia: does that fun involve guns?

Luke: "Nooo. i don't get you involved with dangerous stuff like that."

xylia: she nods good!! i think?

OOC:legit question xy!

Luke: "It is good. so cmon, lets go on some rides."

Xylia: she nods LETS!! she said happily

Luke: "Then lets go on the roller coasters, i think you will like them."

Xylia: she tilts her head whats a roller coaster?? she asked naively

Luke: "It's a ride that moves around the fair at incredible speeds going through turns, loops and twists."

Xylia: she claps her hand SOUNDS SOO COOL!!

Luke: He smiles at her, if you looked at Luke's eyes has he smiled at her you would see some kind of lovestruck look to them. Luke shakes his head and kills his smile fro awhile and stretches, regaining his smile but a mischievous look in his eyes replaces the lovestruck emotion for xylia that warmed him up. Taking his time to regain his cool and not give anything away, Luke decides to tease xylia about this new experience for her. "But. I don't think you could handle this ride."

Xylia: She pouts almost crying but I wanna try...she said slowly in a child like voice mimicking the sound of a child begging to her mother for some snacks please??

Luke: "Sure."

Xylia: she claps her hands happily with a smile as bright as the sun YAY!! she said quickly as she looks around the festival looking for something when her eyes saw a teddy bear it wasnt big but what made it different was the fact it was yellow her favorite colour, Like a child she went there and stare at the doll as the vendor offered the game out

Luke: He walks up behind her and stares at the yellow bear with her. "I can win that for you. Or would you like to win it yourself?"

Xylia: she tilts her had but I dont have any money...she said slowly to luke feeling a bit guilty for that

Luke: He pulls out his wallet and hands it to her. "Go win that bear."

Xylia: the vendor gave xylia exactly three balls and she failed each one looking dejected she sigh bye bye bear...she said waving at the bear sadly

Luke: He stands beside xylia and buys three more balls. Moving back a few steps, Luke proceeds to take some kind of pitching stance, a stance that helps with power and accuracy. Luke throws the first ball, succeeding. He throws the second, also succeeding at that. Staring at xylia in his lovesick way again, he tightens his grip and squints his eye to get a good pitch to win xylia that bear she wants. He throws the third ball with alarming speed and controlled power, once again succeeding. As he walks up to the man behind the counter, he asks for the yellow bear. When he is handed the bear he holds it out to xylia, with a smile of absolute joy.

Xylia: her smile widen as she hugged the bear yay luke won she said happily before giving him a kiss thank you my prince she said with joy in her voice she of course then gave the bear a kiss and looks around to see where they can go next lets bring mr bear

Luke: "We should try the roller coaster. Me, you and mr bear."

XYlia: she tilts her head roller coaster? she repeated curious to what it is whats that??

Luke: He points to the ride above them, a wholefully colored row of carts zooming on high up train like tracks, with people screaming at every turn and twist. He grabs xylia's hand gently and starts to walk, hoping for her to walk along with him "That, my dear princess. Is a roller coaster."

OOC:there's a roller coaster there?

Xylia: she looked up and upon seeing the roller coaster she turned a bit paleuhhh she said slowly as she raised the grand teddy bear up to her face teddy said he's scared of roller coaster....she said in a childish voice soo can we not go?

Luke: He smiles at her and squeezes her hand gently. "If it scares teddy, then, okay. Now it's your turn, tell me where you want to go and i'll take you and teddy there."

OOC:there is always a roller coaster in a fair.

Xylia: she looked up not really knowing what to say to luke. her face was full of fear yet also curiosity as she looked at the ride going up and down

OOC: you can pick whether you want xylia to ride or not. If its a yes you can take xylia's hand and lead her there if no you can still take her hand and lead her somewhere else

Luke: "Next time the fair comes, we'll try to coaster. That way, teddy has some time to build up his courage for it. We'll go to another ride, okay? He takes her toward another ride, the teacups specifically. Thinking it would probably calm her down a bit

OOC: So like the teacups is a ride where people sit in giant teacups and then the ride starts to spin but not like gravitron spin.

Xylia: obviously the girl was hugging her new found teddy bear tight seeing the scary ride she expected to see another gruesome one in the fair. At every coming step her fear multiplied yet when luke showed her the teacup ride her eyes was left in awe sooooo cute!! the little nymph cried out of happiness

OOC:I know what it is thank you very much

Luke: "I thought you and teddy would like this better than going on the roller coaster. You'll have fun and then i'll look for some other rides, okay?"

Xylia: she nods I think teddy likes this very much but...she said looking at the ride wont we get sick from being spin? soo many times? and do you think teddy can go in?? would it be safe?? the young nymph asked for her newly acquired teddy like a concern mother to her child

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