Daevyd: As he walks in, looking sharp with a blackened-crimson jacket and some faded black jeans, he looks around, waiting on Ana to get here as he smiles to himself, wondering how her little trip went. After several minutes, he sits down on a bench nearby and listens to the music floating through the air, thanks to the Apollo kids. "If I could reshape this, I would be playing metal instead of... Whatever this is," He sighed in discontent, rethinking his choice to bring Ana here. 

Analeese: There is a low clicking sound in the distance. Click. Click. Click. Analeese walks into the building, dressed in a low cut purple dress. Her steps are fluid and graceful, though her eyes remain cast down to the ground. During the months she abandoned camp, she had grown slightly taller and slighter bigger in certain departments. The chiffon dress exposed the large tattoo on her ribs, a set of withering flowers which trailed up the curves of her back. She carried a bag in one hand, filled with beers. "Hello bastard." She said, a smirk on her lips. "I know you've missed me..."

Daevyd: He looks up and smiles, admiring her as he used to, and promptly turns back to staring at the sky, waiting for her to sit down. As he looked her over, he couldn't help but realize that he did miss, a lot, actually. "Yeah, well, I certainly didn't miss your attitude," He turns to her, smiling, for once being playful in his life. "Sit? Because if I go anywhere, or you tell me to go anywhere, I'm going straight to my cabin and going to sleep."

Analeese: "You look older." She said, and sat down on a nearby seat. Her light eyes glanced towards his, trying to recognise the boy she remembered from the months before. As she did so, she couldn't help but feel a little awkward. "I thought we could down a few beers, laugh at the tackiness of this event then go home." She shrugged her shoulders and picked up a can of beer. She passed Daevyd one and took a can for herself. Hers opened with a gentle hiss. She took a small sip. "How's life been treating ya? You don't seem any uglier than you were before." She teased.

Daevyd: "Yeah, well, I look older because of all the sh-... Stuff. I've had to put up with. I'll admit, you being gone has made shit so much harder, I haven't had anyone to just sit down and talk to like a normal human being, because these other people..." He waves his hand around while taking a drink of his beer, wondering if she knew why he was so ticked off, "...Aren't exactly helpful, with their lovey-dovey BS. This place has made me mature faster than I needed." He looked at her, not smiling, not letting any emotion out except for a little bit of anger in his eyes, and said quietly, "So in short, life's been shit," And turned away, staring a tree as if he wanted to murder it.

Analeese: She sighed a little. It was her nature to run away when shit hit the fan. It was how she survived to this day; but it seemed like the wrong choice in hindsight. "That's shit Daevyd." She admitted, taking a sip of her beer. "I'm sorry I left without telling you. I had to get out for a while. There was some business to take care of." She shrugged her shoulders and looked him straight in the eyes. "I thought it would be better. You had Desmia. I'm pretty fucking dysfunctional as it is. You didn't need the extra complications."

Daevyd: "Yeah, the irony is though, as soon as you left, I stopped hearing from her. It's okay that you left, just maybe next time give me a damn heads up. Plus, wait. Did you just apologize? Anyway, it wasn't better. It became utter shit, because she left, you left, Ran's still dead and Alastar went somewhere for a while. I don't see how you not leaving would have been a complication. But hey, everything is just fucking peachy now." As he said the last few words, he balled up his beer can, laid it down next to him and pulled a dagger before chucking it as hard as he could into a tree. "It's not like things just magically get better by running from them. Shit, you could have told me and I would have tried to help. But hey, if you think nothing of our past, then so be it. I'll move on."

Analeese: She didn't react. Where others may have become ashamed or angry, she remained calm and steadfast. "Maybe I did fucking apologise. Perhaps I give a damn." She said, crushing the can little by little as she spoke. "I've had people die too, and I needed to find out why. It was my cross to bear. If you can't accept that, then you don't know me." She sighed and stayed silent for a moment. "Shit." She mumbled underneath her breath. "Look, we both know what happens next. We go our seperate ways or we both decide to move on. I think we should spend our time wisely." She said, as another song played. "Another Taylor Swift song? Who's in charge of this damn playlist." She laughed and shook her head.

Daevyd: "And you think I haven't? Yeah, I may be a kid of Thanatos, and I may not fear dying, but do you think I don't fear for my friends? Or at least, the goddamn friends I had? Life is shit, but the people you spend it with make it better, so, I've learned to at least TRY and do the best I can for my friends, and look where that got me? One of them is dead, another one left, and the other one is a the bitchy daughter of fear. I have you, well, I HAD you. I'm not sure if you even consider me that or if what we had was just a fling, but I'll assume it was, because knowing you, you hate attaching yourself to someone, so you know what? Let me do you a favor." And with that, he picked up his dagger, threw away the beer can, and began walking away.

Analeese: "Dammit." She cursed underneath her breath. Daevyd had a shit time of it all. He obviously wasn't okay right now. The daughter of Nemesis made a brief prayer to her mother and followed suit. He needed time to calm down and she needed time to think and process what was said. She knew it would turn out like this, yet like an idiot she had gone anyway to try salvage what was left. She walked out the building alone, hands balled into fists. 


Daevyd: Several hours later, Daevyd lie in his bed, still feeling as though something had gone wrong. He laid there, never able to think about one thing for a long time, but always coming back to the conclusion that a dagger to a heart could end a life. He wasn't sure why he thought of it, but he knew that he would never do something that stupid. Getting up, he carefully picked up his katar and inspected the tip of the blades, and the opening that was in good condition. "So, the whole time, I've given my time and my own heart, but, it's okay. I don't have anyone that needs to rely on me, so, I guess this works. No one needs to worry about me anyway, so, I'm okay." After yelling at himself in his mind, for everything he's done to help and never wondering why, he lied down and soon drifted off to sleep.

Analeese: There was a knock at the door. Tap. Tap. Tap. There was another knock at the door. Tap. Tap. Tap. Analeese is stood outside the door, her bag slung over her lithe shoulders. She waited a little. Would he answer? Would he turn her away? She didn't know what was going on between them. "Daevyd?" She called quietly. "Are you gonna let me in or what? We don't have all day to salvage our friendship." She joked lightly. Tap. Tap. Tap. Come on. Answer. She thought, standing at his bedroom door. A stygian iron torch burned near her, its' flames casting a bright green glow. 

Daevyd: Daevyd wakes up to the tapping on his door, and hearing Ana's voice. "Y-yeah, come in, I guess," He said quietly, keeping himself curled up in his blankets, hearing his door open and the clicking of Ana's shoes on his floor. "So... What do you need?" He asked quietly, not having the heart to turn and face her.

Analeese: "How are you holding up?" Analeese asked. She had changed into a simple pair of jeans and her union jack t-shirt. Her hair was messy. She kicked her shoes off and looked around his room. It was the first time she had been there. "I thought I could salvage the night. I've got beers, pizza, CD's. I know what happened earlier sucked, but I am glad to be back Daevyd."

Daevyd: As Ana looked around, Daevyd couldn't help but sigh. On the far wall from the door, there was a table with a tv, DVD player, and a laptop, mainly for looking up guitar tutorials and tablature. Next to his tv stand was his acoustic guitar, the same one that's been there since he bought it the very first day he was 9 years old, but beyond that, he had a guitar stand for the guitar, a few chairs next to the tv, and a table in between them. Sighing, he stood up and calmly looked at her, before saying very quietly, "It's alright. I'm glad you're back, Ana. I really am, and don't disagree with me on that. I wouldn't have been pissed if I wasn't happy to have you back. Granted, things between us won't get as far as it went at one point, but, if you're willing... Well..." He trailed off, his heart skipping a beat as he waited, trying to find just the right words before continuing, "Well. It's obvious that I like you. I'm not sure if you like me. Fuck. What I'm trying to say is... I would like to h-have you as my significant other. So... What do you say?" There. He had said it, knowing that despite everything, there could be that off-chance of her liking him.

Analeese: She paced around the room, the same way she always did while thinking. Her expression was distant, as if she was pondering the mysteries of life at one point. She sat down on the bed and shrugged her shoulders. "Fuck it." She replied. "I don't think it'd be wise to take it that far....but we could have some form of special relationship....where I hate you less than I hate most people." She shrugged her shoulders again and swept her hair away from her forehead. The daughter of Nemesis dumped her bag on the bed and laid backwards. She turned to him and gave him a smile. "It's good to see you again. Asshole."

Daevyd: Smiling, he lies back down, waiting patiently, as Ana wanders and takes in the room. He sighed in contentment, "That's basically what I meant. A couple without all the lovey-dovey shit. You're okay with that?" And stared back at the ceiling, softly humming a melody, trying to wonder what would force her to say yes, in a way. He shrugged it off, not caring, here was a girl that he liked, that probably liked him, he wasn't about to bitch about it. "Well, I'm pretty damn tired, you're welcome to crash here if you want, although, I don't have a second bed. But it'd be big enough for both of us, or I can just crash in a chair, like I normally do, all up to you really. But first, you said something about pizza?"

Analeese: "Call it what you want. I'm just using you for your excellent CD collection. Now, how about some pizza?" She teased gently. Analeese barely moved a muscle, but she smiled at him nevertheless. She was glad to be back and spending time with Daevyd. He was the only guy she could relax around, even if he tended to act like a dork half of the time and an asshole the other half of the time. 

Daevyd: Sitting up, he moves into a chair and waits, wondering if she was stricken of sorts. "Well, my CD's are decent, I need more though," He says as he indicates a full case, 20x15, with a bunch of organized CD, by alphabetical order. "Pizza, yes, I've had jack-all to eat today. I think I ate yesterday. I think. Anyhow, pizza and beer. Best combination ever." He looks down to his table, covered with magazines of guitars and metal, and says quietly, "I missed you too, you undersensitive bitch," While looking up and smiling at her, indicating that he was joking.

Analeese: "I must say, this room is far more organised than I imagined. I thought all the walls would have holes in them." She observed, reclining backwards on the bed. Her t-shirt rode up a little, partially exposing her hip. Analeese turned over, lying on her front. "I know." She smirked, her eyes glancing about the room. "You think the pizza delivery guy will deliver to camp?" She asked, her eyes dancing with mischief. "I'm in the mood for a meat feast, but hold the sausage."

Daevyd: "You walk a knife's edge, as usual. I'd be careful, you might slip after a while." Daevyd said. "And it's a shame you don't want sausage, I could have provided." He smirked and looked down at her hip, then back up, looking to his guitar instead. "Well. We could always end up getting a movie or something, if you want to stay the night. I've got a chair to sleep in, you're more than welcome to use the bed."

Analeese: "I'm a daughter of Nemesis. I don't lose my balance." She retorted, her hand on her hip. Analeese took a short breath. "Why not? I've got 300 somewhere in my cabin, if you want to watch something without much of a plot." She shrugged. "I'll call for pizza while you find something." She stood up and called pizza delivery.

*details her order*

Pizza Delivery Guy: "You are aware that this isn't an actual address we can deliver to?" 

Analeese: As he speaks, she tries to convince him to see the facts. "Why would I ask for such a big order...to an address that doesn't exist. I have much better uses for my time than a prank call. Besides can you really afford to not deliver? Seeing as this and any future deliveries would generate a fair amount of income."

Pizza Delivery Guy: "Um....where was it again?" He says, struck a little by her words. 

Analeese: "Farm Road 1341, Long Island. Call this number when the driver is there. Thanks." She hung up the phone. "Sorry about that....where were we?"

Daevyd: "Right, but you realize, even if you have perfect balance, it only takes a small push to send someone over the edge. Besides, just gonna be a total asshole here, but, why choose me when you have every other guy eyeballing the shit out of you? Anyway, I'll go get the movie now." Daevyd sighs, picking up his stuff, packing his survival pack with a bunch of food and weapons, then leaves promptly, muttering to himself, "You wouldn't need me for shit anyway, especially with some other guy offering to get you drunk, would you?" A bit louder so she might hear him, he says, "You only toy with me and my feelings by making me care and then leave me chasing a lost cause. Well, I'm done." And promptly leaves the camp to go off into the forest for a while, looking for Alastar.

Analeese: Shrugging her shoulders, she leaves the room. It wasn't particularly her fault that men hovered around her, like bees to honeycomb. Nor were Daevyd's own problems her own. "I haven't done anything wrong. I've told you the deal several times, and you've consistently not listened." As she speaks, she tries to make him see facts. "But whatever..." She walks out and waits outside the camp gates for the pizza delivery guy to arrive. Then she takes it up back to her cabin.

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