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Ryder & Beau [ Ryeau ]

  • Beau: Beau and Ryder showed up to the dance a little after it started. Naturally they took some time to themselves, if you know what I mean, before deciding it was time to go. Beau was dressed nicely in a suit and tie, matching Ryder pretty much as the pair walked in hand in hand.
  • Ryder: As mentioned, the two were dressed near identical, the only discrepancy between the two being the different coloured ties that they wore. Squeezing Beau's hand lightly as they walked into the hall, Ryder smiled as he looked around, "Just imagining the amount of effort that went into this is making me exhausted."
  • Beau: Seeing Ryder look around made him do the same, admiring the work that was surely put into it. "I know right. Aphrodite and Eros' cabins really put in a lot of work this year."

River & Cian [ Rian ]

  • Cian: Seeing as it was his Valentine's Dance at camp, Cian thought it would be best for him to actually go. Not wanting to go alone he made River meet him there. Cian was dressed quite nicely actually, wearing a well fitted suit, a black dress shirt underneath with a white tie.
  • River: River wanted to go to the Valentine's Dance as he always was a sucker for themed events. The problem was, he didn't know anyone at Camp so when Cian offered for the two to go together as friends, River jumped to the opportunity and promised to meet Cian sharp at the beginning of the dance. He wore a charcoal coloured suit with a white dress shirt paired with a gold tie, an homage to Apollo. He lent against one of the pillars as he waited for Cian to arrive.
  • Cian: Cian arrived shortly after River did, he spent a few seconds looking around until he found where River was standing and walked over to him. "Thanks for showing up, I have to say I kind of thought you might ditch~"

Graysen & Parker [ 2Yeon ]

  • Graysen: Graysen originally didn't want to go to the Valentine's Dance. The idea just seemed boring to him. However, after he had heard Parker express interest in going he decided to surprise him with two suits tailored for both of them. As the two walked up the the hall where the dance was being held, Graysen turned to Parker. "You're lucky I'm doing this..."
  • Parker: Seeing as he was able to go to the dance, Parker was giddy with excitement - evident by the massive smile on his face as he looked around and marvelled at the decorations. He turned and smiled at Graysen and stuck out his tongue, "I would've gone anyway, it's just better now that you're here too."
  • Graysen: Graysen feigned offence, clutching his heart as he looked somewhat hurt. "You really would have just left me at home on Valentine's day?"

Landon & Mimi [ Lami ]

  • Landon: With how long Landon and Mimi have been together it was a give in that they would make an appearance, even if just for a little bit, at the Valentine's Dance. Landon was wearing a dark navy blue suit with a lightning bolt pin on the collar, it hugged his body nicely as he walked in hand in hand with Mimi.
  • Mimi: Mimi was excited for the Valentine's Dance, it being an event she looked forward to every year. She wore a pale gold dress that hugged her body. She smiled as she looked at Landon, "Are we going to make it past half an hour this time?"
  • Landon: Landon arched a brow curiously as he looked at Mimi, a coy smile adorning his lips. "What do you mean make it past half an hour? We easily made it to two hours last year."

Lexi & Enzo [ Lenzo ]

  • Lexi: Tonight was the night. Enzo had asked Lexi to the dance and most would probably consider it their first date. After meeting the pair had gotten quite close and were still in a flirtatious limbo of sorts where Lexi truly didn't know what was going on, some daughter of Aphrodite. Lexi stood outside of the hall, she was wearing a dress similar to this but in a pink colour. A light jacket slung over her shoulders to avoid a chill.
  • Enzo: Enzo had initially been nervous asking Lexi to the dance, having only just started to be a little flirtatious with her. He wore a dark blue suit that hugged his body immensely, accentuating his physique. As they walked in, he couldn't help but marvel at her and he smiled, "You look great tonight."
  • Lexi: Lexi walked into the dance with an air of confidence around her, after all she was in charge of decorations mostly so she was pretty happy with how everything turned out. She was snapped out of her thoughts however by Enzo's compliment, bringing a pink tinge to her cheeks as she couldn't help but smile. "You don't look that bad yourself there~"

Jackson & Noah [ Joah ]

  • Jackson: Originally when Jackson and Noah had talked about going to the Valentine's Dance together they agreed neither were interested. They had only hooked up a... couple twenty times and it didn't seem like it was necessary for them to go. However when it got brought up recently again they decided it'd be fun. Which brought them to where they are now, slow dancing at the dance. Jackson happened to be wearing a fairly tight suit that showed off all his muscles and assets.
  • Noah: Noah hadn't expected to be where he was with Jackson; slow dancing with him. He wasn't complaining by any means - the other's suit looked just right and he knew that the two would partake in activities later that night. As they moved together, Noah looked around, "When you said fun I didn't think you meant slow dancing fun~"
  • Jackson: Jackson laughed at Noah's comment, having just previously been watching the other check himself (Jackson) out until he was snapped out of watching Noah watch him. "Oh really?" He responded as the two continued moving to the song, "What exactly did you have in mind then?"

Kip & Welbie [ Kelbie ]

  • Kip: The dance was about an hour or so underway and Kip and Welbie had been there ever since a little after the doors were opened. After a shared trip to the bedroom they had rented out at the hall to... do things, they came back out to their table. Kip was slightly buzzed and enjoying his time thus far at the dance.
  • Welbie: Welbie was perfectly content with how the night was going, the alternation between the dance floor and the bedroom being one he enjoyed. He enjoyed seeing Kip buzzed and grinned at him, "Having fun~?"
  • Kip: Having had a glass of whatever alcoholic beverage they were serving in his hand, Welbie interrupted him taking a sip. In actuality he should probably stop at some point, not wanting to get too out of hand. In response to Welbie's question, all he did at first was nod his head before speaking up. Yeah I am~ What about you~?"

Elliott & Sammy [ Emmy ]

  • Sammy: Sammy was excited for the Valentine's Dance and had been waiting all week for it to begin. Elliott and him were wearing matching suits as they walked into the dance and found their seats.
  • Elliott: As the two sat down, Elliott was just as excited and giddy as Sammy was and he smiled at him excitedly, "Should we get food first or should we dance?"
  • Sammy: Sammy contemplated the options for a few seconds, "That depends... I know how hungry you get sometimes, do you think you can hold off for a bit before we get food?"

Taekeo & Levi [ Taevi ]

  • Taekeo: Levi and Taekeo had been at the dance for sometime now, going back and forth between the food section, the dance floor, and their own table. The pair were currently sat at the table after dancing for quite some time. Being a bit hot inside, Taekeo turned to Levi, "Do you think we could go outside for a bit? I'm getting a bit hot in here."
  • Levi: Levi nodded, finishing the food that was in his mouth before smiling at Taekeo, "Yeah, sure!" Getting out of his chair, Levi offered a hand to Taekeo, "You okay Naekeo?"
  • Taekeo: Taekeo nodded reassuringly as he took Levi's hand and stood up. "Yeah I'm fine Baekkie. It's just getting a bit too hot in hear between dancing and everything else."

Rocky & Tatiana [ Rockiana ]

  • Tatiana: It was an absolute must for the matriarch and her patriarch to show up at the Valentine's Dance, being the embodiment of love no less. Wearing a dress styled like this, Tatiana was bound to make an impression at the couples' first Valentine's at camp.
  • Rocky: Rocky was more than happy to attend the dance, even if it wasn't a must thing to do due to his title, simply because he loved such things. He wore a tight fitted light coloured suit to match Tatiana's look and, as the two walked in, he squeezed her hand and looked down at her, "Are we going to show them how it's done?"
  • Tatiana: Tatiana always had an air of grace to her, and tonight was no exception. As she turned to face Rocky her dress and hair swayed together as if from a dramatic romance scene in a movie. "Of course we are, it'd be a crime if we didn't~" She said with a smile.
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