Winter Festival 2015!!!

The event that was taking place on this page has come to a close.
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In a fairly large clearing in the forest, the hustle and bustle that normally surrounded the cabins' paths has died down and it has moved over into the forest where the Winter Festival is taking place! Here you can enjoy snowman building contests, ice sculpting, and other fun snow based games. Once the cold has gotten to you, you can grab a hot chocolate and go inside to warm up and socialize. But if you can endure the cold, feel free to stay outside and watch the snowball fight tournament! When the week comes to an end, please dress warm and come on out for the fireworks.
  • You can join the snowman building contest
  • For those of you who enjoy ice skating or playing hockey, there is a rink set up on a small pond near the outskirts of the clearing
  • You can either watch or participate in the snowball fight tournament
  • Join the ice sculpting contest
  • You can also go tubing, skiing, or snowboarding down some hills situated near the clearing. You'll have to walk back up the hill though
  • The fireworks that can be seen on the final day of the festival

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