Daniel: Daniel sits on a bench waiting for Lila.

lila: she was wearing this [1] as she skips merrily before coing up to where daniel was waiting for her slowly as she saw daniel thinking of surprising him she sneak behind him and suddenly yelled outBOO!!

Daniel: Daniel shouts and falls off the bench. "Wow. Hi Lila, how are you?" He says while breathing heavily after she scared him. He was wearing a normal black tshirt, jeans, a coat and trainers.

OOC:I need to ask a question which might seem silly. Are Daniel and Lila together at this point?

OOC:yup at this point there are together

lila: she smiles as she hugs daniel i'm ok and how are you??

Daniel: "I'm fine, thanks. Come on, let's explore." He takes her hand.

lila: explore?she repeated as she let him lead the way

Daniel: "I mean like, let's see all the things they have here. Come on!" He points at a snowball fight and ice-sculpting competition as well as other things. "Which one would you like to go to?"

lila: she looked around in awe wow...i never seen snow before....she confess slowly not realizing the significant of her words

Daniel: "Haven't you? Is this your first time? Then we'll have a lot of fun." He walks away and makes a small snowball and throws it at her.

lila: she made a 0.0 face as the snow ball hit her its cold! she tated the obvious before tilting her head how did you do that??

Daniel: "It's a snowball. See?" He made a snowball in front of her.

lila:she looked at the snowball in awe cool!! she said as she jumped and clap like a 3 year old

Daniel: "Like it? Make one." He gave her some snow to make one with.

lila: slowly and diligently she molded the snow...making a cubical i think i did it wrongly...she said slowly...

Daniel: "Not that wrong. Just the shape." He took the snowball of her gently and shaped it into a circle. "See?"

lila: she looked super impress coool!!! your like the snowball master!!! she said with a cute giggle

Daniel: He smiles. "Well, thank you. Hopefully, you'll be like me."

lila: she tits her head oh like that movie me and mommy wathced? where you you take care of a kid and that kid call the man master??

Daniel: He had no idea what Lila is talking about but he agrees. "Yeah it is." He smiles.

lila:" osoooo do I bow and stuff can i learn how to climb a mountain??

OOC:I have no clue what movie it is...

Daniel: "Not really, but like I can teach you do make a snowman and snowballs and things to do with snow. Is that similar?"

OOC: I don't either.

lila: she tilts her head snowman? oh i want to build a snowman like frosty!! he can dance you know??

Daniel: He smiles. "Let's build one like Frosty." He gathered a lot of snow and tried to find a carrot. "Do you know how to build a snowman?"

lila: she blinked a few times as she saw the snow daniel gathered but upon hearing his words she laughed you sound like you want to sing that song!

Daniel: He smiles. "I might want to." He paused. "Do you want me to sing it?"

lila: but isnt it a sad song? she asked curiously

Daniel: "Kinda, yeah. But, let's start building the snowman. He smiled and then gathered branches and other stuff. He started making a circular shape.

lila: being tasked withlooking for a carrot lila started to wonder away trying to guess where she could find the oranger veggie Mr carrot where could you be!!! 'she yelled outloud as she was getting further and further from daniel

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