Nathan -Child of Deimos
-Fearless One
Age= 17     Height: 5'7"     Weight: 150 lbs     
Sexuality: Straight     Relationship Status: Single      
Health Status: Healthy     Nationality: Canadian     
Main Weapon: Various Throwing Knives

 – "Fear lives among all people."



Eve -Child of Aphro
-The cook

 – ~



Nathan: He arrives hand in hand with Evie

evie:' after a few months of going out she finally manage to just let nathan get his way ...this time.... soo this is where we're going? she asked a bit surprise

Nathan: "Yes I heard they were going to have a festival so I thought we should go" He sees the ice sculpting blocks "How about we go and sculpt for a while?"

evie: she raised her eye brow hearing his suggestion ok...but promise me one thing...dont get competitive...cause neither of us is a child of boreas...

Nathan: He snakes his arms around her waist and whispers in her ear "We could always do it together" and smiles

evie:she blinks a few times i thought that was your suggestion...she said flatly

Nathan: "Exactly, we can beat any Child of Boreas together two against one" he says and then kisses her cheek

evie: she goes abit red as he gave her the kiss as she nodded her head hearing his suggestion I'll clear my schedule...she said to him knowing fully well that she'll be spending the day making the sculpture...

Nathan: "Cool lets go" He gets a block and starts showing off his carving schools by masterfully and quickly carving a castle full with watchtowers drawbridge and a moat

'evie: she just stood there and stare at him as he works his magic as she knew that she coulndt help and even if she could she'll make a mess thus she did all that she could which was play with her phone which actually attracted a few boys her way as she was wearing this [1]

boy1:' hey..said one of the boy as they came close to her she gave them a glace as she looked back down to her phone not really wishing to give them a chance come on girl your pretty... lets do something fun...he continued as he took her by the arm

Nathan: He is enraged and draws one of his throwing knives and points it at him "Back off of her"

boy1: he pretends he didnt hear nathan as his focus was to evie and you could tell he had bad intention come on your not doing anything fun...said the boy as he tried to pull evie to him

Nathan: He looks at the boy with rage in his eyes and unleashes a wave of fear at him

boy1: he felt the fear but his determination to get the girl was far too strong for him to back down thus he continued to pull evie despite her struggles she was but a girl which means she was weak to this boy

Nathan: He starts running at him the boys fear becoming various weapons

evie: soon the fear consumed him and the boy left running leaving evie alone as she rub her hand the place where the boy grabbed her owe...she sadi slowly as you could see he left marks on her

Nathan: He throws three knives at him one at him one to his left and one to his right and holds evie "Are you okay, did he hurt you?" He gets a concerned look on his face

evie: she hid her arm that had the marks behind her back yeah he didnt harm me that much...she said with a smile anyhow sorry for being a bother...she said sadly looking down you can continue your work..its ok I wont be attack anymore..

Nathan: He notices she is hiding her hand "Let me see your other hand" He has a look of concern on his face

evie: she hid her other hand as she moved her bangles from one hand to the one that got the marks to hide them after some time she showed nathan her hand like my bangles? she asked causally suzaku gave them to me...

Nathan: He tries to push up the bangles to see if there are any injuries

evie: she used her powers to alter her appearance in this case her hand to hide the marks yes? she said simply when the marks didnt show

Nathan: "Just checking want to help? you could do the city" He smiles

evie: she raised her eyebrow as she tried to pulled her hand from nathan the city? she asked curiously

Nathan: "Yeah" he points to the other block of ice "The city where all the citizens of this kingdom live"

evie: oh? she nods trying to understand his metaphor

Nathan: This time he keeps an eye on her and starts carving a mountain with a dragon on top

evie: she felt his watchful eyes on her and sigh as she looked around for a place to sit knowing fully well how this is gonna take all day

Nathan: While she looks he gathers a snowball and throws it at her

evie: she didnt realize what nathan was doing as she checked her phone and before she was 'attacked' a message came in making her turn pale oh no...she said slowly turning to nathan but getting hit by his snowball which made her drop her phone in the cold snow oww...

Nathan: He was about to laugh but his smile turned into a concerned face "Evie what's wrong you are very pale" He goes to pick up her phone

evie: she takes her phone as she looked away thinking of the proper words to say to her loving boyfriend knowing him well enough to know the truth isnt gonna friend is in town......she said slowly after a long paused giving him parts of the story and I have to see him...she continued her voice tremble knowing fully well how 'he' was and the fact she was a terrible liar did not help sooo can we reschedule??she asked hoping for a yes

Nathan: He looks at her with searching eyes, "Okay can I go with you and meet this person" He says with a cautious smile

OOC: What are you doing? Are you trying to break them up?

evie: she paused knowing that was coming my fri....she paused thinking what landon was to her he doesnt like company....she continued trying to not lie and he doesnt like to wait....she said as she took a big step back slowly when she heard a gun shoot oh no....she said her face went pale as it could be as she knew what that meant...

Nathan: He hugs her protectively "Please tell me you are not heading in that direction"

evie:she looks at nathan I love you but I'm sorry for this... she said as she made a huge scallop to trap him as she escape him i'm sorry but I have tooo...she said as she ran to the direction of the gun shoot

Nathan: The guards and him arrive at the door and knock not brandishing weapons


Nathan: He walks in the direction that she went not too pleased with the trick she played

ginny: was looking around at the same direction she spots nathan hey did you see a dude...umm she thught a few minutes before waving her hand a bit taller than herself this tall black...oh no wait brown hair...and kinda red eyes???she asked her voice full of concern

Nathan: His eyes are completely red "Who are you talking about ma'am?"

ginny: was too busy to noticed his eyes landon...she said slowlyhe's dangerous and if he's in'll be hell..

Nathan: "Should I alert the leaders to send out some soldiers?"

ginny: she shakes her head landon wont bother people he doesnt know...she said slowly and those that have some connection to us...she added under her breath still he's harmless....

Nathan: "Then how is he dangerous" He says as he starts thinking of calling over a medic

ginny: hes not dangerous...she said slowly thinking of the proper words she could use after a while she dismissed her thought never mind.....she said quickly the chances of you meeting him are slim anyway...she laughed not knowing who he was....


Nathan: He looks away and sees a slightly weird looking person approach and starts going for his weapons

eddy: the dude came to ginny running and when he reached her he was gasping for air showing how he lack of exercise maddie where were you landon he...he paused as he took his breath putting his hand on ginny's shoulder for support you got to come the rest....he said pausing once more taking yet another breath of fresh air do you have water or something cause running from there to here is very hard eddy said not really caring about the situation

ginny: she rolls her eyes you could have shadow travel...she said as she moved her twins arms away from her shoulder anyhow where are they...she asked without pity for eddy

eddy: at aphro cabin evie is tending to landon cause you cant get that much attnention you know with bradley and jacob after his head...

ginny: she rolls her eyes...lets just go then...bye kid..she said as she pass the boy not knowing what she just said

Nathan: He calls a few soldiers standing nearby to be bodyguards and starts trailing behind them

ginny: both noticed the extra people on their trail she gave a sign to her brother which nodded his head signaling how he understood after a few more steps both shadow travel to the aphro cabin

Nathan: "If I had to take a guess he is in the Aphrodite Cabin strange things have been happening there lets go" He says to the guards

suzaku: she was floating above nathan and heard his words landon...she said slowly as she knew him well enough as she made the cloud head to the aphro cabin where evie was bandaging landon your boyfriend is coming...she said as she came closer to landon he was badly beaten but that was not new for each time he came here he was either near death or on the run the poor boy....she said as she placed her hand on landon's forehead and a fever to add with that...

Nathan: He starts to bang on the door of the Aphrodite Cabin "Open up"

evie: she heard the bang and turn to suzaku whom nodded her head slowly she walked to the door opening it with a smile hello...she said simply...

Nathan: He enters visibly unhappy "Can someone explain to me what is going on?"

evie: when nathan came in she went pale white thinking he would see landon in the living room but lucky for her suzaku moved him already into her room to be kept save from harms way however her luck was just that as the medical equipment and bloody bandages was still on the floor hmmm? she said trying to be innocent oh this she said as she took one of the bloody bandages i'm training to be a helper at the infirmary suzaku told me i could if i could learn how to patch someone up...she continued trying to act casual as her words was kinda the truth anyhow i'm sorry about before nathan really...she said coming closer to him letting him see how her cloths was a mess having blood in a few places no t to mention her hair was also a mess really sorry....she said in a flirty manner hoping to distract the boy would you forgive me over ice cream?

Nathan: He starts to scan the room but puts an arm around her before leaning back to the guard nearby telling him "disarm yourself and go and search the cabin"

Guard1: He takes off his sword and shield and starts venturing into every room

evie: she knows how this would turn out yet she could not risk landon's exposure even if at the risk of her heart thus she used her powers making a huge scallop engulfing the guard my rooms a mess and I dont think you should see it she said simply

Nathan: He sees what appears to be a trail of blood going toward the room the guard was about to enter "Evie, what is going on here what are you hiding? If him, her, or it doesn't attack us we will not attack it"

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