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07:31, December 20, 2018 (UTC)

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  • Seraphina: Looking elegant in a pale pink dress, with a dark blue and silver shawl wrapped around her shoulders, Sera was standing by the food table, teasing some flowers into shades of blue and silver with a smile present. She was standing out in the crowd, that was for sure.
  • Jasper: Here he was again, at the dance another day... his first time here didn’t seem to go so bad and he even met a few interesting people. Then there was Sera, head counselor to Persephone cabin, who mentioned she was coming and Jasper thought he might keep her company. Why you might ask? Well... Jasper wasn’t quite sure but, the two had become acquainted and the son of Poseidon saw it as an opportunity to further develop their friendship. With that in mind, there he was, waltzing around the area looking for the demigoddess.
  • Seraphina: She spotted Jasper's dark-hair through the crowds, and turned to pick up two, unspiked drinks, moving through the crowds smoothly to appear at his side, offering a cup. "Nice to see you, stranger." She greeted brightly. "It's unspiked, the drink."
  • Jasper: His body shifted slightly just as his head turned to meet Sera's gaze. "Hey there..." He paused before look at the drinks and taking on in his hand. "That's unfortunate." Jasper voiced with a hint of humor.
  • Seraphina: She laughed sheepishly. "Three more years to wait before we can legally drink... Sorry I don't feel like pushing the odds." Sera jokingly commented, taking a sip of her own drink. "I'm so glad you decided to show up, after I know you came here with another girl yesterday."
  • Jasper: "Hmmm..." He hummed in a confused manner. Jasper wasn't quite sure who she was referring to considering he came alone yesterday. It wasn't till a few minutes of thinking it over that he had a small idea. "Thea?" He asked, confusion still audible in his tone. "We didn't exactly come together... more along the lines of meeting her for the first time and holding a conversation with her." He chuckled while simultaneously rubbing the back of his neck.
  • Seraphina: She nodded. "Yeah, that was the one." She smiled briefly. "Oh, sorry!" Sera seemed to be really awkward around Jasper, rocking back on her heels in thought. "So..."
  • Jasper: He looked at her for a moment, wondering what if she was going to say anything after that. When Jasper realized she wasn't he took it as an opportunity to speak up. "You look nice..." He voiced, the comment meant innocently. "You know, i sometimes forget you hold the title of head counselor."


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