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The Counsellors, around midday, would be alerted to the need for a counsellor meeting with no specific details given. As they file into the meeting place, they would find two women standing to the side of Alexander, looking nervously at them all. When everyone entered, Alexander would stand and address them.

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Alexander the Great -Automaton / Demigod
-Son of Zeus, Director of Camp Half-Blood

 – 23:58, January 21, 2018 (UTC)

"Counsellors! We have a defection vote on our hands. Not from the Broken Covenant as we usually face, but of an unknown organisation. Both of these women say they are from the organisation that is currently trying to pursue Akela - the same organisation our questors are up against. They say they can reveal information about this organisation but they must have the safety of Camp in order to ensure that they will survive. Think long and hard before making your decision counsellors; we don't want to lose out on any valuable information. Ladies, please tell our counsellors why you should be accepted."

Results if they are accepted: Valencia and Valentina will tell Camp about the basics of the CoO; their name, vague location and what they stand for. They'll allude to the fact that the power system there is a council of five. This will allow us then, as Hana (daughter of Hecate on the quest) messes up, to have the demigod vs demititan stuff I want.

Both votes are on this page to make it easier and so we don't have an unnecessary amount of pages. PLEASE NOTE THAT COO DEFECTIONS HAVE NOT FORMALLY HAPPENED YET, THIS IS FOR PROGRESSION OF THE EVENT.

Below is a list of the current counsellors;

Please format your responses in the way we did for the Hera vote, i.e: Ryder (Ares): <Reason here>

Valencia Livingston- ACCEPTED

Valentina di Ambrosia

Demiprimordial Nyx 17
Single Bisexual 2 CB Battle Axes
Daughter of Nyx | Former CoO Member | Camper

"In all sincerity, I didn't believe I'd make it to this point. Here, in Camp Half-Blood, standing in front of all of you, giving you a speech as to why I should be granted a pardon and entry to Camp," she pauses and takes in a breath. "Camp has an enemy - an enemy that I was once a part of. I never joined them willingly, however; I was coerced into doing so. They deceived me into believing I was someone I truly am not, and lured me into their control under the guise to be helping me. We don't have a common goal - we really don't. They believe me to be one of their kind, that wants nothing but destruction, when in reality... I've never wanted that. My mother is Nyx, but for all they know, I'm a daughter of Astraeus," she pauses, realizing she may be giving too much away without actually intending to. "Please, I - I really do want to help you all. Why would I contribute to the destruction of the world my brother lives in? I - I swear on the River Styx, I have never consciously sought out the destruction of Olympus and those that have instilled their belief in them. I'm risking my life coming here and turning to you all for help, but I've run out of options at this rate, and to be frank... with these people, death isn't something to be feared, so much as the lengths they will go to, to keep you alive for the sake of their sickening entertainment. And if there's one thing I've learned..." she glances out the corner of her eyes, towards where Valencia stands. "It's that we need to go to similarly great lengths to see to it that their threat is swiftly ended," she sighs. "I know I may not be able to convince you all of my innocence, but please understand - I'm not unworthy of your mercy."

Message Me ~ 23:49, January 21, 2018 (UTC)

For Accepting her (+20)

  1. Seraphina (Persephone): "I'd have to say that I believe her, and therefore decide that she will be welcomed into camp by Persephone's cabin. If anyone disagrees with me, I will gladly fight for my stance. Welcome to camp, Miss di Ambrosia." Hearing Arian's words, the counselor scowled before speaking again. “If she’s sworn on the River Styx, then I don’t see an issue. And besides, two can give us more information than one, something that Camp could gladly use. And yes, Arian, I goddamnit will fight for my stance on this. Miss Valentina, do not let me regret this.”
  2. Sapphire (Themis): "She was never an enemy of ours to begin with, and to that end, I say that we really shouldn't have a reason to deny her entry."
  3. Aria (Astraeus): As with Valencia's vote, Aria spoke up gently but seriously. "I'm not going to lie--I'm concerned that you're fooling us like you say you fooled the organization to which you once belonged. If you can hide your powers from them, then what could you be hiding from us? Nevertheless, I can't deny that you've sworn on the Styx and risked your life to join us as a testament to your truthfulness. You deserve a second chance as much as Valencia. I wish you the best, but I can only hope that you won't betray us."
  4. Miller (Hermes): "Welcome to the jungle, we got fun and games," He says with a smile, even as he doubts both votes.
  5. Jinfeng (Notus): "Like I said for Valencia... um... why did they have to be Valencia and Valentina? I'm getting a headache just thinking about it." He shook his head, returning to the subject at hand. "While we have more reason to be skeptical with you, I don't see why you don't deserve a chance either. Plus you have info and you swore on the river. It'll be fine. Well, at least we can only hope.'
  6. Avan (Hypnos): "I have nothing else to say but yes. I think her statement's just as credible as the other," he says nervously.
  7. Cheol-Su (Palaemon): Cholo tries to be as objective as possible because he can relate somehow to Valentina's experiences. "I..." he speaks, then stops for a moment. "You have sworn already on the Styx," he continues. "It may not be the best proof of your innocence but it's good enough to say that you hold on to your word. However, I don't trust you just as fully as your friend here. But, what the hell, I'll give you a chance."
  8. Leon (Athena): "Whilst it's obvious you don't have as much of a reason to be accepted here as Valencia does, I suppose in the good nature of Camp there should be a chance given. Besides, there are more of us than there are of you. And your brother is here - don't ruin his reputation."
  9. Michi (Aristaeus): "I believe you deserve one chance but one chance only. I don't have a lot of enthusiasm to have you here but you've entered Camp now, if we were to push you away I'm sure it would be a very dangerous move on our part."
  10. Saeryun (Demeter): "I vote only this way because you seem to have nowhere else to go with family in this Camp. In the spirit of my mother and Persephone's myth, I'll let you in."
  11. Fabian (Hera): "The same reasoning stands as it does for Valencia; I cannot deny you the opportunity I was given out of good conscience. Though, I will say, in hands with the Apollo Counsellor's vote for Valencia, there are more of us than there are of you."
  12. Mariana (Poseidon): "We have more reason to be skeptical with you than we do with Valencia," she deadpans after a stretch of silence following Fabian's verdict. "But you swore on the River Styx. We have every reason in the world to be reluctant to deny you a pardon and you know it. Moreover, at the end of the day, swearing on the River Styx is an unquestionable piece of evidence to your innocence," she pauses, and her eyes narrow. "That's the only reason for which I'm voting in favor of a pardon. But betray us, and I'll personally see to it that you can never step foot in a beach again."
  13. Edward (Hecate): Before casting his vote, Edward eyes Fabian, the counselor of Apollo, suspiciously. "I don't get you, man. You were willing to give the benefit of the doubt to the other, but not this one. They're both shady, yes, but their situations are not that different. Tell me, what's your criteria, huh?" He asks, before clearing his throat and looking back at the group. "I vote yes. We'll keep a close eye on you, but I feel like this will be for the best. Camp is a sanctuary for demigods. We should treat it that way. Besides, she swore on the Styx." He adds with a shrug.
  14. Kat (Boreas): "I think that the fact that you swore on the Styx is reason enough to let you in. Even the gods are afraid to break an oath made to the river. Just remember, the Fates are now watching."
  15. Daniel (Hephaestus): Once again, he appears via an Iris Message due to currently being on a Quest for Camp. "I know how you feel. I've been there before, and it would be hypocritical of me to cast you out when I myself was also let in despite having a suspicious background. For that, I vote yes."
  16. Lexi (Aphrodite): "Not like my vote means much at this point anyways considering you definitely have the numbers, but regardless I'm willing to give you a shot."
  17. Eden (Iris): "Everything I've wanted to say has been said."
  18. Beau (Cybele): "I'm feeling trustworthy today, and it's hard to argue with so many of my fellow counsellors."
  19. Tracey: (Aeolus) "I don't see any problem in letting her into camp, she seems trust worthy to me."
  20. Lottie: (Harmonia) She nervously looks about the fiery discussion between the counselors of Persephone and Nike and opts to state her opinion. "Let's see- I believe that she is deserves another chance. Arian, if you don't agree then feel free to keep an eye on her. Let her prove that she deserves to be here."

Against Accepting her (-6)

  1. Fabian (Apollo): Fabian quickly shifts his attention to Valentina after he cast his vote for the daughter of Leto. He taps his index finger against the table thrice, as if pondering on something. Seconds later, he responds, "You're not good at selling yourself to us, or at least to me. Go on, swear on the shuckin' Styx for all I care but I won't take your word. Aria over there..." he points at the Astraeus counselor "...has a point. You can be hiding anything from us, just as you hid something from your former masters. Thus, you're a 'no' for me."
  2. Arian (Nike): "Are you going to back that up?!" He quickly asked the Persephone counselor, having no issues taking her invitation for a fight when he returned to Camp. "Besides we only need one and she can tell us about both enemies. Plus this one's a demigod so she's already more dangerous than a damn peace nymph." Arian considered Valentina a rather unnecessary risk, completely unmoved by her tears. "What this guy said too." Arian gestured over Fabian who clearly had his head on right. Though it annoyed him that so many of the others were convinced by her dramatic crap.
  3. Ryder (Ares): "If this is going to be as big of a battle as we suspect, having you on our side might just make us the bigger target. Sure you can give us information but so can those on the quest, I put my faith in them over you. Plus, as Fabian said, who knows if you'll betray us like you betrayed them?"
  4. Landon (Zeus): "Doesn't make sense for me to vote for you being accepted if I voted against Valencia. Besides, Fabian, Arian, and Ryder all raised good points."
  5. Min'gyu (Morpheus): The counsellor shakes his head. "I'm sorry to say, but I agree with my fellow counsellors who stand against. It's hard to see Valencia in our borders and I think - in my personal opinion - this is too much at one time. Perhaps if you prove yourself someone as we can trust, then I would rethink my vote. However, I stand against. I can't let anyone else die; especially by someone who has betrayed people before."
  6. Rhys (Nyx): He furrows his eyebrows. "You've betrayed people before and that's something I cannot accept. With Valencia, it was a little different; being betrayed and murdered by the people you trust is one thing, but betraying the people who put trust in you? And, I agree with the Morpheus counsellor," he then gestures to Min'gyu, "this is... overwhelming. You really need to prove to me that you are someone worth trusting. Until then, I can't let you into the borders."
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