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For a couple of years now the Champions of Othrys have installed spies within the Broken Covenant to assess it's value in aiding them in their ultimate goal. Though they agree the organisation may be a viable vessel of destruction - a means to an end - the Council of the Champions of Othrys has deemed the leader of the Broken Covenant, Heinrich Alten, expendable. The Champions have already gotten rid of Heinrich's lieutenants, either killing them or smuggling them away and constructing a fake mission on their behalf. According to this fake mission, Heinrich's lieutenants are searching for the Champions of Othrys in New Mexico and will be unable to aide him should someone attack him.

With the Nearby Town destroyed, the Champions of Othrys are confident that Camp Half-Blood has taken enough of a beating for the time being. Turning their attention to the Broken Covenant, they have decided to execute their plan to throw the organisation into chaos. Two of the most trusted spies in the Broken Covenant, Sawyer Dahn and Harmony Spall, have been given the orders to kill Heinrich Alten and bring back some artefact to symbolise their victory.

Characters Involved

Ideal Endgame

Heinrich Alten dies and Sawyer and Harmony escape unnoticed. The Broken Covenant will fall into a state of chaos (whether this be impending civil war or otherwise) as Heinrich tied them altogether. This will segue into a wiki-wide vote on the Broken Covenant's revamp.


  • Heinrich: The imposing man stood at his balcony overlooking a sharp drop below. In his right hand, he grasped a cup of red wine and his left was rested on top of the railing. His mask was securely on and his cloak billowed in the wind. Something wasn't right, "Patrol the area!" He commanded two bodyguards which stood idly by his side, first Lacy then Cecilia and Damianos...he took a sip from his wine through his mask staring over his small, fragile kingdom. The two bodyguards left his quarters, leaving him alone.
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