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Alexander the Great -Automaton / Demigod
-Son of Zeus, Director of Camp Half-Blood

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Campers, we are in need of your urgent help. A few days ago Akela Kalili, the Guardian of Hephaestus' most known earthly workshop and the only known controller of Greek Fire, sought help in an Iris Message. We don't know what is attacking her, nor do we know the level of threat but given the uniqueness surrounding her, we believe it must be checked out and, if necessary, she must be brought to Camp for her protection. It will be a dangerous mission, and thus you have been chosen for your abilities."

The questors must go on a quest from Camp Half-Blood to Nevada in order to save or rescue Akela Kalili. From there, they must either fight the band of abductors and escort her back to Camp, or escort her to Camp without losing her.

This quest will work out like most others where I will detail a path they must take and will outline where they'll face problems. It will be up to you to RP these problems out and remember, don't OP it so they get through with no issues! If needed, I can help and rp the monsters.

Sometime between the journey to the workshop and the end of the quest, there should be an intervention with the CoO mission goers whereby there'll be a separate forum made.

  • Camp Half-Blood
  • Long Island MacArthur Airport (monster attack)
  • LAX Airport
  • The journey to the Nevadan Workshop (monster attack)
  • The Workshop of Hephaestus
  • The trail of the CoO Mission Goers should they reach Akela first
  • Journey back to Camp

The Quest

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Posting Order: Audrey, Hydro, Yuka, Toxy, Migs, James, Onyx

Hana: Hana had surprised herself showing up first, which was quite unlike her in general. A large backpack was fastened to her back, held over her chest with one strap while her hair was held up in a bun, a few strands here and there falling into her face. Her eyes, focused on the ground as she waited for the others standing by camp gates, just outside the border. She couldn't help her feeling of excitement though, this being her first quest. Nonetheless, there was a mixture of pressure with it as well, because, like said earlier, this was her first mission and if she messed up... Well, it was best not to think of that. 

Arian: Arian had dashed to the camp entrance since he made the mistake of spending most of the night working on a new technique. Like Hana, he wore a rather large backpack and duffel bag but it clearly did nothing to slow the young warrior down. He was quite glad he was actually picked for this quest since it was exactly what he wanted. A thrilling adventure to allow to prove his mettle and finally put all his training to use. Arian was actually a little insulted it took so long for the camp to pick up. He knew it was a large camp so he doubted he'd meet anyone he knew but to his surprised his dear friend Hana had also been chosen. "Yo!" Quite glad to be able to do this with the beautiful daughter of magic, his excitement had driven him to hug her.

Blodwen: The Snow Nymph was the third of their merry band to appear. But not from within camp. Blodwen jogged lightly along the snowy ground from the woods surrounding camp. Her snow cloak was dusty slightly with the powdery substance and she stopped just short of the pair already there and raised a hand offering a wry smile. "Yo kids! Those bags look heavy." She herself was adorned only with a light pack that rested lightly at the base of her spine that contained Ambrosia and other such luxuries. She knew they would be going across the United States and hoped that some of their stops would take them near some of her many homes so she could resupply when needed. She also carried a fair amount of U.S. Dollars in case they needed to buy anything along the way.

Ollie: Ollie was practically exploding with energy all night, and it was only partly from excitement. See, the logic was that if you downed a whole lot of caffeine for a full 24 hours after a good rest, then you wouldn't even start tapping into your natural energy until the rush wore off, and you could go the whole night before a big quest getting pumped and ready without needing to sleep. He had zero idea if it would actually work, but the theory was holding up so far. At least, he was still hype-and-hyper when he dove toward the camp entrance in his animal form. He was still a good thirty feet above the three questors when he exploded back to human form in a burst of feathers, clockwork spear already in hand. The weapon ejected a few intermittent blasts of of steam from its base as he twirled it around, slowing the Osprey spirit's descent to a jarring but safe impact. He landed in a somersault, and by the time he was upright again, he'd somehow slipped the spear's strap over his head and was wearing it next to a quiver on his back. One of two blaring earbuds had popped out as well. He punched the air enthusiastically, looked over the other three questors for a second, then shot them all finger guns. "Sup."

Daniel: The son of Hephaestus emerges from the trees, trudging up the slope of Half-Blood Hill to meet up with the rest of the chosen questers. He is wearing a light parka, a pair of wool pants, hiking boots and he’s carrying a medium sized travel backpack with straps all actoss his torso. He nods his head lightly in greeting, not exactly knowing anyone in the group as he’s still relatively new to camp compared to others. “Hey, I’m Daniel. Son of Hephaestus and Akela’s half-sister.” He announces in a slightly gruff voice. Akela’s capture upset him, especially since he was the one whom she contacted through an iris message before being taken. He wants nothing more than to rescue her and bring her back to Camp safely.

Digger: Being the last one to show up was not what Digger wanted but if it meant that he had everything he might need, he would gladly show up last a lot more often. Digger strolled out from the woods, a bag on his back, full of water bottles, some Ambrosia and other things he might need, knife bidding in his pocket and two boomerangs, one in each hand. “Guess I’m the last one.”

Hana:  "Glad to see you're alive too," she greeted Arian, lightly hugging him back. She let go to look at the others, wondering what she had to work with. "So we have a son of Hephaestus, Nike... I'll guess you," she pointed to Ollie. "Are an animal nymph of some kind? And you two," she gestured between Blodwen Digger. "Have names or do you just spontaneously throw shade?" She'd admit, the last part was a jab at Blodwen, but she wasn't going to go public with who it was directed towards. She was already making a mental note that it would probably be in her best interests to keep to herself and maybe Arian.

Arian: Arian wasn't sure if the heavy bags comment was serious or some kind of joke so he shrugged it off. He groaned when Ollie arrived since he strongly doubted the usefulness of having an animal nymph alongside them. But he had to have been picked for a good reason just like him. He wasn't sure what to make of Daniel, but anyone from the cabin who made sick weapons all day had to be cool. Also he chuckled about seeing Digger with actual boomerangs as weapons, finding them pathetic tools of destruction. When Hana cited him as a son of Nike he was quickly nodded, clearly he wanted to get move on. "I'm Arian and this is Hana, now let's get going!" The sooner they left the camp meant the sooner that begin their dangerous journey.

Blodwen: The nymph frowned slightly at Hana clearly picking out the testy-ness in her voice. "My name's Blodwen for what it matters. I'm a Snow Nymph who's been guiding demigods to this camp for almost three years now. I've been to every corner of the world where I won't melt on contact." She shrugs lightly. "But Arian is right there is no time to stand around bantering we should be off."

Ollie: "Yepyep, let's hit it! The sooner we get there, the sooner we get to throw a celebratory after-party for all the ass we kick," He continued. "And yepyep to you too, beautiful. Ollie the osprey guardian at your service. Hephaestus made me and my sister, and we lived with him in the workshops 'til recently. Getting Akela out of trouble and keeping jerks off our family turf is priority uno here. Ain't that right, Daniel?" The osprey spirit spent most of his time in the armory when not flying, so he knew the whole Hephaestus cabin to some extent. He didn't know much about Daniel specifically - aside from the recent news about him taking Head Counselor from Matt - but he'd seen the older son of Hephaestus around plenty.

Daniel: He nods his head at Ollie, recognizing the Osprey Nymph on second glance. He doesn't know him all that well, but they're acquaintances at the very least, having seen him around the Armory and at Camp a few times. "That's right, let's waste no time. We have to save Akela," he says firmly as he begins descending down Half-Blood Hill and into the side of the Long Island asphalt street. Once there, he looks back at his questmates and asks, "Does anyone have any idea how we'll get to the airport? Any transportation preferences?"

Digger: “As longs as it gets us to where it’s going, I’m fine with anything,” Digger said, starting to sharpening his boomerangs with the other. “I’m Digger Ross, by the way. Lieutenant for Dionysus cabin.”

Hana: She raised an eyebrow at all of them before turning on her heel and heading down the pathway after Daniel, moderately surprised. So this is who I'm working with, she thought. She shifted the sleeve of her backpack further onto her shoulder and raised her hand to be level with her eyes, although Daniel probably couldn't see it. "I could message my Dad. He lives near here and could drive us to the airport. Plus he's usually awake around this time so..." she volunteered. "There's enough room in his car for all of us."

Arian: Being taught that a person's fighting ability judged their worth in this world, Arian was trying to figure out how useful everyone would be. Obviously Hana had already proven herself and he respected anyone who could run such a useful cabin such as Hephaestus'. At first he questioned why the snow nymph was there, but she escorted demigods like she claimed to that was good enough for him. He didn't feel too strongly either way about the Dionysus Cabin, but he glanced at Digger like he was an idiot for his choice in weaponry. And an animal nymph was definitely just good for scouting or something like that. So he was content with the better half of his allies.

"Shit really? I'm down." Getting someone to drive them over to the Airport sounds pretty convenient. He would've preferred to sit next to Hana but it's not like he would've outright said that.

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Hana's dad had managed to park in front of the Airport in a fairly short ride over there. Arian was glad to have arrived so quick.

Blodwen: The nymph had called ahead to the airport and as they pulled up she hopped out of her window seat where the window had been rolled down all the way letting cold air blow over her face. She stood there waiting on the others to pile out before giving a bright smile. "Any of you ever been on your own personal jet? If the answer is no get ready to strike that off your bucket list. Let's get going the jet is fueled and waiting ahead on the air strip." She turned on her heel and ran off clearly excited by something.

Ollie: Ollie whistled as he ran close behind, scanning the sky in anticipation. "Whew, girl, if you have private jets in your pocket, I like you alrea- ... already. Hey, hold up, snow angel." The osprey skidded to a stop, gaze now fixed on the heavens. It was a bit cloudy, but the sun was still shining across a comfortably blue sky. Great flying weather bar the chill. But... Ollie frowned and fixed his raptor's enhanced eyesight on a single dark cloud far above. There was a lone storm cloud, nestled amongst the regular lazy cumuli. Recognition spread across his face when a cackle of lightning shook the cloud. In an instant he had his spear in hand, whirring and clicking and puffing out steam as it transformed into a bow. "Alright, yep, we have company!"

The sound of a distant thunderclap shook through the airport, followed shortly after by a birdlike skreetch. With that angry warning the dark figure of a massive gryphon streaked from the clouds and straight toward the questors. The beast was one of the eldest of its kind - from the beak of its eagle-like head to the avian tail feathers at the end of its lion tail, the thing was comparable in size to most of the private jets on the airfield. And like only the most powerful of the species, its body cackled with electrity. The gryphon pulled out of its descent with another deafening screech, and began to hover about ten stories above the questors. For a split second its wings came aglow with energy, before it flapped them both and sent a wide blast of air and forks of lightning toward them. Ollie's first arrow was destroyed in the attack well before it could hit home.

Daniel: He gets thrown off by the blast of air and ends up crashing against one of the parked vehicles by the airport. He groans for a second, before getting his bearings back and activating his double axes. He's never faced a monster of this level before, and it's safe to say that he's nervous. "Fucking shit, this is gonna be one tough cookie to get through." He decides to send a ball of fire towards the gryphon, originally intending to hurt it, but if it doesn't, well, he's hoping it'll at least distract him so that his other teammates could get a free shot in.

Hana: Thrown back by the blast of air, Hana found herself climbing out of the back of a truck, spitting her hair out of her mouth. She jumped out, swinging her legs over the side and landing gracefully with a slight bend in her knees. "This is the most convenient time to be facing a giant ass lion bird," she muttered sarcastically. Her eyes lit up, glowing a fierce violet color, spheres of the same hue surrounded her hands, sparkling with electricity. She put her hands together and fired a large magical blast towards the gryphon, placing a leg behind her to brace for any unexpected impact.

Arian: Honestly while his fellow questors struggled with the powerful gust, Arian was more distracted by the deafening screech. He felt a searing pain in his ears, but he'd experienced greater agony. But fortunately, his impressive reflexes and ability to temporarily boost his speed had aided him and he escaped the range of the great elemental attack. Now currently behind the gryphon's line of sight, the son of victory looked towards the creature with anticipation and actual excitement. Not feeling an ounce of fear like an average demigod probably would. The idea of slaying such a beast sounded immensely thrilling, especially since he hunted weaker monsters himself before he arrived at Camp. It was a wonderful time to face a giant ass lion bird for Arian. "Mine." He spoke with a confident grin as he summoned a pair of dark blue angelic wings to allow him to fly towards the winged monster. As Arian drew his xiphos (greek one handed sword) he knew he wanted to try disemboweling the thing with several slashes to it's underbelly. If he couldn't get close enough he'd try impaling one of it's legs or something. He was well aware of the risk of flying up to fight something that could manipulate weather like a child of Zeus, even with Hana and Daniel distracting it with their long ranged abilities. Unlike them, he lacked such powers and had to get in close. Besides he wanted this quest to be a story that rivaled one of his father's epic tales and this was a damn good start.

Blodwen: The nymph heard the high pitched shriek and went even more pale than she already was. She'd fought a griphon before but it had been very very young and she'd been forced to flee when the beast broke her arm. This one was much much older. As she saw it's wings begin to glow she encased herself in ice turning into a literal frozen statue. The attack shattered away her shell but left her unscathed and she ran at the beast halberd forming in her hand out of its mist form. She dodged around the long range attacks coming from behind her and prepared to launch herself skyward off the truck below the griphon hoping she can get enough momentum to carry her to the beast or at least close enough to hurl her Halberd like a javelin.

Ollie: Ollie was almost more dissapointed to be fighting another bird-bro than he was excited. Almost. He knew what to expect from the majestic creature as soon as he'd spotted the storm cloud that it came from - one hell of a cool match. He dropped into a low, relaxed stance and threw his whole bow in front of himself right before the electrified gust hit, so that instead of being violently tossed around, he was instead just sent sliding straight backward across the pavement. His metal bow absorbed the electric component of the attack for him, and he caught it out of the air as it was blown back as well. He skidded to a stop next to the truck Daniel had struck. To the best of his ability, he shouted over the noise. "Ooooooookay, that is One! Tough! Bird! I'm all about the terrible life choice that is flying up to fight that thing myself, personally, but the rest of you earth-standy types should stay out of the..." He trailed off into a laugh when Blodwen literally just straight-up jumped at the thing. "Okay I have mad respect for that, so whatever! Danny-boy, can you keep it off me for a bit? Imma throw off its flight computer." He fired off a couple more arrows, then ducked around to the other side of the truck and began tinkering with plates and gears on his bow.

The creature's violent gusts were cut off when Daniel's fireball drew its attention, and it turned its angry eagle eyes toward the head counselor just in time for Hana's blast of magical energy to take it in the chest. For a moment the beast was left stunned and began to drop, but it was brought forcefully back to focus as Blodwen impaled its rear lion leg and Arian's sword went through its breast. It stopped falling with some violent thrashing of its wings, and promptly shot upward, aiming to carry its attackers with it. Ollie's steam-powered arrows took it in the neck and sent out splashes of blood, but otherwise didn't slow it down. After a few seconds of climbing, the beast brought in its wings and legs to hold in the foes scaling it and let out some low combination of a caw and a growl. The odd noise was the only warning before lightning cracked down from the sky and struck the gryphon, sending dangerous arcs of energy across its body that would pose a serious risk to anyone still holding on. Residual static cackled outward as well, electrifying the surrounding air.

Its closest attackers hopefully dealt with, the gryphon set its sight on what had seemed to be the most powerful ranged attacker of the group - Hana. Electricity still played out across it as it dove toward her, massive front eagle talons first.

Hana:  She had been tracing the Gryphon's movements with her eyes and was prepared as it came diving down towards her. Her eyes still ablaze, she created a violet sphere, which became a literal shield of thick rock, which she hoped with absorb any electricity the Gryphon was building upon impact. She gestured upward and over and sent the enlargened rock shield towards the Gryphon, as she formed another sphere with her left hand. With this blast she planned to blast one of its wings to send it off course and hopefully if any other attacks towards its wings landed, they'd be able to ground the beast, which would make fighting it so much easier.

"Guys!" she shouted, keeping wary of the Gryphon shooting towards, her, waiting for the right time to shoot its wing. "While Ollie's doing... whatever he's doing, attack its wings!" She consciously megamized the sound of her voice using an enchantment, relinquishing the spell afterward to focus on the blast. She brought the sphere to both hands and side-stepped a bit to the right to get a good angle before firing the blast of energy once again.

Daniel: "I'll distract it while you do your thing," he shouts over to Ollie before jogging off away from beside the truck where the Animal Spirit is. Hearing Hana's call, he decides to focus on wearing down the monster's wings, specifically the one on the right side, while still keeping his distance - especially with electricity still crackling off the Gryphon's massive body. With that, he opens his fanny pack and takes a couple of throwing knives from inside it, controlling it telekinetically with his mind, before running to the beast and hurling the knives towards its direction from a couple of feet away, aiming directly for its wing. Following that attack, Daniel thrusts both of his arms forward, sending a massive stream of fire in the same direction.

Arian: Since he and the nymph were dangerously close to the gryphon's electric attack, Arian decided to fly away as fast as he could. It seemed best to grab Blodwin since he knew nymphs had far less abilities compared to demigods. The winged warrior didn't like having to rescue a teammate since he would've preferred to focus on being the one to kill the monster. Upon setting his partner safely on the ground (sorry if i'm godmodding, just trying to help) Clearly Arian couldn't just fly back in and attack like he wanted, unless he used something drastic. Since he was determined to be the one who killed the monster, Arian decided to focus his power and become an embodiment of victory. The powerful aura that radiated from him could possibly make the monster feel weak and powerless. In this state, Arian was twice as strong and fast and completely immune to all attacks. Flying back in, he could tell the creature possessed a thick hide and even direct attacks on lethal areas wouldn't bring it down quickly. So he drove his blade towards it's already wounded neck, once there he made several more slashes and stabs towards the beast's jugular. He didn't exactly have much time to waste in this form.

Blodwen: While not pleased to be dragged out of the fight she was thankful not to have been electrocuted because that would have out a real damper on things. She saw the oncoming attacks and heard the command to aim for the wings. Crouching down on one knee she held up her hands and forged a bow of pure ice and drew back forming a large arrow with a starred tip and released aiming for the creatures left wing.

The first of Hana's defenses did almost nothing - agile true to the two species it stemmed from, the gryphon landed against the stone wall in midair and lunged off of it, beak open. But the blast that came after struck true, and at the same time Daniel's attacks hit from the side, sending it tumbling past Hana in a mess of feathers and screeching. It used its wing as a barrier against Daniel's fire as it found its footing, which made it an easy target for Blodwen's shot - the ice arrow melted fairly quickly from the flames, but left a sizeable hole in the beast's covert and secondary feathers. The gryphon made an effort to take off again, but shreaked in agony as Arian reached it and began tearing into its neck. It was a magnificent creature, but its pained noises were nothing if not pathetic. Lightning cracked down from above and struck the beast again, twice, ionizing the surrounding air with the scent of burning ozone. But with Arian's invincibility, it was useless. Instead, the gryphon struggled up into the sky a few stories, then slammed down against the concrete to knock the attacker off. It resolved itself to flee to the sky and settle everything with lightning  immediately after, and began to climb. Streams of blood spurted from its neck, and its left wing was in a pain all its own from the damage it had recieved. 

Ollie: Moments after the gryphon had taken off, Ollie stepped out from the truck he'd been hiding behind, bow and arrow in hand.  "I'm sorry, buddy, I really am. One bird to another, I happen to think you're kickass, and I'd rather not do this to anybody but you're a bit too violent and bizz," he muttered to himself as he knocked. As a bird himself, Ollie happened to know that all species of birds possessed a pretty unique trait - magnetoreception. They were sensitive to magnetic fields. Orienting themselves relative to Earth's electromagnetic field was how they kept aligned in flight. And Ollie figured that embedding a transmitter sending out random spikes of magnetic influence into it would really mess with its head. After a second of aiming, and steam-pressure building up in his bow, he released.

The gryphon bawked again - that same low rumble from earlier - as Ollie's arrow buried itself in the side of its jaw. The arrow wasn't big enough to seriously hurt it, but its magnetic bursts threw off the gryphon's internal sensors, and it was suddenly gripped by nausea and disorientation. Through muddled thoughts the beast realized it wasn't in shape to fly, and resolved itself to go down with all it had. It dove down once again, but this time it wasn't lightning that chased it - the entire dark storm cloud above began to swirl, and descended from the sky as one huge black twister behind its master.

The gyphon dove toward Arian, but pulled out well before reaching him, leaving the concentrated storm cloud to bore down into him with all its lightning and fury. One way or another, the storm spread out in a wave of wind as it hit the ground, quickly encompassing the whole airport in black vapor that obscured visibility beyond a few meters. Not to mention, the cloud was still alive with static that randomly sparked with lightning - which in turn shook the airport with booming thunder. Inside it all, the gryphon limped silently, scanning through the darkness with its keen eyesight for any hint of motion. 

Daniel: He tumbled to the ground as the black vapor of the storm cloud engulfed the surrounding areas. He tried to get back up, but was consistently electrocuted by sparks of lightning, causing him to wince in pain almost constantly. With that, he resorted to crawling on the asphalt, looking for cover. He couldn't see into the smoke, and all he could do was lay his back flat against the side of a parked van and wait for an opportunity as he recuperated, having also drained himself of a good amount of energy due to his previous attacks.

Hana: Hana watched everything with wide eyes, ducking and shuffling away appropriately when the large beast landed beside her. As it took to the sky again and dived down alongside the flurry of dark clouds, she prepared another spell, although she could feel the energy seeping out of her. A violet glow surrounded her body, and as the clouds hit the ground, it expanded into a dome encompassing her and stretching out with a radius of three yards. The electricity sizzled around her barrier, protecting her while she attempted to improve the visibility and get to the others. She stumbled and her dome faltered a little, but not enough for the electricity to sizzle through. She remembered the gryphon shaking Arian off and called for him, wondering where he was and if his state of invincibility had worn off yet. She quickly broke into a jog, calling out for the rest of the quest members whilst enhancing her own sight capabilites using another spell. She calculated she wouldn't be able to keep both spells up for long so she needed to find someone quickly.

Arian: Arian knew he was invulnerable in this state, the feeling of durability was familiar since he had another ability for being impervious to damage. "I'm fine!" He replied to Hana, still not turning away from the damned gryphon. He knew he was still harming it and had to finish the job before he reverted from his embodiment form. Not wasting time, he flew towards the massive cloud. His vision was somewhat restrained within it, but he could still spot the giant bird monster that hid inside. Since it's hide was clearly thick, he figured he'd try stabbing it in the eye this time. If successful he would've tried thrusting it inside with hopes to reach the brain and end it's life.

Blodwen: The Snow Nymph watched in slight horror as the storm chased the griphon to the ground and turned into a horrifying storm of electrical energy. She heard Hana calling and decided to do the only thing she thought would bring this beast down, group up for one final fight. She called out to Hana as a sheet of ice forming a large square shield that she used to cover herself from any flying debris as she approached the sound of Hana's voice. She shuddered as the electrical energy occasionally coursed through her entire being. She could barely see anything in the deep black of the storm which frustrated her considerably.

Ollie: Ollie muttered a curse in awe as the gryphon's storm descended, a certainly unhealthy smile spreading across his face. Oh, you brilliant flying catbird, that is awesome. He took to the sky in a puff of feathers and just narrowly avoided the huge storm, flying far above it. Seeing the top of the cloud reminded him of days back home in the Atlantic, when he'd first started pushing his limits. He vaguely picked out Hana's defensive sphere, but - but he wasn't about to pass up the chance to finish this himself. Arian had done work, and presumably still was, but Ollie had no intention of getting shown up without a fight. He broke into a rapid descent toward the looming form of the gryphon, building up as much momentum as he could before changing back into human form right above the clouds. Lightning cackled around him while he fell, but the spear in his hands served as a lightning rod and pulled in any surges that came too close. Ollie laughed like a maniac as jets of steam shot from his weapon, driving it toward the base of the gryphon's skull.

The son of victory was clearly a powerful foe, but in the heart of the storm, the gryphon was king. It noticed Arian as he approached, and challenged the boy with a deafening screech that reverberated throughout its clouds alongside a wave of lightning. The beast met Arian in the air with a powerful lunge, catching his blade in its beak and throwing it aside. The gryphon was ancient - one of the eldest of its kind. Countless demigods had fallen before it, and it would not fall to a young--

The gryphon cried in pain yet again as Ollie's spear sank into the back of its neck, coming dangerously close to its brain. Its skull had slowed the weapon enough that it survived, but its violent flailing only succeeded in throwing the off-balance osprey nymph away into the darkness. The spear was still lodged in place. In its agony, the gryphon barreled past Ollie and through the storm - coincidentally, directly toward Hana and Blodwen. It was disoriented from the arrow in its neck, and between Hana's repeated blasts, the spear and knives embedded in its head and wing respectively, the gouges Arian had carved in its throat, and the holes driven into its paw and wing by Blodwen... It was in too much pain to come up with any more strategies. Instead it focused lightning from across the stormcloud into one large blast at Hana's shield, then lunged.

Daniel: The smoke gradually started to dissipate, and it gave Daniel the chance to regain his bearings. He stood up from where he was sitting, followed the battle noises and slowly made his way to where shit was going down. He keeps a safe distance, mostly staying close to the discarded vehicles so he could utilize them as a shield should the need arise. He sees that the gryphon is in pain, and it should only need a few more hits before it succumbs to death. And so, in an effort to achieve just that, Daniel reaches deep into his fanny pack and grabs a couple of pens that transform into CB spears. From his position on the right hand side of the the gryphon, he hurls the three spears in rapid succession, aiming mostly for the head and the neck.

Hana: "Well shit, what did I ever do to you?" she yelled obnoxiously to the beast as it struck. She expanded her shield to encompass Blodwen and dispelled her vision enhancement. Spikes materialized around the dome to provide further protection and she dashed over to Blodwen to narrow the radius so she wouldn't be expending so much energy. "Got any convenient tricks up your sleeve?" she asked once reaching her, outstretching her hand to strengthen the shield.

Arian: "Tricks?! I'll show you a f*cking trick!" More than annoyed that the gryphon had tossed away his beloved weapon, he felt the embodiment form begin to fade. Knowing he was nearly done, Arian desperately moved towards the spear left by Ollie. Using every ounce of his remaining strength to try driving it into it's skull before he reverted and fell to the ground. Barely conscious.

Blodwen: "Tricks?" She dropped to one knee her eyes focusing on the source of all the noise in the blackness. Her arms raised and a bow that was almost as large as her formed and she drew back the impressive string. An arrow like the one before formed but this time double the size. She released and the arrow soared aggressively through the storm cutting a large hole through the blackness.

The gryphon didn't get a second chance at Hana's defenses. It made for a second lunge, before it made contact, its brain was pierced by a spear through the base of its skull and an ice arrow through the roof of its screeching mouth. The once-majestic beast crashed headfirst against Hana's barrier, limp. It twitched weakly as its eyes started to glaze, and the extremities of its wings and tail started falling to dust - but the residual power of its home stormcloud kept it in an in-between. Static flashes played out over its injuries in a futile attempt at healing.

Ollie: Ollie got to his feet after just a couple seconds, characteristically excited about getting thrown 20 feet by a substantially larger bird than himself. Challenges were challenges were challenges. He ran off toward Arian and clapped him on the back when he saw the downed gryphon - but slowed down when he noticed that it was still twitching. Jeez. Poor dude. Ollie pulled his spear out of its head as cleanly as he could, then transformed it to its bow form and knocked an arrow. The surrounding air dried out rapidly as the bow drew in moisture, then converted it into pressurized steam. The process took a little while, though, so oli took the opportunity to try and calm the beast telepathically. There there, big scary birdbro. Dude, you were really cool. Gonna say that. The cloud thing you got going on here is sick. Ya fought well, buddy. He wasn't quite sure if his animal telepathy worked on the gryphon, since it was technically a monster, but whatever. He shot it through the thalamus. Clean shot - destroyed its pain processors. The gryphon began turning to dust properly a moment later.

Daniel: After the monster was slain, Daniel had to clutch his knees due to fatigue, and he took in deep breaths. “T-that was a tough one,” he blurted out to his questmates. He looked around and saw the big mess that was left behind - cracked asphalt, flipped cars, fallen lamp posts, etc. He wondered what the mortals saw when the battle was happening.

Alexander:Behind the party, as they watch their foe disintegrate, a tall, pallid, onyx-haired man steps through a crowd of mortals rushing to the airport to escape the harsh storm outside; some are shouting words about a tornado. “Campers!,” Alexander calls through the dull hum of wind as it starts to subside, “I’m here to join you!” Behind him, a hulking black beast turns and disappears into a shadow. Unlike his compatriots, he looks woefully unprepared; no backpack, no obvious weapon, not even a thick coat to keep him warm in the New York winter. Alexander shoots them all finger guns as a greeting, "Name's Alexander, Son of Thanatos. I don't believe any of us have met before, but I hope we can all get along." Nodding at the disappearing gryphon corpse, Alexander chuckles, "Shame, I missed the first one."

Hana: "And hopefully the last one," Hana grumbled, pulling down her barrier after Alexander's appearance. She stumbled, struggling to find balance after the major expense of her powers. "I swear if we have to fight anymore of these damn monsters before we even get on the plane, I will cry," she sighed, checking her arms for any injuries. Then she glanced around, doing a brief mental assessment of everyone's physical states. "Kay, before I collapse from energy over-use, does anyone need healing?" she asked, straining her voice to be heard across the space. She turned to Alexander, "Oh and I'm Hana. Blodwen is around here somewhere..." She gestured to Daniel and Ollie. "That's Daniel, that over there is Ollie," and then paused. "Can someone make sure Arian isn't like passed out under any cars or something?"

Arian: "I did it! I killed the monster!" Even though Arian was far more tired than Hana, he couldn't really care less. He was 100% certain that he destroyed the monster by his own hand and no one could convince him otherwise. His happiness and excitement contrasted his extreme fatigue, he nodded towards the new guy as he slowly walked over and picked up his beloved sword. "If you couldn't tell, I'm amazing and the others are pretty good too. Don't slow us down." He didn't have much of an opinion on children of Thanatos, he expected Alex would get the chance to prove his worth to them. "You alright?" He dragged his feet towards Hana, slightly concerned by her magic usage throughout the fight.

Blodwen: The young Nymph struggled to her feet to retrieve her Halberd from where she dropped it in the fray before collapsing to her knees. "Giant angry bird is not my friend. I can't wait to get on the jet I'm so ready for a glass of champagne." She laughs breathelly before closing her eyes and resting on the ground to recover her strength.

Ollie: The dark cloud that had surrounded the airport was rapidly dissipating, but Ollie chose not to wait around and made a quick perimeter check up above in his bird form. He returned a moment later, sending a puff of feathers toward the others by transforming midair. The osprey guardian landed in a somersault, and was talking the instant he came up from it. "Alright! Then let's hit it. I don't see any other monsters coming, so we should probs be quick about taking off. Cause, like... You human-y types are paranoid about wind and stuff, so the air traffic control guys are gonna be all, 'waa, but the sky was scary, you can't take off until we're done being scared wingless pansies', and we don't have time for that."

Daniel: The son of Hephaestus nodded his head in acknowledgement of their newly-arrived questmate, Alexander. He then did a quick check of his packs, just to see how his supplies were after that monster fight. When all was good and well, he turned his attention back to the group. "So, I'm guessing we should head on to the jet now, right? Let's hope this skirmish doesn't affect our schedule."

Alexander: Alexander reaches into his breast pocket and fishes out a small ziplock baggy; inside are a few small cubes of a familiar golden-hued substance. He holds it up so his comrades can see it, "If anybody needs any, I have some ambrosia." In response to Daniel's query, Alexander nods and begins towards the tarmac, "Danny's right, we're on a time limit, friends. Let's get going."

Hana: She threw her arm over Arian's shoulder for support, although she doubted he really needed it. "Let me check. I'm alive and not missing any limbs or major organs... My legs feel like lead though," she sighed. "It'll get better once we get on the jet so don't worry." She straightened up and readjusted her backpack."Yeah, thanks but no thanks," she remarked to Alexander. "I'm like living ambrosia, we're good and let's go, I need a nap."

After seven hours of jetting around (don't kill me ok), the group finally landed in Nevada to which they immediately boarded a limo. It wasn't hard finding it considering there was literally a saytr disguised as a limo driving holding up a sign saying "Daniel and Friends" (Hana had some interesting comments about this). 

Arian: Satisfied that his friend was fine and the quest was going smoothly, Arian took a rather look nap next to Hana for the whole plane ride. Greatly needing the rest since he certainly pushed his limits during the fight. Stepping off the plane made him feel like he could take on the whole world. The young demigod felt like "Arian, Hana and friends would've made for a better sign but it wasn't important. He was the first one to enter the limo, helping himself to a can of Pepsi since there was an assortment of drinks for them.

Blodwen: The nymph stood up slowly and followed the pack sitting in a seat near the front of the plane next to a young Asian woman who bad clearly been waiting in the plane for them. The pair talked for almost the entire flight catching up so it would seem. When they landed a parting hug and kiss left Blodwen the second to enter the limo snatching up a can of Coca-Cola that had been in the ice crossing her legs lightly and pulling a sketch pad out of her pack and several pencils both lead and colored sketching in silence.

Ollie: Ollie spent the first ten minutes of the flight tinkering with his spear, before unceremoniously crashing from a caffeine high with much the same avian grace as a penguin forced off an iceberg. He came to shortly before they landed, though, and made a conscious effort to build his energy back by flying to the limo. It didn't work very well. His hair was still all unkempt and bedhead-y as he found a seat opposite Blodwen and rubbed the sleep from his eyes. "Whaa...cha workin' on, ice princess?" he yawned.

Daniel: He entered the limo and sat next to Arian, helping himself to a can of Pepsi. As the vehicle lumbered towards their destination, Daniel slipped on his wireless Beats earphones and started listening to music, all while tinkering with this sort of metal cube he had on his hands with a screwdriver.

Alexander:Alexander was the last off the small jet. It wasn't his first time flying, but it was the first time he'd been doing it with a full group of other demigods. In the past, a band of demigods he rolled with caught the attention of what seemed like a new threat every day. Once the ground once more, Alexander had to take a couple extra moments to calm his churning stomach before joining the others in the limo. Inside, he hoped every hour of sleep he didn't get on the plane would be made up for in this long car.

Hana: Hana, with nothing in particular to keep her entertained, had just slept through out the plane ride. She had climbed into the limo first and seated herself farest away from both doors, resulting in her being in mostly the middle. She blinked sleepily, watching as the rest filed in before the limo took off, leaving the airport to join the highway. "So, where do we go from here? Do we just wander until we find this workshop?" she asked, resting her chin on the palm of her hand and leaning forward.

Arian: "I think one of us is supposed to know where it is at least." Finishing his soda in a hurry, Arian easily crushed the empty can against his forehead and tossed it out of the window as the limo sped down the road. He glanced over to Daniel next to him, having assumed he knew where his father's workshop was. "Besides is this Akela chick is asking for help or whatever, wouldn't she give directions?"

Blodwen:The woman looked up as she was spoken to and gave a faint smile, turning the pad to show him a very detailed picture of the griphon they had just fought soaring among his storm clouds. After he had looked, she returned the pad to it's rightful position and continued coloring in the streaks of lightning.

Ollie: Ollie smiled at the sight of Blodwen's sketch. She really had captured the beast's likeness. Most of his own experience with pencil and paper was blueprints and graphs, but there was something more special about proper art, for its own sake. "A truly magnificent creature," he praised. "And it's quite the artist, too. Shame the gryphon isn't around to repay you. Maybe I can make make it up for you instead." With that, he sat back against his seat, pulled out some random screws and scraps from his pockets, and started tinkering.

Daniel: The son of Hephaestus turned his head to Hana and gave her a nod, pausing whatever he was doing with his hands and the cube. "Yes, I have knowledge of the exact location of my father's workshop. If the driver is not yet aware of where exactly we're going, I'd be willing to upload the coordinates to this vehicle's GPS system," he glanced at Blodwen, as if he's asking for confirmation, since she was the one responsible for getting them this ride, after all.

Alexander: In his partial awake state, Alexander pulls all his hair into a tight bun at the back of his head, tying it up with a band kept on his wrist. The sclera of his eyes were now a dull pink, bloodshot from his lack of sleep recently. Alexander reaches down and snatches up a Coke®, hoping the caffeine will energize him enough for the fights to come. As the topic of conversation becomes the workshop, he speaks up between sips of Coca Cola®, "So, like, why didn't we just send a group to shadow travel to her and shadow travel back?"

Hana: She blinked, wondering if Alexander understood just how much energy those two trips would take. "...ou want a 'group' to shadow travel from New York to Nevada? And back? That's going to take so much... energy. If anyone could just shadow travel to the workshop, we wouldn't be so worried about getting her as quick as possible in the first place. Heck, we wouldn't be here." She stopped to inhale, as she'd said it all in one breath and then leaned back, pressing her head against the seat's headrest and closed her eyes. "I got carried away there, sorry. Point still stands though." She glanced at Daniel. "Anyway, have an estimate of how long this drive will be?"

Arian: "I mean can't he just shadow travel from here to the Workshop?" Arian understood that a cross country movement like that was almost impossible for a demigod. But now since they were far closer to their destination he assumed it might be possible. Sitting back, he knew he'd be quite bored but decided he only needed to wait for things to get exciting again. His father reminded him that quests were rarely ever easy during their last Iris Message discussion.

Blodwen: She smiled at the comment on her drawing. Looking at the comment directed at her about the driver she tapped her pencil on her chin. "He should have a general idea but," she tapped on the window separating the two compartments. It slowly lowered and a man said in a thick Russian accent "Yes mistress Blod?" The woman smiled and spoke in soft Russian to the man and he looked in the rearview into the compartment before handing back a small digital pad which she handed to Daniel. "Simply enter the coordinates here if you please."

Ollie: Ollie kept to his tinkering as the others worked out their trip details. He knew where the workshop was, of course, having been to the place a few times already. And magnetoreception gave him a pretty good clue how far away they were. But hey, he had a snow nymph that he just met to show off for. Danny-boy could handle the deets. Ollie stayed absorbed by his assorted bits of celestial bronze, occasionally filling little steam pumps with his spear.

Daniel: He nodded as he took the digital pad in his hands, and entered the coordinates from his memory afterwards. The sun rose higher and higher into the sky as their vehicle rumbled along the road, delving deeper into the desert, and it became increasingly hot as well. "We should be arriving soon," Daniel mumbled to his questmates.

Alexander: He began to roll up the sleeves to his flannel shirt, revealing even more of his almost porcelain skin. Small beads of sweat are now visible on his brow, and Alexander's breathing is growing more ragged, "Gosh, I sure hope so... I get car sick pretty easily." Alexander closes his eyes and begins to sway and take deep breaths in an effort to calm his tummy.

Hana: "Well that's convenient," she commented, glancing over at Alexander. As the temperature increased, so did her desire for the air conditioning to be turned on even higher. Nevada wasn't her favorite state for a reason and she'd rather leave as soon as possible. "Any estimate on how many miles we are from the workshop?"

Arian: "Yo he just said we'd get there soon." Arian was quite comfortable in the limo, deciding to take another can of soda for himself. Though getting to fight the Griffin was amazing, he wondered what they'd get to encounter next. "Besides." A sudden realization made him check the windows. "Could be monsters out here, we need to be careful."

Blodwen: The Snow Nymph tugged lightly at her collar the heat starting to cause her a slight pain and trying in vain to cover her skin in a thin sheet of ice to cool it. "I do hope we don't have to stay here too long or I'm liable to melt." She tapped lightly on the partition and whispered in Russian and a moment later the A.C. could be heard humming to life as the cabin cooled a few degrees.

Ollie: Ollie glanced up at the nymph across from him, eyeing her over for a split second and looking away before she was done with the driver. He smiled slyly as he pulled out a little metal cartridge of liquid nitrogen and retrofitted it to his creation. The trinket in his other hand was beginning to look more like a human figurine of sorts - wearing a cloak of brass foil, that fluttered like in an artificial breeze.

Daniel: As their journey through the desert went on, Daniel felt a certain feeling of unease settling into the pit of his stomach - as if something wasn't right. Four half-bloods and two spirits, in the middle of nowhere, confined inside a moving hunk of metal, and nothing was happening. That was certainly strange, especially for Daniel whose mind was already wired to believe that every moment spent outside the protective borders of Camp Half-Blood was unsafe, and to expect a monster to jump in on them at any minute. Which is why he stopped tinkering with his metal cube for a moment, and instead, reached for the handle of one of his CB Axes that was stowed inside his magical fanny pack, and grasped its handle lightly. Just for, you know, safety measures.

Daniel had every right to be alert since loud bird noises and large amounts of flapping could be heard in the distance. A number of creatures were closing in and landing on the roof of the limo, trying to pierce through the roof with their sharp talons. Whoever looked towards a window could see vicious harpies flying towards the doors, immensely desperate to get inside like hungry beasts. The driver called out for help, being somewhat blinded by the harpies trying to enter towards the front. The limo kept moving, but it and everyone inside were clearly in danger.

Alexander: Reinvigorated by the sudden action, he rolled forward off his seat; forced to slouch to avoid the couple inches below the roof that was growing more and more populated with talons. Alexander retrieved a stiletto from his back pocket, but the enclosed cab of the limo put his comrades too close for him to safely. Alexander shuffled quickly as he could to the front of the limousine, "Bring us to a stop so we can fight off these turkeys boss! I think it is in our best interest to keep the limo as intact as we can!" Alexander's tone was urgent and imperative, but calm and steady. After, he placed his back against the divider and pressed into it, expecting to come to a stop in a less than pleasant manner.

Hana: At the sound of the irritated bird noises, Hana's head had immediately snapped towards the window. As the chaos around the limo increased it became evident it was time for Hana to bring up the defense. "Stop the limo," she added, encouraging Alexander's instructions. "I can keep the harpies busy for a few seconds so we can all get out safely!" She slid off the seat, crouching low to the ground to focus, pressed up against one of the doors. "Someone cover me in case the harpies tear out the door or something!" It seemed purple wisps floated from her eyes and a violet mist enveloped her hands as she placed them on the ground.

Arian: As the driver obeyed the instructions, Arian didn't waste time preventing a harpy from crawling through an open window by running his sword directly through it's face viciously. But the next one that moved in didn't seem deterred by the demigod's blade. Arian quickly swung it at the next one. "Cover the windows! The roof might hold for a bit!" He was tempted to activate his embodiment form again and try taking them on himself, but he didn't want to rely on that power too often.

Blodwen: The car slowed so quickly Blodwen was knocked to the floor where she landed and immediately formulated her plan. With the enemies being airborne she figured her best bet was to disrupt their movements so she focused and slowly a cloud formed around the car and a massive snow blizzard created a snow blind to confuse and disorient the harpies still flying around the vehicle. "I can only hold this blizzard so long so move fast and clear out some of these feathered menaces!"

Ollie: It... actually took a moment for Ollie, staring up at the harpy claws shredding the car's roof, to realize he was in danger. His first thought was something along the lines of Aphrodite help me, even more birds/girls, this is the best day of my life. His second thought was Aghhghghghbhgh as he smacked his head against the rear window. The osprey fought off stars, doing his best to focus on the other demigods' orders through the ringing in his ears. Why were harpies here? Ollie didn't have any problems with harpies normally. Like, sure, they tended to be psycho cannibals, but all the best chicks are. You haven't really lived until you've partied with maenids, after all, and they're all about- Fuck it's cold all of the sudden! Ollie regained focus with a start and glanced around, surprised to find himself face-up on the floor of the limo. His spear had transformed into bow form somehow, and to his dismay, the contents of his quiver had been spewed across the seats. Always a pain. Ollie used his feet to pin his bow against the roof, then pulled with both hands to shoot up where a harpy's claws stuck through. Awkward, sure, but the car was too cramped to fire otherwise.

Daniel: The moment he heard the monsters coming, he knew that his gut feeling had been right. "Let's go, let's go, we can't stay inside this death trap," he shouted as he quickly opened the sliding door and blasted the harpies that were crowding there with fire. He then ran out of the vehicle before slashing at the monsters that are coming for him.


Toxy: By the way, so we're on the same page on what this thing is like anotomically, I've been going off of the John Tenniel interpretation . Just the size of a cessna. So it has an eagle head/front legs/wings, and a lion body/rear legs/tail (though the tail also has some feathers on the end for guidance).

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