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Message Me ~ 11:49, August 27, 2018 (UTC)
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Aiden Zhang Son of Aetna β€’ Head Counsellor

Aetna Cabin

  • Seraphim: Seraphim chose to hang outside of the cabin today, her heels echoing softly against the molten bridge that hovered well above the ruthless lava river. The heat didn't seem to bother her all the much and delicate brown eyes fixated on the volcano - as if on cue, the hourly eruption spewed lava and chunks everywhere. It appeared Seraphim had it down to a science by now.
  • Aiden: Despite having been living at camp for almost a year now, Aiden very rarely saw the volcano erupt. Only seeing it a handful of times in the long duration of his stay here at camp. Lucky enough for him, having been out and the timing working perfectly for him today, Aiden got to watch the eruption and he was as awestruck as the first time he saw it. The straw of his bubble tea that he had been sipping on prior to seeing the eruption, slipped out of his widened mouth.
  • Seraphim: She located the familiar face of her half-brother and stalked toward him, her plump lips curling into an amused little smirk. "It's almost as if you have never seen an eruption before, dear brother," she purred softly and slid a slender index finger beneath his chin before affectionately closing his open mouth, carefully circling him so that her hand could slide from his chin to his shoulder. "What flavor of bubble tea?"
  • Aiden: Although he knew Seraphim, Aiden was still startled by her presence thus causing him to jump a little before seeing who it was. Relaxing when her hand was on his shoulder. "It's watermelon flavoured, wanna try?" He asked before glancing back up at the volcano. "I've only seen it a few times since being here, which is crazy considering I was the first Aetna kid to arrive."
  • Seraphim: "I don't believe I've tried watermelon yet," she said and gently leaned over, using her fingers to direct the straw toward her and carefully took a polite little sip, trying not to spread as much germs as possible. "That's definitely better than strawberry or peach." She chewed on the boba that had damn near choked her and leaned back on the bridge. "Being head counsellor would take up a lot of your time, I presume. I spent too much free time here." She cocked her head at Aiden, curious. "I don't think you ever told me much about being the first Aetna kid here."
  • Aiden: "It's way better than strawberry and peach." He said, clearly passionate about such issues before taking another sip of his drink and chewing the tapioca pearls before speaking again. "It is pretty busy, and I was kind of just thrown into it all. Being the first of her kid's here and what not. It was weird, being alone for awhile before Leda, you, and the rest of them showed up."
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