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Domonick Farmer ~ Reaper of Souls
Domonick Farmer3

"I am life, so when you beg for it, don't be surprised if I tell you stop wearing out my name!"
Character's Bio

 Age: 17  Height: 5'11"  Weight: 159 lbs
 Sexuality: Straight  Relationship Status: Single
 Birth Place: Bern, Switzerland  Main Weapon: Celestial Bronze Longsword- No Special Properties, Celestial Bronze/Stygian Iron Claymore- Can morph into golden-silver-platinum earring, Stygian Iron gladius- Repels all magic-based attacks. Susceptible to ice, Celestial Bronze Bow- Arrows are made out of energy from its user. Arrows can kill only monsters.
 Accent: American
 – "Life is funny. Unfortunately, I have little humor."

Character's Powers


Children of Thanatos can use astral energies to make weapons for a short period of time, the larger the weapon, the more energy consumed. Only 1 weapon may be created at a time and it cannot be bigger than 2 or 3 times the size of the user. Children of Thanatos have the ability to drain some of the life force out of a person, so that they become weaker, slower, and almost sedated for a short time. However, using this in succession will weaken the power’s effect.


Children of Thanatos have the ability to conjure a protective dome of astral energies around them, which will protect the user from attacks for a short time.


Children of Thanatos can sense any death, whether it be mortal, demigod,nymph or monster. Children of Thanatos can communicate with the souls of the recently deceased. Children of Thanatos heal slightly every time they deal damage to their opponents. Children of Thanatos are able to see the lifespan of others, but are forbidden to share information about the lifespan in any way.


Children of Thanatos have the ability to Shadow Travel, to teleport from shadow to shadow; the further the distance, the more energy drained. Children of Thanatos are able to call forth recently deceased spirits to aide them for a short time. Children of Thanatos are able to enchant weapons with soul-damaging powers, the effect only lasts for a short time. Children of Thanatos can bend shadows around them, concealing them for a short time.

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Theós Hampton ~ Leader of the Rebellion
Theós Hampton

Take your time! I literally have all the time in the world...
Character's Bio

 Age: Immortal (Lived 17 yrs)  Height: 6'1"  Weight: 159 lbs.
 Sexuality: Bicurious  Relationship Status: Eliza Cate
 Birth Place: Brooklyn, NY  Main Weapon: CB Gladius; Charm of Emotions
 Accent: New York Accent
 – I wonder...should I serve the Gods? Or be one?

Character's Powers

 (3 & 6 Month)


  1. Children of Hecate have the ability to fire an intense beam of magical energy which will burn anything it touches. The ability can also be focused into small magical bullets, which have better range but are less damaging than a beam.
  2. Children of Hecate have the ability to use magic to electrically charge something made of metal for a short time.


  1. Children of Hecate are able to create a protective dome of magical energy around them for a short time.
  2. Children of Hecate are able to become ethereal in form for a short time, which temporarily causes all attacks to go through them. In this state, they cannot attack an opponent and if they do their ethereal state will dissipate instantly.


  1. Children of Hecate have the innate ability to see in all directions at once.
  2. Children of Hecate are innately stronger at night.
  3. Children of Hecate are able to communicate with the dead to gather information.
  4. Children of Hecate are adept at making potions and elixirs, however potions used in battle cannot be overly powerful or altering to the events of the battle. Potions that can automatically heal all wounds or restore all energy are examples of over-powered potions. Only descendants of Hecate/Circe and Lampades can create potions. Overconsumption of potions can result in overdose symptoms and some potions could have side-effects or not work at all.


  1. Children of Hecate can conjure spells to teleport themselves and allies. The further the distance, the more energy drained.
  2. Children of Hecate can cast a levitation spell on themselves for a short time which will allow them to fly, the longer they levitate the more power it drains. The spell can also be used items and enemies.
  3. Children of Hecate are able to use some healing spells to quickly heal minor wounds and slowly heal major wounds. Fatal wounds cannot be healed.

3 Months After a Character is Made

  1. Children of Hecate are able to control the Mist around them, allowing them to create optical illusions that can fool even demigods. The illusions can confuse enemies with false memories, alter the appearance of the user or their allies, change the appearance of items or weapons or even alter the appearance of the environment to an extent. Changes to the Mist only last for a short time, mist control is less draining than custom spells. (6 month)

6 Months After a Character is Made

  1. Children of Hecate have the ability to create new spells, whether they were trained, self-taught or devised the spell on the fly. The spells can be minor, such as locating, summoning animals, divination or controlling emotions. Or they can be more advanced and powerful such as controlling the elements, pure magical energy, necromancy, curses and summoning monsters or magical guardians. Spells cannot be overly powerful or controlling. The more complex and powerful the spell, the more energy it drains from the user.

9 Months After a Character is Made

  1. Children of Hecate have the ability to focus all their magical abilities into transforming themselves into any living being, or even a being of their own imagination. This power is, in essence, the ability to shapeshift into anything the user can imagine. The user can transform into another human, an animal, a monster, or anything in between. The transformation can last as long as the user wishes it to, but the longer they hold their form the more it drains them. They cannot cast any spells while the transformation is in place and they cannot transform into anything overly powerful. (Like a rabbit that can make people’s heads explode with a thought. ) The form they shift into cannot be larger than 2 to 3 times the human size of the user, and after the user resumes their regular form they are severely drained. Unable to move from exhaustion and they could possibly faint. This power can only be used once in a fight.

Custom Spells (6 Month)

  1. Theós can cast a spell that causes great gusts of wind for a short time, enough to catch an opponent off guard. The winds can be hot enough to bring water to a boil or cold enough to freeze water.
  2. Theós can cast a spell making him capable of temporarily reading the minds of his opponents. This can be used to predict the person's movements, or gaze at a person's memories. The longer this is used, the more energy drained.
  3. Theós can cast a spell making everything in a one-mile radius start to freeze. This can affect both friend and foe, and even can effect the user. This can only be used twice in a battle.
  4. Theós can cast a spell that makes him aware of several movements in an area. The maximum range is a mile, and Theós is considerably drained after use.
  5. Theós can cast a spell making everything appear three times slower. This can be used to predict movements, as well as think through situations. Note that while the world appears three times slower, it is actually going on the same time without stopping. Overusage can result in the user losing track of actual time and being caught by whatever they were avoiding.
  6. Theós can cast a spell that allows him to control recently dead spirits and bodies (necromancy). This can be used to intereogate the dead or bring back deceased people to fight for him. Theós cannot move while the spell is active and afterwards, Theós is considerably drained. Theós can bring back up to 12 deceased people at a time.
  7. Theós can cast a spell that allows him to weave "charmspeak" into his words. Although the "charmspeak" is at the level of other users, it is more draining for him to use. Can only be used once in a fight.
  8. Theós can cast a spell that allows him to summon monsters to aid him in battle. The monsters can range from Easy to Suicide, and the bigger and more powerful the monster, the more energy drained. Note that by summoning monsters, Theós cannot move, but, when summoning Suicide monsters, Theós is completely drained, and will almost certainly faint after a few minutes of summoning.
  9. Theós can cast a spell that allows him to temporarily mimic the demigod abilities of another demigod. This can be used only once a fight, and leaves Theós relatively drained.
  10. Theós can cast a spell that allows him to banish Easy monsters back to Tartarus. This can be used once in a fight and three times in a quest.
  11. Theós can cast a spell that enhances the strength, speed, and agility of those around him. This also temporarily gives them the ability to use their Month powers that they haven't unlocked yet. The effects are temporary, and afterwards, Theós is considerably drained.
  12. Theós can cast a spell that temporarily sets a curse on his opponents. Every time Theós is dealt damage, the opponent is dealt the same amount. This considerably drains Theós, and can only be used once a fight.
  13. Theós can cast a spell that makes allies hostile towards each other. This can be used to cause tension between groups of opponents. The spell lasts only for a short time.
  14. Theós can cast a spell that allows him to see a few moments into the future, this however obscures his vision at times.
  15. Theós can cast a spell that allows him to control the weather. This lets him create a variety of weather conditions, from wild thunder to blistering hail. The longer used, the more energy drained.
  16. Theós can cast a spell that allows him to solidify poison and create it into weaponry, no larger than 2 to 3 times the size of the user. Although only one can be conjured at a time, they may also form other objects out of their poison. If hit with a weapon made from poison, the poison can enter a target’s bloodstream through a cut or through their pores, so the target will feel sick and nauseous for a short time.
  17. Theós can cast a spell that allows him to control the age of non-corporal beings. The only living thing who's age he can contol, is plants, otherwise, the subject must be non-living. Theós can make weapons or shields of their opponents age to the point where they’ll break after hitting something once (after some time, usually half an hour or so, the weapon will reverse the aging and damage done to it), as well as cause plants, walls and other things like that to age and crumble/whither, to clear the way. It drains the user a small to moderate amount.
  18. Theós can cast a spell that allows him to temporarily possess Matter Transmogrification which is the ability to control pure matter to transform objects, depending on the size of the object transformed, varies on how long it stays transformed, the larger the object transformed, the more energy it takes. This can be used to turn an opponents weapon into something harmless temporarily.
  19. Theós can cast a spell that allows him to be able to make a fake copy of an object not bigger than him, but he must clearly imagine the object in their minds for it to completely imitate the original object. Also, if the original object possess magical properties or whatsoever, the imitation will not copy those properties.
  20. Theós can cast a spell that allows him to see a few seconds or minutes into the past. This can obscure his sight at times, but is far less draining than a mind-reading spell.
  21. Theós can cast a spell that makes him able to use the shadows to make a shadow creature, no larger than 2 to 3 times the size of the user, to fight for them for a short time, while the shadow creature is fighting they are incapacitated and the longer they use the shadow creature the more energy it drains. This method is less draining than monster summoning.
  22. Theós can cast a spell that allow him to move, shape and otherwise manipulate any "earthen" elements, including most solid objects, specifically all minerals and mineral compositions regardless of their state (mountain, boulder, sand or dust), dirt and soil. They cannot, however, make any object or weapon that is larger than the user, nor control any man-made materials.
  23. Theós can cast a spell that allows him to increase or decrease magnetism in items. By focusing this, he can make a blade attract to the ground or a blade repel back several feet. He can use this as a field so he can control magnetism in a small radius. The longer used, the more power drained.
  24. Theós can cast a spell that allows him to freely travel back and forth in time. However, Theós cannot alter the events. When traveling to the future, Theós can see a "possibility" of what it will be. This is more potent, yet more exerting, than a temporary future sight spell.
  25. Theós can cast a spell that allows him to trap anyone or anything into reiterating time stream where where everything inside the loop is restarted precisely every so often, possibly even backwards. You may be able to force someone to relive the same few seconds, upwards to an hour, for as long as you keep them there. While the time loop is maintained the user is incapacitated and the longer the time loop is maintained the more energy it drains. On some occasions people have been know to retain a small amount of memories or eventually escape weaker temporal loops.
  26. Theós can cast a spell that gives him the ability to "imprison" one's powers, weakening it by a large amount instantly to the point that i.e. a fireball dissipates into a wisp of smoke, a torrent of water turns into a droplet etc.; however, repeated usage drains him considerably.
  27. Theós can cast a spell that allows him to multiply or divide the weight of people, places and things. Every five seconds that pass with this spell active, the weight of Theós' target multiplies or divides by two. The longer this is used, the more energy drained.
  28. Theós can cast a spell that allows him to induce intense vertigo upon those around him for a short time. This does not differ between friend and foe. Symptoms are motion sickness, nausea, headaches, hallucinations, and temporary loss of body functions. The longer this is used, the more energy drained.
  29. Theós can cast a spell that allows him to freely generate and manipulate temperatures. By increasing the temperatures, Theós can generate and manipulate flames, and by decreasing the temperatures, he can generate and manipulate ice. The longer this is used, the more energy drained.
  30. Theós can cast a spell that allows him to control, generate, and manipulate plants. The plants can be no bigger than Theós. The bigger the plant and longer it's controlled, the more energy drained.
  31. Theós can cast a spell that allows him to manipulate capacitance; the ability of a physical body/material to hold an electric charge. Capacitance can be found functioning not only in capacitors and materials, but in the nervous system of living things. Theós can use this to be able to control lightning and electricity in items. The longer this is used, the more energy drained. This can be used once in a fight.
  32. Theós can cast a spell that allows him animate virtually any non-living thing. Theós can only animate a few things at a time to aid him in battle. Theós can use this to animate golems to do his bidding, furniture to prank someone, even animating inactive automatons. The longer this isused and bigger the target, the more energy drained.
  33. Theós can cast a spell that allows him to communicate and control animals. The more animals controled, the larger the animal, and the longer the spell is active, the more energy drained.
  34. Theós can cast a spell that allows him to temporarily control the technology around him. This can range from hacks, viruses, overrides, malfunctions, or even enhancements. The bigger the target, the more energy drained.
  35. Theós can cast a spell that gives him the ability to conjure a shadowy form of an older Titan/one of the Twelve Titans formerly or currently imprisoned in Tartarus (with the exception of Kronos, Rhea, Mnemosyne and Themis), no larger than 2 to 3 times the size of the user, which will fight for them for some time; this spell was created to mimic an ability of a child of Tartarus. During this time, the user is immobilized and, upon completion, will be considerably drained. Can only be used once a fight.
  • These are the powers if the Twelve imprisoned Titons that can be conjured, the three Titan wives are omitted, the same as Kronos (as he's cut to pieces and scattered).
    • Hyperion (Titan of Light): The same as his children
    • Iapetus (Former Titan of the Underworld / Titan of Mortality): Either the same as children of Hades or children of Thanatos, as mortality relates to death, and he was the former ruler of the Underworld.
    • Koios (Titan of the Poles and Intellect): The same as his children.
    • Krios (Titan of the Constellations): The same as children of Astraeus.
    • Oceanus (Titan of the Oceans): The same as children of Poseidon
    • Tethys (Titaness of the Seas): Also the same as children of Poseidon
    • Phoebe (Titaness of Mystery): The same as children of Hecate, magic and mystery relates to each other.
    • Theia (Titaness of Sight and the Shining Light of the Clear Blue Sky): So this "sight" is not physical, but the prophetic sight. Since she's the Titaness of the light of the clear blue sky, her powers would be the same as her consort, Hyperion, as we don't have a god here with the powers of light and prophetic sight alone.


  1. Children of Hecate typically love the magical arts, many of them are known for writing spellbooks. Her children have created/re-introduced and improved spells and techniques all over history.
  2. Necromancy is commonly a favored magical art among children of Hecate.
  3. Children of Hecate are known for being quite mysterious.
  4. Children of Hecate are often more active and exhibit better moods at night and in dark environments.
  5. Children of Hecate wield innate knowledge and understanding of the Mist.

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Avery WB!

Kara -Child of Hera
-Daughter of Hera

 – "Wow, I look way skinnier and sassier in this photo than real life."

This should be interesting...


Phoebe Adams -Demigod
-Daughter of Hephaestus

 – "A kind act can sometimes be as powerful as a sword." - Percy Jackson and The Battle of The Labyrinth

Forging and reading are my escape.

Possible Edith Mark I

Edith -Child of None
-Protector of Demigods

 – "Confirmed."

Target Acquired.



Kara: Huffing as she left the dining pavilion, Kara massaged her temples. She'd had a nasty headache ever since her recent fight with another demigod, and the usage of her powers had left her exhausted and very much susceptible to anxiety, especially due to loud sounds. "Mlamllp?" Kara turned slightly towards the baby on her back. "It's ok, Nata. Mommy's just having a bad day, it's not your fault." She sighed. "Appreciate the concern though. You're very sweet. You know, you just turned six months old. What do you think I should get you, hmm?" She waited a moment for response. Nata, who had lost interest, then began chewing on some of Kara's hair. Kara mentally facepalmed. "A teething ring it is. Why am I asking you again?"

Domonick: Domonick was walking towards the forest, humming. Scratching his head, he rechecked his phone. "Still no response, huh. Did Theos leave Camp Half-Blood after all he did...?" Domonick asked himself tentatively. Sitting on the grass, he pulled his acoustic guitar from his back, strumming to himself whilst thinking of a song to start playing. Smiling, Domonick started playing "I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz, humming along to the song, but not singing.

Kara: Kara's eyebrows raised at hearing the sound of a B chord emanating from a guitar. She turned to see an attractive young man sitting on the grass nearby, strumming away to a familiar line that she couldn't quite place. She walked over to hear more closely, and could hear him humming the tune. At recognizing it, she smiled and sat down by him. "There's a bit of a throwback." She listened for a few more moments. "You play nicely."

Domonick: Domonick looked up at the girl sitting next to him. He smiled and waved at the child she carried. "Thank you, ma'am. I've been doing this for..." Domonick started, then stopped to think. "...quite a while, I guess." Domonick said. Looking the girl up and down, he noticed she was quite pretty. "Y'know, I can play a different song, if you want. Throwbacks are easier to learn, but maybe I can try to play a different song?" Domonick suggested.

Kara: "Oh, only if you'd like to! It's a good song by all means. I missed it a bit, actually." She looked at the guitar. "Jeez, it's been a while since I played music. I should get back into it." Nata reached out towards the guitar, her mouth wide open. "Nonono, Nata, honey, you can't chew on that. No." Kara took her backpack off and lifted Nata out, plopping her into her mother's lap. "Here, you can play with Blob." She reached into the backpack again and took out what looked like a vaguely spherical beanbag with two buttons sewn on. She gave the "Blob" to Nata and turned back to Dominick. "Sorry, um, what was I talking about?" She blinked. "R-right. Music. Wish I knew guitar more, too. I'm not great at it," she stuttered, blushing slightly.

Domonick: Smiling, he motioned for Kara to take the guitar. "It's okay. I can teach you. I love meeting new people, especially if they're as pretty as you." Domonick smiled warmly. "Let's start off with something simple, like strumming the A and B chords. Let's see if you can find them, ma'am." Domonick encouraged, moving closer to Kara. Meanwhile, he hummed "Whatcha' Say" by Jason Derulo.

Kara: Kara grinned. "Ok, I'm a little rusty, but let's give it a shot." She passed Nata over to Dominick's lap, the little baby smiling. Kara accepted the guitar, and started strumming the chords, singing the names of the notes. "E, E, B, B, G#, G#, F#, here we go." And she started to sing along. "Mm, whatcha saaa-y-ay, mm, that you only meant well? Well of course you di-id mm, whatcha saa-y-ay, mm, that it's all for the best? Of course it is."

Domonick: Domonick's eyes widened. He was just humming a random song, and giving her random notes, thinking she was going to start small. He didn't expect her to start playing the song. Not to mention, she was good. Looking from the child to Kara, Domonick actually started singing along with Kara. Placing Nata softly on the ground and scratching behind her ears for a second, Domonick then raised his hands. Teleporting his red drum set via shadows, Domonick hopped behind the drum set, picked up his drumsticks, and began singing, hitting each drum on cue. "I (I) was so wrong (wrong) for so long (long). Only tryin' to please myself (myself). Girl, I (I) was caught up (up) in her lust (lust)/ When I don't really want no one else. Sooo, no I know I should of treated you better...But me and you were meant to last forever. So let me in (let me in) give me another chance (another chance). To really be your ma-an. 'Cause when the roof caved in and the truth came out, I just didn't know what to do. But when I become a star we'll be living so large...i'll do anything for you, So tell me girl.."

Kara: Laughing and strumming along happily, Kara stuck her leg out to keep Nata from falling over, and joined in with a harmony as the cymbal crashed before the melody. "Mm, whatcha saaa-y-ay, mm, that you only meant well? Well of course you di-id mm, whatcha saa-y-ay, mm, what did you say?"

She finished with a soft E chord that hung in the air for a moment, and turned to look at Dominick. "We should play in the Apollo Cabin's studio sometime! Nice trick there with the drums." While pausing to catch her breath, her headache suddenly caught up with her in full force. "Ah!" She grimaced, but quickly regained her composure. "Hey, I don't think I caught your name."

Nata flailed her legs and kicked the nearby bass drum with a small whump, giggling.

Domonick: Domonick smiled warmly. "You play brilliantly. My name is..." Domonick smiled, until he noticed Kara wince from her headache. "Are you okay?" Domonick asked sympathetically, running over to her side. Sighing, Domonick finally decided to tell her who he is. "My name is...Domonick Farmer. I'm sure you saw me on the news lately..." Domonick muttered shyly. Lately. Domonick has been all over the news lately, especially since his billion-dollar company, Code Red. has entered the Fortune 500, despite it being the biggest nuclear firearm and weapon of mass destruction builder to ever exist. Domonick was facing backlash: being labeled "the most dangerous man in business" for his involvement with Code Red, and being ridiculed for his fashion company, Fashion America, one of the leading clothes manufacturers, being taken over by his former tutors. Despite the controversy, Domonick still liked to believe he was selling these weapons to help protect the world, rather than destroy it.

Kara: Kara picked up Nata to keep her from kicking the bass drum more. "I'm ok, just a headache. I don't think I've looked at the news for a while, but congrats on making it on." She massaged one of her temples with her free hand. "Sorry. It was fine a minute ago, I think just maybe the drums made it come back." Her eyes widened. "I loved it though, I mean! The drumming!"

Nata: The new man seemed nice to Nata. She decided it would be good to make the nice man happy. Maybe he had food. Or something chewy. She reached over towards Dominick, her little arms outstretched. "Mllaml."

Domonick: Domonick sighed in relief, knowing she didn't know about what the media said about him. Reaching in his pocket, he pulled out a Snickers bar, and smiled at Nata. "I'm pretty sure she can't eat it yet, but maybe you two could share it?" Domonick smiled. A little worried about Kara, he pulled out a bottle of Aspirin. "I sometimes get headaches for...personal reasons. You should have a few. The chocolate should help drown out the sour taste." Domonick smiled warmly. He found Kara and Nata refreshing, and hoped Kara wasn't having any health problems causing her headaches. "Also, I don't believe you told me your name. Surely a girl as cute as you has one..." Domonick smiled goofily.

Kara: Kara smiled wistfully. "I'm allergic to peanuts, so no snickers for me, sadly." She noticed Nata squirming and reaching towards Dominick. "Oh jeez, sorry. Nata does this sometimes when she's curious about new people and wants to meet them." She looked up and shrugged jokingly. "Trade you the priviledge to hold a bundle of cuteness and know my name for an Aspirin. I'm all out of Tylenol as of this morning."

Domonick: Domonick smirked. "Deal..." Domonick laughed, opening the bottle. "How about...two Aspirin, and I buy you dinner?" Domonick suggested, pulling out two Aspirin. "I would say three, but two is the recommended amount nowadays." Domonick joked, handing Kara two Aspirin with a confident smile on his face.

Kara: Handing Nata over, Kara quickly took the aspirin from Dominick. "I'm Kara, and this little cute lady is Nata. And I'll definitely take you up on that with or without the aspirin." Kara's eyes widened. CRAP, I didn't mean to say that! Ok Kara, back up, calm down, you're fine. Both her limited knowledge of romance and her anxiety were giving her hell.

Thankfully, Nata decided to draw attention away from her mother as she chewed on Dominick's shirt with her toothless, gummy mouth. "Mmmlm. Mllmplt." She let go and stuck out her tongue, looking up at Dominick curiously.

Domonick: Domonick smiled lovingly as he carried Nata in his arms, rocking her gently. "Looks like Nata loves my shirt." Domonick laughed, stroking Nata's hair. "So this is Kara Rudikoff. Theos told me about her...I can't let Theos hurt anyone else..." Domonick thought stressfully, but he still stroked Nata's hair while he rocked her gently. "Maybe Nata should come along? I would love to get to know the both of you better." Domonick suggested, slowly sitting on the ground, Nata still curled up in his arms.

Kara: Kara smiled. "That would be wonderful." She watched as Nata snuggled up to Dominick, making small happy noises as her hair (or mostly lack therof) was stroked. "Aw, she really likes you, even more than most strangers she meets. That's a good sign." Nata usually has good intuition about people... I should be safe around him. "Where would you maybe want to go for dinner, out of curiosity? Or is that a surprise?"

Domonick: Domonick smiled warmly. "Wherever you please. I hear there's a great diner downtown. Or we can go somewhere expensive. Whichever you want." Domonick smiled. Looking at Nata snuggling up against him, Domonick's mind drifted back to Theos. "Why did Theos chase after these two? What was that psychopath thinking?!?! I'll have to confront Theos soon, before he starts his...'experiments' again." Domonick thought, while absentmindedly holding Nata close, not realizing he was now basically hugging the child while stroking her hair.

Kara: Grinning at the sight of Dominick holding her baby so carefully, Kara took a second to process his words. Her eyes widened. "Oh, nonono, we don't have to go anywhere fancy! I... don't have much money."

Domonick: Domonick smiled. "Oh, don't worry. I can pay." Domonick smiled softly. Standing up, Domonick smiled at Kara. "So..ready to go?" Domonick asked, anxious to eat right away.

Kara: "Oh, um... ok. Yeah, sure, ready anytime!" Kara definitely wasn't expecting Dominick to pay, but she supposed that since she was short on cash, she could let him this time. "Don't go spending too much on me though." She looked over at Nata and tried to keep from giggling. "I'm gonna need my little one back first, though." Nata had curled up against Dominick's chest and fallen asleep while sucking on his shirt.

Domonick: Domonick smirked. He noticed Nata drooling on his shirt again, and Domonick began stroking her hair a couple more times before handing her back to Kara. "I think I'm going to need another shirt..." Domonick laughed. He then grabbed his acoustic guitar and shadow-teleported himself and his instruments back to his room in the Thanatos Cabin. Throwing on another shirt, a light blue plaid shirt that went perfect with his sky blue jeans, Domonick reappeared in front of Kara. Wiping the sweat from his brow, he smiled. "Alright, let's go!" Domonick said, grabbing Kara's hand (the one not holding Nata) and walking forward a few steps, before they were covered in shadows. In a few seconds, they were inside a high-class restaurant. Domonick collapsed in a chair in the lobby, wiping large amounts of sweat from his face.


Kara: "Oh my gods, are you ok?" Kara rushed over. "Here." Kara grabbed a few tissues from her purse, which she'd quickly earth-traveled to get before the two left. "Ok, no more shadow-traveling for you. I'll earth-travel us back if we need to." She wiped off Dominick's forehead. Nata yawned in her sleep. "Aaaml." Kara stepped back. "Do you think I'm ok to just wear this summer dress?" She wore a simple light pink dress, not too revealing, going halfway down her thighs.

Domonick: Domonick stood up, despite being tired. Looking Kara up and down, his face turned light red. "Thank you for the help. And you look stunning." Domonick smiled. A server then walked forward, a short pale, curvy woman with blonde hair, black eyes, and blood red lipstick. "Oh my gods, oh my gods, oh my gods! Domonick Farmer?!?! I remember you from elementary!" the lady server screamed, freaking out. "" Domonick said with a fake smile, not knowing who the lady was. Looking at her nametag, he had a sudden burst of memories. She was his ex. "Veronica Kelly, it's been...10 years since we last spoke. So good to see you. Um...can we get seated?" Domonick asked politely. Veronica then looked at Kara and Nata. "Domonick...I didn't know you had a sister!" Veronica smiled. "She's...not my sister, V." Domonick sighed, using the old nickname he gave her in elementary. "Oh...well, I guess I can get you two seated then..." Veronica said, looking disappointed. Leading the two to a table lit with candles (and also having a booster seat), Veronica gave them both a menu. "Shall we start off with drinks? Domonick, I know how much you like red wine...honestly, you wanted to be a wine I'll go get that right away!" Veronica smiled, scurrying off. "Wait, you forgot to take hers...and she's gone." Domonick groaned, rubbing his nose in frustration. "I don't even want wine right now..." Domonick complained to himself. Looking up, he smiled half-heartedly at Kara. "I am so sorry...I'll ask for a new server as soon as Veronica comes back..." Domonick apologized.

Kara: Kara gently lifted Nata into the booster seat, who was just waking up. "Oh, no, don't worry! She seemed really nice, actually. Old friend?" She fastened a bib around Nata's neck, and put her "Blob" on the little table.

Domonick: Domonick smiled thinly. " could say that..." Domonick sighed. Returning, Veronica sat a large glass of wine in front of Domonick. "No thanks, I actually want a Pepsi...and you 'forgot' to take their orders too." Domonick said. Veronica pouted, then looked at Kara. "What drinks would you like?" she groaned.

Kara: "Oof, I feel you on that one. Resturaunt jobs can be exhausting." Kara smiled sympathetically. "I'd just take water if that's ok, I'm not quite old enough to drink. Oh, um, if it's ok, could I have a small bowl please? I've got some baby food with me to feed my little one." She paused. "Unless if you have applesauce I could give her? I'm sorry, I don't want to be a bother."

Domonick: Veronica glared at Kara. "Bothersome you are..." Veronica snapped, storming away. Domonick smiled warmly. "You truly are good at heart, Kara. It takes a lot to deal with a harpy in disguise." Domonick grinned. Looking back towards the kitchen, Domonick started wondering where the real Veronica was.

Kara: Kara immediately tensed up. "Do you mean that literally?" Her hand crept to her forearm before she realized she didn't have her hidden shield equipped. "Please don't tell me you meant that literally. Please."

Domonick: The smile faded from Domonick's face. "I can see the lifespans of every person in this room. Unless she's the first mortal to live to her 978th birthday, she's a harpy. Not to mention, my 1st grade girlfriend was named Veronica Wilson, not Veronica Kelly. She's a fake...and I'll handle this." Domonick sighed. Standing up, Domonick's head immediately started ringing. A massive migraine hit him, and he fell into his seat. "" Domonick groaned, pulling out five Aspirin from his pocket and drowning them down in red wine. "Gods...I'm not even old enough to drink..." Domonick complained, wiping the blood that trickled from his nose away. Standing up slowly this time, Domonick looked at Veronica warily, who was reapproaching the table with a glass of water with a white glob (likely spit) in it. "Here..." Veronica sighed, looking at Kara menacingly.

Kara: "Thank you, Ms. Kelly. Could I see you outside for a moment, please? I just need to talk to you about something." Kara's face betrayed nothing, but a tiny rock was already forming in her hand, ready to shoot if she needed to.

Nata whimpered and leaned away from Veronica.

Domonick: Domonick was a little more...upfront in his fighting tactics than Kara. Stepping backwards, he leaned towards Kara. "Get Nata out of here. I'll deal with her." Domonick warned. Looking at Veronica, he sighed. "I'll give you three seconds to drop the act and prepare. 1...2.." Domonick said. Veronica then sprouted wings, and her fingernails became claws. She charged at Nata, hissing. "...3." Domonick growled. Taking his earring out of his ear, it morphed into a giant blade. The mortals seemed not to notice the fighting going on, and Domonick used his blade to keep Nata from getting harmed.

Kara: Kara didn't have time to say anything, and her instincts kicked in. She bolted from her seat, grabbing Nata, and immediately sprinted towards the man door. I can't earth-travel unless if I'm on something natural. I just have to get outside.

Domonick: Domonick grunted as he shoved the harpy back. With a guttural roar, Domonick headbutted the harpy, causing it to fall onto the floor. "Stay the hell away from that child!" Domonick screamed, sending the blade through the harpy's lung. The harpy screeched and writhed in pain, then burst into a pile of dust. Domonick then collapsed into the chair, panting and turning his sword back into a earring.

Kara: Kara stopped running and took a deep breath, holding onto Nata while she cried. "Gods, that was close." She went slowly back to the table, cuddling Nata and talking to her quietly as she walked. "Hey, hey, it's ok sweetie. She's all gone. Mommy's here. Shhhhh... It's ok. I love you. It's all ok." Kara looked to Dominick as she rocked her baby back and forth, calming Nata down. "Είμαστε ασφαλείς?" she asked in ancient Greek. Are we safe?

A manager walked forward, a look of concern on her face (probably because of the crying baby). "Is everything ok? Did Veronica serve you yet?" She noticed the glass of water and wrinkled her nose at seeing the white glob. "Oh my goodness, I'm so sorry. I don't know what's gotten into Veronica lately. I'll take that away and get you a proper glass right away." She picked up the old glass and walked back to the kitchen, embarassment written on her features.

Domonick: Domonick nodded. "Ναι είμαστε." Domonick sighed, switching to Greek. Yes we are. Looking at the harpy's dust, Domonick rubbed his temples, thinking. "It only went after Nata. Why the hell would it prefer one potential demi-demigoddess to two actual demigod and one demigoddess? This seems too suspicious. Think....think...why would it only attack one of us...?" Domonick thought. Standing up, he straightened out his shirt and reached in his pocket, pulling out a $100 bill and leaving on the table. Still deep in thought, Domonick slowly walked to the door, muttering to himself. Suddenly, Domonick's eyes widened. Grabbing Kara's arm, he looked around frantically. "We have to go. Now." Domonick said, pulling her towards the door.

Kara: Kara could see the urgency and concern in his eyes. "If we get to the grass outside, I can earth-travel us back to camp. Dom, what's happening?" She was starting to get scared.

Domonick: " will just make it easier for them to find us!" Domonick explained. Seeing the worry in her eyes, Domonick smiled warmly. "Look, don't worry...I think somebody's after us. But I know how to lose them, Kara...I just need you to trust me." Domonick smiled, trying to reassure her while leading her towards the exit. Domonick was already scared, but was keeping himself together.

Kara: Following, Kara swallowed and nodded nervously. "Who?" She held Nata closer, trying to soothe her.

Domonick: Domonick was about to open his mouth, when he sighed. "If I tell her, would she still trust me?" Domonick thought nervously. Instead of answering, he looked away, and led her down the street outside the resturaunt.

Kara: Power walking, Kara spun around and planted her feet between Dominick and the way forward. "Dominick Farmer, who exactly is trying to hurt my daughter?" Her hands shook a little, but she was also beginning to look angry. "Because I will protect her with my life. And I need to know who to protect her from." Nata had stopped crying, but was whimpering softly.

Domonick: Domonick stopped and sighed. Turning around, Domonick spotted a figure several feet back, in front of the resturaunt, staring at them. The figure then disappeared. "They're here. We gotta go!" Domonick shouted. Grabbing her arm, he ran for the nearest alley at full speed. The wind began blowing harder, becoming almost unnaturally cold.


Kara: Running hard, Kara held Nata close to herself, shielding her child with her body. "Dom!" She sprinted into the alley and immediately put her back to the wall. "I need to get Nata out of here. I swear to the gods, if you don't tell me what's happening-" She stopped speaking, and focused. She tried hard to counteract the wind with her own powers, but it almost seemed like it was fighting her. "I can't control the winds."

Domonick: Domonick looked down at his feet. "Kara, the person trying to kill Nata is-" Domoncik started. Suddenly, the ground trembled slightly. At the end of the alleyway, several vines shot out of the ground, then fell apart, revealing a mysterious figure, that wore a trenchcoat, along with a hoodie underneath to mask their identity."Earth travel.." Domonick muttered. The person slowly walked forward, the oyutfit now visibly all black. Their eyes seemed to briefly glow green in the darkness, then the eyes stopped glowing. "Kara Rudikoff, being in an alley must bring back...old memories. It's a shame what happened to you back then, a true tragedy." a familiar voice said. Domonick turned around. "Kara...?" Domonick asked, obviously curious about what the person meant.

???: The person slowly began to smile. " shouldn't be here, so don't act innocent. I'm quite sure you never told Ms. Rudikoff anything about me, did you." the person sighed.

Kara: Kara's eyes narrowed, and she gritted her teeth. She handed Nata to Dominick, and stepped out into the middle of the alleyway. Around her, the winds whistled, and an ethereal sword appeared in her hand. "Whoever you are... go back to whatever dark hole you crawled out of, and never attempt to harm me, my daughter or Dominick Farmer again." Her tone was dark, and commanding. "This is your only warning.

???: The person removed their hood, revealing......

Theos Hampton. Theos smirked at Kara. "Nice to see you again, Ms. Rudikoff. Domonick, be a dear and hand me that child." Theos grinned demonically. Domonick shook his head no. "I can't sit by and let you hurt any more people Theos...if you try to touch her, you won't be returning to camp alive." Domonick warned, a look of pure hatred in his eyes. Theos shrugged. "Alas, you truly are a traitor. I would expect more from family..." Theos sighed.

Kara: "You have just proven that you know nothing about family, Theos. I won't even ask about your knowledge of the alley, and what happened then. Now, if you'll excuse us... This has gone far enough. Dominick, be a dear like he said, hmm? Keep him busy for a moment." Her sword disappearing, she grabbed Nata. "I'll be back momentarily."

With a sudden gust of wind, Kara turned and vanished, leaving only a few grains of sand in her wake, which blew directly towards Theos's face.

Theos: "Why are you doing this, Domonick? Feminine charm? The child? Why betray me, your family?" Theos asked, wiping sand from his face. "Because you're evil. The Theos I knew...the loving, nice one, died a long time ago. You're just a shadow. Simple as that." Domonick growled, then charged at Theos. A red aura covered Theos, and he grabbed Domonick's arm, then sent him flying into a wall with a thump. Grabbing his head, Theos began repeatedly punching Domonick with immense strength, each hit drawing more and more blood. Throwing him into another wall, Theos sneered. Domonick writhered around on the ground, his eye swollen, lip busted, and nose completely shattered. Sighing, Theos began to stomp on Domonick's chest, snickering at the sound of his screams and the sickening snaps of his ribs. "I thought you were going to beat pathetic." Theos sighed, the red aura disappearing.

Kara: "LET HIM GO, THEOS!" The winds amplified Kara's shout as she warped into the alley, hovering six feet in the air. In full battle regalia, Kara a celestial bronze shortsword in place. Her eyes glowed electric blue, sparking and sizzling. She had chosen the power of Zeus in addition to her own. With a war cry that would make a child of Ares proud, she flew towards Theos, and swung her sword in a powerful two-hand strike while electrically charging the blade.

Theos: Theos smiled. "Don't go waving swords around. It's not safe." Theos warned. Raising his hands, he muttered a few words. Suddenly, his hands cackled with yellow energy, and a bolt then hit Kara's Domonick's watch. "Sorry to saythis, Domonick, but that watch is nothing but pure metal." Theos laughed, diving out of the way. The magnetivity in the sword and watch increased drastically, causing tthe sword to speed towards Domonick's wrist. Blood spewed, and Domonick screamed in agonizing pain as the sharp shaft of the blade slashed through his wrist...all the way to the bone.

Kara: "Oh my gods, Dominick!" Kara rushed to his side. "I'm so sorry. No, no, nonono..." She tried desperately to staunch the bleeding. After a moment, she moved her hands, and stone from the earth erupted, sealing itself around Dominick's wrist. "That'll stop it for now. Dominick, get yourself out. Go to camp and alert Alexander. Tell any ally you can find to come here."

She turned, and ran towards Theos, and as she did, a dome of earth erupted around Dominick, protecting him from harm. "You won't get away with that!" She leapt high, the winds boosting her and screamed with anger, pain and exhaustion. A concussive crack of thunder blasted through the air, and a bolt of lightning shot down from the sky towards Theos.

Domonick: Domonick staggered to his feet, wincing at the pain. He slowly walked around the barrier Kara made for him. "I'm not a liability..." Domonick grunted. Slowly, using his good hand, Domonick drew a Stygian Iron gladius from his watch. The strange watch shrunk and held most of his other weapons.

Theos: Several exceptionally large vines shot up, protecting Theos. Despite his defenses, Theos still took some of the impact, getting sent back a few feet. Theos rose to his feet, scowling. Ignoring Domonick, Theos grinned. Casting a spell, the temperature in the alley increased. It wasn't harmful though, just hot. However, Theos' hands were now covered in flames, as he increased the heat around his hands more than the heat in the alley, Grunting, Theos sent a fire blast towards Kara and Domonick.

Kara: I can't keep this up... but neither can Theos, with the number of spells he's used already. We have to end this quickly. Kara flew forward, the wind surrounding herself and snuffing out the fire as it passed around her... Almost. She hissed at feeling the fire scorch her face, leaving a nasty burn on her cheek. She landed and ran, going into a quick strike aimed at Theos's neck. Secretly, she charged her sword with electricity once again, ready to shock Theos and stun him if he tried to block.

Domonick: The fireblast came careening towards Domonick's chest...a manuever he easily slashed in half. "Sorry Theos...but its over." Domonick smirked. Upon looking at Domonick, for the first time, Theos actually looked scared. Then he looked like he was in pain, after trying to block Kara last-second, he was blasted backwards by electricity. Writhering on the ground, Domonick walked forward. "I remember when you used to push me around with your magical abilities. I never did anything back. Ever. Until I found this, after you made fun of my mother. This very blade can repel your Hecate magic-based attacks. Sure, it drains my lifespan after every use, but who cares? As long as I'm beating you, I sure don't." Domonick snickered. "Look...let's talk about this..." Theos stammered, pure fear in his eyes.

Without a word, Domonick slashed the Charm of Emotions off of Theos' neck. "You won't need that anymore..." Domonick sighed, knowing that was the source of Theos's strength. He then proceeded to stomp on Theos' chest, leg and arm. "You punk! Attacking a girl?! And a child?! You really are weak!" Domonick mocked while he got his revenge. Wrapping his arm with the nearly amputated hand around Theos's neck, he brought Theos closer. Dropping the blade momentarily, Domonick curled his good hand into a fist. "This is for me!" Domonick shouted, hit Theos in the mouth, knocking out a tooth and busting open his lip. "This is for Kara!" Domonick shouted, hitting Theos even harder in the nose, shattering it and bruising his left eye simultaniously. "And this...IS FOR NATA!" Domonick shouted. Shadows curled around Domonick's hand, making a giant fist. Domonick then hit Theos hard enough to send him flying into a wall, rendering him unconscious. Theos face was cut, he had several missing teeth, a swollen lip, a busted lip, a black eye, a gash on his forehead, a shattered nose, a few broken ribs, and a sprained ankle. Spitting on Theos, Domonick picked back up his sword with his good hand. Panting, he looked at Kara. "Grab the necklace, we're leaving." Domonick stated clearly. Looking back at his cousin, Domonick sneered. "Stay the hell away from us." Domoncik ordered. Limping away, Domonick then turned around again. "Oh yeah, one more thing....we're not family. You're adopted." Domonick stated clearly.

"C'mon, Kara, let's go. Before he wakes up. And don't forget that necklace." Domonick said, putting his blade away and limping away even more.

Kara: Taking a last look back at Theos's crumpled form, Kara nodded. She walked over with difficulty, wheezing, and took Dominick's arm, the two disappearing on the wind.

Two Days Later...

Kara: Kara walked into the second floor of the infirmary, and looked over the area. After a moment, she gave a nod to a son of Apollo and silently made her way over to one of the small rooms, shutting the door behind her. "Are you awake, Dom?" she asked quietly.

Domonick: Domonick layed in his bed quietly, processing the information. He was in the infirmary for two days straight now. Following the attack from Theos, Domonick's hand was unsavalgable by any means. The mixture of Theos's "magnet magic", Kara's sword, and the mimicked electricity destroyed several of his nerve endings, and the sword cut deep enough to hit bone, resulting in him needing immediate amputation. Fortunately, the children in the Hephaestus Cabin volunteered to build him a new hand that telepatically communicates with his nerves, making it feel like a actual hand, but there's no telling when that would be availiable. Currently, the only thing on his left wrist was white cloth covering the depressing stump where his hand used to be. And thanks to his impeccable memory (hyperthymesia), only boosted by demigod blood, he was consistently having phantom limb pain. Looking at Kara, he smiled. "Hey, Kara..." Domonick smiled warmly, his voice creaking.

Kara: Looking at his wrist, Kara immediately began to tear up. "Dom, I..." Her voice caught in her throat. She walked over and sat in a chair by his right side, careful to not hit her backpack with Nata in it, and reached to hold his good hand. "This is my fault... I'm so sorry, I can't begin to say it enough..." She stopped short of his hand by a few inches.

Domonick: "Oh, don't cry...I'm fine. It's just a flesh wound." Domonick smiled, holding Kara's hand with his good one. "Are you okay? I hope you and Nata are doing well..." Domonick asked, slowly sitting up. Looking out the window, Domonick's smile faded, replaced by anguish. "Piano, guitar, drumming...if I don't have a hand, can I still play them?" Domonick thought to himself, waves of pain shooting up from his hand.

Kara: Kara laughed, a few tears escaping while she did. "We're fine. We're ok, because of you." She lifted Nata out of her backpack, and placed in Dominick's arms. "I just... I'm so sorry, Dom." She reached forward hugged Dominick, careful not to squish Nata, trying hard not to cry.

Nata: Yay, the nice man was back! He looked sad though. Nata wiggled a little and cuddled up to him. "Da." She started sucking on his shirt again.

Domonick: Domonick smiled warmly at both Nata and Kara. "It's okay...please, don't cry. I'm fine, and if you didn't whip out those dope powers of yours, things would've been a lot worse." Domonick explained, using his good arm to hug Kara tightly and his bad arm to hug Nata. Looking at Nata, he chuckled. "I think Nata's trying to say something..." he said, slowly rocking Nata with one of his arms. Hoping that Kara didn't notice, he used his foot and knocked the medical files he just recieved under the bed. He didn't want her to read the files and worry more about him.

Kara: Kara nodded, and sniffled. She looked at Dominick and smiled. "I think she is. Hey... I know things turned out pretty horribly, but... thank you for the date. I'll certainly never forget it." She shook slightly, a little nervous. "I'm really sorry if what I do now is completely crazy and out of line. But I happen to like you a lot, Dominick Farmer." And with that, Kara gently put her arms around Dominick, and leaned forward, kissing him gently.

Domonick: Domonick eyes widened at the kiss. He flinched initially, then smiled and returned it, kissing her gently. "Kara Rudikoff...I like you a lot, too. And Nata is pretty awesome." Domonick laughed, kissing the top of Nata's head. Looking at his messed up arm that cuddled Nata, Domonick sighed. "I also will never forget that date." Domonick stated. Looking at Kara, his eyes widened. " you have the necklace?" Domonick asked.

Kara: "Right here." Kara reached into her backpack and pulled out the necklace. "I made sure to take it before we left. It seemed important."

Domonick: "'s the source of Theos' strength." Domonick sighed. Looking at the Greek inscriptions on the giant medallion that hung from the necklace, Domonick looked at Kara. "It boosts your strength, speed, and durability. It also gives it's users a red aura. If your upset, you get weaker. You get a blue aura." Domonick explained. "I want you to have it." Domonick said. He then grabbed the necklace, and proceeded to put it around Kara's neck. "While I'm in the hospital, I want you and Nata to be safe. That's why I took this from Theos, aside from the fact he was evil." Domonick smiled jokingly.

???: A girl with a tablet walked in and over to Domonick's bed. She aimed the tablet at his good hand and scanned it. She sat down on a chair in the corner of the room and started working with the tablet.

Domonick: Domonick looked up at the girl. "Excuse me...may I help you?" Domonick asked, a little on edge. Kara: Kara paused for a moment, looking over the new girl, and procceeded to take the necklace off, and put it into her backpack. "I appreciate the offer, Dom... but I don't want to constantly be reminded of that monster. I'm going to do the right thing and give it to Alexander. He'll be able to find a place to keep it safe until a Hecate kid can check its enchantments for anything unsafe." She sighed. "Who knows... maybe another camper will make good use of it someday. But not me. I'm sorry."

Nata: Nata was quite cozy where she was, and not at all paying attention to the newcomer. She reached upwards. "Da-da. Malplpppt." She flapped her arms and slapped his chin a few times in the process, surprising herself. She giggled and squealed.

Kara: Smiling, Kara looked back to the grl who had just walked in. "Who might you be? I don't believe we've met."

Domonick: Domonick's eyes was wide open. "Uh, Kara...Nata just called "dad"...I'm a dad! I'm a dad!" Domonick cheered, smiling ear from ear, hugging Nata, no longer caring about the necklacke.

???: She looked up from her tablet, revealing tear-stained cheeks, "Name is Phoebe Adams. . . I'm from the Hephaestus Cabin, here to make a digital prototype of Dominick's new hand. What's your name?"

Domonick: Without a word, Domonick reached under the bed, handing Phoebe his medical analysis. Mr. Domonick Farmer has suffered from extereme electroparalysis in his left arm, along with fracturing of his three major bones in his arm. Although the hand had to be amputated immediately, Mr. Farmer's am paralysis will slowly become permenant, and if the arm isn't removed, the paralysis may spread to other parts of his body. the papers read. Showing no response to the imminent danger he was in, he continued to play with Nata, laughing heartily.

Phoebe: She carefully read the document, clearly he doesn't want them to know, I'll have to be careful with what I say next, "Before the new hand is attached, I'll have to repair all the damaged nerve-endings as well as connect the wires to the nerves in your spine so your new hand will be directly connected to your brain. This procedure will remove all ailments and prevent paralysis from all possible or current injuries." Hopefully he'll catch what I mean and she won't notice what is implied.

Domonick: Domonick nodded, looking at Kara nervously. He didn't even want Kara to know about the hand, so he definitely didn't want her to know about the arm. "Sorry for not telling you sooner, Kara...." Domonick mumbled apologetically, partially relieved she didn't know about the arm thing. "Hey, Phoebe, are you...crying?" Domonick asked, looking sympatetic.

Kara: "No, it's ok. I'd already asked the doctors while you were asleep for a summary. They said the Hephaestus Cabin might have a solution, and it looks like they do." She looked to Phoebe with a look of concern. "Are you ok?"

Nata: Nata peeked up from Dominick's arms with an almost identical look of worry. The new girl was sad too! Too many people all seemed sad. "Aaa." She wiggled and reached towards the new girl. She wanted to make the new girl happy. Happy people were good.

Phoebe: She faintly smiled when she noticed the baby girl reaching out to her, it vanished when she realized she'd have to answer them. She took a deep breath, "I arrived here two days ago. My mom and I were walking up the hill when we were attacked by a hellhound. . ." She shakily took another deep breath, "My mom told me to run up the hill, so, I did. . ." Her eyes started watering, "When I looked around to see if she was running up with me. . ." The newly formed tears drip down her face, "I saw the hellhound kill her. . ." She choked up, and the tears fell faster. She closed her eyes and hastily wiped her face. She opened her eyes, but she didn't want to look at them until she composed herself.

Domonick: "Phoebe...I am so sorry for your loss..." Domonick said, his face saddened. Setting Nata down on the bed, he sat next to Phoebe and hugged her. "Years ago, my mother died as well...from natural causes. Breast cancer, to be exact. She never even told me she had it...I just found her dead body. On my birthday. Us Children of Thanatos get used to death...we can see the lifespan of everyone we look at, we can sense when people die. So I want you to are not alone. The pain you feel, I feel every single day of my life. It's hard to look at someone, and be forbidden to tell them they are going to die that day. It truly is. But, I still cannot say you pain is unjustified...I wish there was more that could've been done..." Domonick said, looking into Phoebe's eyes sympahetically.

Phoebe: She sighed, but there was a small smile on her face, "Thanks, you know, you guys are the first people I told this to." She realized Domonick was sitting next to her, her facial expression went neutral, "You should be in your bed, so if you don't go back into your bed. I will put you in it myself."

Domonick: Domonick looked at Phoebe, then slowly stood up because of the pain. Striking a superhero pose, Domonick smiled widely. "You think I'm scared of you? I'm a dad! You can't defeat me!" Domonick said in a superhero voice. He was obviously very bored.

Phoebe: She started laughing, "You think I can't pick you up?" Clearly she was amused by his statement, she set her tablet aside and stood up. She picked Domonick up bridal style, taking extra care to not hurt him. 

Domonick: Whimpering, Domonick looked sad. "Ahh! A villain! Save me, Princess Nata! Call upon Super Mom to rescue me!" Domonick yelled in a fake distress voice, looking at Kara expectantly.

Phoebe: Initially, Phoebe was confused by his reaction, but quickly figured out what he meant and decided to roll with it. "Hahahahahahah! I, villain Phoebe, shall take this poor man to my secret lab and turn him into a spaghetti-making robot! You will never stop me!" She attempted to make an 'evil face' but couldn't because she couldn't help but grin.

Kara: Kara grinned at Dominick. "Sorry, Super Mom's off the case on this one. Nata's happy to help you though." She gestured to Nata, who was giggling and trying to crawl towards Phoebe. Kara gave up on trying not to and joined her daughter in giggling at Dominick. "All right, all right, we should set him down before I actually have to pull a rescue." She picked up Nata and lifted her out of the way. "Back in bed, mister, or no dad privileges."

Phoebe: She smiled and nodded, she went over to the bed and gently put Domonick down, even if he didn't want that. She turned to Kara and held her hand out, "We never properly introduced ourselves, I'm Phoebe. You are?"

Kara: "Kara Rudikoff." Kara turned to shake Phoebe's hand without dropping Nata. "Hey, do you want to hold this little one? Her name is Natasha, Nata for short. She seems very curious about you."

Nata: Nata was practically leaning out of Kara's arms, arms outstretched toward Phoebe. She shot a toothless, gummy grin towards the nice funny new girl and squeaked.

???: A man walked into the room...dressed in a similar fashion as Theos. "Domonick Farmer surrounded by women...why am I not surprised." the man smirked jokingly.

Phoebe: She smiled and gently picked Nata up, cradling her in her arms. Phoebe looks over and notices the mysterious man. She wasn't fond of what he said but wanted to be friendly regardless, "Hi. . . might I ask who you are?"

Kara: Kara turned towards the newcomer at hearing his statement, and raised an eyebrow. "Excuse me?" She was still exhausted after the recent fight with Theos, and as a result, she was not exactly inclined to be friendly, especially if they started a conversation the way this guy just had. Heck, she'd almost broken an Aphrodite camper's arm for making a homophobic remark yesterday afternoon.

Domonick: Initially confused, Domonick turned and looked at the man. "You again...I thought you were off fightine water nymphs..." Domonick teased. "Don't remind me. Those ladies scratch more than cats..." the man groaned. Walking forward, the man looked Kara up and down. "Is this your friend? She's cute." the man shrugged. Domonick grinned. "You think so. Thanks." Domonick smiled. In seconds, Domonick was out of the hospital bed, sending a fist towards the man's jaw. "Now back off." Domonick warned. The man stumbled backwards. "Ah...c'mon man, don't be cruel..." the man pouted. He then turned around and sent a fist towards Domonick's face, hitting him square between the eyes. Domonick nearly fell on the floor. "You wanna go?" Domonick shouted, shoulder shoving the man. "Yeah, c'mon!" the man said, shoving him back. This continued for several inutes, the two shoving each other, while getting closer to each other. Soon, their heads were squished up against each other, both of them screaming for the other to fight them. Then, they both broke out laughing. Domonck pulled the man into a bro hug. "Nice to see you haven't changed man." Domonick snickered. The man sneered. "Looks like you have. Last month, you're Domonick Farmer: Billoinaire Playboy, the boy with two hands. Now, I'm standing in the hallway, listening to you caall yourself a dad. And one of your hands are gone." the man joked. Domonick sighed. "Don't remind me. I hated being someone who just fooled around with girls...and you know it." Domonick snarled. "Yeah, yeah..." the man smirked. Then they both started laughing and hugging again. Turning around, Domonick looked at Phoebe and Kara. "Guys, this is Void, Guardian of Lions. He's a lion nymph, and my best friend. Excuse his behavior, he's usually shy. This is how he expresses grief." Domonick chuckled, slowly laying back down in his bed, rubbing his forehead where he was punched.

Phoebe: She blinked multiple times, unsure of how to process what happened. She lifted her finger up and opened her mouth, closed her mouth, and shook her head. She grabbed the tablet and started working, she wasted enough time, especially with the deadline Domonick has. She remarked, "Void. . . you're kinda short."

Domonick: Domonick snickered. "His ex-girlfriend said the same thing three minutes after going into a hotel bedroom with him...pretty sure she wasn't talking about his height!" Domonick laughed. Void stormed over, and grabbed Domonick's collar. "You wanna go? LET'S GO!" Void growled, taking a fighting stance. Domonick waved his hands in surrender. "I'm done! i swear!" Domonick laughed.

Kara: Stalking over,  Kara shoved the two apart. "Alright, alright, you two! That's enough. Dominick, no more talking about that sort of thing or fighting in front of my daughter, or I swear to the gods I'll make you stop. And you, Void. He just lost an arm in what was almost a fight to the death! You are NOT going to punch him, or injure him, or otherwise hurt him in any way, OR ELSE!"

She exhaled heavily and panted for a moment, until she realized what she had said.. She froze. Her hands slapped to her mouth, her eyes wide. "Oh my gosh, I'm so so sorry, please don't be mad. I'm really sorry, that's not like me..." She unconciously flinched and closed her eyes, shaking slightly.

Nata: Nata, completely not caring about the ensung drama, was enamoured by the tablet. It was shiny, and things moved! She batted at it, and accidentally changed the view of the project, sending it spinning on the screen. She looked up at Phoebe beaming happily, as if to say look, I did something! to her. "Aa?"

Domonick: An awkward silence filled the room. Void cleared his throat. "It's getting late...I should head out." Void said, aekwardly shuffling his feet. Domonick fist bumped his friend goodbye. Looking at Kara, Domonick nervously stood up. "Are, mad at me? I'm going to hug you now." Domonick said cautiously, his hands in the air as if Kara was a police officer. He slowly wrapped his arms around Kara, gently hugging her. "Everything okay? Are you stressed, or...?"

Kara: Kara hugged Dominick tight and broke down sobbing. "I'm sorry... Oh, gods, I'm a wreck!" She shook like a leaf. "I can't sleep and I'm exhausted and the nightmares keep coming back and I don't want to remember the alley again and I'm so scared about you and me and Nata and everyone being hurt and I can't let them hurt people and-" She started crying harder, unable to talk.

Domonick: Domonick hugged Kara as she cried. "'s okay, it's okay...just let it all out..." Domonick coaxed, softly rubbing Kara's back. He was unsure of what to he kissed her firmly. "Listen, long as I'm here, you don't have to be scared. I don't care if I lose a hand, a arm, or all my limbs, from now on, I'll protect you. I'll make sure nobody hurts you again." Domonick stated, sounding as if he was stating a well-known fact.

Phoebe: Looking at Nata she smiled and chuckled, "All you did was change the angle of my view of the hand." She looks up and sees that Kara is upset and politely asks, "Is there anything I can do to help you? If you need to get some rest I can watch over Nata with Domonick." 

Kara: Kara took a deep breath, her breathing still irregular. "I, um... that could help..." She looked back to Dominick, her face streaked with tears. "Can I stay by you tonight? I'll be quiet, I promise, you won't notice me next to you..."

Nata: Still busy grinning at Phoebe, Nata looked at Kara and saw her crying. Her smile disappeared. Mama was sad! Mama shouldn't be sad. She turned her head back to Phoebe and whimpered. "Ma."

Domonick: Domonick smiled. "Sure. If it makes you feel better, feel free" Domonick stated. He then tried moving his messed up arm from around Kara...and it went completely numb. The entirety of the arm was slack, not moving. It was paralyzed. Domonick began to hyperventilate, his breathing escalating. The pain radiating from his hand went from dull aches to unbearable pain. Trying to calm himself, he stretched out on the bed, taking deep breaths. "What's wrong with the arm. Don't tell me its already paralyzed..."

Kara: Kara immediately noticed Dom's breathing change, and his arm slackening. "Dom, Dom, are you ok? Dom?" She looked to Phoebe panickedly. "What's happening?"

Phoebe: She hastily gave Nata back to Kara and, being a child of Hephaestus, pulled out the wires she carried with her and began to work. Within minutes she had the wires around his arm and was beginning to attach them to his spine, "This may hurt, but it will slow it's progression long enough for me to grab the prototype of the hand. The tablet is connected to a machine I built to manufacture the hand so I could have it ready for attachment. I thought I had more time though."

Domonick: Domonick looked at her as if to say, My arm is the problem, not my hand. Looking at Nata and Kara, he looked almost sympathetic. "It's too late for that...we have to act now..." Domonick grunted. He then pulled his sword out. "Kara, grab Nata and go into the hallway. Phoebe, close your eyes for a sec." Domonick pleaded, bringing the blade high above his arm. "Please come off in one blow..." Domonick silently prayed.

Phoebe: She stopped the blade with her hand, sure it hurt but it'll be worth it. She threw the blade aside and continued working, she finished inserting the wires in his spine and worked on attaching them to the nerve-endings at the bottom of his arm. She activated the wires, it should stop the pain and let him control his arm again.

Domonick: Domonick scowled. "I-I...thanks..." Domonick sighed. Looking at his messed up arm, he groaned. "Sooner or later..." Domonick said, knowing that the arm will now have to be amputated in order to fix the prosthetic onto it. Otherwise, the paralyzation would spread.

Phoebe: "I know that it will need to happen because of how fast it is spreading, but, it would be better if the Apollo kids' did it because then it won't hurt, nor will it cause trauma to the people in the room." She gestured to Kara and Nata. "I'll go get them and when you wake up, you'll have a robotic arm, okay?" She left the room to get some of the Apollo kids.

Kara: Shaking, Kara hugged Domonick. "The Apollo kids want me to go so they can work, but I'll be here when you wake up. Please... never do anything that stupid again." She kissed him briefly, and walked out with worry written all over her features.

Domonick: Domonick nodded solemnly, but didn't kiss her back. He made no expression, and wiped his mouth as she walked away. A few Apollo kids entered, one being his cousin, Lena Charleston. She looked worried, and her cheeks were stained with tears. "Ready?" the Apollo kids asked. Domonick yawned. "Go ahead."


Lena: Three hours passed since Domonick was worked on. Lena walked into the waiting room. "Ms. Rudfikoff? Ms. Adams? Please follow me." Lena smiled thinly.

Phoebe: "Before we go in there, I just wanted to say thank you for letting me attach his new arm." She tiredly smiled.

Kara: Kara started. Oh my gods this is awkward. "Um, can I finish... feeding her first?" She nodded towards Nata, who was sucking away at her mother's milk . Kara suddenly felt very self-conscious about breastfeeding her baby.

Lena: Lena nodded. "No problem. And take as long as you need, Ms. Rudikoff." Lena said. "But...Dom is sleeping right now, and he seemed...different. Did something happen before the surgery to affect him beforehand?"

Phoebe: Phoebe held out her cauterized her hand and said, "He tried to cut his arm off himself, I stopped him though. . . and Kara, don't feel self-conscious about taking care of Nata. . ." The bags under her eyes were prominent, it looked as if she hadn't slept for a couple days now.

Kara: "Was the operation successful?" Kara asked. "He was in a lot of pain..."

Lena: The smile faded from her face. "Come see for yourself..." Lena sighed, leading the two to the Emergency area.

Kara: "Ok, coming." Kara rearranged her shirt and followed, carefully holding Nata.

Domonick: Domonick was sitting on his bed when Lena and Kara, along with Phoebe, walked in. Domonick looked at the metal arm he now had and sighed. "Here he is. We already gave him a User's Manual to his arm, so he should be set. Domonick, mind turning your camo on. I want to see how similar to an actual arm it looks." Lena smiled. Domonick was statue still, and remained deathly quiet, staring at his feet, his eyes wide open.

Kara: Kara approached slowly. "...Domonick? Are you ok?"

Nata: Yay, it was the nice man again! Nata liked the nice man. "Da!" Nata reached forward towards towards Domonick and wiggled, and then she noticed the metal arm. "Daablm..." She immediately leaned even farther forward, trying to reach for the shiny metal.

Domonick: Without a word, Domonick grabbed Nata swiftly, sat her gently on the bed, then looked at Kara. Picking her up off her feet bridal style, he connected lips with Kara, tongue-kissing her. Lena's eyes widened, and she watched awkwardly.

Kara: "MMph!" Kara's eyes widened, but she didn't resist the kiss. Ok... I guess he is ok, then.

Domonick: "Kara...I..." Domonick stammered. Hugging her tightly, he grinned wildly. "I feel fine! I actually feel fine!" Domonick laughed, his eyes dancing with giddy happiness.

Kara: "Of course you do, silly." Kara smiled and hugged back. Thank you, she mouthed towards Phoebe and Lena.

Phoebe: She smiled and nodded, she walked over to Domonick, "So, there is several things that the manual does not include. I'll tell you what they are cause I think you'd be happier to hear it rather than read it. In the middle of your palm, there is a button that can only be activated by your fingerprints and what it will do is open up the shield that is hidden within your arm. Your magic is fully compatible with your arm, what that means is you can use your magic with that arm instead of only from your other arm. Finally, you can turn your arm into celestial bronze weapons, such as a sword, axe, and crossbow. There is three buttons on your forearm, also only activated with your fingerprints, and they go in the order I just named off." She smiled, proud of what she made for him.

Domonick: Domonick's eyes lit up at the features Phoebe named. Looking at the manual, it talked about the camo feature that made it look like an actual arm by pressing a button on the side. The arm also had a minor hacking kit installed. Domonick let go of Kara and hugged Phoebe tightly. "Thank you!!!!!" Domonick grinned.

Phoebe: She smiled and hugged him back, "Of course, you're like a brother to me, even though we haven't known each other for long." It feels like it's been too long since she's felt so happy, honestly, she'd be willing to go to Tartarus and back for them.

Domonick: Domonick grinned. "Phoebe...thank you so much. From now on, you're family." Domonick laughed, scruffling her hair playfully.

Phoebe: Somehow, her smile grew even wider, if she wasn't in a hospital, she'd probably scream out of joy. Everything is okay now. . . Phoebe falls asleep, for the first time in a few days, she feels safe enough to sleep.

Kara: "Whoa, ok!" Kara rushed over and caught Phoebe. She turned around. "Doc, we could use another bed! Phoebe's suffering sleep deprivation, and she just kind of passed out."

An Apollo kid came rushing in. "Sure thing, Ms. Rudikoff. She'll be in the bed next door."

Kara nodded. "Thanks."

As the Apollo kid rushed Phoebe out, Kara sat on the edge of the bed and tapped it. "I know you were out for a little bit, but you need sleep too, mister. Mind if I stay by you?"

Domonick: Dominick hugged Kara tightly, kissing her several times. Lena pulled a bottle out. "Oh...this is Ketamine. I don't think I was supposed to give him this." Lena muttered to herself, then shrugged. Meanwhile, Domonick hummed to himself while hugging Kara, stroking her hair. "Sleep, sleep..." Domonick sang.

Kara: Kara picked Nata up, and gently pushed Dom down to lie on the bed. "Yep, that's right Dom. Sleepy time." Ok, definitely still a little out of it from sleep meds. She snuggled into his arms.

Domonick: Domonick smiled, hugging onto Kara as she snuggled up against him. Laughing, he leaned towards her ear. "I love you~" Domonick sang into her ear softly, drifting off to sleep.

The Following Morning

Phoebe: She lightly shook Kara and Domonick. "Good morning sleepy-heads~."

Kara: "AH!" Kara bolted upright, hyperventilating. She looked around wildly, and after a moment relaxed. She blushed. "Sorry... Nightmare."

Nata: Nata gave a high-pitched yawn and wiggled in Kara's arms. She rubbed her eyes and sleepily reached towards Phoebe.

Domonick: Domonick's eyes opened slowly, looking at her for a second before sitting up. Getting up, he cracked his neck and stood up, unplugging the machines hooked up to him. Walking towards the door, he rubbed hus eyes. He looked drugged, likely from the Ketamine he was given.

Phoebe: "Don't you dare leave Domonick, you need to either have me or them check you before you can be discharged. And it's okay Kara, I woke up with one too." She picks up Nata and cradles her, then tries to block the door so Domonick doesn't leave yet.

Domonick: Domonick looked her over, then snickered. "Get the hell out of my way." he scoffed, pushing her aside. Walking into the hallway, Lena ran towards him. "Domonick, you're awake! I'm so glad-" Lena began, running towards her. Domonick reached out....but instead of hugging her, he wrapped his hand around her throat. "What did you give me, dammit! Ectasy? Propofol? Ketamine? Answer me, or gods help me..." Domonick snarled viciously, raising a hand as if he was going to strike her. "'re hurting me..." Lena gasped for air, tears welling in her eyes. Fo a second, the look on Domonick's face changed, and he looked normal. His eyes widened sympathetically, and he lowered her to the floor. Lena let out a sigh of relief...then shrieked as his fist struck her jaw. A sneer entered Domonick's face as he sent a swift kick to her stomach, causing her to yerlp in pain. The other Apollo kids drew weapons, circling Domonick. But he glared at them. "Try me..." Domonick snickered. They looked at Lena, who was on the floor, waving them off, then they backed up slowly. "Stay the hell away from me." Domonick ordered, storming out of the infirmary, still wearing the hospital dress.

Phoebe: She handed Nata to Kara, "I'll be back." She ran out of the room and went after Domonick. Fortunately, he was easy to find with the hospital gown on. "What the heck!? First you push me while I'm holding Nata, then you almost strangle Lena. What has gotten into you?!" Phoebe was upset, but she didn't let her guard down in case he decided to attack.

Domonick: Domonick turned around with a sneer. "Stay. Away. From. Me. Do you understand? Or maybe I should ask your mother to explain it...oh wait, I forgot." Domonick snickered, balling his fists.

Phoebe: "Guess that makes my mom and your dad acquaintances, considering she saw him and you never have." She knows what she said would likely hurt his feelings, but she didn't care, he clearly didn't. She clenched her fists, but then winced in pain. Her right hand was still sore from catching a blade for him, despite how he's acting now, she doesn't regret doing it.

Domonick: Domonick smirked at her. "Did I? Oh, how funny...because I did. I talked to your mother's dead soul recently, it was...surprisingly hilarious. Man, do I love a good sob fest!!" Domonick howled in laughter. He was laughing so hard, tears came out of his eyes. "Why are you here? I don't like you, Kara doesn't know you, Nata is an infant and would probably hug a mass murderer, so tell me, who is your friend?" Domonick laughed, but this one wasn't normal, or human. It was almost...robotic

Kara: Kara layered a large dose of charmspeak into her voice as she stormed into the room. "DOMONICK FARMER, STAND DOWN RIGHT NOW!" She glared at Domonick, her eyes letting him know that she was not happy with him. "What exactly is going on?! Oh, and and why the hell did you just shove and threaten the girl who gave you a new arm, risk my baby girl's safety, and nearly choke one of the nurses?!" She gestured to Nata, who was crying and nestling into Kara's chest. "You just scared Nata into crying, and if she'd fallen from Phoebe's arms, that would be on you. Not to mention that this same girl, Phoebe, caught a blade for you, and saved you from lifelong paralysis!" She planted herself between Phoebe and Domonick. "You'd better have a good explanation for this, or else. Now start talking!"

Domonick: "I don't care about your stupid child! Or you!!! Or anyone at this damn camp!! You weren't anything special, just a piece of filth that I used and threw away!! And don't give me orders." Domonick sneered, face to face with her. "Stay away from me, or you might find yourself, or your child, in an early grave." Domonick smiled, poking her in her chest, then spitting on her feet.

Phoebe: "You're not Domonick, where did you take him? Automaton." Phoebe's eyes were fierce, it almost looked like there was fire in her eyes.

Domonick: The smile disappeared from his face. Standing up straight, he placed his hands behind his back. "Forgive me for my vulgar mannerisms." Domonick stated clearly in a British accent.

???: As if it was a clearing of mist, the man before them suddenly looked nothing like Domonick. A rather hansome man in a tailored, butler-like suit, without the jacket, stood before them. "My name is Andre Virtuoso. I am the humble servant of Master Theos Hampton. Mr. Farmer is asleep in his room, my master's mist illusion made it appear as if he wasn't there. Forgive me, my master gave me permission to request his power, but his true motives was to get to know you." Andre nodded towards Phoebe, bowing apologetically, looking genuinely sympathetic.

Kara: Kara's eyes widened. "Phoebe, get back." She held Nata close. "That's why Nata's crying so much. We have to get to Domonick, fast." She turned and ran back to Domonick's room as fast as she could.

Andre: Andre looked at Kara fleeing. "I do wish I didn't have to ge so rude in order to scare her off..." Andre sighed, then smiled warmly at Phoebe. "We should get going. Master Hampton is quite excited to meet someone with your...skills. And we would hate for your tea to get cold." Andre smiled, extending a hand towards Phoebe. "Besides...Master Hampton might be willing to show off his necromancy if we hurry..." Andre suggested with a sly smirk.

Domonick: Meanwhile, Domonick was tied to a chair in the corner, tape across his mouth. His eyes opened, and he looked around. He felt and looked drugged, likely from the Ketamine. He groaned, and with a swift movement, his bondages were torn off by shadow tendrils. Domonick rubbed his eyes, large bags underneath them. "Gods...what happened?" Domonick muttered to himself. His ears rang, and Domonick grudgingly sat on the bed, rubbing his head.

Looking at his mechanical arm, he smiled softly. "Phoebe..." he muttered to himself. He then pressed a fingerprint button on his bicep. A small glow covered the metal arm and in seconds, it looked and felt like flesh. His new arm was still a little numb, but he was confident it would pass. Standing up carefully, he took his time getting dressed, putting on a white dress shirt, light blue jeans, and a black leather jacket. He sat back down groggily. "Why was I tied to a chair..?" he asked himself. He then scratched his neck, feeling confused.

Phoebe: She hesitantly grabbed his hand, "Okay, will Kara and Domonick be okay though? They mean a lot to me and I only want the best for them." She faintly smiled, it was clear that the two made her happy.

Andre: "Master Hampton does not disclose much to me, nor do I ask, but he does not seem interested in Mr. Farmer or Ms. Rudikoff. He does hold slight interest for the youngest Ms. Rudikoff, however, I do not know more." Andre stated, referring to Nata. "We must be off..." Andre smiled. A giant shadow appeared behind them, and a boy walked out, yawning. "Hurry up, Andre. Hampton is waiting, dude." the boy groaned. "Very well, Andrew. Let us get going." Andre sighed. Grabbing Phoebe, he led her through the shadow portal. Drew followed behind.

Theos: Theos sat in his rather large room quietly, sitting at a circular table with tea on it. The room looked otherworldly, having a almost wizardly look. A shadow portal opened, and Drew and Andre walked through, along with a girl. "You must be Phoebe Adams, daughter of Hephaestus. Drew, Andre, go fetch Katie. Remain on standby until further notice." Theos ordered. The two nodded, and left through the portal they arrived in. Theos looked at Phoebe, then straightened his all-black attire of leather and formal dress. "Please, have a seat. I've been dying to meet you." Theos smiled warmly, then sat in his chair, sipping his tea.

Phoebe: She looked around, she was fascinated by it, especially the architecture. She went to the round table, and sat down still amazed by the room. She looked at Theos, she would be a liar if she said he was unattractive. "Um, yeah, I'm Phoebe. I assume you're Theos." She sipped her tea, it was sweetened raspberry tea, her favorite.

Theos: Theos nodded. "Why, yes I am. It's refreshing to drink tea in a formal environment." Theos smiled warmly. "I see you met my cousins, Lena and Domonick...along with Ms. Rudikoff and her daughter." Theos said. "But that's not why I asked you here, Ms. Adams. I have taken an interest to you..." Theos said with a heartwarming smile. He moved his chair next to her. "You and me are quite similar, you know? Smart, brave, beautiful..." he said, checking her out when he said 'beautiful'. "...but we also are better together. I want to work with you. I've kept an eye on you since you arrived. It's a shame what happened to your mother, and I even went out of my way to organixe this tea party to discuss reviving her, if not permenantly, then just to say goodbye." Theos sighed sadly, looking genuinely upset.

Phoebe: She blushed, no one, besides her mom, has called her beautiful, "Oh, thanks. . . Um, you'd bring her back long enough for me to say goodbye? I know it's not good to bring people back from the dead completely, but it would be nice to say goodbye. . ." Phoebe took another drink of her tea, though she didn't quite know why she was confiding in this stranger. Especially since Kara had such a poor reaction to his name. She asked, "What would you want to work on with me? Cause if it's about the malfunctions with Andre, I can repair them for you in, at tops, an hour."

Theos: "Your mother can be reached whenever you please. We would just have to hurry, the underworld gods don't like it when I mess with their jobs." Theos said. Noticing her blush, Theos movedvcloser, until he was face to face with her. "I don't need Andre fixed, after all, I built him, human skin and all. I need armor, but I can build it...just give me some ideas on its features..." Theos smiled. He took a long sip from his own cup of tea, and handed her complicated yet efficient blueprints.

Phoebe: She looked down at the blueprints, they were stunning, her eyes sparkled when she looked at them. "Well, before I make any recommendations, will the armor exist for agility, strength, or compatibility with magic?" She just noticed how close he was, she grew a bit redder, this has never happened to her before. But then again, she spent her free time with her nose in a book or forging, and those activities don't include much human interaction.

Theos: "Compatability. I need a flexible suit capable of offering defense while supplying some source of magical energy. I need ideas, maybe a blood thinning mechanism to help contain more magic blood, or a lightning rod and pray for a storm...I don't know. That's why I need your beautiful, creative mind." Theos sighed. Smiling, his face was now mere centimeters away from hers. "Of course, nothing's more beautiful than you..." Theos whispered, his lips brushing up against hers.

Phoebe: "Umm. . ." She was blushing furiously now. "W--well, you can fuel it with your own magic, however, that would be too draining. But, you could fuel it with your aura, it is risky for mortals because it could ultimately drain them of their life-force, especially if they do not have a strong will to live. Another way, that's less hazardous and slightly less effective, is using the essense of monsters. It's easy to harvest that energy if you have this device." She pulls out what looks like a calculator. "It's small, has a simple design, calculates how much you have collected and let's you choose what percentage you take from the monster. You get more essense when they are alive, but it's safer to collect from slain or severly wounded monsters since you need to be extremely close in order to extract it." Phoebe took another drink of her tea, then she smiled at him, it was nice talking to someone who was as interested in forging as she was.

Theos: Theos smirked. "I see. So it goes by percentile ratings? What if someone could take from...lets say...several monsters in a close vicinity. Would the monsters die, or stay alive if you drain them too much?" Theos asked, his hand slowy and gently touching her cheek.

Phoebe: She bit her lip, she was feeling butterflies in her stomach. "You'd obviously have to fiddle with the device in order to expand its' range," She messed with the device while talking. "Like this." She showed Theos. "It's range is now 10 ft long and 15 ft wide. Now, it can kill the monsters if you drain 100% of their essense, but I do not recommend doing that because the more essense you drain from a monster at a time, the more aggressive and erratic they become. And frankly, you do not want to deal with that, take it from me, it sucks." She laughed and grinned.

Theos: "I see..." Theos chuckled. He moved his face and kissed Phoebe softly on the lips. "You are too hot for your own good..." Theos smiled, scratching his head.

Phoebe: She kissed him back, she smiled and blushed, "Would you, um, want to go out sometime. . . ?"

Theos: "Sometime? Oh, that hurts..." Theos smiled. "I thought this was a date right now. Oh, the agony!" Theos cried out dramatically. He then winked at her. "Of course I'd go out with you..." Theos smiled warmly.

Phoebe: She laughed again, "Hey! I've never done his before. Wait. . ." She covered her tomato red face. "I didn't know you'd actually say yes. . ." She screamed into her hands, she didn't think someone like him would want to go out with her.

Theos: Theos smirked, hugging onto her. He then proceeded to kiss her softly. He then extended the kiss longer. "Of course I would like you, silly." Theos laughed. Pulling her closer, he grinned softly. "You know, I make a pretty good steak dinner. I can start cooking..." Theod smiled.

Phoebe: She smiled, "I would love that, but I'd absolutely have to help." She exaggerated. "We couldn't have you burn the whole place down." She chuckled. "Could we surprise Andre, Drew, and Katie with a steak dinner too? I would like to get to know your friends better."

Theos: Theos gulped nervously. "Uh...s-sure..." Theos muttered. Pulling out a button, he pressed it. A voice came from it, it was Andre's. "Yes, Master Hampton?" The voice stated. "Return here in 30 minutes, gt it? And act normal." Theos grumbled, emphasizing 'normal'. "I see...I'll inform the team..." he stated, also sounding nervous. The intercom ended. "Let's just...get started." Theos sighed, a wave of frustration passing his face.

Phoebe: Phoebe gently grabbed his hands, "You okay? If you'd rather not have them join us for dinner, it'd be okay, don't do anything you're not comfortable with." She smiled warmly at him. "Could we go to the kitchen now?" She happily asked him.

Theos: Theos smiled. Them meeting Phoebe again would be bad, and likely wouldn't end well. Kissing her cheek, he stood up, leading her to the kitchen. Two large, seasoned steaks were already sizzling in a pan, and mashed potatoes, macceroni and cheese, and cabbage all cooked in seperate pots. "Let's just say...I knew you'd be here..." Theos smiled sheepishly, sounding mysterious. He didn't say how he looked into the future to see this, however. The spell was draining enough.

Phoebe: "Well aren't you clever. . . I like that." She smiled, a light blush touching her face. "Well, since your treating me to a nice dinner, can I treat you to dessert?"

Theos: Theos bursted out laughing. "Is that dirty? Or literal?" Theos laughed until tears ran out of his eyes. He couldn't help it; being obnoxious is a tell-tale sign of him liking a girl. Realizing what he said, he began to blush.

Phoebe: She blushed, it was nice to hear him laugh so whole-heartedly, "Well, it was literal, but maybe after some time, it can be dirty." She teased. Phoebe hugged Theos, despite just meeting him today, not only does she like him, but she feels a deep connection with him. Is this the feeling that her mother described feeling with Hephaestus?

Theos: "Don't worry about desert. If I'm not full, I'll make some for the both of us." Theos smiled. Preparing plate, he sat the plates on the table. He pulled out a chair for Phoebe. "My lady...?" he chuckled, trying to behave gentlemanly.

Phoebe: "Thank you Theos." She sat down and smiled brightly. "You sure know how to make a girl happy." She softly said.

Theos: Theos smiled. Looking at the food, a sad look crossed his face. "It's been years since I've eaten food, since it counteracts with my immortality..." He muttered to himself. Standing behind her, Theos began to massage her shoulders happily. "Please, eat. I would love to heasr your opinion." Theos smiled warmly while rubbing her shoulders.

Phoebe: "Okay." She smiled at him. Phoebe cut into the steak and ate a piece, it was delicious. . . Oh dear, she forgot to do something. She stood up and went over to the sink and cast fire into it. She proceeded to scrape some of her food into it and muttered a thank you to her father. Phoebe went back to the table and sat down again. She tried all of it. To say the least, it did not disappoint her. She looked up at Theos, "It's all delicious, you were certainly gifted with the ability to cook, would you mind teaching me someday? It really is superb."

Theos: "Thank you. I would love to teach you, Phoebe." Theos laughed. Out of spite, he took a bite of cabbage off of his untouched plate...and nearly vomitted. "That's terrible..." he groaned, running to the garbage to spit out the cabbage. He felt nauseous, but it slowly faded. "Are you sure your tastebuds are working right? That was the worst thing I've ever tasted." Theos joked. Of course, Theos knew the real reason he felt sick was because he could no longer eat food. The food was disgusting to him, but likely delicious to anybody else. Sitting next to her, he sighed. "I can make bananna pudding or red velvet cake for dessert? Just tell me the dish and I'll make it!" Theos smiled, planting a soft kiss on her lips. For some reason, he had a strong urge to protect and provide for her. This emotion was new, and somewhat exciting to Theos.

Phoebe: "The cabbage is good, maybe you just don't like cabbage." She smiled, oblvious to the fact that Theos wasn't eating. "You know, I'm actually quite full, I don't think I can eat dessert. But, I have to admit that you're very sweet." She kissed him on the cheek and smiled brightly afterwards. The smile faded, and she took a deep breath. "Um, do you think that you're feeling well enough to bring my mom here, so I can say goodbye?"

Theos: Theos nodded. "Of course." he said, smiling lovingly at her. Standing up, he raised his hands, and the lights in the room flickered eerily. Muttering incantations, blue and purplish energy cackled around his hands. Slowly, a spirit began to materialize before Phoebe; first the arms, then legs, then chest, then neck, then head. It was Phoebe's mother. "I give you permission to speak freely to Phoebe Adams!" Theos ordered.

Phoebe: Her eyes watered, "Mom? Is it really you?" Sue looked at her daughter and smiled, her eyes were teared up too. "Hi, my baby girl." Sue reached out to Phoebe and touched her cheek. "Thank the gods that you survived." Phoebe held her mom's hand to her face, tears dripped down her face, "But you didn't. . . I should have done more. . . I could've killed it, like last time. . . But I didn't. . ." Phoebe choked up. Sue looked at Phoebe sadly, "I know, but if you did, you might not be alive. Besides, it was my time to go. . . At least I was able to help you one last time. . ." Sue faintly smiled while her own tears fell down her face. She looked Phoebe in the eyes and saw the heavy bags under them. "You haven't been sleeping, have you Phoebe?" She looked down, "I. . . I can't. . . I keep seeing the hellhound tear you apart. . . and. . . and. . . hearing you scream as your bones snapped. . ." Phoebe was weeping. "Oh sweetie, I'm so sorry. . ." Without meaning to, Phoebe interrupted Sue. "I was hoping that seeing you at peace and saying goodbye would help. . . *hic* *hic*. . .  But now that you're here, I don't want to let you go. . ." Sue held Phoebe tightly. "Shh, it's okay, you'll see me again, I promise. . . You know, I made it to Elysium, and Hephaestus visits me every other day. . . We are so proud of you Phoebe." They looked at each other, both smiled lightly. Sue looks at Theos, and says, "Thank you. . ." She teased, "Hope I can call you my son-in-law one day." Sue smiled, Phoebe's face was tomato red and sheepishly looks away. "I gotta go sweetie, goodbye Phoebe." Sue smiled softly. "Goodbye mom, thank you for everything. . . I love you." Phoebe quietly says to Sue. "I love you too Phoebe. . ." And with that, Sue returns to Elysium.

Theos: Theos ended his spell. "Phoebe...I did as you asked." Theos muttered softly. Looking at the noticable scar on her hand, Theos became tense. "Who did that to you?" he asked, his face cold as steel.

Phoebe: "Thank you for that, and calm down, please. My friend Domonick lost his hand, but if his arm wasn't amputated, paralysis would spread to his body. His arm went limp, and I started working on it, at least to stop the paralysis from spreading. He panicked and went to go cut off his arm himself, I stopped him. . . by catching the sword. . . with my hand. . . heheh. . ." She scratched the back of her head. "Then the Apollo kids and I operated on him to amputate the arm and attach the new arm I built. Thankfully he's all better now, and I just cauterized the wound cause I didn't want to deal with stitches." She said nonchalantly, clearly she wasn't bothered by it. "Besides, it's not my first scar, so it's no biggie." She rolled up her sleeves to show Theos all of the scars on her forearms and hands that she accumulated over the years.

Theos: Theos' face began twitch, and a deep scowl crossed his face. "Domonick..." he growled, trembling from anger. He stormed over to the bathroom and slammed the door behind him. "I'll kill him! Damn it!" he thought angrily, washing his face with water. Pulling out his intercom, he spoke into it. "Andre?" Theos whispered. "Yes, Master Hampton?" a british voice responded. "Send Katie to pay Domonick a visit. Tell her to have fun." Theos whispered so Phoebe couldn't hear. "Yes, Master Hampton." the voice responded. The intercom call ended. Walking out of the bathroom, Theos looked calmer, and happy again. Pulling her close, he kissed her again and again on the lips, each kiss lasting longer. "From now on, I got your back. Nobody's hurting you. Ever. Again." Theos smiled, then kissed her passionately.

Phoebe: She kissed him back, "Thank you for that, I am stronger than I look though." She laughed as curled her arms. Make him laugh, make him laugh she excitedly thought. She stuck her tongue out at him with a big grin on her face.

Theos: "Well, isn't that cute." Theos chuckled. Grabbing her face, he kissed her long and hard, then lifted her off her feet. "You know, you're pretty amazing, Phoebe Adams. You're also adorable." Theos smiled, then French kissed her.

Phoebe: She was surprised by the kiss, but she liked it and melted into it. She blushed after, "You're pretty great too Theos. . . and I succeeded, I made you laugh." She smiled at him. "Honestly, you should laugh more, cause then I know you're happy and, well. . . I really like your laugh, it fills the room with warmth and joy. Making any room feel full, rather than empty." She looked at him and her eyes twinkled.

Theós: "Aw, shucks. That's cute." Theos chuckled, carrying her bridal style. Sitting on the couch, he sat her on his lap, then kissed her forehead. "What do you want to watch?" Theos asked with a small smile. He rolled up her sleeve and held her hand, then kissed it. He slowly started kissing up her hand, towards her forearm.

Phoebe: "You really are sweet, I can't say it enough. Wanna watch Maximum Overdrive? It's technically a horror movie, but it's really more of a comedy since it's so ridiculous." She smiled again, she's starting to think that, so long as she is with him, she'll never be sad. Of course there's Kara, Nata, and Domonick too. Oh crap, I forgot about them. "Oh dear, I probably should call Domonick and Kara so they know I'm okay, I have been gone a while." Phoebe chuckled.

Theos: Theos shrugged. "Go ahead, it's getting late, you should check in." Theos sighed. Kissing her on her cheek, he stood up. "I should check in with Andre, Drew, and Katie." Theos smiled, humming "Where I Wanna Be" by Donell Jones.

Phoebe: "Okay." She happily said to Theos. Phoebe pulled out her phone and called Kara, please pick up. While waiting she hummed "Waiting for Superman" by Daughtry.

Theós: As she placed her call, he walked up behind her and hugged her from behind, kissing her neck and smiling. He texted Katie, wondering if her job was done yet.

Domonick: Domonick wandered the infirmary for hours. He managed to clear his name, eat lunch, and talk to Lena. However, something He felt strange; that he was being followed by something...or someone.

Not Alone

Kara: Kara jumped as her phone vibrated. After running from Theos's minion and not being able to find Dominick, she'd worriedly gone back to her cabin and spent the day there with Nata, who had just fallen asleep. She dug for her cell phone through her bag. Oh gods, I hope it's Phoebe or Dominick. After a brief search, she picked it up and answered. "Hello?"

Phoebe: "Heya Kara." Phoebe cheerfully said. She moved the phone away so she could say something to Theos. "Hey, I'm talking to Kara. Don't interrupt Theos, hahahah." Though, what Phoebe said could faintly be heard.

Kara: "Theos?! Phoebe, where the heck are you?!" Kara was already beginning to panic.

Theos: Theos smirked. "Aw, man..." Theos whimpered, giving her sad puppy dog eyes as he kissed her neck up and down, then chuckled and sat on the couch. "I wonder if Katie completed the job..." He thought. Hearing Kara's panicking voice emitting from the phone, he casted a quick spell quietly. The call immediately ended, and Phoebe's battery hit zero instantly. "Everything okay over there?" Theos asked nervously.

Phoebe: "Damn, I thought I had more battery." She looked at Theos, "Yeah, everything is okay, though Kara seemed kinda panicked. It should be fine." She sat down next to Theos and set her phone down on the nearby table. "Is everything okay with Katie, Drew, and Andre?"

Theos: Theos sighed in relief. He leaned up against her. "Yeah...they're fine." Theós smiled. Turning on the television, he kissed her sweetly on her lips.

Domonick: Domonick checked out of the infirmary. Walking outside, he sighed at the night sky, shivering. Not from cold air, but from...chills. He didn't know why, though. Pulling out his phone, he called Kara. "Someone's following me...or something..." Domonick thought nervously. He then took off jogging towards the forest.

Kara: Kara picked up on the first ring. "Dom? Oh, thank the gods. Are you ok?"

Domonick: Domonick sighed. "I'm fine. Where are you!?" Domonick asked, walking further into the forest. He then heard a light giggle behind him, and took off running again. "Please be safe, Kara..." Domonick thought.

Kara: "I'm at my Cabin. Thank goodness you're safe. I looked for you both, but I couldn't find you or Phoebe anywhere." She paused. "Listen, I think Phoebe might be in danger. She phoned me for only a second, and I think she was talking to Theos." Kara was definitely panicking by this point. "Where are you?"

Domonick: Domonick panted as he ran. "Kara...find her. Tell Nata I said hello. I think I'm being fol-" Domonick began. Domonick's foot was then caught on a root, and he yelped as he tripped and fell down a hill, rolling and crashing into a tree. His phone went flying against a large rock, smashing upon contact. Slowly standing up, Domonick groaned, rubbing the blood that trickled from his nose. Looking up, Domonick saw a girl in a Japanese school uniform. Her blonde hair was in pig tails, and she looked about 15 or 16. The girl was blushing excitedly, looking quite giddy as she skipped forward. The girl was actually very attractive.

???: "Looks like you got a boo-boo~" the girl smirked in a sing-song voice. Skipping towards him, she reached and flicked the blood the blood off his nose, licking it off her finger. "You're cute~" she smiled, moving closer to him and wrapping her arms around his neck.

Domonick: Domonick's face became red. "Erm...Uh, thanks?" Domonick stammered, hearing the girl giggle at his response. He looked over at his broken phone. "Damn it...can't talk to Kara anymore." Domonick thought nervously.

???: "I know that was your girlfriend, cutie. You know, we're pretty deep in this forest...she can't hear or see what goes on out here." she giggled, then got even closer to him, kissing him fondly. She yelped as he pushed her away.

Kara: "Dom? Hello?" Kara hung up and clenched her teeth in frustration. What the hell is going on?

Domonick: Domonick scowled at the girl, wiping his mouth. "What the hell?!?! Don't do that again! And why have you been following me, and who are you anyway? Answer!" Domonick growled menacingly.

???: The girl giggled. "Oh so sensitive...fine. My name's Katie Williams. My boss, Mr. Hampton, wants me to kill you, and I know you like being macho, so I'll spare your ego, m'kay?" Katie smiled, a hand on her hip while the other rested on his chest. "Cute. You're getting nervous~" Katie giggled.

Domonick: "I know you! You're that girl from the Pan American Olympics. You were unanimously named "World's Strongest Teenager". Those are impressive titles..." Domonick stated, buying some time. Shoving her, he took off running, deeper into the forest.

Phoebe: "I have an idea, maybe we could play 'Never Have I Ever' together. That way we can learn more about each other." She smiled at him and went to go hold his hand.

Theós: Theos chuckled. "Sounds fun. Lets start." Theos grinned. He draped his arms around her. "Never have I ever tongue kissed upside-down while doing a girl's hair" he smirked, trying to be difficult, then burst out laughing.

??? (Back in the forest) "Over here." A glimpse of silver flashed behind a nearby tangle of bushes and undergrowth as Dominick ran through the forest. "She will not see you. Come quickly."

Phoebe (Back to T/P): She started laughing too. "Oh my gosh Theos, hahahah, I haven't done that either. Alrighty, never have I ever kissed anyone before I met you. And it's okay you have Theos." She smiled at him, blushing slightly since she admitted that he was her first kiss.

Theos (Back to T/P): Theos clamped his lips onto hers, kissing her over and over again, each kiss longer and more sensual. "In that case, we have a lot of kissing to do..." Theos chuckled, then kissed her again

Domonick (Back to the Forest): Domonick nodded and ran over to the silver sighting, hiding in the bushes. Domonick panted heavily as he hid.

???: Beside Domonick crouched what appeared to be a humanoid robot. Its silver and white plating coated its body, with the exception of two long blades extending from where its hands might have been. It turned its head slightly towards Domonick, its black eyes blinking. "Are you an ally of Kara and Natasha Rudikoff?"

Domonick: "Kara and Natasha...oh, yeah, I'm an ally! Who...what are you?" Domonick stammered. Domonick then hid as he heard someone approach. "Where are you~" a girly voice sang.

???: "Edith, Mark 1. But you may call me Edith." The robot's voice was almost completely inaudible, impossible for anyone outside of a foot away to hear. "I am an automaton created by a friend to Kara, for protecting her and Natasha. It is imperative that I find her. From my understanding, she is in danger - as are you, apparently."

Domonick: Domonick remained quiet as the girl walked by slowly. "Kara and Nata are in danger...I can't let her get hurt." Domonick thought. The girl stopped several feet away from them. "Helloooo?" she called, looking around. "Help me defeat her...please?" he whispered to Edith.

Edith: Moving ever so slightly, Edith nodded silently. "Whenever you are ready. If you are an ally of Kara, you are an ally of mine. You may explain later."

Phoebe (Back to T/P): She was surprised by the sudden kisses, but enjoyed it none-the-less. It was so passionate, she couldn't quite grasp what was happening. Phoebe gently pushed Theos away. "Need a moment. . . to breath. . . hahh. . . was not. . . expecting, that. . ." Her face was beet red, she was lightly shaking because her heart was racing. After a few moments, she had caught her breath. "Would you like to continue the game Theos?"

Theos: Theos smiled. "Sure, Phoebe." he laughed. "Never have I ever...ate jalepenó peppers." He spoke as if he uttered the name of a mortal enemy. He hated jalepenó peppers with a unspoken passion.

Domonick (Back to the forest): Domonick stood up, a deep scowl on his face. "Katie's your name, right? If you try to hurt me, fine, I don't care." Domonick sighed. "But if you try to touch my friends, I will end you." Domonick snarled, the camo on his arm disappearing, revealing the metal arm. The hand morphed into a axe, and Domonick charged at Katie.

Katie: Katie snickered as the weapon neared her, the weapon slashing her arm as she ducked. Licking the blood off her arm, she smiled giddily then sent a wild blast of flames at Domonick and Edith.

Edith: Edith slashed through the flames, almost completely unaffected by the fire. The bush behind her blazed, but the only indication that Edith had passed through was a slight singing near her midsection, and her blades glowing with heat ever so slightly. "Please, stand down, Katherine. You are outnumbered, and..." she paused. "Outgunned? Yes, that is the expression."

Phoebe (Back to T/P): "Neither have I, hahahaha. Um, never have I ever liked killing monsters. . . I know it's an odd thing to say." She smiled sheepishly.

Theos: "Not at all." Theos smiled, kissing her softly. "Never have I ever been called normal..." He muttered, his face looking almost heartless for a second, before he sneered and shrugged.

Katie (Back to the forest): "Not my name, Miss Robot. You know the difference between me...and you? I'm smarter, waay smarter." she bragged. She then let out a high-pitched whistle, and the british man from earlier appeared. "Andre, kill her." she ordered. Andre, who looked exactly like a regular human, did nothing, standing deathly still with his hands behind his back.

Andre: "I am a servant of Master Theós Hampton alone, and a pacifist. Master Hampton gave you this orderr hours ago, Miss Williams. Might I advise to you that you are not strong enough to take on these two in battle; you should regroup and leave." Andre said clearly.

Katie: Katie rolled her eyes and scoffed. "You're such a lapdog, Andre." she sighed. Grabbing his collar, she growled. "Give me a reason why I should listen?"

Andre: Andre said nothing, and pulled out a phone. He showed Katie a recent text message from Theós, reading '"Listen, off Katie. We will meet tomorrow, we should be expecting changes to how we operate. Someone who I recently met has reminded me of my no killing until I reach a full understanding of these emotions.". "Your services are no longer required. Leave and report to Master Hampton tomorrow." Andre ordered.

Katie: She shoved Andre aside, sneering. "I don't give a damn what he says!" she grinned, the sent another blast at the two. Domonick's shadow dome seemed to keep himself safe.

Edith: This time, Edith didn't even try to move, and walked right through the flames. "I suggest you listen to your compatriot, Katie Williams. As an automaton I am extremely resistant to high temperatures, so I sincerely doubt that you will do damage to me with your flames unless if you reach much more significant temperatures. Even then, you would need prolonged physical contact to melt through any of my plating." She twirled a blade, and turned to address Andre. "Well met, Andre. I respect your hesitation to fight. I too would like to see minimal bloodshed. However, I must warn you that should my charge or her allies become threatened, I will not hesitate to protect them with my life, such as it may be."

She stopped, about five meters away from Andre and Katie, and retracted her blades, clicking and whirring as two robotic forearms and hands formed in their place. "Please, Katie Williams. Stand down. This does not have to be difficult."

Andre: Andre pulled out a intercom. "Master Hampton, permussion to engage in battle?" Andre asked quite calmly. "Permission granted: Control_attack.exe" Theos' frantic voice replied. Andre's face went slack as his body morphed and realligned itself, his body now donned in mechanical armor, no sign of humanity left to see on Andre. Strange, otherworldly wings glowed a bluish tint on his back. "Kaitlyn Williams, you have been given a direct order. Stand down immediately," Andre ordered, a large, glowing blade in his hand.

Katie: "DON'T CALL ME THAT!!!!" Katie screamed, actually looking upset for the first time. She sent a blast of flames at Andre's chest.

Andre: Andre made no attempt to dodge, and soft sizzling came from his armor as he stood there in front of the blast, virtually unharmed. "Good night, Ms. Williams. I will inform Master Hampton of your actions." Andre stated blandly, then sent a fist into Katie's stomach, sending her flying several feet. She landed on the ground with a thud, completely unconscious. Domonick ran over and proceeded to tie her up with shadows. Turning around, Andre adressed Edith. "I am Andre Virtuoso, Alpha Mark 2. I understand you have free does it feel?" Andre inquired patiently.

Edith: If Edith had eyebrows, she would have raised one. "And how might you have come to that conclusion?" She processed and internally debated for a moment, her logic and emotional algorithms still new and unfamiliar. "I would not normally reveal such information, but you do not appear to be hostile. It is... confusing. I have not logged many hours of existence yet."

Edith turned. "I still wish to find and protect my charge. She is worthy of a good life, and has been through much pain. I cannot give you her name, but should you ever meet her, please do your best to not attack her, even if ordered to. It would be..." Edith paused, trying to find a word. "Bad? Unwishing? Sad? I am still learning to communicate. I will simply say instead that I would prefer not to face you in combat. Due to... personal feelings."

She seemed lost for a moment, but then blinked to clear her camera lenses and snapped back to reality. Edith turned to Domonick. "Ally. Presumably child of a god with dark powers. I do not know your name, but we must go find my charge now. I await her instructions, and she may still be in danger, even if you have subdued Kaitlyn. Lead me to her residence." Edith turned back to Andre. "My apologies for the unnessecary violence. We willl leave you with Kaitlyn. I hope to meet you again, Andre Virtuoso."

Andre: Andre nodded solemnly. "Edith, I find you...quite refreshing. Free will is...a fearful subject for me. I was created to serve...I'm not sure what to do without orders." Andre stated. He turned around, grabbed Katie, and flew off into the night sky.

Domonick: Domonick smiled. "My name's Domonick Farmer. Lets go." Domonich sighed.

Phoebe (Back to T/P): She thought about what he said and his reaction to it, her face went cold. "I know the feeling." She looked at Theos. "I refuse to remember their faces and never knew their names, but I know what they did." Her sleeves were still rolled up, but something new could be seen. 12 of the small scars on her left arm merged togther to form a word, 'FREAK'. "It's not something worth getting mad over. . . I know this, cause I once was." She paused, her look was still cold. "For, literally, being stronger than them, they still hurt me physically and emotionally." Her look softened. "I strive to be the opposite of them, because I don't want anyone to feel that pain. . . Not even someone who has hurt or killed others. . . I learned to forgive them, because holding onto what they did, is not worth it. Especially, because I have a life to live and love and look forward to, no matter the pain it may present."

Theos: His blood began to boil, his teeth were clenched. His vision became red, and it was times like these that he wished he had the Charm of Emotions so he could knock some walls down and blow off steam. "I feel your pain, but mine's weren't just caused by bullies, but also" Theos sighed. Removing his shirt, he revealed a rugged and lean physique with no scars. Theos sighed. "The potion should wear off right" Theos mumbled. In mere moments, the potion faded. While Theos and his physique looked absolutely no different, he was now covered into slashes and burns, lumps and scars. The most prominent were the three deep scars across his neck and the deep gash across his forehead. "My biological father...used to hit me. Add that to constant bullying from students and teachers, and some prison time, and you get these. Exactly 12 bruises, 8 dislocations, 4 assassination attempts, and nearly a hundred wounds that are too stressful to remember." Theos said, calming down slightly. "I hide thes from myself because I know it makes me angry. Slit wrists, cut throats, bashed in skull, I survived it all, barely. And Rikers Island is not somewhere you want to serve time in..." Theos said solemnly.

Phoebe: She gently traced the scars, "You know, you're still handsome despite having them all. . ." She looked up at him and smiled, unfazed by hearing that he had a criminal record. "I'm sorry that you had such a rough past, but I am happy that you made it through it all. Because, if you hadn't, I wouldn't have been able to meet you. . ." She quietly muttered, "Nor would I have been able to fall for you. . ." She softly kissed him on the lips. Pheoebe sighed, "As much as I would love to stay here with you for longer. . . I should get back to camp, Dom and Kara are probably wondering where I am. Pick me up at 8 tomorrow? It's my turn to take you on a date." She smiled warmly at Theos.

Theos: Theos kissed her back. "Yeah, I'll clear my schedule. But I'm pretty sure whatever you're planning, it'll be fun." Theos chuckled. She made him think about the time before he met Drew and Katie, before he created the automaton Andre. He was better then, at least, in a altruistic sense. "I'll talk to Drew and Katie about ending this crusade..." Theos thought, his decision made.

Phoebe: She grabbed her dead phone and went to door, she turned to face Theos. "Goodbye Theos, see you tomorrow love." She smiled and blew him a kiss before heading out the door.

Getting Back Together

Kara: Kara was sitting on the sofa in her cabin, rocking her baby back and forth, trying to coax the little infant back to sleep after feeding her. "Shh... go to sleep, honey. I love you."

Nata was falling asleep quickly. While Kara hoped she was just lucky and Nata was tired, in reality Kara was shaking. She was scared for Domonick and Phoebe, and most of all hated that there was absolutely nothing she could do to help. Both of their cell phones had cut off mid-sentence, Phoebe was probably captured by Theos, Domonick was being followed by someone, she had no way where either of them were or how to find either of them, and she was completely alone. Her cabinmates had gone out for activities in the city, and so her cabin was silent.

Domonick: Domonick rushed around camp, and finally decided to check Hera's Cabin. He burst in abruptly, and smiled warmly at Kara. "Thank the gods you're safe!" he grinned ear to ear, then ran over and hugged her tightly, kissing her over and over again, each kiss longer than the last.

Phoebe: She was humming "Everytime We Touch" by Cascada as she walked to the Hera Cabin. She froze in her tracks as she saw Dom and Kara kissing. "Um, heya guys. . ." Phoebe sheepishly said while scratching the back of her head.

Kara: Gently, Kara hugged Dom back, and then unlocked herself from his arms. "Heya, Phoebe. Oh, gods, I was so worried..." She looked down to see Nata squirming. "Aaaand she's awake again. But anyway, what the heck happened? You two better have a good explanation. You had me worried sick."

Edith: Edith hesitantly walked into the Hera cabin, unsure of what to do. "Are you Kara, daughter of Hera?"

Kara: Kara frowned. "Um, yes. Who are you?"

Edith: "I am Edith Mark 1. I was created for the purpose of protecting you and your daughter from exterior threats. My creator is Daniel, son of Hephaestus. He sends his regards from the city." Edith looked around awkwardly. "But perhaps I should let your other companions explain recent events now? I met your ally Domonick in the forest, but lack adequate information."

Kara: Daniel sent me an automaton... that is both sweet and a little weird. Like Daniel. Kara's brain was practically reeling. "Ok, Phoebe. What happened with you and Theos Hampton? And Domonick, who was following you in the forest, and how did you meet Edith?"

Nata: Yay, it was the nice man! And the nice girl! Yawning adorably, Nata quietly babbled to Domonick. "Da. Blabmsp. Aaa."

Phoebe: Phoebe blushed, "Um, nothing bad happened. . . He brought back my mom, long enough for me to say goodbye. . . He treated me to dinner. . . We played 'Never Have I Ever'. . . Then we called it a night and I went back to camp. . . and he's picking me up at 8 tomorrow cause I asked him on a date. . ." She looked down at her feet and fiddled with her hands, and had a very red face.

Kara: Kara stood up. "Domonick, hold Nata please." She handed Nata to Domonick and walked right towards Phoebe, staring her right in the eyes. Kara, like her mother, could be very intimidating when she wanted to be, even if she was only five feet two inches. "Phoebe, we never told you about why Domonick needs a new arm, did we? Well, guess what. It was THAT man, Theos Hampton, who tried to kill ME, MY BABY, AND DOMONICK!" She emphasized each word by jabbing a finger towards Phoebe. "I don't know what he's up to, but stay the HELL away from him. He's why Domonick needed a new arm. He's why I can't sleep at night. He is the GODDAMNED reason that I have been scared for my daughter's life for weeks, ever since one of his servants tried to kill me and Nata!"

Nata: Nata whimpered and snuggled into Domonick's chest. Mommy was being scary.

Phoebe: She looked at Kara calmly and took a deep breath, "I had a feeling that something was up when you panicked at the sound of his name. . . but, why didn't you tell me sooner?" She sighed and shook her head, she went to a chair and sat down. She rubbed her forehead. "You know, I know that what he did to you guys is bad, and cruel even. . . but I can't bring myself to be angry at him. There's good in him, I swear that to you, maybe he was just misguided because of what happened to him. . ." She looked away from Kara, closed her eyes and took another deep breath. Phoebe opened her eyes and looked at Kara again. "I do need to ask you one question though, did you not pay attention to what I said happened?" You could see in her eyes that she was hurt.

Kara: Kara nodded. "I heard you fine. Did you miss what I was saying? I sincerely hope there's good in him, but right now he is incredibly dangerous, manipulative, and unstable. Oh, and yes, trying to murder a six-month-old falls right under the category of  'bad, cruel even.' Misguided? He laughed as that blade went through Domonick's wrist. He tried to take my baby away from me and make my own sword amputate Domonick's hand, and he laughed."

After taking a deep breath to calm herself down, Kara sighed. She sat back down on the sofa. "I'm sorry. Phoebe... I don't ever want to hurt anyone. But I can bring myself to be angry, after what he's done to the people I love. I can't let him hurt anyone else. And definitely not you. If he so much as touches you, with any ill intent... I won't hesitate to go into action."

Phoebe: She was shaking, she took several deep breaths in an attempt to calm herself down. Through clenched teeth, "Don't you realize that this is hard for me? I care about all of you, even the person you hate Kara. . ." She felt like she was choking. Phoebe was overwhelmed with emotion, it didn't help that she was still deprived of sleep. "Damn it! If you told me what he did sooner, I wouldn't have f***ing fallen for him!" She held herself, she was still shaking. Her teeth were clenched and tears dripped from her eyes. Phoebe refused to look at Kara at this point.

Domonick: "'s okay, Nata. Dad's here, and Mommy's just a little upset. It's okay, you're okay..." he soothed, stroking Nata's hair. He kissed the child softly on the head. "Theos...he's coming back. He's going to try to hurt us if you continue your love affair with him, so please...stop." Domonick stated, calmer than Kara but just as direct.

Theos: Theos sat silently on the sofa. He began doing what he was doing, the evil he enforced, because of his lifestyle. Every day that he grew up, he faced bullying, torture, abuse, threats, even murder attempts...and he tried to stay positive. But soon, he stopped caring. About himself, about his family. Even about his friends. Until now. Phoebe was a beacon of light in his world of darkness, a diamond in his sea of destruction. For once, life began looking up for Theos Hampton. And it He was so close to actual happiness, he felt a old feeling resurfacing: hope. But he couldn't shake the feeling that this was all too good to be true. The tech spell should've wore off by now and restored her battery, Theos figured, so he texted Phoebe. "Are we still on for tomorrow?" he texted.

Kara: "We were a bit too busy figuring out someone's new limb why he needed it. At the time, strictly speaking, we had just met you, and it's not exactly something I enjoy discussing." Kara sighed. She was trying hard to keep her emotions in check. " Incidentally, this is pretty damn hard for me too, Phoebe. I'm scared, and tired, and I don't want Theos to come after you as well as everyone else. You can't help who you love. And I won't stop you. But if he hurts any one of us again, you know I won't hold back."

She stood up and quietly walked to her room, leaving the door ajar. "And don't use that language in front of my baby. Dom, when she's asleep, please put her in the bassinet by my bed." Kara shut the door quietly.

Nata: Nata cuddled up closer to Domonick. She was calmer now that no one was yelling, but still on edge. "Da..."

Edith: "...Perhaps you could talk to her in a while, Domonick?" Edith gingerly asked. "Due to the nature of your relationship, you might be able to help. She does seem to care about you deeply." Edith turned to Phoebe. "I apologize. But Kara cares very much about you too. We will negotiate a solution that satisfies both of you. Do not lose hope."

Phoebe: She stood up, getting ready to leave. "I'm not going to Edith, I just hope she knows that I'll do whatever it takes to protect her, Dom, and Nata. . . Even if that means I have to kill Theos. . ." Her voice cracked. "Hey Dom, I just. . ." She sighed miserably. "I just wanted to say I'm sorry if I let you down for not wanting to give up on how I feel for Theos. . . I. . . I'll leave you guys alone. . . if you need or want me. . . you'll know where to find me. . ." She left the cabin feeling defeated, and started walking back to her cabin. As she approached the doors, her phone went off. Theos texted, she weakly smiled and texted him back. "Yeah, we're still on for tomorrow. Try to get some sleep, what we're doing requires energy. And no, I am not telling you what we're doing until you pick me up tomorrow.😝" Phoebe went into the Hephaestus cabin and crawled into her bunk. She plugged her phone in and kept it next to her, she prayed that she would be able to sleep tonight, without nightmares of the night her mom died.

Theos: Theos stared at his phone. He was so deep in thought, he didn't notice his subordinates quietly walk in. "They're going to kill you. You know that, don't you?" Drew stated, glancing at his phone. Theos scoffed. "Please. Don't be ridiculous." Theos sneered. "Ridiculous? You're the one trying to change our entire way of life." Katie sighed. "Master Hampton, we encountered Mr. Domonick Farmer and a automaton named Edith, Mark 1." Andre said, saying Edith's name in a...happy manner. "What? I don't care, from now on, we're done. No killing, no stealing, nothing." Theos ordered. Andre nodded understandingly, while Drew and Katie looked ludicrously at Theós. "Its too late to try to get into Elysium, Theos. We are all damned to the Fields of Punishment anyways." Katie stated. Andre nodded, and Drew shrugged, agreeably. Theos stood up, and surprisingly.....smiled. "I don't plan on dying. Ever. Its you two who might have to worry about death." Theos smirked. All eyes in the room were on Theos. "She's using you, Mr. Hampton. Trust me. She doesn't care about you." Katie stated. Theos' breathing escalated, his fists began to clench. "You're getting upset, you know what we're saying is true. Your heart may be foolish enough to long for her, but your mind isn't." Drew sighed. "You think I give a DAMN what anyone DOES to me?!?!" Theos barked, emphasizing his words. The room was unnaturally silent as he spoke. "I don't CARE what they do to me, they can slit my throat, gauge out my eyes, break all of my bones!!! But for the first time in my DAMN LIFE, I feel...hope. Phoebe is everything to me, and I'll do anything for her. You know why? Because I have NOTHING TO LOSE. Most of my family's dead, my friends hate me, the city of Brooklyn is scared of me...I have nothing on this GODDAMNED PLANET to be scared of losing...except her. I don't care what anyone does to me, gods know I deserve it...but if anyone, and I mean ANYONE, tries to hurt Phoebe Adams, there isn't a god in existence that can stop me from killing you." Theos barked furiously. The other three nodded, and slowly left the room. Theos sighed, and laid on the couch. Thinking about Phoebe's text, he smiled brilliantly. Hope was a beautiful thing, Theos realized, before falling asleep.

Domonick: Domonick cuddled Nata and sat on the couch after Phoebe left, rocking her slowly. "Gods...two girls are upset, and I don't know if I can help. Void would find this infinitely hilarious." Domonick thought miserably. He kissed Nata on the forehead, and then...he began to sing. "Hush, little baby, don't say a word, Papa's going to buy you a mockingbird. If that mockingbird won't sing, Papa's going to buy you a diamond ring. If that diamond ring turns brass, Papa's going to buy you a looking glass. If that looking glass gets broke, Papa's going to buy you a billy goat. If that billy goat won't pull, Papa's going to buy you a cart and bull. If that cart and bull turn over, Papa's going to buy you a dog named Rover. If that dog named Rover won't bark, Papa's going to buy you a horse and cart. If that horse and cart fall down, You'll still be the sweetest little girl in town. So hush little baby, don't you cry, Mommy loves you....and so do I." Domonick sang, hugging Nata lovingly.

Nata: The little infant felt comforted, and safe. After a small yawn partway through the song, Nata settled, and by the end of Domonick's lullaby she was fast asleep.

Kara: Kara silently listened to Domonick sing from her bedroom. By the time the lullaby had finished, tears were prickling the edges of Kara's eyes. He really does care... "I made a mistake," she muttered to herself. "I'm sorry, Phoebe. Maybe there is still good in Theos. I... I'm just scared of him."

Domonick: Smiling, Domonick kissed Nata's head. "Sleep well." he whispered softly. Walking over to Kara's door, he knocked lightly while slowly rocking Nata. "Kara...I know you probably don't want to talk to me, but...Nata's asleep." he whispered softly.

Kara: Without a word, Kara stood up, opened the door, and hugged Domonick tight, being careful not to suffocate her sleeping daughter. "I'm sorry." She shook slightly. "I always want to talk to you, Dom... I'm sorry for being so scared."

Domonick: "Its okay, Kara, we're okay. Shh, nothing going to hurt you, Kara. I made you and Nata this promise, and I intend on keeping it. I will protect you, so don't worry about a thing, alright?" Domonick soothed Kara, simultaneously stroking Nata's hair.

Kara: Kara swallowed and nodded. Gently taking her baby from Domonick's arms, she gently lay Nata down into the bassinet near her bed. "Stay tonight, Dom?"

Domonick: Domonick nodded. "Uh, sure. Whatever makes you happy." Domonick smiled. Looking around her room, he sat on the bed. With a stretch, he popped his neck, and then stood up and kissed her softly on the lips.

Kara: Kara's eyes twinkled. She gently pushed Domonick down onto the bed, and lay down beside him, slowly disconnecting her lips. She glanced at the clock on the wall, and was genuinely surprised. "It's almost two in the morning. I think Nata isn't the only tired one..." She smiled and gestured to Nata.

Nata: Nata was happily dreaming, snoring ever so slightly. It sounded like a tiny, high-pitched snuffle.

Kara: "Let's try to get some sleep, alright?" Kara asked, unintentionally putting a sliver of charmspeak into her voice. She maneuvered herself so that she was between the wall and Domonick on the bed, and hugged him as best she could while lying down. "Thank you. For everything."

The Next Day

Phoebe: She woke up. I actually slept that night, there was no dreams, but at least that means there was no nightmares. Phoebe unplugged her phone, then got off of her bunk. She made her bed and pushed it back into the wall. She decided that she would text Theos before heading to breakfast. "Good morning Theos, how did you sleep?😊" Phoebe started walking to breakfast, she hoped she would see Dom and Kara. Just seeing them be okay, would make her day. I just want the best for them.

Theos: Theos woke up with a start, documents surrounding him. After he dozed off initially, he woke up and started redoing the blueprints for the mana-calculating armor. He must've fell asleep, but he decided to make it into a gauntlet. Looking at his phone, he stretched, wiping the sweat from his brow. Another nightmare. Theos texted Phoebe with a lie. "Slept like a baby😝. How about you?" Theos texted. He looked in the corner and saw Andre, shut off for the night and charging. It was odd, especially since Andre looked pure human. "I should show Phoebe my handiwork, she'll love all of his features." Theos smiled to himself, deep in thought.

Domonick: Domonick woke up slowly, wishing he had longer to sleep. He enjoyed his dream, mainly because it involved him and Kara, and a lot of kissing. Then Nata began trying to take over the world with her superintelligence and 200-foot rattle...yeah, the dream just became weird after Kara. Looking at his cracked phone, he had literally hundreds of missed calls. "Can't keep avoiding running that company..." Domonick thought, throwing his phone in a trash bin.

Phoebe: She texted Theos, "I actually slept that night, no nightmares or anything. It was refreshing, and much needed. I'm glad that you slept well too. Can't wait til our date, it's gonna be so much fun." Phoebe got to breakfast and grabbed what she wanted to eat, she sat down at the Hephaestus table after sacrificing some of her meal and ate quietly.

Kara: Both Kara and Nata jolted awake in sync at the sound of Domonick's phone hitting the trash can, but relaxed after a moment, almost comically. Kara turned over to Domonick, smiling sleepily. "Mornin' there. cutie." She sniffed. "Wait, did you cook breakfast? Aw, that is so sweet of y-"

Edith: "I did."

Kara: "GAH!" Kara jumped as Edith strode into the room with two plates of French Toast and bacon.

Edith: "I was unsure if the pair of you burned numerous calories last night, due to myself being recharging, so I made a refreshing breakfast for the pair of you. Please put clothes on should you be missing them under them under those blankets, Kara. It is a beautiful day and you should take Nata outside."

Kara: "EDITH!" Kara couldn't be more red in the face if she was sunburned. "I am wearing pajamas, thank you very much! Nothing happened! My daughter is in the room, for gods's sake!"

Edith: Edith paused. "Ah. My apologies. That was perhaps an unwise assumption and statement. I am still getting used to socializing with people and learning their behaviours." She gingerly put down the two plates of food on the nightstand. "I believe I have made the situation... awkward. I am sorry. Um. I shall go outside and guard the cabin." Edith strode out briskly.

Domonick: He was only up for five minutes, and his head was hurting. "For an automaton, she's quite dense...or is just unfamilar with proper lifestyle decisions." Domonick thought with a sigh. Looking at the french toast, he shook his head and looked out the window, staring into the sun. He blinked several times, then stood up. "I should start exercising before noon, otherwise I might forget..." Domonick thought, absentmindedly removing his shirt. Forgetting Kara and Nata were in the room, he began doing one-handed push-ups. "300 push ups, 100 sit-ups, 30-second stretch, fifty reps at 100 lbs, 50 pull-ups." Domonick muttered to himself. He and Theos used to work out every morning together, but now, he's pretty sure Theós wouldn't want to work out with him.

Phoebe: She finished eating and was torn about how she should approach Theos about what he had done to Kara and Dom. I'm not mad at him in anyway, I also forgive him, but I'm scared that I'll lose him if I confront him. Phoebe went into the woods to go for a hike, hiking always helped clear her mind. Should I ask him to meet up before the date so he can back out if he wants to? Maybe I could do it after the date, or should I do it before I take him to where I want to go? She didn't know what to do, so she just continued walking. Phoebe had no specific place she wanted to go, she just wanted to get away from it all, even if it was just for a moment.

Theos: Theos sat giddily on the couch, counting down seconds until the date. "Argh, I can't wait any longer, I need to find her!" Theos said aloud. Showering and changing into a brown leather jacket, a black collered shirt, and some gray jeans, he yawned and ran to the door. "Andre, Control_power.exe." he ordered. Andre powere on immediately. "Yes, Master Hampton?" Andre asked. "Help me find Phoebe Adams." Theos grinned. "Master Hampton, you are 'pursuing' her, as they say?" Andre asked. Theos looked at Andre with a look of surprise on his face. "You seem talkative today...that Edith you've been telling me about must really have thrown you for a loop, huh?" Theos joked, nudging Andre. Andre cocked his head in confusion. "I'm afraid I don't understand what you're referring to." Andre said. "Ah, Andre, will get what I'm talking about at another time. Today, I'll be showing you off to Phoebe. You are my best piece of work, after all." Theos smiled jokingly. Andre looked quite proud at this revelation. "Thank you, Master Hampton. Might I suggest we start searching for her at the Hephaestus Cabin." Andre suggested. Theos patted his back, and led him out the door. "i wonder...should I give him free will? I should, if all of ths goes well..." Theos thought optimistically.

Phoebe: She decided she had walked far enough from camp and headed back to Hephaestus cabin. The cabins were in her line of sight, when she heard a low growl behind her. Phoebe froze and slowly turned around. A hellhound was behind her. It lunged at her, she yelped and narrowly dodged the attack. She ran towards the cabins, but tripped. She was panicking. She tried to get up, but couldn't, she twisted her ankle. Phoebe turned over onto her back and tried to scoot away. The hellhound pounced on her and she screamed.

Edith: BONG! With a ringing sound, one of Edith's blades sent the hellhound flying sideways. Edith looked to Phoebe. "You are hurt." Edith's servos whirred for a moment. "There. I have alerted Kara, as well as Theos. I apologize for taking his number from your phone. Reinforcements are on their way. You are being rescued."

Kara: Kara heard her phone buzz. Intruiged, she opened it, only to see an unknown number with a chilling message.

I am Edith Mark 1. Phoebe has been attacked by a hellhound near the Hephaestus Cabin. I am currently guarding her. Urgently requesting backup.

- Sent from my Automaton

The message was sent to Kara's phone and one other unknown number. Kara stood up. "Dom, watch Nata. Emergency." She ran out of the room, grabbing only her battle regalia and her shield deployer as she bolted out of the cabin.

Phoebe: She was hyperventilating and quivering. She began crying, and it wasn't from her injuries. Images from the night her mom died keep flashing in her eyes. Phoebe held her legs close to her chest and rocked back and forth. She repeatedly mumbled, "Make it stop, make it stop, make it stop. . ."

Theos: Looking at his phone, Theos began to tremble. "Master Hampton, are you okay?" Andre asked. Without responding to his question, Theos simply gave orders. "Hephaestus Cabin. Now." Theos ordered, giving Andre his codephrase. Andre was once again donned in mechanical armor. Andre flew Theos to the Hephaestus Cabin quickly, as they were already near. Theos dropped from Andre's back, running to Phoebe's side. "What happened? Who did this?!?!" Theos asked, holding her in his arms.

Andre: Andre landed next to Edith. "Has the perimeter been scouted to see if any more monsters are approaching?" Andre asked her, drawing his sword and looking around.

Phoebe: Everything was blurry, she heard the voices of the people around her, but she couldn't identify who they belonged to. Phoebe felt someone's arms wrap around her, she clung to them. Her breathing slowed, whoever was holding her, made her feel safe. The trembling subsided, she was still afraid but she was calming down. Slowly, her vision began to clear. Phoebe saw Theos holding her, she leaned into him and quietly muttered. "Thank you. . ."

Edith: "Negative. It is unclear how the monster arrived or if it was summoned by hostile forces. Our reinforcements are on the way, but the threat must be eliminated." She looked to Theos and Phoebe, and back to the hellhound, which was shaking itself off and preparing to attack. "When you are ready, Andre."

Phoebe: "M--monsters and humans m--must be given p--permission to enter camp g--grounds. . . someone let it in. . ." Her breaths were shaky, it was hard to stay calm with the hellhound still nearby. She just realized that she was bleeding, "T--Theos, my b--blood is getting all o--over you. . ." Phoebe leaned away, not wanting to get anymore of her blood on him.

Andre: "Oh, this was it? I'm slightly disappointed." Andre stated.

Theós: "Don't care about the blood. I'm supposed to protect you, Phoebe." he muttered sadly. The hellhound snarled at him. "Shut up." Theos growled, raising a now blue-glowing hand. And the strangest thing happened. The hellhound.... disappeared. Not like how monsters were killed and exploded into dust, but...just gone. Almost as was banished back to the Underworld. Theos looked as if he just ran a race, from all his sweat.

Phoebe: Her eyes widened, "H--how did you d--do that?" She wiped his face with the sleeve that wasn't bloody, "Are you. . . okay Theos?" She looked at him worriedly. Her panic attack is subsiding. Phoebe thought to herself, "Gods, I love him so much. . . even though I haven't known him for long. . . . . . Is he my soulmate?"

Theos: Theos said nothing, he simply kissed her on her lips. Then he escalated, kissing her deeper. His hands began to glow green, and while he was kissing her, he was also slowly healing her. "Gods...I can't let her go through this alone...I love her too much. Omg...I just thought the word 'love'..." Theos thought while making out with her.

Phoebe: She kissed him back, she felt like she was getting stronger. Phoebe assumed that he was healing her. "I feel so lucky to have him in my life." She stopped kissing him for a moment, "Wanna have a relaxing date tonight instead of a high-activity one?" Phoebe softly chuckled after asking him about the date.

Theos: "Whatever you want, Phoebe." He smiled, looking at her. His mind kept racing, and many of the thoughts he was having were...inappropiate, to say the least. Seeing her again, kissing her, all of these little things only made the lust stronger. Shaking his head clear, he smiled innocently at Phoebe, though the look in his eyes were far from innocent.

Edith: "I am afraid... that dates may have to wait." Edith tapped Theos gently on the shoulder with her blade, careful not to injure him. "Please look up."

Out of the forest, three more hellhounds were racing towards them, snarling and gnashing their teeth. They seemed to be unhappy that one of their compatriots had disappeared.

Edith took a defensive stance in front of Phoebe and Theos, blocking Phoebe's view. "Andre, Theos. Reinforcements are under thirty seconds away, but unfortunately the same is true for our incoming targets. I suggest Andre take Phoebe to safety while Theos stays, due to his powers."

Phoebe: She saw them and started shaking, but this time it wasn't only fear, it was rage. Phoebe stood up and pushed Edith out of the way and shot three fireballs, one for each hellhound, she screamed at them, "I am not letting you take away the people I love again!" She took her pencil out of her pocket and it turned into a sword, fire coiled around her arms and onto her sword. Phoebe flicked her left arm up and a wall of stone shot out of the ground and catapulted two of the hellhounds into the sky. Phoebe charged at the hellhound on the ground and cut off it's head. Her breathing was ragged, she was flooded with anger. She retreated, Phoebe didn't want to be crushed by the hellhounds since they were plummeting to the ground. The fire in her eyes that Andre saw were back, and were more intense than before.

Theos: "Get her out of here, Andre. Now." Theos ordered. Gone was the kind, nice Theos replaced by an emotionless leader. Andre looked at her as if she was an idiot. "Flames on hellhounds? Clever..." Andre muttered sarcastically, surprising himself. He then grabbed her and flew off. Theos stared at the hellhounds who looked more intimidating and stronger after Phoebe gave them a power boost and a launching pad. "You take the one on the right. I'll take the other one." Theos said to Edith.

Phoebe: She blinked a couple times, she started shaking and looked at her hands. "Oh gods. . . I--I'm so sorry. . . I--I. . ." She couldn't finish what she was saying because she started to cry. Phoebe just noticed she was in the air, She looked at Andre. "Wh--where are you taking me...?" Phoebe nervously asked.

Andre: "Somewhere far away from the battlefield." Andre said. "Somewhere far away from Master Hampton." Andre continued softly, knowing that's what Theos likely wants until the battle is over.

Edith (back to the battlefield): "Very well, Theos Hampton. Please do not die. You will have some explaining to do to our backup before this is over." Running forward, Edith spun and hacked at the hellhound nearest to her. Surprised, the beast barked and reared, clawing and blocking many blows, but unable to land any serious hits. Edith's best defence against it was her ferocious offense. Slashing, whirling and stabbing, her arms were a deadly maelstrom of sharp steel and celestial bronze.

Phoebe (back to A/P): "Is it because he thinks I'll be afraid of him?" She paused, then sighed. "I already know how dangerous he is, Kara and Dom told me what he did to them last night. . . I'm not mad at him for it, I still want to be with him and I want to approach him about it so he knows that I forgive him." She looked at Andre hopefully. "Do you think there is any good way to approach him about it?"

Andre: "So you know..." Andre said. "This conversation is over. I'm afraid there is absolutely nothing I can do to help." Andre stated clearly, not saying another word. Meanwhile, he started saying random phrases. "Sierra, Hotel, Echo, Kilo, November, Oscar, Whiskey, Sierra." Andre said aloud, not looking at Phoebe.

Theos: Theos' intercom blazed, and he heard the message. And actually began to laugh. Without a word, he walked away, still chuckling. He texted Katie and Drew, beginning a long-winded semi-sentimental apology.

Phoebe: "Please. . ." She begged. "I don't want to lose him, I--I. . ." She felt like she was breaking apart. "I love you Theos. . . with all my heart. . . sooner than I thought possible. . ." Phoebe pieced together that there was an intercom, she wasn't stupid, even in a fragile state.

Andre: Andre shot her w confused look. "As I said, there's nothing I can do. There's also nothing you need to do. If you can forgivr the wrongs that he has caused, then you two are truly meant to..., ah, what is it called...oh yes, you two are 'meant to be', aa they say." Andre stated.

Theos (back to battpefield: Theos was still chuckling as the hellhound came closer to him. He finished his apology with, "So, it comes with deep pleasure from me, ehen I were wrong. And you're fired." Theos looked at the hellhound, then muttered some incantations. Trees and loose vinew grappled onto the monster, and proceeded to crush it to death. But Theos was happy. He was actually happy. Drew and Katie were wrong, about everything. Even people like Theos Hampton...could actually be happy.

Andre: "Miss Adams, I sense the battle is over. Would you like me to return you to the battlefield to continue your 'date'. I can prepare a surprise for Master Hampton if you please; scented candles, warm blankets, rose petals, and...what is a way to say this...condom?, no...ah, yes, protection." Andre nodded.

Phoebe: She turned beet red when she heard Andre say that, "Um, I don't need Theos to be my first everything yet. . . but, I would like to go back to Camp Halfblood so we can go on our date. . ." Phoebe said shyly, she did not expect Andre to say that. She covered her face with her hands, Phoebe was still extremely flustered.

Andre: "Oh...I see. I apologize for assuming, I thought sexual intercourse was a go-to human-interaction resource that many took part in." Andre stated, the environment now awkward. "I'll fly over to Theos." Andre muttered.

Domonick (back at the cabin): "48...49...50!" Domonick panted, then dropped down from a metal bar in the room. Kara leftabruptly earlier, and since then, Domonick was exercising. Grabbing a towel, he wiped his sweat off, then poked Nata's cheek. "Your mother should be back soon." Domonick smiled, despite being worried.

Phoebe (Back to A/P): "It's okay, you weren't completely wrong in making that assumption, some humans have sex for the heck of it, others believe it's something that is special." She lightly smiled at Andre. "If you would want it, I could design a program that will teach you everything you need to know. Then, I could upoad it to your personal mainframe."

Andre: Andre shook his head. "Master Hampton built me...different from other automatons." Andre sighed. "Automatons are machines with human souls sealed within them, a computer program might help improve my body, but comprehension and intelligence based logistics are determined by my intelligence during my lifetime. Master Hampton says he restricted some of my memories by using his necromancy, so there are certain things I can't recall, such entire life before I was a machine. If Master Hampton grants me free-will, I'll be able to recall my entire human existance." Andre explained. "But Andrew Campwood confided in me about my past. He told me about how many people we killed together, how many lives we ruined. He also told me how he killed me. I'm not sure I want to remember all of that." Andre said, then sighed. "I apologize, I didn't mean to rant..."

Edith (Back to battlefield): Edith, in the meantime, wasn't faring quite as well. While putting numerous gashes in the powered-up hellhound, she'd been unable to land a killing blow, and had taken a couple of heavy strikes from the hellhound's claws. "We're not out of danger yet, Th-" Edith's words were cut off by a swipe of the hellhound's claws, sending her flying back a few feet. "Oh dear."

The hellhound wrapped in ensnaring foliage roared, and snapped the vines enveloping it. While bleeding and heavily damaged, it wasn't dead thanks to being powered up, and it looked heavily irritated. It slashed and struggled, shrugging off a tree and bounding back towards Theos with murder in its eyes.

But at that moment, thunder crackled, and the clouds above the battlefield grew dark. Edith would have smiled, if she had a proper face. "Reinforcements, Theos."

With a crack of deafening thunder, a blur of electricity streaked down from the sky and crashed down in front of Edith. A figure in full battle armour looked up, her eyes crackling electric blue. Kara had arrived.

Phoebe (Back to A/P): She sadly looked at Andre, "It's okay, everyone needs a listening ear at some point." She reflected on how she confided in Kara, Dom, and Theos about the loss of her mother. "I'm sorry that happened to you, no one, not even the people who hurt others, deserve that kind of fate. . . I believe that everyone deserves happiness and forgiveness, no matter what they've done." Carefully, she hugged Andre, Phoebe had a feeling that he could use a reassuring hug.

Andre: Andre sighed, stiffly hugging Phoebe back. "Thank you, Miss Phoebe." he said. Seeing Kara, he flew towards her, Phoebe in his arms. "Battle's not over yet...and I'm quite sure Madter Hampton is at his limit." Andre observed.

Theos: Theos was overdoing it, slightly out of being a show-off. He saw the hellhound bound towards him. "Damn...what can I do? I'm nearly out of energy..." Theos thought as the hellhound got even closer. Theos dived towards the ground, grunting as the hellhound slashed his leg. "Damn! I can't keep this up..." Theos thought, running away a few steps while the hellhound snarled at Theos. Suddenly, he had an idea. "Andre, put Phoebe down." Theos ordered. He then began casting a spell. and muttered an incantation. For a brief moment, Phoebe, Edith, Andre, and Kara glowed a yellowish-green color, then it faded. "You have 15 minutes. You're welcome..." Theos said, before passing out on the ground.

Phoebe: She rushed to Theos' and picked him, she put him in the Hephaestus Cabin on her bunk, knowing he would be safe there. Phoebe cauterized his leg, left and shut the metal door behind her. She put her hand out and enchanted Edith's dual swords, making them do twice the damage than before. Phoebe closed her eyes and shifted into celestial bronze. She nodded at them, signifying that she was ready.

Andre: Andre felt himself become stronger. Faster. Better. He landed next to Edith, his blade out and ready for action.

Phoebe: Her arms turned into swords, she was mimicking Edith's design because of its' practicality. Phoebe looked at Kara, wondering if she was ready for this.

Kara: Kara looked to her allies. "Well, this will certainly be interesting." Before them, both Hellhounds roared and pawed at the ground. "I don't know exactly what's going on with Theos and you all, but I think it can wait. Edith, Andre, left hellhound. Phoebe, with me. Let's take them down. Go!" She ran forward and took to the air, wreathed in lightning.

Edith: Edith leapt and slashed at the left hellhound, leaving an impressive gash across its face. Roaring, the hellhound swiped back, and Edith barely dodged the heavy blow. "One or two hits, and we will be defeated, Andre. They must be dispatched immediately."

Andre: Nodding, Andre swung at the hellhound, but missed. The hellhound knocked Andre into a wall, slashing at his chest. Sparks fritzed and jumbled from Andre, as he twitched uncontrollable. "Seven out...of nine...major components destroyed. Immediate repair neccessary." A glitchy, monotone yet feminine voice came from Andre, then Andre grunted. Staggering to his feet, the hellhound dashed at Andre...and Andre flew above it. He then dived downwards, slashing at the back of it's neck. Andre landed abruptly on the ground, looking at his damaged circuits. Meanwhile, the hellhound whimpered, and made a mad dash towards Andre. Andre slammed his arms forward, impaling the monster. He stared as the monster slowly turned to dust, meaning it was defeated.

Edith: Edith rushed over to Andre, her blades morphing back to hands, and immediately began tinkering with circuitry, sautering and reprogramming quickly. "Diagnosing and repairing. Damage is extensive. Power compromised, backup holding but drained by 40%. Critical servos damaged. Command input and voice recognition broken or disabled. Memory intact but semi-disconnected, currently reconnecting. Wings critically damaged, require extensive repair by child of Hephaestus. Power down to 50%. Attempting emergency recharge." Edith began charging her right hand with electricty. "Clear." A pulse of power surged through Edith into Andre. "Recharge successful, power raising and stable. You will be alright, Andre."

Kara: Kara yelled, and a bolt of lightning crashed down onto the hellhound in front of her, sending it reeling. She let the winds drop slightly, and she fell hard towards the hellhound, her shield crackling with power. Slamming down onto the hellhound she sent it tumbling back, roaring in pain and twitching as an electrical current ran through its body. Kara panted and got up, running back towards the beast. "Phoebe, now, together!"

Phoebe: She nodded at Kara and sprinted towards the beast, it bit her abdomen. But, because she was solid metal, it caused her no harm. Phoebe drove her swords into the hellhound's neck. She looked at Kara and gestured to the hellhound, "Deal the final blow. . ." Phoebe then nodded to Andre. "Need to fix Andre. . ." Phoebe hoped that Kara knew what she meant.

Andre: Andre fell to the ground. His armor then deactivated, but instead of reverting to his normal, human form, Andre reverted to his true form. He now looked quite similar to Edith, only he had more wires and a metal mask-like face. Andre twitched and turned, fritzing numerous times. Smoke began to billow from his chest; he was malfunctioning. The human-like eyes (now just lights) became dark, meaning that Andre had shut off completely. Suddenly, Theos came staggering out of the Hephaestus Cabin, blueprints and a jar in hand. "Get away from him." Theos ordered, dropping to his knees in front of Andre.

Theos then noticed two more hellhounds charging towards them. Theos frantically began taking notes on Andre's features. Placing a hand on Andre's head, he then reached past several wires and pulled out a large USB stick. He then used a spell and pulled an orb out of the automaton, which seemed to orbit around the jar. Theos stood up, and watched as the other hellhounds came closer. "You three might want to clear the area. Control_system-override.exe" Theos sighed. Andre powered back on, but he looked...different. Less alive. Theos nodded towards the hellhounds, and Andre attacked, but less efficiently than earlier. More wires were slashed, but Andre's body managed to harm one. Theos looked quite sad as he stared at Andre. He then spoke. "Control_execute-destruct.exe." Theos sighed wistfully, then took off running full speed, despite his tiredness. A timer slot opened on Andre's robotic cheek, counting down from fifteen. Andre...or at least, his body, stood motionless as the hellhounds nipped and scratched at him.

Edith: Edith understood instantly what Theos was trying to do, and while dodging claws she plugged in one last wire to allow the self-destruct command to successfully run. Her hand turning back into a blade, she made a wild slash to clear an opening and dashed away, letting the hellhounds take Andre. She caught up to Theos. "The command will activate now that the circuit has been reactivated. We must get to a safe distance, before the hellhounds see prey running."

Kara: Kara brought her shield forward, and with a shout brought it down on the hellhound's face. The monster dissolved into golden dust.

Kara's eyes flickered, sparking. "I can't use Olympian powers like this for long, even with a boost. We need to get away. Five is about the size of a hellhound pack, so we should be safe from any more." She took Phoebe's hand, or at least as much as she could without her skin being sliced open. "Let's go. We can regroup and take stock at the Hera Cabin."

Theos: Theos looked skeptically at Edith. "Oookay..." he sighed, not sure what Edith accomplished. Theos watched the hellhounds pounce on Andre. The cracked timer now read 3. Theos used a spell and grabbed Edith's arm, then flew off. Andre then exploded massively, smashing a wall off of the Hephaestus Cabin. Theos barely got Edith out of the way in time.

Phoebe: She forced her arms to shape into shields and tackled Kara, using her body as a shield against the explosion. It hurt, Phoebe's breaths were ragged, the smoke cleared and Phoebe shifted out her metal form. She was exhausted and she could feel shrapnel in her back. She weakly asked, "Are you hurt?"

Kara: Kara groaned and tried to sit up, and as pain shot through her body she decided to lie back down. Everything was blurry. "I don't think... too much." In reality, Kara was feeling like she'd been to the underworld and back. She'd used up way too much of her power in a short time, and she could barely breathe with the dust and smoke in the air. A huge cut had opened on her left leg, and burns coated her arms and legs. Her breastplate protected her torso from the worst of it, but her face had nasty burns all over. Embers flickered and died in her hair. "I should get back... to Nata." Kara's vision spun. "Did Phoebe get... away in time?" She broke into a harsh-sounding cough.

Theos: Theos landed several yards away. His arm was covered in burns from protecting Edith, but he was fine, all and all. He collapsed on the ground, similar to earlier, but this one was different. This time, he wasn't breathing.

Edith: Edith landed and immediately began to scan Theos. "Checking vitals. Apollo Cabin notified and on the way."

Phoebe: She wheezed, "Above. . . you. . ." Phoebe felt like she was on fire, she looked at her arms and saw second degree burns, she knew there was burns on her legs and back as well. Her face was slightly burned too. Blood dripped from her numerous cuts, her metal form couldn't completely protect her from the explosion. Phoebe coughed up blood, "Sorry. . . Kara. . ." Her vision was fading in and out. She sat up, her ears rang, Phoebe moved over to Kara's left. Phoebe stayed on her knees and held herself up with her hands.

Kara: Unable to see straight, Kara wasn't sure who exactly was talking. Everything seemed echoey and distant. As she tried to reach out and hold the hand of whoever was there, everything faded to black. The last thing Kara heard was the sound of running feet, and some panicked yells.

Edith: Several Apollo campers were running at a full sprint towards the small group. Edith motioned for them to come to their position. "Kara, Phoebe, hold on." As they were mobbed by nurses and doctors and several burly Ares campers with stretchers, Edith gently picked up the jar Theos had been holding, and looked at it curiously. Assuring the Apollo campers that she would meet them at the infirmary and give further details in addition to her initial messages, she went to the Hera Cabin to inform Domonick of what had happened.

Healing, and a fresh start

Two days later...

Kara: Kara opened her eyes slowly, blinking at the bright lights in the room. She turned slightly to her left, and saw Phoebe in a hospital bed opposite her, with a small bassinet holding Nata between them. Thank the gods, Nata's safe. Wait... Where's Domonick?

Phoebe: Her eyes fluttered open, "Ack!" The lights were really bright. Phoebe had to blink a couple times before her eyes adjusted to the light. Once adjusted, she looked to her right and saw Kara. "Oh. . . thank goodness. . . I was. . . really worried about you. . ." Phoebe weakly said.

Nata: Nata rolled over and saw the nice girl from earlier. Yay! She liked the nice girl. Nata squeaked happily and wiggled, trying to move closer to Phoebe unsuccessfully.

Kara: "Yeah, those lights are pretty blinding at first." Kara smiled weakly. "I'm really glad you're ok too." She noticed Nata and giggled, wincing slightly due to the aching in her chest. "Aw, someone's happy to see you. She's working out how to crawl, but hasn't quite gotten there from what I've seen. Anyways, how are you feeling?"

Phoebe: "I. . . feel. . . awful. . . hurts to. . . breath. . ." She took several deep breaths. "How. . . are you? And. . . I see you. . . Nata. . ." She lightly smirked, she saw the stiches down her chest, so she knew she'd had surgery. Not smart being a human-shield, even in metal form.

Nata: "Aaabm." Nata wiggled violently and made about a centimeter's progress towards Phoebe before noticing the stitches on Phoebe's stomach. She stopped wiggling, and looked confused.

Kara: "Hey, hey, it's ok, don't try to talk too much. I woke up a couple times and the last time they told me what they did; they had to do a small blood transfusion because of my leg, a bunch of ambrosia and nectar to accelerate healing the burns, and even after that some emergency skin grafts. Broke one of my shins, but ambrosia healed that most of the way. My head hurts a lot because of a minor concussion, breathing is difficult, and I'm overexhausted because of using my powers too much. But I'm going to be ok - I'm just pretty weak. And I'll have a wheelchair to move around for a couple of days, try not to stand up too much."

She paused. "Phoebe... you saved my life. You were amazing. I don't know how to thank you."

Phoebe: She noticed that the table next to her had a note and a cup of water, she read the note as she drank the water. It listed her injuries and how they were treated, it wasn't good. Phoebe looked at Kara. "You don't need. . . to thank me. . ." She weakly said, it was easier to talk now that she drank some water. Phoebe looked at the note again and told Kara what it said. "You underwent a major surgery, it was to remove the shrapnel from your body. However, as we progressed, we found shrapnel in your lungs. It was why you were coughing up blood and wheezing when you were concious. We also had to put metal plates in your spine because the sharpnel had severed your spine in multiple places as well as shattering 3 of your vertebrae. We were able to fully heal all of the burns, it helped that you are a child of Hephaestus. You have an IV putting water and a small dose of ambrosia into your system to accelerate healing. Finally, if you are reading this note, you have just woken up from your medically induced coma, a nurse will be with you shortly."

Theos: Theos woke up last, and looked as if he died, mainly because he did numerous times over the past few days. His skin was paler and thinner than usual, and he looked as if he didn't sleep for a while, as well as looking quite frail with sunken cheeks and droopy eyes. He looked at the burns that covered his right arm and shoulder, he sighed. "Karma's a bitch..." he chuckled innerly, looking at his destroyed arm. Theos didn't need to look at a medical analysis to know he had a heart attack, but he looked at the charts anyway. On August 2nd, 2017 of last year, we informed you of the conditions of your immortality. Your body would strangely create and produce its own nutrients to keep you naturally young, and completely independent of food and water. These nutrients were hypothesised to be magic-induced, with magic powers that showed Hecate's involvement. However, recently, this phenomenon has stopped in your body. Your body, now unaccustomed to food and water, is rejecting outside nutrient injection, and your body is deteriorating because of it. The lack of nutrients in your body has caused a drop in your immune system, and also caused your blood to thin. As time progresses, your organs will begin to fail one by one, if the object or substance (assumed to be the cause) is not reconnected with you. Cutrently, your body is in consistent cardiac arrest, as you had a record of six heart attacks in the matter of three days. One of your lungs has failed, along with a massive deterioration in your left Achilles Tendon and a blood clot in the frontal lobe of your brain, randomly impairing your speech and causing blurriness in your left eye. Finally, the drop in your body's white cells has caused an array of illnesses to infect you (influenza, the common cold, and smallpox). It is recommended that this nutrient source previously relied on is found immediately., the paper read. Theos weakly placed the papers down.

Kara: "It'll be ok. I'll do everything in my power to help, Phoebe." Kara looked around. "I wonder if Dom is nearby? I know he had to have brought Nata..."

Nata: Nata squeaked as a nurse entered the room. She squirmed and tried to lift her arms up, wanting to be picked up. She missed mama.

Kara: Kara smiled. "I'm sorry to bother you... could you pass me my daughter, please?"

Domonick: "What the hell do you mean you don't know!" Domonick shouted at an Apollo kid. They were near the waiting area. "His immortality is unique, and was caused by something that gave him unlimited nutients. That's all we know...we're not magic experts, after all..." The Apollo kid explained. Domonick stormed off, muttering curses under his breath. He walked into a room, and saw Phoebe, Kara and Theos. Theos' bed was far away from the other one's, however. Domonick glanced at Theos briefly, then crouched next to Kara. "I thought I told him to stay away from us...and now his stupid machine blew up and nearly killed you. Are you okay?" He asked, his fists clenched.

Phoebe: "Hey. . . be nice to him. . . he was only trying to help. . ." Phoebe raised her voice as best as she could, she was not going to put up with fighting. "Hey, nurse. . . my blood type is O negative. . . would that. . . help him?" She asked, looking at Theos sadly. The nurse said to Kara, "Yes I can." The nurse gave Nata to Kara. "And, that might work. . ." She turned to Theos. "Would you be okay with that Mr. Hampton?"

Theos: "No, I am not. I do not accept." Theos croaked. He weakly looked over at Phoebe. " so sorry..." he said weakly. He then broke out into a coughing fit. He regained composure, and smiled at Phoebe. "What? Why the sad look? I'm fine, trust me." Theos lied, his voice weak and croaky.

Kara: Reaching out, Kara took Domonick's hand. Her grip was weaker than normal but she didn't let go. "I'm going to be just fine. I'm just really exhausted, and they'll want me to be in a wheelchair for a few days so my leg can finish healing. But I'm ok. Phoebe saved me." She cuddled Nata in her other arm. She turned to Theos. "Theos Hampton, I don't trust you whatsoever. But apparently, you care about one of the same people I do. Don't be stupid and throw your life away. Take the donation and live. You make at least one person happy. And that same person will never be the same if you leave." Kara looked pointedly at Phoebe.

She paused. "I'd like to offer a truce. You had the opportunity to murder us, and you didn't. Maybe you are changing. Or maybe you aren't, and you're manipulating Phoebe into being hurt. But right now, none of us are in a place to fight, and I'd like to have just a tiny piece of faith in humanity."

She turned back to Dom and whispered. "This is a really horrible idea, isn't it..." Kara cuddled Nata close and kissed her on the forehead.

Phoebe: She squinted at Theos, "If you were fine, you wouldn't be this pale, gaunt, nor sick. . . " She coughed, it was dry and raspy. "Nurse. . . he'll take the donation. . ." The nurse sighed and took out a pint of blood from Phoebe. She handed Phoebe an oxygen mask, "Use this to breathe." Phoebe nodded and put it on, she took several deep breaths.

She jolted, ripped off the mask, grabbed the nearby bucket and threw up. "I'm okay. . . just. . . a reaction. . . to the. . . medicine. . ." Phoebe layed back and tied the mask back on, "Ughh. . ."

The nurse walked over to Theos, getting ready to put Phoebe's donated blood in him.

Theos: Theos tried to resist, but he was far too weak to. As the blood entered his body, Theos shivered twice, then began gripping his chest, the air escaping from his lungs. "Transplant rejection...we have to get him to the ER, he's under cardiac arrest!" the nurse shouted, wheeling him out. Several Apollo kids began wheeling him off, some even attempting CPR. Domonick was so horrified by Theos' heart attack, he didn't even respond to Kara.

Kara: Kara watched as the nurses and doctors wheeled Theos away, and she held Nata close the entire time. After a moment, the doors shut behind him.

Kara squeezed Domonick's hand ever so slightly to get his attention, which was about as much as she could manage. "Dom..." Her voice was quiet. "He doesn't deserve this. No one does. We... we have to help. And I think I... know how." Her hand hand fell out of Theos's, and she struggled to lift it back onto the bed. Her exhaustion was catching up with her.

Domonick: " for now, Kara. I...should get going. I think it might be best...if I don't be around you guys anymore. Every person I associated with seems to be hurting you or should've just said no when I asked you out." Domonick sighed, pain written all over his face, then walked out of the room rather quickly without another word.

Nata: Nata started to cry as Domonick walked away, trying to reach towards him. No, Da couldn't go...

Kara: "No..." Kara was too weak to do anything but watch as Domonick walked away. She weakly turned her head towards Phoebe. "Phoebe... can you... text Dom? I think he... can save Theos." Kara was beginning to feel dizzy. It was getting hard to breathe.

A nurse came over at hearing Nata's cries, only for a look of worry to cross her face as soon as she saw Kara, who was getting very pale. "Hang on, Kara. I'm going to run and get you some oxygen, ok?" She rushed across the room talking rapidly, assumedly checking with the doctors, and ran to get equipment.

Domonick: Domonick stopped outside the door. He sung against the wall, tears flowing from his eyes. "You're the best thing I never knew I needed. So when you were here I had no idea. You are the best thing I never knew I needed. So now it's so clear, I need you here always..."

Kara: Kara thought she heard faint singing, although it could have just been her exhaustion and slight lack of oxygen. A tear slipped from her eye. "Domonick..."

A nurse came from the room, and stopped by Domonick in the hall. "Excuse me sir, are you the father of Ms. Rudikoff's baby? We'll need you to hold her while we give Kara oxygen. There won't be room for the bassinet by the bed for a few moments. If you'd like, you could also stay by..." The nurse noticed Domonick's state and trailed off. "I'm sorry to disturb you."

Phoebe: She was frozen, he went into cardiac arrest because she had him take her blood. . . "If he dies, it's my fault. . ." Her body tensed and she gripped her bedsheets, it felt like it was getting harder to breathe. Phoebe closed her eyes and tried to focus on her breathing. She heard what Kara said about helping Theos, that helped calm her down. Phoebe took several breaths, thankfully, she didn't have a panic attack. "Y--yeah, I can. . . text him. . ." She looked at Kara and she paled, a nurse was by her and giving her oxygen. Phoebe looked around for Dom, surely he could help. He wasn't in the room, Phoebe grabbed her staff and lifted herself up, the nurse was distracted so she used the opportunity to go in the hall to find Dom. She limped out of the room and saw Dom outside the door. "Dom. . . I think. . . Kara needs you. . . she's crying. . . and is having. . . troubles. . . breathing. . ." Phoebe was getting winded. "Nata. . . needs. . . you. . . too. . ." Phoebe shivered, "Maybe, this wasn't such a good idea." Phoebe's breathing was heavy. "Kara. . . also. . . mentioned. . . you might. . . be able. . . to help. . . Theos. . . Would. . . you. . . do that. . . for me...?" She felt dizzy, she gripped onto her staff, hoping it would keep her up. Her knuckles turned white because of how hard she was holding it.

Domonick: Domonick sighed, then smiled. "Yes. I'm Natasha Rudikoff's father. I'll hold her and stay near Kara." Domonick smiled softly. He looked at Phoebe. "I'm sorry...I don't know how help Theós." He sighed sadly.

Phoebe: She frowned and nodded, she wasn't upset that he couldn't help, she just hoped he could. Phoebe limped back into the room and laid down on her bed after propping up her staff. She put on the oxygen mask and the minute after her head hit the pillow, she fell asleep. Phoebe was exhausted.

Kara: As the nurse led Theos back to Kara's bed, she saw Domonick, and relaxed. Thank the gods. "Dom..." Her voice was weak, and a few tears slid down her face. "I think we... can help..."

A nurse carefully handed Domonick Nata, who hiccuped and started clinging to his shirt. "She's very exhausted, so it's likely she'll fall asleep very soon. If you'd like, you can talk to her as she goes. You clearly comfort her a lot." The nurse smiled. "Now that the mask is on, we can just leave her be for now. Let us know if you need anything sir." She walked away.

As Nata sniffled and her crying slowed, Kara looked to Domonick and smiled. "Hold... my hand? If... you don't... drop Nata."

Domonick: Domonick held Kara's hand while he cuddled Nata lovingly. "Go to sleep, Nata...please?" Domonick asked, kissing her forehead. He then kissed Kara's hand, mouthing to her You go to sleep too, sweetheart.

Kara: Kara nodded ever so slightly, and her eyes slowly slid closed. Her chest gently rose and fell, and she went into a deep sleep, a hint of a smile still on her face under the mask.

Nata: Nata looked up into Domonick's eyes, staring at him solemnly. After a moment, she leaned forward and clung back onto his shirt, trying to chew on him. "Da. Dablm."

Domonick: Domonick smiled. "Aww..." he smiled. He then began to tickle Nata, making silly faces at her.

Nata: Giggling and squirming, Nata gave a toothless, gummy grin. Still giggling, she grabbed onto one of Domonick's fingers and brought it to her mouth, trying to chew on it. "Hablmp." She gave up after a moment, laughing too hard at being tickled.

Domonick: Domonick laughed heartily at her attempt to nibble on his finger. He then pouted at Nata. "You can't use cuteness to avoid bedtime, young lady. Well...very young lady, heh. C'mon, Nata, time for a nap." Domonick smiled, rocking her gently. Kissing her forehead, he began stroking her hair while cuddling her. "If you don't go to sleep then I'll bore you with my horrible singing." Domonick grinned.

Nata: After a bt of wiggling, Nata yawned wide, and snuggled into Domonick's arms, slowly falling asleep while listening to his heartbeat. She felt... safe. Da was good.

Two hours later...

Phoebe: She slowly opened her eyes, she had the strangest dream that she was immortal and all of her friends were too. Phoebe blinked a couple times and saw that Kara was fast asleep, she smiled softly. She saw that Domonick was still there. "Hey there stranger." She smiled at him and wondered, "Where is Theos? I hope he is okay."

Nata: Nata was just waking up, and suddenly noticed someone else talking. She leaned towards Phoebe with her tiny arms outstretched. "Aaablpt!" Wiggling, she accidentally kicked Domonick in the stomach - hard.

Phoebe: She awed at Nata, then she saw Nata kick Domonick. Phoebe winced, she felt his pain, metaphorically.

Domonick: Domonick winced as Nata kicked him. He stood there, rocking her for hours, and now that she was awake, she was abusing him. He chuckled and handed Nata to Phoebe. "How did you sleep?" he asked Kara, kneeling by her bed and kissing her softly.

Phoebe: She had Nata sit on her lap and was making silly faces at her, hoping to make her laugh. Phoebe pretended to be offended and said to Domonick, "How dare you? Ignore my hello to wake up Kara with kisses, how rude." She looked at Domonick and smiled, Phoebe was happy, even with all her injuries.

Kara: Kara didn't move, still asleep and completely unaware. "No..." she muttered, shifting slighly.

Nata: Laughing, Nata flapped her arms. "Aaml."  She leaned away from Phoebe slightly, grinning, and suddenly toppled backwards towards Phoebe's legs, looking very surprised.

Kara: In the meantime, Kara's expression subtly changed to a frown under the oxygen mask. "No... Stop..."

Domonick: Thinking that Kara was talking to him, he placed her oxygen mask back on and stopped kissing her. "S-sorry..." He stammered. He looked at Phoebe and smiled fakely. "Sorry, Phoebe..." He muttered. A voice spoke up from the door. "Say, Phoebe, what were you planning when you said I'll need a lot of energy for our date?" The voice asked. Then, being wheeled in by wheelchair....was Theos. He looked happy, but you could see his veins through his skin quite easily.

Phoebe: She started laughing and picked Nata back up, "Did you have a big fall?" Phoebe coughed a little, she looked over and saw Kara, "Oh no, she's having another nightmare." Phoebe looked at Domonick, "Hold her, she's having a nightmare. And if you can, try to wake her up." Phoebe was worried, but continued to play with Nata, as to keep the little girl calm.

She looked over and saw Theos, "Oh thank the gods, you're still alive. I was so worried that I had gotten you killed." She smiled and looked relieved. "I literally texted to you that I wasn't going to tell you." Phoebe giggled. Then coughed again, it was hard to laugh that much after lung and back surgery.

Nata: Nata giggled and kept playing with Phoebe. She was funny.

Kara: Kara shook slightly. "No... get away... please..."

Domonick: Domonick looked at Kara with a worried expression. He knelt next to her, holding her hand. "Why....why did I do this to them? They're all hurt, all in pain, because of me..." Domonick thought guiltily, looking at Phoebe, then Theós, then Nata, and finally Kara. "I promised Kara...I would never let her get hurt again...then it happened, and I was left to watch her get harmed, and not be able to help stop this..." Domonick thought miserably. Theos coughed numerous times, blood trickling down his nose.

Phoebe: Her expression faltered when she saw Theos coughing and bleeding. Phoebe took several deep breaths, it was hard to see that two of the people she cared about were hurt, all because she couldn't kill a hellhound. She looked at Nata and smiled at her, then began tickling her. "Hey Dom, it'll be okay. We'll all get better soon, I promise. Just stay strong, and hold on." Phoebe had a feeling that he could use some words of encouragement since he has to witness all of their injuries and recoveries while tending to Nata's needs.

Domonick: Domonick's grip on Kara's hand tightened, a look of defeat on his face. "Never again. I swear....never again...I'll protect them all...Nata, Phoebe, Kara, even Theós...I'll never let anything happen to them again!!!" He screamed innerly. He didn't realize how tight he was holding Kara's hand.

Phoebe: She yelled, "Domonick stop! You'll break her hand!" Phoebe had a panicked look on her face. She grabbed her staff and turned it into a pencil, she threw it at his head. Hoping it would get his attention and make him stop.

Kara: The expression on Kara's face turned into one of pain and fear, and a tear slid down her face before she jolted and woke up. After looking around wildly, she saw where she was, and visibly relaxed. "Ow..." She squeezed Domonick's hand weakly. "Dom, it's ok..." Her voice was muffled by the mask, but even though she was scared, she was comforting Domonick, too. "We're ok." (Thankfully, Domonick was standing in the perfect spot to block Kara's view of Theos.)

Phoebe: Good, she's awake. She sighed, "Are you okay Kara?" Phoebe looked at Kara gently. She looked at Nata again, "Do you wanna see your mommy?" Phoebe smiled warmly at Nata.

Nata: Mommy... looked weird. But it was mommy. Nata hesitantly reached towards Kara, whining a little.

Kara: "I think the mask might be freakng her out a little." Kara lowered the oxygen mask and put it around her neck, where it dangled loosely. "See, honey bun? It's still me." She looked over to Phoebe. "Did you guys feed her? I usually feed her, um, directly, but there was a full bottle I told Dom about on the side of the backpack, in the water bottle holder."

Nata: Nata reached towards Kara even more. She was hungry.

Phoebe: "I didn't feed her, and I don't know if Domonick did. But, she does look hungry." Phoebe was going to get up and give Nata to Kara, but as soon she leaned forward. She winced, "Ow. . . um, Domonick, could pass Nata to Kara? I can't quite get up right now." Shouldn't have turned my staff into a pencil and thrown it at him, cause now I really can't get up. "Could you also bring me my pencil? I wanna be able get up, and I need that to walk. . . Sorry about throwing it you." Phoebe looked and felt embarrassed.

Domonick: Domonick smiled weakly at the pencil being tossed at his head. "Sorry..." he mumbled, looking distraught. He grabbed the bottle and handed it to Nata. Clearing his throat, he sighed, and rubbed his eyes, then handed the pencil to Phoebe and handed Nata to Kara. He hasn't slept since everyone got hurt, and now he was feeling worse. Theos chimed in. "Breast feeding is the best way to feed children! I was breast fed, and look how I turned out!" Theos smiled. "I'm not sure if that's a compliment or an insult to Nata...and you shouldn't assume things, Theos..." Domonick sighed bleakly. At this point, even Theos sounded like he had more life inside him that Domonick did.

Phoebe: "Thanks Dom." She pressed the first button on her pencil and it turned into a staff, she put it on the ground and turned on her bed so her legs touched the ground. Phoebe took a deep breath and stood up, wincing slightly. She made her way to Domonick, and put her hand on his shoulder. "You need to get some sleep, I can see the bags under your eyes. And please, don't fight me on this. Besides, it's hard to help the people the you care about if you're deprived of sleep. And you know very well that I know that, it's the condition I was in when we met." She faintly smiled at him.

Then, she made her way to Theos. "How are you feeling? And answer me honestly, okay?" Phoebe gave him a stern look, she was making it clear that she wasn't going to tolerate lies. Phoebe saddened a little, "I'm sorry that I caused you to go into cardiac arrest, it wasn't my intention." She sighed, she was getting tired of seeing the people she cares about getting hurt.

Theós: Theos shrugged. "Its okay. I'm fine, I swear..." he smirked, then began coughing up blood. His head began to spin, and a massive migraine hit him. He was thirsty, hungry, tired, in pain, nauseous, cold, and hot at the same time. "Who am I kidding, I'm dying Phoebe..." Theós shrugged, as if he didn't care. Domonick sat in a chair quietly, looking even more distraught. His eyes were filled with despair and sadness, not a flicker of joy. "I'm..." Domonick began, then stopped and rubbed his head in frustration.

Kara: Kara jumped. She hadn't expected Theos of all people to be in the room. She looked towards she with no love in her eyes, but upon seeing Phoebe, her expression softened. "Theos, I can't trust you after what you've done to me and the people I care about. The odds of that happening are still low. But I won't let you die, or break my friend's heart." She gently took the bottle from Nata, putting on the table, and began to feed her normally. "I have an idea that may save your life." Kara hesitated for a moment. Did she really want to do this?

"The charm we took from you when you attacked was powerful. I had a child of Hecate work some serious magical diagnostics on it. They found a ton of enchantments and spells, seriously complicated, some really dangerous. I was tempted to melt it down, but they said that they could remove the hazardous and dark magic. "

Kara paused for a moment, and continued. "When they removed the darker magic that bolstered your strength with strong emotions... there was a significant amount of what they called life magic left." Kara swallowed. "I don't know if it'll cure you, but it may at least keep you from dying. Before I give it, though, I have two stipulations."

Theos: Theos sat quietly. "You are a fool. It won't work. I do thank you, however. You managed to find Hecate Cabin members strong enough and willing to remove the immortality factor from my charm, that's impressive. I forgot all about my charm until you messed with it, now you'll have Hecate searching for you. One thing I learned over the years, is that the gods don't like it when you mess with their belongings. If she won't be upset about my death, she'll be upset about one of her greatest tools being practically destroyed by a careless demigod." Theos muttered. Domonick jumped up. "Watch how you talk to her." Domonick growled. He then took a deep breath. "Life magic might not work as well as immortality magic, but it might prolong your suffering. Which I am not against." Domonick scowled. Theos coughed deeply, then glared at Domonick. "You are so delusional. I'd rather die than get help from any of you. The only person in here that I care about is Phoebe. That's it." Theos growled. Domonick shoved Theos to the ground. "Stay down, and let Kara help." he ordered. Looking at Domonick, he ignored the fact that she was breast feeding Nata. "He'll hear your conditions." Domonick nodded.

Kara: Kara held up a finger. "I never said anything about removing an immortality factor. I only said that the dangerous and harmful parts of the charms had been removed. Your immortality magic, which they call life magic, is intact. While I'm not sure this will save you, it's your best shot at the present."

She shifted herself and Nata. "The conditions are as follows. Firstly; you will swear on the River Styx to never again harm Domonick Farmer, Phoebe Adams, Myself, or Natasha Rudikoff. And secondly; you will inform me of how you know about my past, and what you know of it. Not now. But when I ask, you will answer. Swear to these conditions, and I will in turn swear that I will give you the charm, unmodified except for how I've already stated, in an attempt to save your life. No tricks. No betrayals."

Theós: Theós sneered. "Looks like I was wrong. You aren't a fool. I apologize. But no deal." Theos grunted, trying to get back in his chair. Domonick grabbed him. "Take the deal. Now." Domonick ordered, causing an uproar of laughter from Theos. "Rot in Tartarus." he grinned, blood oozing from his nose. Domonick slammed his metal elbow into Theos' jaw, knocking a few teeth out. "Take the deal." Domonick repeated. Theos spit out blood. "You know how many years I spent with that charm. She ruined it. Immortality might count as life magic, but it might not. And my strength, speed, and durability boosts only worked with Hecate's magic, there isn't a demigod on this planet who can replicate her prowess, I'm still skeptical on what she's saying. Hecate's Cabin isn't skilled enough to alter a god's magic, otherwise, if we were, we would have killed the gods by now. I would know how strong my siblings are, after all, I am their Lt. Counsellor." Theos sneered.

Looking from Domonick to Kara, he snickered even more. "What's even funnier, is that you could'nt read the inscriptions on the back." Theos coughed pathetically. "What inscriptions?!?!" Domonick growled, then punched Theos in his jaw again, busting his lip. Theos looked at Domonick and shrugged. "The original wielder can summon the charm to them. I mean, seriously, I don't wear the charm everywhere..." Theós sneezed, then snapped his fingers. The charm was in his hands. "Kara Rudikoff, you are very interesting. Only the gods know how you convinced a cabin completely loyal to me to "alter" the Charm of Emotions and not get suspicious. They know the charm in and out, they would've explained its abilities to you. I hold no interest in you any longer, I'm afraid." Theos sighed. Domonick gripped his cousin's shoulders even harder. "Damn you..." he growled, then backed away from Theos. " terribly sorry for what I did. I was blinded by anger and hatred, and my former subordinstes fueled this. I do not take well to threats, I assure you. As you can see, I am doing this out of free will. If it makes you feel better, I swear on the River Styx to never intentionally harm Natasha Rudikoff, Phoebe Adams, and Domonick Farmer. As for your past, let's call that "our little secret". How about it? I can give you back this charm, if it makes you feel stronger? I can understand why after what happened that night, you would want to put on a brave face, despite fear." Theos smirked, then coughed loudly, wheezing. "Kara..?" Domonick said, looking at her with a mixture of worry and confusion. Unlike Theos, he had no idea what happened to Kara back then.

Kara: "I thought you might say something like that. So I came prepared," Kara replied cooly. "Hecate's magic is not destroyed. As some of your campers put it... they just moved the bad parts. They couldn't break the magic of Hecate herself, obviously. As for inscriptions..." Kara opened her hand, and the charm suddenly zoomed into it. "They can be written over. Or added to. Ask any competent blacksmith. The point being, if necessary, we - with an emphasis on we - can restore any dampened parts required to save your life. What they've done to the charm can be reversed. But not on your own, because they've given me the keywords to restore powers to it. The very last parts of the spells - like a password. It's quite clever, actually." Kara paused, and put the charm on the nightstand beside her.. "Unless you are willing to torture your own kin, and lose any chance of favor with your mother, you can only gain back the powers of that charm through me."

She rearranged her shirt, and gently took Nata into her arms. "Your siblings care about you. But they know of what you've done. The Demigod Massacres, and what you've done to Domonick and I through both your associates and yourself." She paused. "And yes, I've done my research about that. The point is, you're dangerously close to getting yourself banished from Camp for good. And your siblings don't want to see that. What they want is for you to change. They want to see the demigod that saved nearly a hundred people like them while they came to camp. They want the person you were to return."

Kara gestured to the charm. "Agree to the second part of the deal as stated, and I'll help you to restore the charm to its former glory. If you don't agree, you're welcome to take it as it is, and hope for the best. I don't need to be protected by a piece of jewelry - I've become strong on my own."

With effort, she sat up, gently cradling her baby. "Dom, can you grab that Nurse's attention? They should have the chair by now, and I'd like to go outside."

Phoebe: She was in shock about what just unfolded. "Enough!" Phoebe shouted, she was sick and tired of all this. "I am not going to listen to people's bones break and their skin tear again!" She was red in the face from how angry and upset she was. "I am tired of this constant conflict. It's not worth it!" She closed her eyes and rubbed her forehead, taking several breaths in the meantime. "Domonick, do not pull a stunt like that again. I don't want to have to take your arm away. Got it?" Phoebe was fuming, she turned her attention to Theos. "And just because I like you, does not mean you get special treatment. You need to mind your own business, it's Kara's past, not yours. I don't know what happened, but I do know that it is her story to tell if she so chooses. So if you say a word about it, or dangle it over her head, I will hold to the promise I made to them the night before the hellhound attack. You wanna know what that was?" Her eyes were fierce, it's been a long time since she was this angry. "The promise was, if you hurt them, I will kill you. I wouldn't enjoy it, but that doesn't mean I won't do it." Phoebe propped the wheelchair back up and helped Theos back into it. She walked over to Kara and sat down next to her, she placed her hand on Kara's to try and comfort her. Those two boys' drama is not going to stop her from being a good friend to Kara. Phoebe calmed down and even though she spoke in anger, she meant every word she said.

Kara: Kara gently held onto Phoebe's hand, turning so that she wouldn't see Domonick or Theos. "I'm sorry Phoebe," she said, quietly enough that the boys wouldn't hear. "I hate this. All of this." Her voice trembled slightly.

Phoebe: She looked at Kara and whispered back, "I am too, but I know that things will get better." She smiled reassuringly at Kara. "Wanna go outside with me? It'll be nice to get out of this stupid room and away from our troublemakers." Phoebe smirked.

Kara: Kara smiled slightly. "Grab me a wheelchair, then definitely."

Some Time to Think

Phoebe: Using Kara's wheelchair to help her walk, she pushed Kara to the lake. And stopped her at a bench, Phoebe then sat down next to her. She took a deep breath, it reminded her of her home by Lake Superior. She looked at Kara and asked, "Feeling a little bit better now?"

Kara: Kara cuddled Nata, who had fallen half-asleep on the way over. "Yeah. A break from hospital is always refreshing. I'm just glad they let me out." She reached back behind her with one arm and rummaged in her backpack, which she'd slung over the back of the chair. After a moment, she pulled out a small blanket, and wrapped it around Nata. "What about you? How are you holding up?"

Phoebe: "I'm not doing too bad, still sore of course. But really, I'm just missing home right now. I used to live by Lake Superior, the air was so fresh and crisp. The lake was cold all year round, it was beautiful and dangerous all at once." She sighed longingly. "What was your home like? Or, if you're from here, what's it like living here?" Phoebe wanted to know what it was like in New York since she knows she'll never be able to safely live in Upper Michigan again.

Kara: "I was a California girl, born and raised, until..." Kara's body seemed to tense up. "Something happened. I lived in New York for a while with a friend. He... saved me. And took care of me while I was..." She gestured to her stomach and Nata. "You know." Kara looked down. "After what happened... Nata and I wouldn't be here without his help."

Phoebe: Oh gods, don't tell me she was raped. Phoebe had a sad look on her face, fearing that it was true. "I'm so sorry Kara, if you ever need someone to be there for you. I'm here, and if you ever want to talk about what happened, I'll be here to listen." She sighed. "I may not know what exactly happened to you, but I do know what it's like to be hurt and have a constant reminder of it." Phoebe glanced at her left forearm, she hated that scar. "I am very thankful that you had someone there to help you though." She paused, then faintly smiled. "Because if they hadn't, I wouldn't have been able to sit here with you. . . my best friend." Phoebe looked at Kara, she was still worried about what happened, but was happy regardless.

Kara: Kara smiled back. "Thanks. I'm glad he did too." She looked down at Nata, who was drifting off to sleep. "And sure... I do a have a reminder. But I never saw the person who did it. And I choose to not look at the result of what happened as a bad thing." She paused, unsure if she really wanted to say what she would next. But she looked down at Nata, whose eyes were just closing. "Because she isn't. And never will be."

She looked to Phoebe. "Hey, want to join me in a lullaby? They help Nata sleep." Kara began to sing slowly and softly, while rocking Nata back and forth.

"Talking away,
I don't know what,
I'm to say, I'll say it anyway,
Today's another day to find you
Shying away,
I'll be coming for your love, ok. . .

Phoebe: She nodded with a light smile and sang the lullaby with Kara.

"Take on me (take on me),
Take me on (take on me),
I'll be gone,
In a day or two. . . 

So needless to say,
I'm odds and ends,
But I'll be stumbling away,
Slowly learning that life is okay,
Say after me,
It's no better to be safe than sorry. . .

Take on me (take on me),
Take me on (take on me),
I'll be gone,
In a day or two. . ."

Kara: Smiling, Kara kissed Nata on the forehead. The little infant was fast asleep. "Makes a surprisingly good lullaby, actually."

Phoebe: "Heheh, yeah. Looks like it." Phoebe smiled at Nata. She sighed. "I suppose we'll have to get back to the boys, because apparently, we're the only reasons they haven't killed each other yet." She rolled her eyes, who would've thought that boys caused more drama than girls. "You ready to get going or do you want to stay out here for a little bit longer?"

Kara: Kara gazed out over the lake. "Just... a little more. It's... peaceful. And there isn't enough of that anymore." She held Nata close, and took in the view for a few moments.

Phoebe: She smiled and nodded, "Let me know when you're ready to go back." Phoebe looked at the lake and everything that surrounded it. I have to come by here again.

Kara: Kara grinned as a couple of young demgods played tag down by the shore. "It's good to see those kids so happy. Wish I was like that again."

Phoebe: "Maybe you can be." She paused, then she had an idea. "What if you visited that friend of yours for a few days? You could get away for a while and not have to worry, I'd take care everything so you could have a well-deserved break." Phoebe smiled at Kara, hoping that she'd take the offer.

Kara: "That... actually sounds really fun. I don't know if there's still a bassinet up there for Nata though, and she's still a little big for her first crib... And, um, I might... um..." Kara found herself stuttering. She hadn't even considered the thought of going back to Daniel's place in New York for a visit. For the most part, she'd stayed at Camp to keep away from monsters and make sure Nata was safe from them.

Phoebe: "Please, go. You need this more than anything. Look, in my first few sleepless nights here, I built this device that detects if monsters are nearby. It can detect monsters from up to 2 miles away, take it with you so you can feel a bit safer." She looked at Kara. "I can go grab it on our way back to the hospital, so it'll be ready for your departure." Phoebe was excited, she may be able to help Kara after all.

Kara: "I don't know, Phoebe... I haven't been away overnight from Camp since I got here." She paused, and then smiled. "But I'll think about it. Maybe I'll check in with Dom, too."

Phoebe: "Okay, if you do decide to go. Don't tell anyone exactly where you're going, if someone is targeting you. They won't be able to find by using the people you care about." Phoebe looked at Kara calmly, she didn't want to frighten her, she just wanted to give her a tip that could protect her.

Domonick (Back at the hospital): Domonick sat across from Theos, rubbing his temples. "They've been gone for a while. Have you thought about your answer?" Domonick asked. Theos smirked. "Hmm? Oh, the dilemmas..." Theos laughed. Domonick gritted his teeth, standing up. "What happened to you?" Domonick asked. Theos stared at Domonick blankly. "The human body cannot go 24 hours without human interaction. I spent three years in solitary confinement, locked in a dark cell for three years straight with nothing to do. You tell me what's wrong with me." Theos sneered. Domonick scoffed. "I'm sick of your melodramatic crap, dude. Peace, man." Domonick sighed, walking away. "You know I'm never going to die, right?" Theos called. Domonick snickered and kept walking. Gods, he loved seeing when people die sometimes.

Stepping out of the hospital, he walked towards the Thanatos Cabin. He was in desperate need of sleep. Collapsing on his bed, he began to sleep, his dreams quiet and peaceful.

Kara (Back at the lake): Kara thought for a moment. "Ok. I think I'll go, as soon as I'm out of this chair. I'll say goodbye to everyone first though." She looked out over at the lake one more time. "I think I'm ready to go back now.

Temporary Farewells

Kara: Walking forward, Kara gave Domonick a kiss on the cheek. "I'll be gone for a while, but Iris-message me if anything serious comes up, ok? Take care."

Nata: Nata squeaked from her spot in the backpack. Around her, toys, food and supplies were packed, ready for the trip ahead. The little infant flailed her arms, as if trying to wave goodbye. "Da!"

Kara: Kara smiled. "I'll see you guys in two weeks. Make sure Dom doesn't get in too much trouble, Phoebe." She turned, and with a small gust of wind, disappeared, only a slight dusting of sand and Theos's necklace left where she was standing.

Domonick: Before Domonick could say a word, she was gone. He sighed deeply, then started walking back towards his cabin. He needed another nap.

Phoebe: "Bye Kara, and I promise to keep an eye on Domonick." She turned to go talk to Domonick, but he was already walking away. "Oh." Phoebe shot him a text. "Don't want to bother you, but if you ever want to hang out or talk during the time she is gone, you know how to reach me.😄" She picked up Theos' necklace, since she already talked to Kara, she was allowed to return it to him. So, Phoebe went out to find Theos.

Domonick: Domonick sent a smiling emoji back, he would have no problem hanging out with a friend. Meanwhile, Theos sat silently on his medical bed, staring at the door quietly. He was now quite bored.

Phoebe: With her hands behind her back, she entered Theos' room. "Hey there handsome." Phoebe smiled at him, then she softly kissed him on the cheek.

Theos: Smiling, Theos rolled his eyes. "You know you're way better looking than I am, Phoebe." he chuckled. He then looked at her with a sympathetic look. "I'm sorry, Phoebe. For all of this. I swear on the River Styx that I'm done with all this crazy stuff. The stealing, the psychopathic subordinates. All off it." he swore, meaning every word.

Phoebe: "I'll compromise and say we're equally attractive and, I'm glad that you made that choice. You'll be happier and that's all I want for you." She put the Charm of Emotions on him, and smiled at him. "I already forgave you though." Phoebe hugged him.

Theos: Theos hugged her back, and slowly, he began to change. His hair became neater, his scars less obvious. His ripped physique returned, and his skin looked perfect. He stood up abruptly, the bags underneath his eyes slowly fading. He kissed her on the forehead. Sweeping her up and carrying her bridal style, he smiled. "All better. But you should get some rest, okay?" Theos said.

Phoebe: She chuckled, "I am well rested, if anything, I have excess energy. The doctor said I'm not allowed to do anything strenuous for a week." She rolled her eyes. "The counselors even said I'm not even allowed to walk in the woods alone for a week. So I can't forge, I can't hike, and I've already walked around the lake a hundred times." Phoebe pouted, she hated not having anything to do.

Theós: Theos smiled. "Well, we can always hang out, Phoebe." he grinned, setting her down. He smiled, then sat down in his old wheelchair. "We can do wheelchair racing, or, if you're feeling rebellious, we can prank someone. I know a few people, and my cousin Lena would be happy to boss around her siblings. I don't think she's used to being Head Counsellor, but we can prank her, if you want?" Theos suggested.

Phoebe: "What if we did both? We could have a wheelchair race, but we'd have to spray silly-string at the Apollo kids while racing each other." She smiled, it almost seemed like she has done something like this before.

Theos: Theos smiled devilishly, kissing the top of her head. "That's my girl!" He smiled, then picked her up gently and placed her in a wheelchair. He gave her a can of silly string, then made a copy of it via magic. He sat down in a wheelchair. "Ready sweetheart?" He asked in a sickingly sweet voice, then laughed heartily.

Phoebe: She laughed, "I am so ready to beat you." Phoebe set the can in her lap and put her hands to the wheels. "You can have the privilege of doing the countdown." She smirked, she just had an idea. "How about, the loser has to do whatever the winner says, for the rest of the day? You know, just to raise the stakes."

Theos: As she talked, Theós put a rock in his tire via magic, knowing this would make him a lot slower than her. He winked at her, "Only if the loser has to say how they really feel about their favorite thing in the world, as well. Deal?" Theós smiled, starting the countdown with his fingers.

Phoebe: "Deal." She watched his fingers countdown, he hit zero and she wheeled herself forward. Once she had built up speed, she stopped wheeling herself and sprayed the Apollo kids, laughing along the way. Phoebe quickly looked behind her and said to Theos, "Come on you slow-poke, at this rate you're gonna lose." She was extremely happy right now because she was having fun with the guy she loved.

Theos: Theid smiled ear to ear, and as he rode past his glaring cousin Lena, he smiled sheepishly and sprayed her. He then kept rolling, way behind Phoebe, but he didn't mind. He wanted to lose, so he could tell her how he felt about her. He threw his empty can at a Apollo kid who was chasing them, making him slip and fall. Theos winced at the fall of the Apollo kid, but kept rolling his wheelchair.

Phoebe: She finished up her can and threw it at an Apollo kid, "Take that magnet boy!" Phoebe reached the end of the hallway, got out of her wheelchair and cheered Theos on, "Come on you slowpoke! I can't kiss you if you're back there!" She smiled brightly and lightly blushed.

Theos: Theos began rolling his wheelchair as fast as he could, now only a few inches away from Phoebe. He smiled, then made a copy of a silly string can, and 'accidentally' sprayed the side of her face. "Whoops." he smiled sheepishly.

Phoebe: She laughed, "You bugger." Phoebe swiped the can from Theos' hand and sprayed him on the chest, then sprayed the upcoming Apollo kids. Emptying the can, and tossed it into a different garbage can. She grabbed Theos' hand and ran out of the infirmary with him. Phoebe lead him to the pond in the woods. "I think we lost them." She smirked, "Now, about that deal we had. What's your favorute thing and how do you feel about it? And what am I gonna have you do first?" Phoebe playfully said.

Theos: Theos took a deep breath, then picked her up bridal style. "My favorite thing isn't a thing at all, it's a person. A beautiful, smart, funny, very strong, clever girl, for that matter. But to answer your question, my favorite thing would be Phoebe Adams, and I'm madly in love with her." Theos stated nonchalantly, as if he just told her the weather. But from the way he was looking into her eyes, it was obvious he meant every word of it.

Phoebe: She blushed, "I--I love you too Theos." She fiddled with her thumbs, it felt like her face was on fire. Phoebe looked up at Theos and smiled, and when she looked him in the eyes, she could see herself having a future with him.

Theos: Theos smiled at her, then locked lups with her, kissing her with fiery passion. He picked her up bridal style. "Off to do whatever Miss Phoebe Adams tells me to!" he grinned, then kissed her cheek. Even without looking into the future, Theós had a good feeling they were meant to be.

Phoebe: "You really are the best Theos." She kissed him on the cheek. "I already have one thing in mind, but that has to happen at night. For now though, we're gonna go for a hike. I found some really nice trails before the attack and I want to check them out with you. I'll come up with more things during the walk, but in the meantime, I wanna talk about anything and everything with you." Phoebe was beaming, she felt like she was on Cloud 9.

Theós: Theos smiled, then proceeded to carry her to the forest. He sat her down when they arrived, then knelt down with his back to her. He was also staring at a family of worms squirming from the dirt. "Hop on, Miss Phoebe. I can give you a piggyback ride!"

Phoebe: "Oh, thank you, but I'd rather walk." She went to his side and grabbed his hand, she wanted to hold it when they walked together. "Come on, I saw a pretty stream down this way." Phoebe led Theos to the stream, there was a family of robins in a neighboring tree. She pointed at them and whispered, "That is my state bird. Aren't they beautiful?"

Theós: Theós preferred worms, and thought of the irony, as the robins would likely eat the family of worms. Theós smiled nonetheless. "Of course, Phoebe." he smiled. He then muttered under his breath, "but not as beautiful as you."

Phoebe: She almost didn't hear what he said, but when she heard him say that, she smiled and blushed. Phoebe looked Theos in the eye and gently said, "Thank you. You're pretty handsome too, whether you think so or not." She hugged him. Phoebe loved being in his arms, it was warm, and she felt safe.

Theós: Theos kiseed her deeply as soon as she called him handsome. He then chuckled. "I'm so in love with you, Phoebe..." he smiled, then hugged her back snugly, then laughed. He kissed her cheek. "Shall we keep moving?"

Phoebe: She smiled at Theos, "I'm really in love with you too. And yeah, let's keep going." Phoebe laced her fingers with his and started walking. A couple minutes of walking later, she asked, "Where are you from? And what's it like there?"

Theos: Theos chuckled. "I thought you'd be able to tell from my accent, I'm fron New York. Specifically, Brooklyn. Though I'm glad you asked, most people just assume." Theos smiled. "Brooklyn is a great city, but its home to angry women and even angrier men. Makes me glad I didn'tlive in the Big Apple, NYC. I kinda miss it there, but they don't miss me, that's for sure." Theos said with another amused chuckle.

Phoebe: "I'm not good with accents, going to Camp Halfblood was the first time I've ever traveled. So, I'm unfamiliar with all of it." She chuckled. "I'm guessing that they don't miss you because of what you've done, but there's no going back, just moving forward." Phoebe sighed, it was her turn to talk about where she's from. "I'm from Michigan, specifically the UP, Upper Michigan. I was born and raised in the largest city up there, Marquette, which only has a population of about 20,640 people." She smiled, just thinking about home made her happy. "The tallest building is the hospital, and the surrounding woods is vast and beautiful. There is trails everywhere, there's streams and rivers. Then, there's the lake, it's miles wide and miles deep. A beautiful, deep blue that could kill you without thinking twice. Lake Superior has sunk hundreds of ships and taken thousands of lives, but despite it all, the bitter cold lake is welcoming and makes you feel safe." Phoebe paused, then smirked. "It's home." She looked at Theos, curious about how he will react to what she said.

Theós: Theós was smiling. "I see. Lake Superior sounds so beautiful. And by the way, Brooklyn hates me for a different reason, heh. Anyways...ready to see some stars? I can't wait until nighttime."

10:00 pm

Phoebe: After a long day of making Theos do silly things, such as cartwheels, backbends, backflips, and the slightly mean one, the splits, she met up with Theos at the Hephaestus Cabin after sending him away so they could change into comfy clothes. Phoebe was wearing black yoga pants, a silky red shirt, and her usual tennis shoes. You could see her bandages underneath, they were covering her entire torso. "You ready to go to the beach?" Phoebe asked with a big smile on her face.

Kara's Return

Phoebe: She was waiting at the exact spot where Kara left, she really wanted to spend some time with her best friend since she spent the entire 2 weeks with Domonick and Theos. By this point, Phoebe had completely recovered from her injuries.

Kara: The wind whistled and swirled, and with a few grains of sand, Kara blinked into view. Her hair loose for once, she looked happy but tired. Gently, she put down her backpack and took out Nata. "Hey, Phoebe." She grinned. "Good to see you. How's camp been while I was gone?"

Nata: Nata squealed happily. It was the nice girl! Ooh, maybe Da was here too! She flapped her arms and beamed gummily at Phoebe. "Aaa!"

Phoebe: "Heya Kara and Nata, it's good to see you two. Camp has been good, no attacks and I'm fully healed now. Also, Domonick and Theos haven't killed each other, so the time you were gone was peaceful. How was you trip?" Phoebe smiled, she was happy to see Kara and Nata again.

Kara: "Well, that's certainly a plus that they're getting along. It was great! Nata was happy to see her honorary uncle. Weren't you, cutie?" Kara tickled Nata's stomach, making the baby laugh and squirm. "And yeah... it did me a lot of good. I haven't been this calm in ages." She looked around. "Hey, seen Dom anywhere?"

Phoebe: "I'm glad that the trip did you both some good, you deserved a chance to relax after all of the things you've been through." She smiled at Kara. "Well, I did hang out with him just the other day, I don't know what he's up to now though. I did text him this morning telling him that you were coming back today." Phoebe checked her phone to see if he texted her, and he hadn't. "Would you wanna go look for him, or do you want to put your stuff in your room first?"

Kara: "I should probably put my stuff away. Thank gods I had the Hecate cabin enchant it before we left, or I'd never have fit anything in." Carefully, Kara put her backpack back on without dropping Nata. "Want to carry this little cutie back? I bet she missed you."

Phoebe: "I can see that you're getting along with them, and I'm glad that you were able to take everything you need. And I'd love to hold Nata." Phoebe smiled brightly, she carefully picked up Nata and propped her up on her shoulders. Nata was now taller than both Phoebe and Kara. She took extra care to make sure Nata didn't tip over and fall. "Wow Nata, you grew so tall so quick! What's your magical secret?" Phoebe looked at Nata and made a funny face.

Nata: "Aaa!" Nata giggled and flapped her tiny arms, her eyes full of wonder at the sudden new view.

Kara: Kara grinned. "Dang, I missed you." She began walking beside Phoebe back towards the Hera Cabin. "So, what have you been up to while I was away? Any special projects?"

Phoebe: "I missed you too Kara. I've done a lot, spent a ton of time with Domonick and Theos. When I returned the amulet to him, he swore on the River of Styx that he was done with crime and his psychotic subordinates, one of which, is my half-sister." Her look sobered a little. "I have worked on one project, but I'm not proud of it." She sighed, "The boys don't know about it, I refuse to tell them." Phoebe paused, she needed to tell someone and she trusts Kara enough to tell her. She trusts Domonick and Theos, she just didn't want to tell them right away, considering what she did to make sure it worked. "It's a collar that can be locked onto someone's neck, it seems harmless, but it's not. Once it's on someone, it completely prevents them from using their powers. I've made five so far, all of them are fully functioning."

Kara: Kara raised an eyebrow. "Interesting. In case someone attacks... and they need containment? Reminds me of a movie I saw a little while ago." She paused. "But more importantly... I'm glad Theos held up his end of the bargain. That shows that there's still good in him. I might not trust him fully yet... but I can at least a little more now." She smiled. "Thank you, Phoebe. You might have prevented a war against a great enemy. Given time.... Theos could've grown to be as dangerous as the Broken Covenant. But you stopped that future." She brushed a strand of hair out of her eyes, and stopped Nata from pulling Phoebe's. "Remind me to introduce you to someone later. I think you could help them a bit, and they're new here, like a you a little while ago."

Phoebe: "Um, something like that." She was relieved that Kara didn't ask about how she knew they were fully functioning, Phoebe still didn't know how to tell them about that part anyways. "I'm happy about that too, I really didn't want to have to hold to the promise I made when I went to your cabin after I first met him." She smiled sheepishly. "And I'd love to help this person. By the way, thank you for stopping Nata from pulling my hair." She smiled at Kara, Phoebe was glad to have someone like Kara in her life.

Kara: "Heh, no problem." She glanced at her baby, who was happily wobbling on top of Phoebe's shoulders while the daughter of Hephaestus held onto Nata's legs.

Nata: Nata was having the time of her life, grinning from ear to tiny ear. "Aanmppppt." Suddenly, her eyes widened as she began to lean backwards.

Phoebe: She felt Nata's weight shift. With her right hand she held onto Nata's legs while she put her left hand behind Nata's back, preventing her from tipping over.

They reached the Hera Cabin, "Guess it's time to get you down from there, huh?" Phoebe lifted Nata off of her shoulders and held her on her hip. Then, Phoebe held the door open for Kara, "Here ya go."

Kara: "Thanks." Kara walked straight through to her room, unceremoniously dumping her backpack on the floor and flopping onto her bed. "It is so, so good to be back. Daniel's was nice, but... this place is definitely more like home. Not to mention it's got a way better spot for my little one to sleep." She gestured to the bassinet and grinned. "Did you miss home, Nata? Hey, I bet you and your Auntie must be hungry. We should all get lunch in a bit."

Nata: Nata wiggled and drooled onto Phoebe's shirt. "Aaa."

Phoebe: She looked at Nata, "I didn't know that plaid tasted good." She giggled. "Lunch sounds great, though, I'm not gonna let you pay." Phoebe grinned at Kara. "Would you want me to see if Domonick would like to join us? If he answers of course." She laughed again, Phoebe was in a very good mood.

Kara: Grinning, Kara sat up. "Oh no, you aren't going to have to pay anything for my cooking." She took a tissue from the nightstand and wiped Nata's nose and mouth. "To her everything is tasty, apparently. Strongest sense and all that, not to mention teething. Hey, yeah, it would be awesome if Dom came along!"

Phoebe: "Alright, I'll send him a text now." She pulled out her phone texted to Domonick asking if he would want to join them for lunch. "Theos is out right now so would you want me to take you to his place to make lunch? He has a really good kitchen for cooking." Phoebe looked at Kara in a way that would show that it's okay if Kara says no.

Kara: Kara hesitated. Did she really want to be in Theos's house? "I'd feel bad imposing on him. No, it's ok, I think there's everything we need here."

Nata: Enthralled, Nata batted at Phoebe's phone, accidentally opening the camera app. "Aamlp?" She looked extremely confused to see Phoebe on the screen. Squirming, she turned her head back and forth, as if trying to figure out which one was real.

Phoebe: She smiled, "Alright, just wanted to offer." Phoebe noticed what Nata did and how confused she looked, Phoebe laughed. "You silly little girl," She exited the app and quickly installed an app for babies, "All better now, I'm the real one." She kept her phone out so Nata could play with it on that new app. "What did you have in mind for lunch?"

Kara: Kara smiled. "I'll make up a few sandwiches. I got some spices and seasonings in the city that make for a seriously good grilled cheese. And I'll grab Nata some applesauce too. Hey, do you want to try feeding her? She's not exactly using a spoon by herself."

Nata: Nata was enthralled by the bright images and quiet, happy music in front of her. She made a muffled happy sound, quietly chewing on Phoebe's shirt while watching intently.

Phoebe: "I'd love to feed Nata, that is, if we can take her attention off of my phone." Phoebe chuckled, not caring that her shirt had spit all over it.

Kara: Laughing, Kara got to work. In a short amount of time, she'd quickly made an arrangement of sandwiches, cut into perfect triangles and arranged on a plate. Grabbing a small spoon and a little bowl of applesauce, she waltzed over to the dining table and set the food down. "Food's up, you two!" Kara moved Nata's high chair closer to the table.

Nata: Nata glanced over at Kara nonchalantly, and the phone was completely forgotten at the sight and smell of food. "Aaaa! Aaamm!" In her eyes, the taste of applesauce was clearly superior to plaid shirt. She wiggled violently in Phoebe's arms.

Phoebe: She put Nata in her high chair, then put her phone away. "Thanks Kara." Phoebe took a bite of her food, then took the baby spoon and scooped some applesauce. Phoebe brought it to Nata's mouth and, with a smile, she said, "Open wide girly."

Nata: Quickly, Nata opened her mouth as wide as it would go and closed it around the applesauce - and about half of the spoon. She was hungry. "Mmml."

Kara: Kara stifled a giggle. "She loves her food. I'll still have to feed her myself later, but right now applesauce should be ok to tide her over. It's definitely one of her favorites."

Phoebe: "Can't blame her, applesauce is really good, especially with cinnamon." Phoebe took another bite of her food and continued to feed Nata. "This might be a little nosey of me, but when do you think you'll ask Domonick out? You guys seem really close and seem to love each other a lot." She softly smiled at Kara.

Kara: Blushing slightly, Kara pushed a strand of hair behind her ear. "Well, to be honest... he beat me to it. After we met and played some music, he took me and Nata to a nice resturaunt. Of course, Monsters and..." she hesitated. "...Theos interupted. But it was still nice, for as long as it lasted." She looked over at Nata, who was eating spoons of applesauce like there was no tomorrow. "It guess it is my turn to ask... Soon, I guess. Maybe when I next see him." Kara took a delicate bite of her sandwich, lost in thought with a slight smile on her face and her cheeks tinted red.

Phoebe: How cute. Phoebe smiled, "Well, I can tell you for sure that Domonick won't complain. He talked about you a lot while you were gone."

She looked down and noticed that her sandwich and Nata's applesauce were finished. "Oh, I guess both of us were pretty hungry." Phoebe wiped off Nata's mouth. Then, picked her up to burp her.

Nata: "Ooouap." Nata looked extremely surprised and confused at the loud burp coming out of her mouth as Phoebe picked her up.

Kara: Kara couldn't help it. She started giggling. "No kidding, Phoebe. She snacks like nobody's business once she's hungry."

Phoebe: She burst out into laughter because of Nata's mighty burp and what Kara said. Phoebe was laughing so hard that tears began to fall.

Kara: Laughing, Kara wiped a tear from her eye. "That was such perfect timing, too!"

Nata: Nata, completely unaware of the ensuing hilarity, decided to cuddle up against Phoebe and suck on her shirt again. "Awmp."

Phoebe: "I know, right?" Phoebe said while wiping the tears away. She looked down at Nata and smiled, why is she so cute?!

Kara: Kara smiled. She'd thought about something she'd like to ask a while ago, but wasn't sure initially... but now, she knew she could trust Phoebe enough. "Hey, Phoebe?"

Phoebe: She looked up at Kara and smiled, "What is it Kara?"

Kara: "I... never gave Nata her godparents yet." Kara paused to breathe in deeply. "I know it might be a lot to ask, but... would you like to be her godmother?"

Nata: Nata looked up towards Phoebe, almost expectantly.

Phoebe: Her smile broadened and her eyes twinkled, "I would love to be Nata's godmother!" Phoebe squealed a little, she was trying to keep it under control so she wouldn't spook Nata. "Thank you Kara, I promise to take care of her whenever you're not around and help take care of her when you are around." She was beyond excited and happy, she felt like she was on Cloud Nine.

Nata: Responding to Phoebe with a squeal of her own, Nata hugged Phoebe and gently chewed on her shoulder. She shifted position slightly to rub one of her eyes, and gave a tiny but wide yawn.

Kara: Kara smiled. "Thank you." Internally, a huge weight had lifted off her shoulders. She looked over to Nata "Heh, looks like Nata agrees, even though she's tired. Need a nap, sleepyhead?"

Nata: Nata looked up at hearing her name, her movements sluggish, and then went back to hugging Phoebe.

Kara: Kara smiled wistfully. After a second, she had an idea. "Hey, Phoebe. If you want, you could maybe try to get her to go to sleep. Ever gotten a baby to bed before?"

Phoebe: "Yeah, my mom had clients who had crying kids and I took care of them while they were busy." She cradled Nata and started to hum, rocking ever so slightly.

Kara: "One sec." Kara walked to her bedroom and grabbed Nata's favorite blanket, bringing it back to Phoebe and laying it on the ground. "Let's swaddle her up first."

Phoebe: She carefully swaddled Nata and continued to rock her, humming a lullaby the entire time.

Kara: Kara smiled at the pair. "Adorable."

Nata: Letting out another huge yawn, Nata snuggled into Phoebe's arms and got herself cozy, her little eyelids drooping.

Phoebe: She continued to hum and rock Nata, Shouldn't be much longer til she falls asleep. Phoebe couldn't help but smile at what Kara said, though she kept herself calm so Nata isn't disturbed.

Nata: The little infant snuffled and gently held onto Phoebe. "Aa..." She murmered quietly and shut her eyes.

Kara: Kara smiled wistfully. "Wow, she is tired. She must have been fighting it for a while. She does that sometimes, and she's very good at hiding if she's sleepy.

Phoebe: She quietly chuckled. As Phoebe cradled Nata, she stroked the baby girl's head. Phoebe looked up at Kara and whispered, "Thank you, for everything." Her eyes twinkled, she was so happy and at peace, it was pleasant for things to be so peaceful.

Kara: "Always." Kara sat down on a nearby chair and relaxed her muscles. "You're a pretty awesome friend, Phoebe."

Nata: Nata gave a tiny snore, nonsensical dreams flowing through her mind as she fell asleep.


Kara: Kara walked to the forges and knocked gently on the door (but firmly enough to be heard over the machinery inside). "Hello, is Phoebe there?"

Phoebe: She opened the door covered in soot, gleefully, sje responded, "Heya Kara! How have you been?"

OOC Chat/Discussion

Flop: Ooh, the suspense is killing me... and I love it! Things are about to get serious...

Aja: I know right? I'm sooo pumped for this!

Flop: I'm genuinely curious now, how did Theos earth travel? Or will that be revealed in the story? He hasn't been created for six months, so it can't be a spell...

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Aja: Im down with it, sounds dope. Oh, and things might get a little gory for a sec.

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Aja: I didnt plan on Domonick dying, at all, but sure.

Flop: Idea: from now on, could we put it beside the character's name in brackets if the scene is switching without a time jump? EG between Theos/Phoebe to Domonick in the Forest, as above. If it doesn't work though we can try something else. Just to avoid future confusion when rereading.

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Jinx again: I think that once Kara sees Phoebe and Dom again, she's gonna be mad.

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Aja: Oh, okay. And things are really beginning to heat up.

Flop: Edith seems to be quite intrigued by someone else a bit more like her, even if they're on opposing sides in what could become a war. It's good for her to have someone to relate to. Also yay for Dom and Kara hopefully meeting up soon! And maybe even a little more of Nata.

Flop again: I'm going to start a new section with a time skip to Dom and Edith meeting up with Kara (and Phoebe too if you'd like that?) but we can definitely still edit the next section to round it off a little more properly (eg Phoebe leaving from Theos's place, etc).

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Jinx again: Anyone who sees Phoebe, will find out that she is deathly afraid of hellhounds.

Flop: Gotcha. Hope it's ok that I had Edith slap it away, kind of (I can change the post if not). Kara's on her way to help!

Jinx: I don't really care who helped, just had to have someone help otherwise she might've died, cause there is no way she'd be able to fight it off.

Aja: Sorry if I messed up any plans you had for the hellhound, Flop ;-;. I can change my post, or have Theos use more energy to summon an Easy monster...up to you. Sorry, again.

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Flop: It's ok, I have a plan... (mwahahahahaha) (actually though it'll probably be a fight scene)

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Jinx: It's okay, just wanted to let you know, and, it's kinda funny that he made that assumption.

Flop: Time for the real battle to go down... I'm excited to see Kara and Theos on the same side for a little while. Also watch out, there might be one more monster to come... (I'm having a lot of fun with this, and it'll be awesome plot later to figure out who summoned the monsters)

Aja: Theos gave you all temporary access to your 3, 6, or 9 month powers. He also made you guys a little stronger, and the cost of his energy. I'm mainly referring to you, Jinx, about the Month powers, as Kara has all of hers., and automatons don't have Month powers.

Flop: Thanks :)

Flop again: Phoebe saved Kara's life! Major props :D

Flop again again: Is Theos's heart stopped? Edith can use her electrical abilities to try to start it again.

Jinx: Good thing Edith called the Apollo kids, they've got two dying people on their hands as well as one severly injured one. BTW, Phoebe is dying because shrapnel punctured her lungs.

Flop: Going to do a new section and time skip to the infirmary where characters are healing up, but just like last time if you guys want to round off the last section before posting in the new one that's totally ok.

Jinx: Sounds great, maybe you could have Kara notice Phoebe and then you could make both of them black out from their injuries.

Jinx again: Did three days later since it will take Theos and Phoebe longer to heal than Kara.

Flop: Possibly, but is it ok if I change it to two? (Ambrosia and Nectar help speed up processes a ton, and the extent of Kara's injuries were unknown) (Also changed the title of the section so we don't have duplicate titles

Jinx: Okie dokie :)

Aja: Oh my gosh, sorry for the late reply to your question, Flop ;-; Theos had a heart attack. CPR would've been used, but im not 100% sure about electricity. Btw, Theos is losing his immortality, meaning that he's slowly dying ;-;

Jinx: A solution better be found, I don't want him to die. Phoebe would lose it, cause then she would have lost two people she cares about in less than two weeks. O.o

Aja: Um, Jinx? Theos can't accept any nutrients from anything, that includes blood, vitamins, food, water, etc. You don't have to change your post, just a friendly heads up!

Jinx: Darn, well, at least he'll get more blood in his body. You don't have to answer this if want it to be a surprise, but, how is Theos going to be saved?

Aja: His source of immortality was the Charm of Emotions Kara now holds. Thats the only thing that can save him now...oh, and two more things: if Theos says no, the doctors cannot continue, unless he is underage, then his legal guardian must approve. Second, Theos will get even sicker if Phoebe tries to force nutrients into his weakened body. I'll go along with it, though lol!

Flop: No Domonick noooo! Sad Nata! Also fun fact: this RP is so long that it actually no longer loads completely on my phone's internet browser if I want to check it on there XD

Aja: Dom's sad too. And this RP is suuuuper long lol.

Jinx: Yeah, the RP is long, but I love it since it's so detailed. Hopefully, Phoebe will get Dom to at least help Kara and at best, help Theos.

Jinx again: What if Hecate told Phoebe how to save Theos in a dream? Like, Phoebe would wake up, tell the others what she dreamt, and they'd know what she was talking about. Then, they'd be able to save Theos. If you guys like the idea, we can do it, if not, we can figure something else out. :)

Flop: I love how long it is too! I think this is actually the longest active RP on the wiki. Interesting idea :) I was going to have Kara give Dom the idea, since she knew that the charm gave Theos strength. That way Domonick could search for it, and maybe begrudgingly decide to save Theos.

Jinx: I wanna bet that Dom will save Theos for Phoebe and because Kara asked him to, not for any other reason. XD

Aja: Idk about the dream thing, we would probably have to ask a mod or admin or something ;-;

Flop: I should let you guys know now - on the 25th I'm leaving for a trip, and I won't be back until the 8th. I probably won't be able to edit much (or at all) but don't let that stop you guys from RPing once I'm gone! Don't wait for me - totally keep roleplaying Dom and Theos and Andre and Phoebe :)

Jinx: Alright, hope you have fun on your trip. :)

Flop: Will do! Sorry for slight Domonick whump... babies have surprisingly strong little legs. Lol

Jinx: Oh yeah they do, the pain is all too real. Babies can hit pretty hard too, my baby cousin is a hitter and it stings more than one may think.

Aja: Its all cool, Flop! I find it adorable xD

Jinx: Phoebe is tired of all the drama, but doesn't want to lose anymore people she cares about.

Flop: Totally understandable. Kara's definitely reaching the end of patience, too.

Flop again: Think Phoebe will recognize Kara's lullaby? lol

Jinx: I didn't recognize it, but I just looked it up on Google so Phoebe could recognize it. XD

Flop: Started a new section for you guys. Have fun while I'm away!

Jinx: Who should win the wheelchair race?

Aja: Phoebe, lol.

Jinx: Okay :)

Jinx again: Phoebe wants to take him stargazing, it's something she has always done alone and she wants to do it with him. :)

Aja: That sounds so awesome! I'll steer Theós in that direction, feel free to take the lead anytime!

Jinx: I was thinking we could time skip to night so they can go stargazing after Theos reacts to what Phoebe said.

Aja: Sounds good! Sorry for the late response ;-;

Jinx: It's alright :)

Flop: Hey y'all! I missed you guys! I'm around whenever you both would like to start a new section where Kara's back from the trip. Just let me know!

Jinx: I missed you too! I'll create a new section, then Aja and I can wrap up the date and just summarize what happened over the two weeks to Kara. :)

Jinx again: Sorry about the late reply, I got a little busy these past few days.

Flop: No worries! Life happens sometimes. :)

Jinx: Thanks for understanding Flop, your the best. :)

Flop:  Any time, yo!

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