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Devon Summers ~ Son of Hermes
Taking a few steps in, he sees the bundled up boy, "Excuse me...are you okay?" He called out before tapping the guy lightly on the shoulder. The boy looked a bit pale, as if he hadn't been outside for a bit.
Character's Bio

 Age: 17  Height: 6'02  Weight: 168 lb
 Sexuality: Bisexual  Relationship Status: Single
  Main Weapon: CB Wind & Fire Wheels

Character's Powers


  1. Children of Hermes are skilled thieves and are able to disarm an opponent and take their weapon easily.
  2. Children of Hermes can summon nearby animals to attack an opponent. The more animals summoned and the bigger they are, the more energy is drained.


  1. Children of Hermes are able to increase their speed and stealth in short bursts, making them faster than most and undetectable for a short time. However, they cannot have a weapon drawn so the speed is purely for evasion.


  1. Children of Hermes have innate reflexes which allows them to fight and dodge quickly.
  2. Children of Hermes are extremely proficient with thrown weapons.
  3. Children of Hermes are proficient in dodge-rolls.
  4. Children of Hermes have the inhuman ability to leap great distances at once which this can be used to dodge or attack.
  5. Children of Hermes possess enhanced stamina.
  6. Children of Hermes can sense and manipulate locks of all types. The more complicated the lock, the harder to manipulate.


  1. Children of Hermes are able to endow a pair a shoes with ethereal wings which grant the wearer temporary flight, they may use it for themselves or give them to another, however they are only able to go as high as just over the tree tops, and they only last for a couple of days at most before the wings lose power.
  2. Children of Hermes can cause a person or a group of people to speak in different languages so that no one understands what each other is saying, the effects only last a short time.
  3. Children of Hermes are able to trick another into doing something for them or revealing a secret to them; nothing guarantees the person will complete the task, if they figure out they are being tricked.

3 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Hermes are able to teleport themselves, since their father is the god of travel. The further the distance, the more energy drained.

6 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Hermes can temporarily steal 1-3 demigod powers from an opponent or ally for a few minutes, the user gains some knowledge of their new powers. The more powerful the stolen powers are and the more taken, the more energy is drained when the power theft wears off. (If the target doesn't have their 3/6/9 month powers, they cannot be stolen.)

9 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Hermes can shift into a hawk for short periods of time granting them flight, the longer they retain this form, the more energy it drains and the more time they need to rest between transformations.


  1. Children of Hermes make excellent thieves.
  2. Since their father is god of astrology, children of Hermes tend to make great astrologists. Able to identify any constellation and use the stars to draw star maps.
  3. Children of Hermes often do well when competing in athletic contests.
  4. Because Hermes “invented” the Internet, his children are able to use the Internet without drawing any extra attention to themselves from monsters.
  5. Children of Hermes have excellent memories for remembering messages.
  6. Children of Hermes have excellent sense of directions, are able to find and travel to any location in the world with ease.

3/6/9 Month Powers not unlocked yet.

Owned by: Affleck ~ Posted on: 14:46, August 15, 2015 (UTC)

Jack: He whimpered under the rest of the blanket and shook like crazy. He didn't speak to strangers, he held Oliver tighter and pulled the blanket around him

Devon: Kneeling down, he calmed his voice, "I'm not going to hurt you, I just wanted to make sure everyone in here was okay...and you don't look too good. I'm Devon, what's your name?"

Jack: Jack never spoke to anyone unless he trusted them and so he kept his eyes closed. He looked bad, large black bags under his blood-shot red eyes. He quivered like a cold dog and whimpered ever so slightly, talking in words to quite to hear

Devon: "You don't look that good..." Devon replied, surprised at how weary the guy looked, "I'm going to run to infirmary and get you a bit of ambrosia for you." Getting up, he quickly bolts for the infirmary.  How is it that no one noticed this?

Jack: He whimpered and shook under his blanket and rolled into the folds. It was a few minutes before Devon returned to find Jack in the same state and area he was before. Jack looked up at the figure before turning away, sobbing gently

Devon: Kneeling down again, he broke the ambrosia and handed it to him, " should help you feel a bit better, but after you eat, I'm taking you out for lunch." Devon was sincere, "It'll be good for you."

Jack: He blushes lightly and takes what Devon gives him. He's still quite untrusting of the boy but he nods gently. "O-Okay" he blushed

Devon: He nodded, "Go on, eat."  He smiled, "You haven't told me what your name is though."

Jack: He blushes and eats what Devon gives him. He nod gently as he looks down. "J-Jack..."

Devon: "Well Jack," Devon said, placing a hand on the demigod's shoulder, "If you get cleaned up, I'll take you to go get something to eat, okay?"  The son of Hermes was making sure to use a gentle voice as to not make him anymore upset.

Jack: He shook at the touch and stood up, walking to his room and turning on the showers. He stood in there and washed, dragging himself out of the showers. He put some clothes on and held Oliver tight, joining Devon in the main place. He stood looked pretty rough though

Devon: While he was still holding the plush, Devon still considered the fact that Jack had cleaned up and was willing to go out to eat a win.  "Where do you want to eat Jack?  You can tell me about yourself on the way there."

Jack: He blushed madly and refused to talk, walking close to Devon as they left the cabin. He held Oliver tight and looped his arm into Devon's wanting to feel protected

Devon: Letting him loop arms, Devon started to lead them out of camp, "You want burgers?  Sandwiches?  Ice cream?  It's my treat."

Jack: He blushed at the act of kindness but was still weary, people act nice to get you to trust them. "I-Ice cream please" He blushed oncemore and looked down at his feet while he walked

Devon: Devon smiled and lead the way, "So, tell me about yourself Jack.  Who's your friend here?" He gestured to the stuffed bear.

Jack: "O-Oliver" He tightened his hold around the stuffed bear. "H-He's my best friend, w-would you like to hold him?"

Devon: He wasn't in any place to judge Jack's stuffed animal.  He still had a toy Duel Disk from when he was 10 he still liked to use. "As long as it's okay with him."

Jack: His face lit up instently at this and he laughed happily. People tended to make fun of him so this was nice. "It's okay with Oliver" He handed the taller man the stuffed bear with a smile. "He says hello"

Devon: He chuckled, "Why hello there Oliver," He keeps the bear between them as they head out of camp towards town, "Why don't you tell me more about yourself Jack?  I know you're Prometheus's child for sure."

Jack: He mumbles slightly "W-What do you want to know?" He asks in a timid voice, scared of why Devon is so persistant to know about him

Devon: "Whatever you feel comfortable telling me." He grinned, pretending to scratch the teddy behind his ears.

Jack: "M-My names Jack O'Brien...." He blushed as he looked at his feet "A-And I've been at Camp a few years now but I'm scared to leave. N-Nove's mad at me and I'm scared he's going to leave me and we haven't spoken in two weeks" He sniffed as if he was about to cry again

Devon: Seeing him cry, he hands Jack back to comfort him, "How about after the ice cream, we can go talk to him?  How does that sound?"

Jack: He blushed madly and his eyes widened. "N-No it'll make it worse, I-I tried and he just got angry at me" He cried more, his eyes shut feeling the others hand on his back "P-please don't make me"

Devon: "Okay, okay, we don't have to." Devon tried to backtrack, "We can just go into town and hang out.  You wanna go anywhere else other than the ice cream parlor?"

Jack: His whimpering stopped and he sniffed a bit "I-I don't mind - i-it's nice to get out of the-the cabin" He smiled as he rubbed his eyes to rid him of the tears "Y-You're nice Devon"

Devon: "Thanks," He smiled, "It just didn't look right, you all alone in your cabin.  You looked like you needed cheering up, and I felt like I was the guy for the job!"

Jack: He blushed and giggled, Devin was attractive and being very kind to Jack. Jack tightened his grip on the others arm, he was still nervous and his eyes looked around wyryly

Devon: Entering town, Devon leads him to the ice cream parlor, "Order whatever you want." He smiles, "My treat."

Jack: He placed and order for one scoop of caramel with sprinkles. He took the cone and blushed, giving it a lick and smiling at Dev

Devon: After ordering his cone and paying for them, he gestures to a booth seat, "So, do you have any questions about me Jack?"

Jack: He went to sit in the booth and cocked his head slightly after licking the icecream. "Why did you h-help me? You didn't h-have too..."

Devon: He sits across from him, "I heard sniffling and took a look.  When I saw you like that, I couldn't believe that your cabin mates would leave you like that." the frown turns to a smile, "Besides, I have enough cash from work to treat you, so it's okay."

Jack: "I-I don't deserve help though... I've been bad" He winces slightly and hides his face, looking down. His icecream had started to melt but Jack didn't show interest at this point in time

Devon: He tilted his head, "That doesn't mean you shouldn't be taking care of yourself.  Eat up or it'll melt." He smiled as he licked his.

Jack: He blushed and nodded before licking his icecream silently. He hoped Nove would forgive him soon, it was starting to break poor Jack's heart

Devon: As he worked on his cone, he looked up, "Do you have any more questions for me?  You can ask me anything."  He was feeling good about helping Jack.  The poor guy just needed a friend to look after him, that's all.

Jack: He finished his icecream and looked at the cone gently. "Why does Nove hate me?" He blushed down

Devon: The son of Hermes took a deep breath, unsure how to tackle the subject,"Well...did he say that he hated you?"  He was being careful to not make Jack feel worse.

Jack: He played with the cone in his fingers for a while and thought "N-No but he said I was annoying" he pouted

Devon: Now he really had to pick words carefully, "Well...I guess that even the best of friends need small breaks from one another every once in a while."  He took a bite of his cone, "Even me and my brother Caleb need a break from each other every so often."

Jack: He was on the verge of tears once again. He knew that 'break' meant that November would be sleeping with other people while it was happening "B-But people who are in love don't take breaks" He sniffed

Devon: Nice going Dev, made him feel worse.  "I guess you're right..." Devon responded, "Well, I think I'm going to make today all about you.  What do you want to do next?"

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