Domonick Farmer

Caitlin Bellemore


Domonick: Domonick was walking past the Aphrodite cabin. Curious about it, Domonick went inside.

Caitlin: Caitlin was looking at her own reflection in front of a large wall mirror. She looked at her body with confidence and held her chin up high. She wore her usual attire, a white and pink frilly dress and low heeled shoes. When she heard the door creak open, she quickly looked over to see who it was.

Domonick: As Domonick walked in, he saw a cute girl in front of a mirror. Smiling, he stepped forward. "Ah, so this is the Aphrodite cabin!" Domonick smiled charmingly. Looking at the girl, he smiled even wider. "Ah, such a cute face must have a name." Domonick grinned, extending his hand towards her, being straightforward, as always.

Caitlin: She raised her eyebrows in the sudden approach of this guy, but returned to her normal demeanor nevertheless. "I'm Caitlin, daughter of Aphrodite," she calmly said, holding out her hand to the boy's. She giggled, "And I believe I have the pleasure of meeting you. What might your name be?

Domonick: Domonick cocked his head sideways as he thought about her name. "Hmm...good name, good looks...We'll get along fine! My name's Domonick Farmer, son of Thanatos." Domonick grinned, hoping Caitlin heard about his former company "Fashion America", a fashion line, or his current company, "Code Red", a company that specializes in the development of nuclear weapons and other military weapons of mass destruction.

Caitlin: Caitlin smiled at Domonick. His name sounded quite familiar, but she couldn't figure out what it was. She snapped her fingers continuously, "Your name sounds quite familiar to be honest, but I can't remember where I first heard it." Caitlin has been pretty much like this for the past few months, forgetting details much faster.

Domonick: Domonick shrugged. He usually would scold someone for not recognizing him, but she was different, he could tell. "Nah, don't worry about it! Anyways, how long have you been at camp?" Domonick asked.

Caitlin: "I'm pretty sure I've heard your name somewhere along the lines of fashion before," she muttered, before looking at Domonick who presented her with a question. "I haven't been here that long. It's been at least three days."

Domonick: "Huh. Only 3 days? I've been here for two weeks now." Domonick smiled. "After my first company was taken from me and I was banned from California, I came here." Domonick wanted to add, but kept that to himself. Domonick's phone started ringing. "Excuse me, this is important." Domonick said, walking towards the door and answering his phone. "Hello, Domonick speaking." Domonick said. After a few seconds of silence, Domonick smiled brilliantly. "Okay, have it delivered to the factory in Long Island." Domonick laughed excitedly. "Hold up, Pablo..." Domonick said, then looked up at Caitlin. "Yo, Caitlin, quick question: What's your favorite brand of clothes?" Domonick asked, fixing his black suit.

Caitlin: Caitlin blinked and smiled afterwards, "I like Fashion America's clothes. Something about it just screams... fashion, like the name." She was kind of confused on why Domonick wanted to know her favorite brand of clothing, but she thought that maybe it was normal since they needed to get to know each other since they were already conversing anyway.

Domonick: Domonick scowled at this. "When I owned that company we only designed clothes, instead of having our own created clothes. Damn it, of course they changed their policies." Domonick thought, irritated. Getting back on his phone, Domonick sighed. "Pablo, can you send an array of Fashion America's own dresses, shirts, and pants...Thanks!.... Alright, talk to ya later. Peace." Domonick said, hanging up his phone. "Ay, Caitlin, this might seem sudden, but do you wanna go downtown?" Domonick asked.

Caitlin: Caitlin quickly noticed Domonick's sudden change of emotion, but decided to keep it to herself. Caitlin thought about the offer, but she knew that a trip downtown wouldn't really hurt. "I'm down. Not really sure what we would be doing there, but it sounds interesting, to say the least.

20 minutes later...

Domonick: Domonick and Caitlin were inside of an Aston Martin DB11. Of course it was stolen. In Domonick's opinion: don't leave your luxury cars in an parking lot outside of an invisible camp for demigods and nymphs. Pulling up outside a suspicious warehouse, Domonick climbed out of the car, stretching. "Alright, Caitlin, let's go." Domonick grinned.

Caitlin: Aside from the fact that the warehouse looked suspicious, everything seemed perfectly normal. She doesn't know whether or not she should be taking this as a sign that she shouldn't have agreed, but backing down now would just seem to the the wrong option. "You shouldn't have started if you were just going to give up now," she reminded herself. "I'm right behind you," she said, looking towards Domonick and smiling at him.

Domonick: As Domonick walked towards the steel door, he turned around towards Caitlin. "Caitlin, when I knock on this door, do NOT stand in front of me or behind me. Do not stand off to the side either. Just stand next to me, and we won't get killed on sight." Domonick said. Then, walking to the door, Domonick did a pattern of knocks. A part in the top of the door opened up, and two eyes looked through; first at Domonick, then at Caitlin. Domonick nodded slowly. Then, the door slammed open, and a round, gumdrop-shaped man stood there, in a pink short-sleeved dress shirt and oversized khakis. "Domonick, my boy! Good to see you, as always." the man grinned dumbly. "Back at ya, Pablo!" Domonick smiled charmingly, embracing the man in a bear hug.

Caitlin: Caitlin was confused. She didn't get why Domonick warned her about staying beside him; literally, if they were just going to be meeting with one of his friends. "Geez, way to exaggerate," she said, keeping it to herself. She looked at the two of them hugging each other looking like they haven't seen each other for months, which barely seemed to be the case. But hey, who was she to judge? "Good day," she mumbled.

Domonick: Pablo looked towards Caitlin. "'re 'friend' here thinks you exaggerate." Pablo smiled grimly, a CB knife in his hand. Domonick waved Pablo down. "Damn it, Caitlin! You already pissed off Pablo! Pablo is a son of Iris, so he can read minds. And since I exaggerate..." Domonick grouched, then nodded at Pablo. Pablo pressed a button on his phone, and, like a security system, giant bows, blade launchers, and rock blasters, by the thousands, erupted from the building's entrance and aimed at Domonick and Caitlin. "If Pablo thought you were behind me, trying to threaten me to gain access, he would've had both of us killed. Please try to remember that next time." Domonick said. Pablo pressed the button again, and the weapons went back into hiding. "Ready to pick up your items?" Pablo said, eying Caitlin suspiciously. "Yeah, sure sure." Domonick sighed. Both seemed no longer in a celebratory mood as they walked in, leaving Caitlin behind.

Caitlin: Sadly, even privacy inside her mind seemed to be impossible now after all this stuff about being a demigod suddenly began. She sighed, not knowing whether or not she should be following the two of them. She was beginning to think, maybe she should have just stayed back at camp.

Domonick: Domonick was walking down the aisle next to Pablo. The warehouse was like a factory; clothes being boxed and labled, by machines and humans alike. Pablo lead them to the back of the factory. "Here ya go. Your Gucci and Nike clothes are in this bag." Pablo said, handing Domonick a duffel bag. "And the female Fashion America clothes?" Domonick asked impatiently. Pablo eyed Caitlin and sighed. "Aye, aye captain. Here." Pablo groaned, irritated. Handing Domonick another duffel bag, he leaned in towards Domonick and whispered, "That's you're girlfriend?" Pablo asked. "No, dumbass! We just met." Domonick snapped in Pablo's ear. Turning around, he smiled at Caitlin and handed her a bag. "Here ya go. My friend here has been getting me clothes from Fashion America completely free since I was a baby. Supposedly part of my rights as heir of the business. Even after Fashion America was taken from me, I continued getting clothes from Pablo. Anyways, inside that bag is Fashion America's own dresses, shirts, and pants for women. There's also some Polo and Gucci in there too." Domonick explained patiently.

Caitlin: Caitlin's jaw dropped. The heir of the business. She probably could have met Domonick while she was still working as a model. "You know, when I was a model once, I actually advertised Fashion America's clothes. Maybe I heard your name from there before, so that's why it sounded quite familiar." She reluctantly took the bag, thanking Domonick. "Welp, I suppose I'm in your debt, at least for now. You even got a hold of Gucci products? Dang, you're really rich."

Domonick: Domonick smiled softly. "Eh. I guess you could say that." Domonick said, attempting to be modest. Very modest, since Domonick was a multi-billionaire. "Anyways, it's no biggie. We should start heading back to camp." Domonick smirked, walking towards the exit as if this was all a regular day.

Caitlin: She nodded at Domonick's response before following the boy as he walked outside of the warehouse. The sun shined upon them once more, with Caitlin sighing quietly that the light had finally dawned upon them after what just happened back in the warehouse.

Domonick: Climbing in the driver's seat, Domonick sighed as his phone rang again. "This is Domonick." Domonick smiled grimly as he answered his phone. Domonick's smile grew sincere and large. "Excellent! Hold on, I'll fly down there and we can get started on the project and the meeting!" Domonick smiled brilliantly. Hanging up, Domonick did a once-over on Caitlin's appearance. Seeming content, Domonick started the car. "Caitlin, do you like Alaska?" Domonick asked.

Caitlin: Domonick had asked her if she liked Alaska. She was quite fond of travelling, so she replied, "I think I'd like it there since I like travelling and exploring new places." She smiled, imagining all the new things she would be experiencing over at Alaska, and she would be very happy if she was somehow able to travel there.

Theós: "Alright great!" Domonick smiled charmingly, driving towards JFK International Airport.

12 minutes later...

Domonick: Pulling up in the airport, Domonick was driving where planes were kept at. Hopping out of the car, he yelled at a pilot walking by. Apparently, Domonick owned a private jet. "C'mon, Caitlin, let's go!" Domonick smirked goofily.

Caitlin: Caitlin tilted her head when he saw Domonick screaming towards a pilot, but she dismissed the thought afterwards. "Geez, stop thinking about things that much, Caitlin. Just stop over-complicating them." She managed a small smile as she walked with Domonick.

Domonick: Domonick climbed in the jet. As the pilot got settled in the cockpit, Domonick poured himself a glass of red wine from a minifridge. See, the jet was like no other. It only had two seats, which were at a marble table. The jet had flat screens, jacuzzis, hot tubs, a dance floor, several game machines, a master bathroom, and many minifridges. "So, Caitlin, while we're here, lets talk a little. How about you tell me a little about yourself?" Domonick said while sipping wine.

Caitlin: Caitlin was too busy looking around the jet and how it was so modern and beautiful that it took her a few seconds before realizing that Domonick wanted her to tell him a little about herself. She could explain how she got attacked once a year after she became twelve, or talk about her skills. Skills should be more interesting, right? "Well, uhm," Caitlin cleared her throat before continuing, "my father was a great cook who owned a restaurant before it was trashed by a harpy. He taught me how to cook food and make it delicious and present it in a way that was appealing to the eyes of others."

Domonick: Domonick smiled. "A chef? Ah, yes, I love cuisine! Speaking of that..." Domonick grinned, then clapped his hands. A butler came from the cockpit. "Ah, how many this time, sir?" the butler said glumly. "Eighteen, and maybe a pizza. Oh yeah, your paycheck..." Domonick laughed. Then, pulling out a check, he gave it to the waiter, who smiled briefly, then turned to Caitlin. "And you ma'am? Oh, and please buckle in. The last passenger didn't...get the memo." The butler smiled briefly.

Caitlin: How rich was Domonick to afford all of this? Everything was so perfect and pristine that it feels almost like Caitlin was in another world from what she was used to. She nodded towards the butler and looked at the table. She knew that it was her turn to ask something. "Soo... how did you get into camp?"

Domonick: Domonick's eyes widened at her question. Suddenly, Domonick remembered his very...controversial past. However, for some reason, Domonick felt he had to tell Caitlin. "How did I get into camp? Well, I came from an insane asylum." Domonick said, truthfully. As the butler returned, he carried a pan of pizza with cheeze crust, extra cheese, pepperoni, sausage, and bacon. In the butler's other hand was a cooler with eighteen cans of beer. Domonick nodded towards his butler, and his butler placed the pizza in front of Domonick. Pulling out a can of beer, he poured it into a large glass, and gave it back to Domonick. "Yeah, I came from a psych ward. That's how I got to camp." Domonick nodded slowly.

Caitlin: "Mmm... I see." Caitlin was shocked herself, but she didn't want to show it. Domonick certainly didn't look like he came from an asylum. He was pretty normal in her opinion, well, normal in demigod standards. "It certainly doesn't look like it. But if you think this is a sensitive topic to talk about, we can talk about other things."

Domonick: "No, it's ok. I went because I saw the monsters that attacked me. Mortals couldn't. And my tutors took advantage of that opportunity to send me away and take "Fashion America" from me. But now, I'm striking back. I've been working on a project for a while now, but now, I think it's ready to come to light. Caitlin, do you still model clothes?" Domonick asked, drinking a swig from the cup.

Caitlin: Caitlin herself was taken aback. Domonick asked her if she still modeled clothes. "Um, well, not so much, after being attacked repeatedly by monsters. But I know I still can," she confidently replied. She knew that she still had the skill, but her career was cut short just a bit after the monsters kept coming for her every single year.

Domonick: Domonick smiled enthusiastically. "Caitlin, I'm starting up my own fashion company, "Crystal 99". I've invested nearly two billion dollars in the creation of this business, and now, we have sponsorships from Gucci, Nike, Adidas, even Calvin Klein. After setting up shop in Alaska, Crystal 99 should start spreading like wildfire. Since so many companies are representing my clothing line, we should be able to drive "Fashion America" out of business. Now, this is where you come in. Tomorrow will be the "Fashion America vs. Crystal 99" event. Everyone will be there, or watching at home. But I still don't have a model. That's where you come in. I need you to model for Crystal 99. Of course, you'll be paid: name your price and I'll be able to match it or double it. If you want, I can pay you over a hundred billion, or give you partial ownership of Crystal 99. Whatever you like." Domonick explained. In other words, Domonick was offering Caitlin a temporary job, and was willing to pay up to $100 billion, or give her half of a future-trillion dollar company.

Caitlin: Caitlin was surprised. It wasn't everyday someone came up to her and asked her to be the model and be paid billions of dollars for doing it, let alone take partial ownership of Domonick's newest company, Crystal 99. "Um, I think I'm fine with just getting paid. You can decide the price. The one thing that would be nice is to be able to continue modeling for it. I mean, it's really hard to get a job these days and I'd love to be able to model again," she said in response to Domonick's offer.

Domonick: Domonick smiled ear-to-ear. "Yes!! Thank you so much! Now as for the money..." Domonick said, then pulled out his checkbook. "Okay...I'll pay half now, then the other half after the modeling gig." Domonick stated, writing a check. "Here you go, Ms. Caitlin: One federal check for the grand payment of fifty billion dollars." Domonick said officially, handing her a check. Soon, the butler returned. "We are preparing to land in a few minutes." he informed Caitlin and Domonick. Domonick nodded towards him then yawned deeply, fiddling with his tie.

Caitlin: Caitlin could almost feel herself choke after receiving, well, a HUGE sum of money from Domonick. That flustered her so much, but she tried to remain calm. "Um, thank you very much. I'll make sure to do a good job to make sure that, uh, you don't regret giving me such a huge amount."

Domonick: Domonick nodded slowly, dozing off as the plane landed. As the plane slowed to a halt, the butler returned and woke up Domonick. "Sir, you have arrived." he smiled warmly. Yawning, Domonick shuffled off of the plane, ignoring the beautiful, icy view.

Caitlin: Unlike what she noticed from Domonick, Caitlin took the time to notice the beautiful view that they were given. Granted, it looked better while they were still up in the skies, but seeing it so close to her gave her the feeling that the experience was going to be awesome. '"If only I gad a phone..."' she thought. Phones weren't allowed for demigods like her since it might as well be a "Hey! I'm a demigod! Please kill me!" sign. She closely followed Domonick after taking in the view.

Domonick: As Domonick climbed in the limo parked for them, he went back to sleep. He was starting to feel major jetlag and needed a nap.

Caitlin: Caitlin didn't know what to do after getting inside Domonick's limo. The latter had already fallen asleep, but she didn't know if she even wanted to sleep like he was doing right now. It just seemed like a waste of time, but also partially understandable since they traveled a long way to get there.

Domonick: Domonick was awoken by a bump in the road that shook the car. Looking forward to the fashion show, Domonick couldn't wait.

Caitlin: "Um, are you alright?" Caitlin asked Domonick who woke up suddenly. Did he dream of something? That sounded ridiculous for her, but if he needed an ear, she would gladly lend it to him.

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