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Nikita and Lukas


Nikita: He walks into Pizza Hut and lets go of Lukas's hand Sooo, you must want a meat-lover, eh? He winks, showing that he's joking.

Lukas: Pouts and has a 'not amused' look on his face.

Nikita: He laughs and pats Lukas's cheek I'm kidding, Luky.

Lukas: Pokes his tongue out at him and skips to a table.

Nikita: He stands back and stares at Lukas's arse as he skips.

Lukas: Tilts his head. Aren't you coming?

Nikita: He looks up and blushes a bit Yeah, comin'.

Lukas: Okay...sits down in the booth and puts his Hedwig teddy next to him.

Nikita: He sits extremely close to Lukas and rests his head on Lukas's shoulder So... vegetarian or cheese?

Lukas: Blushes. Umm...cheese...

Nikita: He grins, orders a cheese pizza, and kisses Lukas's cheek for no reason

Lukas: Blushes harder and rubs his cheek. W-What was that for?...

Nikita: He smirks For being cute.

Lukas: Opens his mouth to talk but changes his mind and starts eating a pizza slice.

Nikita: He chuckles and takes a slice as well, biting a huge piece off.

Lukas: Chews it slowly and giggles at Nikita. You must be hungry...

Nikita: He nods and speaks with his mouth open Yeah, I'm starving.

Lukas: Giggles again. Shut your mouth.

Nikita: He chews louder and opens his mouth wider

Lukas: Smiles and kisses his cheek. Now st-covers his mouth and blushes madly when he realises what he did.

Nikita: He chuckles Wow.

Lukas: Avoids looking at him and twiddles his thumbs.

Nikita: He keeps eating, oblivious to Lukas.

Lukas: Gets out his Nintendo DS and starts playing a game.

Nikita: He licks Lukas's cheek Gimme.

Lukas: Blushes and shakes his head.

Nikita: He nibbles Lukas's earlobe and starts whispering seducing things in Russian.

Lukas: Moans quietly before gulping. Umm...

Nikita: He sticks his hand into Lukas's pants and strokes his <censor>

Lukas: Moans slightly louder.

Nikita: He grins and slips Lukas's pants to his ankles, tugs down his boxers as well, and crawls under the table to start <bleeping> him.

Lukas: Moans loudly and throws his head back.

Waitress: She walks up to them with a pissed expression I'm afraid I'll have to ask you to le-

Nikita: He suddenly pops up out from under the table and hands her a stack of hundreds Here, now shut the f*ck up.

Waitress: Her eyes widen and she walks away, counting the money.

Nikita: He grins at Lukas Mmm... you liking it?

Lukas: Nods and smiles weakly.

Nikita: He goes under the table again and <bleeps> Lukas even farther and faster.

Lukas: Pants heavily and grips the chair.

Nikita: He <bleeps> harder and faster, his hands running up Lukas's shirt.

Lukas: Moans and <bleeps>.

Nikita: He licks his lip and Lukas's bleep to clean it off and grins at Lukas Mmm.... yummy.

Lukas: Blushes and bites his lip.

Nikita: He pulls Lukas's pants back up and smirks Now wasn't that fun?

Lukas: Nods Yes...

Fabian and Glen


Fabian: He walks into Deimos' Cabin, looking for Kirk.

Glen: Is in his room and switches on his hair-dryer when flour blows out of it, all over Glen's hair. What the f*ck?!

Fabian: He hears sounds coming out of Glen's room and pushes the door open, peering inside

Glen: Turns to Fabian and glares at him. You totally did this didn't you?

Fabian: He pales and shakes his head N-no....

Glen: Rolls his eyes. So you just happen to be in my cabin when this points to his hair happens?

Fabian: He nods, panicking a bit.

Glen: Folds his arms. Just tell me you did it already. It's completely obvious you did.

Fabian: He shakes his head I-I-I didn't....

Glen: Sighs and slams the door in his face.

Fabian: He coughs a bit and tears stream down his cheek I-I seriously di-didn't do it.....

Glen: Slowly opens the door. You swear you didn't do it?...

Fabian: He nods, hiccuping a bit I-I was looking for K-kirk

Glen: Looks down and nods. Sorry...

Fabian: He nods and continues down the hallway, shivering a bit.

Glen: Bites his lip. I don't think Kirk's here by the way...

Fabian: He wraps his jacket tighter around him Really?

Glen: Nods. You can stay here and wait for him if you want though...

Fabian: He shakes his head It's okay....

Glen: Honestly, it's fine. Nobody would mind.

Fabian: He shrugs and sits down against the wall

Glen: Sits down next to him. So...

Fabian: He turns away from Glen and coughs a bit.

Glen: sec. I forgot about the...flour in my hair. Stands up and walks into the bathroom.

Fabian: He keeps sitting there and pulls out his phone, tapping randomly.

Glen: Comes back out ten minutes later and sits down again.

Fabian: He's asleep and drooling a bit. Suddenly, his phone chimes and lights up but he doesn't wake up.

Glen: Pokes Fabian. Fabian?

Fabian: He grunts and turns the other way, causing his phone to slide out of his lap and close to Glen.

Glen: Sighs and picks up the phone, reading the text.

Text: "wen shld i pick u up? got all ur stuff 2go? - Charlie"

Glen: Drops the phone and shakes Fabian.

Fabian: He suddenly sits up and picks up his phone, groaning a bit. I have to go... He turns to Glen Can you tell Kirk to stay in touch....?

Glen: Folds his arms. I'm not letting you leave...

Fabian: He sighs and tries to push past Glen.

Glen: Pushes him against the wall. I'm not letting you go with him.

Fabian: He struggles to get out of Glen's grasp but gives up and glares at him And since when did you care?

Glen: I've always cared you idiot. Even when you charm-touched me, I still cared.

Fabian: He sighs I have to go.

Glen: No, I won't let you go with that boyfriend beater.

Fabian: He glares At least he won't cheat and break my f*ckin' heart.

Glen: Sighs. I don't care how much you hate me, I won't let you go.

Fabian: He looks at Glen sadly, adding a bit of charm-touch Please, just let me go?

Glen: Falls under the charm-touch and lets him go.

Fabian: He sighs, picks up his backpack, and starts heading outside.

Glen: Snaps out of it and tackles Fabian to the ground. I'm.Not.Letting.You.Leave.

Fabian: He falls and takes in a mouthful of dirt What the f*ck?!

Glen: His grip around him tightens. I told you.

Fabian: He tries to push Glen off I don't see a point of staying, okay? You're with Skylar and you're clearly in love so there's no f*cking point anymore.

Glen: There's more to this camp than just me Fabian. You can find other people, you're the f*cking counsellor. You can't just leave.

Fabian: He glares Don't you think I already tried? Gods, I went on seven dates in the past week.

Glen: Keep trying...don't just give up. Please?

Fabian: I'd like it if you could get off of me.

Glen: Shakes his head. Only if you promise not to leave.

Fabian: He glares again before pushing Glen off and running towards Camp's entrance/exit.

Glen: Sighs and chases after him before grabbing Fabian by the waist.

Fabian: He turns around and punches Glen across the face.

Glen: Winces but tries to keep his grip on Fabian.

Fabian: He twists his wrist, trying shake Glen off.

Glen: Cries out in pain and drops Fabian while clutching his wrist.

Fabian: His eyes widen and he hugs Glen, panicking I'm sorry! I'm so sorry!

Glen: Blinks and hugs him back. I-it's fine...

Fabian: He bites his lip and lets go of Glen

Glen: Looks down and stays silent.

Fabian: He rubs his wrist nervously and pecks Glen's cheek I'll see you... maybe again someday?

Glen: Looks up and grabs his hand. Please don't leave...

Fabian: He tears up a bit Just, please, let me do what I want to.

Glen: Just...I don't want you to go. I don't want you to leave...whispers me.

Fabian: He shakes his head I'm not your... boyfriend. You don't get the right to keep me.

Glen: I'm not trying to keep you...I just want you here...sighs.

Fabian: Why?

Glen: Looks down. I don't know...I just do...

Fabian: He runs his hand through his hair For selfish reasons?

Glen: Probably...

Fabian: He stays silent for a moment before speaking up He's waiting for me....

Glen: Pulls Fabian close to him and kisses him softly.

Fabian: His eyes widen and he tenses.

Glen: Deepens the kiss before pulling away. I-I...

Fabian: He turns away and runs a hand through his hair

Glen: Plays with his sleeve.

Fabian: He looks at Glen Why? Just... why?

Glen: I don't know...I don't know why I'm feeling like this or why I'm hurting you so much. I just don't know.

Fabian: He starts running again.

Glen: Runs after him again and blocks his path. Please Fabian...

Fabian: He punches Glen in the stomach before yelling hysterically Get out of my way!!

Glen: Crumbles to the ground as he looks up at him sadly.

Fabian: He sobs and falls to the ground, holding his face.

Glen: Lays there, not sure what to do.

Fabian: He crawls closer to Glen and rests his head on his shoulder, still sobbing quietly

Glen: Wraps his arms around him and strokes his back. Shhh...

Fabian: He sobs into Glen's shirt I-I-I don't w-w-want t-to go-go.

Glen: Then don't...hugs him tighter.

Fabian: He hiccups and looks up at Glen B-b-b-ut he-he's w-waiting...

Glen: Moves some of Fabian's hair away from his eyes. Then tell him. I'll go with you.

Fabian: He looks down I-I-I c-can't...

Glen: Yes you can. I know you can.

Fabian: He pushes Glen away N-no.

Glen: Sighs and looks him in the eye. I won't let him hurt you. That's obviously what you're worrying about.

Fabian: He looks up at Glen with wide eyes Y-y-you promise?

Glen: Nods I promise.

Fabian: He looks at Glen curiously, but with no malice Why do you care so much?

Glen: Shrugs I don't know...I'm going to always care about you I suppose.

Fabian: He stands up and extends his hand to Glen

Glen: Takes his hand and stands up. You ready to go?

Fabian: He nods but refuses to let go of Glen's hand.

Glen: Smiles and strokes Fabian's hand with his thumb. It'd be fine.

Fabian: He bites his lip and exits Camp

Time skip to a parking lot in New York

Fabian: He looks around, looking for Charlie.

Glen: Looks around with him, still holding his hand.

Charlie: He taps on Fabian's shoulder and kisses his cheek Hey.

Fabian: He turns around and forces a smile Hey.

Charlie: He glares at Glen Who's this?

Glen: Turns around and wraps his arm around Fabian's waist before smiling. I'm Fabian's boyfriend.

Fabian: He looks at Glen with a 'what the hell are you doing' face before turning to Charlie and wincing at his furious expression.

Charlie: He clenches his fists and glares at Fabian Is this true?

Glen: Pulls Fabian closer. Obviously it's true, why would I lie?

Charlie: He swings his fist at Fabian's jaw

Fabian: He cries out in pain and collapses to the floor.

Glen: Steps in front of Charlie. Get the f*ck away from my boyfriend.

Charlie: He wraps his hands around Glen's neck and squeezes Get the f*ck away in general.

Glen: Coughs and tries to push Charlie away.

Charlie: He squeezes tighter and spits in Glen's face He's mine. Stay away.

Glen: Glares at him, still coughing and kicks Charlie's knees.

Charlie: He lets go of Glen, kicks him in the crotch area, picks up Fabian by his collar, and pins him against a wall You little slut.

Glen: Winces and falls to the ground.

Charlie: He starts choking Fabian and punching him across the face Can't go even two days without cheating, eh?

Fabian: He starts sobbing harder and winces S-s-stop.

Glen: Gets up and tries pulling Charlie off him.

Fabian: He starts coughing out blood and grabs Charlie's arm and uses charm-touch Le-le-let go....

Glen: Continues trying to pull him off.

Charlie: He lets go and glares at Fabian before spitting on the groundHe then turns to Glen and punches him in the stomach.

Glen: Winces but manages to stay upright.

Charlie: He walks off, gets into his car, and drives away.

Fabian: Although he manages to stand up until Charlie drives away, the second he's out of view, he collapses to the ground; coughing blood.

Glen: Runs over to him and picks him up. Fabian?

Fabian: He keeps coughing up blood and clutches his stomach.

Glen: Panics slightly, unsure of what to do.

Fabian: He passes out, lying in his own blood.

Glen: Shakes him. Fabian? Wake up...

Fabian: He hugs his stomach, whimpering softly.

Glen: Looks down and rubs Fabian's stomach gently.

Fabian: He looks at Glen sadly I-Is he g-gone?

Glen: Nods I broke my promise...

Fabian: He huddles up in a ball, not really wanting to say anything.

Glen: Maybe we should go back to camp...get you cleaned up...

Fabian: He nods a bit and kisses Glen's cheek T-t-thanks...

Glen: Smiles and picks him up bridal style.

Timeskip to camp.

Fabian: He murmurs in his sleep and drools on Glen's sleeve.

Glen: Sighs and cleans away the remaining blood on his face.

Fabian: He yawns a bit, in a cute way, and his eyes flutter open. Hi.

Glen: Smiles and strokes his cheek. Hey.

Fabian: He rubs his face Is it bruising?

Glen: Nah, it isn't that bad. Just a few cuts...looks down. I'm sorry.

Fabian: He licks his fingers, cleaning the blood off. For what?

Glen: You got hurt...I promised you I wouldn't let him hurt you.

Fabian: He smiles a bit It's okay....

Glen: Looks up. Are you sure? I feel so bad about it...

Fabian: He strokes Glen's cheek Yeah.... it's okay.

Glen: Looks at Fabian sadly and presses Fabian's hand to his cheek.

Fabian: He pauses, resisting the urge to kiss Glen. Can I.... can I.... uhhh...

Glen: Can you what?

Fabian: He blushes a bit and starts leaning in towards Glen.

Glen: Starts to lean in too.

Fabian: He kisses Glen softly while keep stroking his cheek with his thumb.

Glen: Kisses back and places his hand on Fabian's cheek.

Fabian: He pulls back and looks Glen in the eye Why...?

Glen: Smiles sheepishly and shrugs. I'm a major idiot for letting you go?

Fabian: He blushes a bit For real?

Glen: Nods and looks down.

Fabian: Y-y-you're marrying Skylar though...

Glen: I don't know...I'm so confused. Things between us are just weird...sighs.

Fabian: He raises a eybrow Again?

Glen: Shrugs. Things are always f*cked up with us aren't they?

Fabian: What about you and me?

Glen: That's up to you...looks up at him cutely.

Fabian: He smiles and kisses Glen's cheek Will you, Glen Adams, be my boyfriend again?

Glen: Smiles and nods.

Fabian: He sighs happily And no breaking up this time?

Glen: Yes, no breaking up.

Fabian: He laughs a bit Kiss me?

Glen: Smiles brightly before kissing him.

Fabian: He kisses back and strokes his cheek more.

Glen: Smiles into the kiss and holds his hand tightly.

Fabian: He sighs I'm tired... lie with me?

Glen: Yeah sure. Lays down next to him.

Fabian: He presses his ear against Glen's chest and sighs

Glen: Twirls a strand of Fabian's hair around his finger.

Fabian: He brings Glen's hand to his mouth and licks his fingertips.

Glen: Smiles and kisses his nose.

Fabian: He starts dozing off but tries to stay awake, wanting to enjoy the moment.

Glen: Go sleep Fabs. I'll be here when you wake up.

Fabian: He smiles and falls asleep slowly

Glen: Kisses his forehead and hugs him closer.

Fabian: He sighs and starts humming softly

Glen: Smiles and hums along with him.


River and Drew


Mortimus and Taylon



Lucas and Elliot


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