Natalia & Ash

Nia: She walks around camp wearing some French clothes and a pair of luxury sunglasses she bought overseas coming back from the dining pavilion. She was thinking of possible things to do when she spotted a blond haired boy walking in her direction

Kade: He's walking around just for the heck of it. It's a pretty beautiful day and it shouldn't be wasted. He's not focused on where he's going, he's on auto pilot.

Nia She took her eyes off of him but soon after ran into him. "So sorry" she said as she regained her balance

Kade: Grabs her arm gently to make sure she doesn't fall. "That's alright, I wasn't watching where I was going." He flashes her a smile.

Nia: "I have seen you around on occasion what's your name?" she asks with a smile

Kade: "Kade Johnson. I'm sure I would remember meeting someone as pretty as you. What's your name?"

Nia: She laughs "Oh how funny I am Nia Oakley" she replies 

Kade: "Nice to meet you. Sorry 'bout that. I was wandering around and thinking. I often do that on beautiful days such as today."

Nia: "Penny for your thoughts?" she asks him as she puts her sunglasses on her head.

Kade: He shakes his head but answers, "Just thinking about my sister. What about you, what are you doing out on this fine day?"

Nia: "Oh you know just walking seeing what's going on got quite bored in the cabin" she said before hesitating before asking "So what happened to your sister?" she asked cautiously

Kade: "Oh, well, she died... But it's alright." He gives a small smile. "Should we walk together?"

Nia: "Aww I am sorry to hear that" she says with a slightly sad face "Sure we can though" she adds as she begins to walk with Kade

Kade: Wanders. "So, who's your parent?"

Nia: "Boreas" she says simply as she unveils her cold aura and makes 5 ice tendrils come out of her back.

Kade: "Sweet!" Shivers but stares. "What's so cool. Pardon the pun."

Nia: She laughs "I saw that one coming" she says as she turns off the aura and makes the tendrils disappear "what about you?" she asks.

Kade: "Athena. I don't have the cool powers you get though."

Nia: "Eh intelligence beats all you know what's the point of having cool powers if you don't know how to defend yourself from an opponent" she replies

Kade: He shrugs. "Instinct. That's basically how we all survive. But I guess. It is pretty cool too. It just depends on how you look at it."

Nia: "Instinct only takes you so far you will learn that in battle training" she says

Kade: "True. I've never understood the need to hit people or objects with sharp pointy metal. So i don't know 'bout that."

Nia: "Well battle strategy is your mom's gift is it not?" she asked

Kade: "That was always Winter's best subject. History and tactics. I was the brains, and she put it into action. Strategy was an interest and mine was history."

Nia: "I see she is more the battle strategy and your more the knowledge that's really cool both of you together embody your mom" she replies

Kade: He nods slowly. "Yeah. When u put it like that, yeah. So what about you? What's your family like?"

Nia: "Eh I didn't have much of one this has been my family these long years" she says gesturing to the camp

Kade: "That's true."

Nia: "So what do you want to do?" she asks with a smile as she puts her sunglasses back on

Kade: "I have a game if you want to play."

Nia: "ooh games sound fun what game is it?" she says her face perking up a little at the mention of something not boring

Kade: "Well, maybe not a game, but it's a great way to get to know you. It's basically twenty questions. I ask you a question, you can choose to answer it or not, then you ask me a different question. Questions can be reused, but not right away."

Nia: "Interesting sounds cool lets do it you go first?" she asks as they walk past the training grounds

Kade: "What's your favorite part of Camp?"

Nia: "The camp fire" she responds before thinking then asking "What is your favorite activity?"

Kade: "I'd have to say Mythology class and Ancient Greek. What's your earliest memory?"

Nia: "Vacations with my mom when I was little. What is your fondest memory you know that memory you remember and smile"

Kade: "Winter, my twin. She was always the highlight of my life. What's your favorite food?"

Nia: "Aww that's sweet" she says "Um croissants probably. What is your favorite place?"

Kade: "Um, probably in a classroom learning. Uh, if you could go anywhere in the world, where would u go?"

Nia: "Olympus to see my father" she replies "Hmm favorite subject?" she asks back

Kade: "History. What's your favorite color?"

Nia: "Orange. Favorite music?" she replies

Kade: "Something along the lines of country. Favorite smell?"

Nia: "Cookies in the oven. I am out of questions" she says with a giggle

Kade: He laughs. "I think I am too. So what do you want to do now?"

Nia: "I don't know how about you show me some of those experiments that the Athena cabin is doing? always wanted to see them" she says with a smile 

Kade: "Okay, sure. Though, I do have to warn you, I haven't really been paying attention to what they have been doing lately."

Nia: She raises an eyebrow "Have you not been doing much or what's with that?" she asks

Kade: He nods. "Yeah. i don't know, I just haven't been feeling like it lately, maybe it's because winter's coming."

Nia: "Yeah its getting a bit chilly out there maybe you guys should invent some sort of safe self lighting fireplace for every cabin" she says

Kade: He laughs. "I'll be sure to tell my siblings. Inventing isn't my strong suit. So, what have you been up to?"

Nia: "Eh nothing much got back from Paris so just getting reacquainted with camp" she said

Kade: "That's really cool. What were you doing there?"

Nia: "Oh just vacationing" she replied

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Kade: "Was it all that mortals say it is?"

Nia: "Really besides the pollution yeah" she says with a smile "but its also more of a couple's place you know"

Kade: He shrugs. "Never been there, so I wouldn't know. Sorry."

Nia: "Yeah not much to do for a single woman like me" she says before looking around "so what do  you want to do?" she asks

Kade: "I don't know. We could walk to town, or walk down to the beach, we could train..."

Nia: "Eh I am done training for a while walking to the beach sounds nice" she says

Kade: "Okay. That'll work."

Nia: "Want to go change so we can go into the water or would you like to go as we are?" she asks.

Kade: He takes off his shirt and and wades into the water.

Nia: She takes her shirt and pants off and dives in.

Kade: When he gets far enough into the water he dives in and swims out a little ways before turning and watching Nia.

Nia: She swims up nearby "Wow so nice and refreshing" she says with a smile

Kade: He nods  and looks at her. "Very nice."

Nia: She notices him checking her out "Like what you see?" she whispers to him playfully.

Kade: He shrugs. "Possibly." He smiles and dives into the water again.

Nia: She laughs and dives in after him

Kade: He surfaces quite a ways out and turns, treading water.

Nia: After a little while she pops out right behind his head "Your quick" she says

Kade: He turns quickly and ducks under from surprise. When he surfaces again he blinks the water from his eyes. Ho did you get behind me???"

Nia: "Swam under you then surfaced" she replies with a giggle

Kade: He pouts a little. "That's cheating."

Nia: She laughs "No it's ingenuity" she replies still giggling

Kade: He rolls his eyes. "Fine, but it's still not fair."

Nia: She laughs and swims around him "I am sooo bored" she says

Kade: "Am I that awful to be around?" He says trying not to grin. 

Nia: "No silly just nothing exciting has happened" she says laughing before attempting to jump out of the water and tackle him.

Kade: He tries to swim away but he's too slow. He get ducked under.

Nia: Once they get into the water she releases him and resurfaces "See excitement"

Kade: He blinks the water out of his eyes and smiles. "Yeah, excitement."

Nia: "So what do you want to do exactly?" she asks him with a smile

Kade: He shrugs. "I don't know.  This is nice though."

Nia: She laughed "Well if we are going to have a day of swimming I want to go and put on my bikini and perhaps tan for a little while"

Kade: He grins. "I'm alright with that. I should probably go change too."

Nia: She smiles runs back to her cabin and changes into a two piece swim suit she thought would catch his eye and runs back with a towel and umbrella and lies on the beach 

Kade: He changes out of his wet cloths and trades them in for a pair of black trunks. He grabs a towel and heads back down to the beach.

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Nia: She at this point was lying on her stomach tanning and relaxing not noticing him

Kade: He walks up to her slowly to her and dumps his towel on her back.

Nia: She flings the towel off her not knowing its him before registering his face and smiling "What took you so long slow poke?"

Kade: He stares a little and quickly looks away. "I walked. I must be a slow walker." He smiled at her.

Nia: "Like what you see buddy?" she asks with a really seductive grin "I can see you staring" 

Kade: He blushes and mumbles something incoherante.

Nia: "I can't hear you. Go on let yourself be free your so uptight all the time just be a natural guy I don't mind" she says "Go on what is your opinion"

Kade: He rolls his eyes and sighs. Sitting down next to her. "Okay, fine. The answer is yes."

Nia: She rolled over to him and rested her head on his chest and raised a leg in the air "Loosen up some you know we are in a camp not in a government office enjoy yourself...and I am glad you like it

Kade: He snorts at the government joke. He smiles down at her. "Yah well, I fail to see why a guy wouldn't."

Nia: "Well what part of me do you like best? be honest" she says sticking her tongue out and giggling

Kade: He stares at her, gaping, then looks away blushing. "Um, well, Uh"

Nia: She climbs onto him and whispers "Come on you can tell me don't be shy"

Kade: "Well, um. Your curves, your personality, you..."

Nia: "Well I am glad you like my personality and especially my curves" she slowly straddles him

Kade: He blushes and looks away. "Um, yeah. you're welcome."

Nia: "You don't have to look away" she kisses him and rubs against him lightly.

Kade: He kisses her back surprised. He grabs her hips and pulls her closer


Nia: She rolls off of him breathing heavily "Wow that was great"

Kade: "Yeah, that was. How did we get to this exactly? I just want to know how we meet in one day and then do this. I'm not complaining"

Nia: "Because I love you that's how" she said breathing heavily as she snuggled into him their clothes in a pile nearby

Kade: He looks at her and smiles. "I-I love you too Nia." He wraps his arms around her and pulls her close.

Nia: "Thanks for giving me the time of my life I will never forget it" she says as she burrows into his chest to shield her body from any nearby eyes

Kade: He laughs and grabs his towel, covering her. "There, now no one can see what is mine."

Nia: She growls "Yes definitely yours you can have it whenever you want" she says as she snuggles up against him and kisses his muscular chest "So strong"

Kade: He chuckles. "My my, is someone really up for a second round?"

Nia: "I don't think you could handle one baby no offense" she says with a giggle "I am just basking in your warmth"

Kade: He hums deep and pulls her close. "Alright. Whenever you want to though..."

Nia: She looks at him and raises an eyebrow "You think you can handle me again?" she asks as she wraps a leg around him

Kade: He growls and pulls her on top of him. "I know I can, but we should probably go some place private first."

Nia: "Wrap me up and carry me please" she says with a big smile

Kade: He gets up and puts on his trunks. "Sure Sweetie." He wraps both of their towels around her and picks her up bridal style. "Got a place in mind? I don't think our cabins will do."

Nia: She picks up her two piece as she is picked up and wraps her arms around his neck "I don't know you decide" she says as she smiles up at him 

Kade: He hums, thinking. "Well, there's the pond. I don't think many people know of it. It's really hidden in the forest."

Nia: "Usually if you reside near the deep forest people won't find you cause nobody goes that deep so perhaps a nice clearing in the mid forest with a lot of thick trees around it" she says resting her head on his arm making sure she is covered

Kade: He nods. "Alright, we'll go there. But we're taking the long way so we won't meet any people. It's pretty obvious what we've done."

Nia: "Okay baby whatever you want" she says as she snuggles up to his chest and closes her eyes

Kade: He smiles down at her. She looks so cute. I'd like to see this everyday. That and her naked body under mine. He slowly walked up the beach toward the forest, making sure to avoid people.

Nia: She sleeps in Kade's arms in order to be well rested when they arrive at thier destination.

Kade: He slowly walks into thhe forest, deeper and deeper. He makes it to the clearing and carefully sets down Nia.

Nia: She slowly wakes up and looks for Kade "Kade where are you?" she asks as she yawns and looks around for him

Kade: He sits down next to her. "Right here Sweetie. I haven't left." He strokes her hair and smiles at her. "You look so cute sleeping."

Nia: "Oh you should get used to seeing that soon don't worry" she says as she crawls into his lap

Kade: "I don't think I'll get used to it. It'll always be new whenever I see you."

Nia: "What if we, oh you know, sleep in the same bed every night?" she asks giggling

Kade: "Well, Maybe. But I doubt it. It'll still be like the first time, like this. Perfect and beautiful"

Nia: She unwraps herself and burrows into him "Glad you think that way honey"

Kade: He smiles down at her and strokes her back softly. "Gods you're so cute like that."

Nia: She smiles and purrs softly.

Kade: He softly kisses her and wraps his arms around her.

Nia: She curls up into a ball in his arms kissing his chest and abs

Kade: He hums low and picks her up, his hands under her butt. He sits against the nearest tree and sets her on his lap. "Beautiful, you sure you want this again?"

Nia: "What type of question is that?" she asks him with a really stern look "Of course I do and oh by the way I will be sleeping in your bed tonight" she says with a mischevious smile

Kade: "Mmm. You might have trouble with my siblings. But I'm not complaining." He kisses her again and runs his hands softly down her back.


Nia: She collapses on him exhausted and breathing heavily "Your like heaven my goodness I am your doll now if you still have energy" she says gasping and lieing on him

Kade: He kisses her agin. "I think that's all I'll manage for the day. It's getting dark, you might want to get dressed, or I'll have to hurt anyone who looks at your naked body."

Nia: "How about you have the pleasure of dressing me baby?" she says with a yawn "How about we get the ladder from the side of the big house and sneak into your room?"

Kade: "I'd love to dress you, but I think that's a job for you. And the ladder would be to obvious."

Nia: She smiles "You sure you don't want to rub and feel me while you dress me baby?"

Kade: "Tempting, but I'm exhausted and I know where that will lead."

Nia: She purrs thinking about there day "Yeah" she puts on her two piece and crawls over to him "I can use my ice tendrils to get into your room" she says with a smile

Kade: He wraps a towel around her and puts on his trunks. "Just don't get caught, I don't you to get into trouble."

Nia: "Kade dear I have been around here long enough where they don't care besides they got us individual rooms for a reason" she says as she walks towards his cabin "Oh by the way when we get into your room your losing those before we sleep" she says pointing to his trunks

Kade: "Rooms aren't sound proof, so that's all I'll be losing. Alright, let's head back before it get's darker." He picks uphis towel and tosses it over his shoulder before grabbing her hand and leading her out of the forest.

Nia: "Honey I am too tired for another one but that doesn't mean you will be sleeping in those or anything for that matter" she says as they reach his cabin "Ok which side is your room on?"

Kade: He points to a window on the back of the cabin on the second floor. "That corner. I'm going to take a shower first, and you might want to get a change of cloths for the morning."

Nia: "Okay" she goes back and sneaks into her cabin gets about five different outfits and brings them back to Kade's cabin goes to the corner and uses her ice tendrils to boost herself into the second floor window and into his room

Kade: He finishes showering and dries off, heading back to his room, a towel wrapped around his waist. It's only two doors down from his room. He walks in and sees Nia. "That was quick"

Nia: "Your woman is always quick to her man" she says as she holds up the clothes "Where do you want me to put these? I brought enough for multiple nights here" she said

Kade: He goes to one of his drawers and clears it out, putting the cloths in different drawers. "There you go. That drawer is all yours. Do you want one on my t-shirts?"

Nia: She puts her clothes in the drawer "Uh wouldn't they be kind of big for me? I could wear one as like a dress in front of you if you want me to"

Kade: "You don't have to wear one, I was just thinking you might get cold." He wraps his arms around her and pulls her close, kissing her deeply.

Nia: "I have the covers and you to keep me warm baby" she says before kissing him back

Kade: "Alright, then I want to see your sexy body again, so care to undress?"

Nia: She tackled him onto the bed before getting up and taking all her clothes off and flinging them around the room "I was hoping you would ask that" she said as she climbed into bed with him "How about you lose that thing" she asked pointing to the towel as she got in the covers

Kade: He takes it off and pulls her on top of him, pulling the covers over them both. "Can I fall asleep with my *censored* inside of you?"

Nia: "Of course honey I would love that" she says as she spreads her legs for him

Kade: He does and holds her tight. "This is going to test my self control. Well worth it though."

Nia: "Either way it's going to give me a lot of pleasure" she giggles as she burrows into his neck and closes her eyes "If you can't overcome the urge just wake me up first okay?" she whispers to him.

Kade: "I won't have to wake you up. It'll either fill your dreams or you'll wake up moaning my name." He kisses her forehead. "Good night Nia. Sweet dreams."

Nia: "Good night honey" she says as she drifts off to sleep after giving him a good night kiss.

Kade: How did I get this lucky. I wish Winter could be here. I think she'd like Nia. He tries not to move and also closes his eyes, drifting off to sleep, occasionally waking up to either of them shifting in their sleep. Toward the morning, he shifts and he groans softly. 

Nia: She continues to sleep while he shifts dreaming about the events of the day before

Kade: He tries to fall asleep but can't, so instead he just watches Nia sleep. "You are so cute." He whispers. "And all mine." He kisses her forehead softly.

Nia: She stirs at the kiss on her forehead but still is asleep as she gets closer to him wanting to stay warm

Kade: He grits his teeth but stays still. He wraps the blankets tighter around them.

Nia: This causes her to burrow deeper into his chest before staying still

Kade: He sighs and purposly shifts inside her to see what she does.

Nia: She stirs and wakes up to the sight of her man she smiles "Good morning honey" she says giving him a lazy kiss

Kade: He kisses her back and pulls her close, making her grind against him a bit. "Morning Sweetie. Sleep well?"

Nia: "Oh yes I did and I see you managed to control yourself how was your first night with your girl?" she asks him sticking her tongue out

Kade: "Barely." He flips them over. "If there weren't siblings sleeping right next door to me..."

Nia: She smiles touches the wall and prays making the walls soundproof "There soundproof I learned that from an Apollo kid in Paris"


He pants. "And that's a great way to start the morning. Want to go get breakfast?" He kisses her softly.

Nia: "I hope its the way we start every morning" she says with a smile "If your siblings are gone we can shower together before we leave"

Kade: He leaughs. "Oh no Nia. We are going to shower seperatly. At least for now." He gets up, groaning. "Want one of my sweatshirts? You look kinda cold."

Nia: "Well uh okay I guess you go first since my clothes are here and I am always cold Kade dear how about we go into town for breakfast just the two of us?" she says as she curls up in the bed and stares at his well toned body.

Kade: "Sure hun. You sure you don't want to go first? I can wait for my beautiful girl."

Nia: "If you insist honey" she says as she gets out of bed and gets her towel takes a shower and returns with the towel wrapped around her "Your turn sweety"

Kade: He gives her a kiss. "I'll be back soon." He grabs a set of clothes and puts a pair of sweats on, not bothering with a shirt.

Nia: She kisses him back groaning softly as she then gets her clothes out wearing a form fitting skirt and a blouse that goes down to right above her stomach and waits for Kade to return

Kade: He quickly showers and tries not to think of what happened earlier for the sake of going out. He dries off and gets dressed. He walks back to the room. "Ready to go?"

Nia: "Yes" she says as she offers Kade her hand

Kade: He takes it and smiles, kissing her temple. "Alright then, let's go." He leads her out of the cabin and towards Town.

Nia: She smiles and follows him and upon reaching town wraps her arms around his waist and points to the cafe "How about we go there for breakfast? I hear the coffee is great" she says with a smile

Kade: He snakes his arm around hr waist. "If that's where you want to go, then we will."

Nia: She walks with him into the cafe and orders them some coffee and some muffins

Kade: He stares at her ass as she walks and goes to find them a nice table.

Nia: She gets there food and coffee and walks over to Kade and sets the food down on the table

Kade: He smiles and quickly looks her up and down a few times. "Thanks. Looks good." He winks.

Nia: She notices him staring and goes up to him and whispers "If you want to secretly feel me you can you know it would be nice also" she smiles lightly and sits down patting the space next to her for him to sit in

Kade: He smirks and sits next to her. "I'd love to, but let's just enjoy breakfast and save it for later. I have plenty of time to do that."

Nia: "Well I hope you don't mind if your girl does it while she eats" she smirks and sips her coffee "So how is your training and everything going?"

Kade: "Sure Nia. I actually haven't fought in a while. Everything else is great. Even better now that I have you. What about you?"

Nia: "Pretty good I got trained a little in France so that was great then I come back and get a boy that makes all my dreams and fantasies come true and hear we are" she says as she puts her other hand on his thigh as she splits the muffin "You eat this half" she says giving him half her muffin

Kade: He shrugs and takes the muffin. "We should fight together today. Get some practice in."

Nia: "I would need to work on my strength and agility before I could do that cause I have been out of practice we just had technique lesson no actual fights in France" she said as she sneaks her hand toward the center of his pants

Kade: He shifts in his seat. "That's what practice is for." He gives her a side glance and takes a bite of his muffin.

Nia: She growls to him and grabs the center of his pants. "True want to do morning or afternoon practice?" she asked

Kade: He grows hard and fights to not take her there and then. "How about both. It'll keep us busy."

Nia: "It will also tire us out since we are both out of practice we won't be able to do much of anything else if that's what you want" she says as she gently rubs his pants

Kade: He growls softly. "Fine, we'll do a morning practice everyday, how's that? Then we can do something fun in the afternoon."

Nia: She rubs his pants affectionately in approval "Yes that is more like it" she say as she then takes his hand and places it on her butt.

Kade: He smirks and squeezes her butt, trailing his fingers to her thighs. "So what should we do this afternoon?"

Nia: "What would you like to do?" she asks him before whispering to him "Now that feels great doesn't it?" with a smile on her face "We could hang out in your room, we could walk through the forest, go see a movie, what do you like?"

Kade: "It feels good, yes, but I think we should do something public. We can save that for later." He rubs the crotch of her pants. "So, ready to go practice?"

Nia: She looks around then squeezes his butt "Yeah lets go" she says 

Kade: He stands and holds out his hand to her, grabbing his coffee with the other.

Nia: She gets up and sees a big impression in his pants gets close and whispers "We have some work to do later" with a smile as she leads him back to the training grounds

Kade: He grumbles and follows her, trying not to think of anything dirty so they could practice training.

Nia: They arrive at the training arena and she puts on her armor and sword "Ok I can teach you some of the things they taught me in France if you like"

Kade: He's no longer hard and he gabs his sword, turning to face her. "Sure. I'm a bit rusty though."

Nia: She begins to demonstrate all the techniques giving him time to try them out and critiquing him for the next couple of hours

Kade: After a few hours he stops and lays on the ground, breathing hard. "Dear Gods you push people to the limit don't you?"

Nia: "That's what good trainers do baby" she said as she sat next to him after going through her routine "The afternoon set is about to come where do you want to go?" she asked

Kade: He sits up, still breathing hard. "Um, we could go to the park, there's a mall if you want to go there."

Nia: "The mall sounds nice" she says with a smile

Kade: He stands and puts away his sword. He then helps her up and helps her with her armor. "Alright. Sounds good."

Nia: She smiles grabs his hand and walks with him to the mall "Here we are where do you want to go first?"

Kade: "Where ever you want to go sweetheart."

Nia: "Hmm we could get some things for our time in your room we can get shoes or clothes" she says "How about clothes then stuff for our time in your room?"

Kade: He stares after her. "Uh, Nia, how about not yet. Besides, they don't sell those here. And neither of us is 18."

Nia: "Okay then how about we shop for some clothes for you?" she asks

Kade: He looks hurt. "What's wrong with my clothes?"

Nia: She kisses him "Nothing at all dear do you not want new ones?"

Kade: He smiles. "If it makes you happy, sure. I'll let you pick out new clothes for me."

Nia: "You sure?" she asks him raising an eyebrow

Kade: "Yeah. Anything for you Sweetie." He smiles at her.

Nia: "But I want you to be happy with what i select what are your tastes"

Kade: "He shakes his head. "Just pick out whatever looksgood for me. I don't mind."

Nia: She smiles runs into the store and picks out six t shirts with nice designs and some beach shorts that went with them and presented them to him

Kade:He tries them on for her and shows her each one. "Which ones look the best to you?"

Nia: "The second set definitely" she said seeing the nice sea blue shirt with a setting sun and some black shorts.

Kade: He smiles. "Alright. He puts the rest away and keeps the clothes picked out for him, paying. " Now what do you want to do?"

Nia She hugs him tight "Up to you honey" she says with a little yawn.

Kade: "I think you should nap. It's been a long day, especially with training. Is that alright?"

Nia: She snuggles into him "Take me home and you know where I mean by home" she whispers to him

Kade: He smiles. "Alright, but you are going to do nothing but sleep." He kisses her nose.

Nia: "Your going to nap with me you know that right?" she says with a smile and a kiss

Kade: He smiles and takes her hand, heading out of town. "Of course I know that. I'm just as tired."

Nia: She smiles and walks with him until they reach his cabin "Here we are" she says with a yawn

Kade: He kisses her softly. "My siblings are inside, and I think they set up a rule, so you'll have to get in like last night okay?"

Nia: "Okay" she walks up to the window and boosts herself into his room and waits for him

Kade: He says hi to a few of his siblings on the way up to his room. He locks the door once he's inside.

Nia: She was asleep and wakes up when he opens the door and smiles at him "ahh nap time" she says as she goes and burrows in his chest.

Kade: He picks her up and carries her to the bed. "Yes, nap time."

Nia: She undresses while on the bed laying all her clothes on the chair next to her and looking up to Kade "Join me babe?" she says with a smile

Kade: He undresses, leaving his boxers on though. He gets into bed next to her and hugs her close. "Now you can sleep. I'll look after you while you do." He kisses her forehead

Nia: She looks at him sternly "And you assume I am going to sleep with you wearing those?" she points to them

Kade: "I am. You need sleep and if I'm completely naked you won't. So yes. Sorry Sweetie." He kisses her forehead again.

Nia: She growls at him before lying down and snuggling up to him and falling asleep

Kade: He closes his eyes and sleeps also. He sleeps until late evening.

Nia: She wakes before he does and sees him sleeping smiles and kisses his cheek softly and wraps a leg around him snuggling closer to him

Kade: He wakes slowly and smiles sleepily at Nia. "Hey babe. Sleep well?"

Nia: She rubs herself against him "Yes and you?"

Kade: He rolls her on top of him, holding her close. "I did. And it's great waking up with you next to me."

Nia: She rubs against his waist area and bites his lip trying to stimulate him "Yes it was and you are so warm and you hold me so protectively" she says with a smile

Kade: He's immediately hard. "Hun, we just woke up. Do you really want to start something?"

Nia: "Yes its the best way to wake up" she rubs against him "I can tell you agree with me anyway" she says with a smile

Kade: He smiles and winks. "I think we need a shower. I'm all dirty from practice."

Nia: "Mmmm I like the thought of that" she says as she climbs on him

Kade: He grabs her hips and holds onto her. "Nia, before we do anything, I want you to know that I love you. A lot."

Nia: "I am the personal slut of the one I love only I love you too with all my heart" she says as she leans down and gives him a big kiss

Kade: He kisses her back and grabs her ass, holding her closer to him.


Nia: She moans as she falls on him "Mmmmmmm so good I love you so much" she says as she kisses his chest

Kade: "I love you too." He kisses her again before saying, "We need to shower and maybe we can head to the bonfire before we head to bed for the night."

Nia: "Yeah who is going first this time?" She ask lying on him.

Kade: He smirks. "You of course. Then I can stare at your ass."

Nia: "Ooh is someone going to shower with me?" She asks him getting up

Kade: He sits up and stretches, leaning against the headboard. "I just want to watch my sexy girl right now. And, I want to make an errand before we head to the bonfire, if you want to go."

Nia: She smiles gets her towel and wiggles her ass in front of his face "We are going to be pretty hidden at that fire so you better be feeling all over me" she said with a smile

Kade: He laughs. "Alright Sweetie." He slaps her ass lightly. "Go shower. I'll be back in less than half an hour, alright?"

Nia: "Mmmmm I want more later, a lot more" she says with a laugh before she goes and showers.

Kade: Jeez. Nothing can satisfy her. Ah well, I'll have to make sure to not do this too often, or it won't be special when we do. He gets dressed and heads out toward town again, making sure to jog. He didn't want Nia to get out of the shower and see him. He made it safely out of site of the cabin in about 7 minutes. There. Safety.

Nia: She finishes her shower returns to his room and dresses and waits for him patiently wondering where on Earth he went. After a while she looked out the window trying to see him

Kade: He makes it to town and heads to one of the stores. He looks around before finding the perfect present for Nia. I hope she likes this. It's certainly beautiful. He pays and starts to walk back to his cabin, hiding the present.

Nia: She is sitting at his mirror doing her makeup in his chair 

Kade: He makes it back to his cabin. He makes it to his room. "Hey sweetie. reaady for the bonfire?"

Nia: She gets up walks over and basically attaches herself to him "Of course are you?" she asks "you were out for a while"

Kade: He laughs and hugs her."Woah Nia. I was only gone for about half an hour. Did you miss me that much?"

Nia: "Of course your my boy and my family" she says snuggling into him and growling low

Kade: "And you're my girl. What are you growling about?"

Nia: "Your chest makes me feel all nice and comfortable" she says with a smile looking up at him

Kade: He kisses her and smiles."I'm glad. But it's time to go sweetie. I got a present for you, but you can only have it at the bonfire."

Nia: She reluctantly leaves his chest and holds his hand "Oooh a present" she says as she walks with him to the bonfire

Kade: "Yup. And you only get it if you behave.* He winks. I want to see what she thinks being a good girl is.

Nia: "Define behave?" she said with a cute then mischevious smile

Kade: He kisses her temple as the get to the bonfire. "You define it."

Nia: "Hmmmm okay" she replies with a smile as they get to the pavillion 

Kade: "So, where do you want to sit? Where it's warm and croweded, or where it's sparecly populated and cold?"

Nia: "Decently warm and where people won't look at us" she replied

Kade: "I don't recall that being and option." He grins. "So, A, or B?"

Nia: "B" she growls to him deeply "You will be my heater"

Kade: He holds up his hands in surrender. "Alright, alright. You win. There's no need to growl at me." He smiles at her and takes her hand, leading her to the outer ring of people, sitting on the logs.

Nia: She smiles and purrs as she sits down and cuddles near him

Kade: He holds her close. "Do you want your present now? Or I could wait..." He smiles down at her. "Or, I can just hide it and wait for you to find it." He teased.

Nia: "I want it now I while nobody is looking" she says

Kade: He kisses her forehead. "Alright." He takes a small box from his pocket and hands it to her. "I hope you like it."

Nia: she looks at it "Wow Kade it is so pretty" she says as she gives it to him and sits on his lap "Put it on me"

Kade: He smiles and kisses the top of her forehead before taking the necklace from her and clasping it around her neck. The snowflake rests where her collar bones meet, just below her throat. "I'm glad you like it." He whispers in her ear.

Nia: "I love it but you didn't have to honey this must have cost a fortune" she said

Kade: "Then it's a good thing my dad's rich. Besides, you deserve it. After all, you are my girl. And you deserve something special."

Nia: she smiles at him "I like a rich boy who doesn't act like one" she says before reaching down and squeezing his butt "your lovely thank you" she says with a smile

Kade: He pulls her hands away from his butt. "I did say be a good girl." He winks. "None of that now Nia. I'm sure you can wait."

Nia: She moans to him and lies her head on his shoulder whispering "We need to go to the jewelry store so I can buy you something honey" as she rests there

Kade: "Nia, I don't need anything but you." He stands. "I'm going to go make you a smore. Burnt or golden?"

Nia: "Golden" she replies as she hugs her legs to her chest and shivers slightly

Kade: He comes back five minute later with the perfect s'more for her. He sits next to her and hands it to her. 'Here you go. Maybe that will warm you up a little."

Nia: She takes the s'more gratefully and smiles, eats it, then snuggles into his chest "Baby we need to go somewhere overseas for a vacation and visit a jewelry store while we are at it" she says with a purr

Kade: He hugs her and smiles, resting his head on top of hers. "Sure we can travel. But why do you want to go to a jewelry store? You're not going to buy my anything in return dear. I did it because I love you."

Nia: "Well I am going to buy you something cause I love you too" she says before saying "How about we leave tomorrow for a nice tour of Europe" she asks him

Kade: He raises an eyebrow. "Tomorrow? Alright, where do you want to start?"

Nia: "How about Germany then work our way west to my vacation home in the British countryside" she says looking up at him

Kade: He kisses her forehead. ¨Anything you want.¨

Nia: "Well where do you want to go and see we have to do what you like also" she says

Kade: "I think I'd like to visit Greece. It is essentially our birth place. What do you think?"

Nia: "Yeah that's a good idea" she says as she gets up and offers him her hand "better get back and pack" she said

Kade: He takes her hand and stands. "That sounds like a good idea. So, what are you going to pack for me?" He winks.

Nia: "Correction I am going to tell you what things we need for the trip and your going to pack them" she replies

Kade: He laughs. "That's not what I meant Nia, and you know it." He smirks and gives her a kiss. 

Nia: She giggles and holds his hand "So lets go and pack?" she asks

Kade: "Of course, but only if I get to see a bit more of you." He winks and slowly leads them to his cabin.

Nia: She smiles "Oh and what is that supposed to mean?" she says as she walks with him and when she gets to the room she tells him "Take out your suitcase and lets see what you need to pack" she says thinking about her list of stuff they need to take for a foreign trip

Kade: He smiles and rolls his eyes a bit but does as asks, keeping his, comments, to himself. "Anything else Nia?" He asks afer a while. "I'm tired. It's like, midnight dear. "He yawns and flops onto the bed, sighing in relief.

Nia: "No that's it" she says as she finishes packing her bag and sits on the bed next to him 

Kade: "Thanks the gods." He lays back and takes a deep breath, letting it out slowly. "That, was painful. You, my dear, are a tough person to argue with." He smiles at her. "So where did we decide to go first?"

Nia: "Only cause I care about you and we were going to start in Germany" she said

Kade: He nuzzles her affectionatley. "Alright. What should we visit while we're there?"

Nia: She gets into bed next to him and looks at the luggage while holding him "Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, the countryside, stuff like that probably" she says before relaxing in bed and cuddling into him

Kade: He rolls on top of her and holds himself up so he can look at her. "I think someone requested a little something this morning. "He leans down and kisses her softly as he runs one hand down her side.


Nia: She lies next to him just moaning unable to say anything.

Kade: He grins and wraps his arms around her, pulling her to his chest. He places a light kiss on the crook of her neck. "I love you Nia."

Nia: She just groans and buries her head into his chest completely spent

Kade: He chuckles. "Sleep Nia. You'll need it for tomorrow. We have a long day of traveling."

Nia: She looks at him "Can we you know tangle in the morning before we leave?" she asks wrapping her leg around him.

Kade: "Maybe, now sleep before I decide to have you again." He growls softly and nudges her. "Sleep."

Nia: "Having me again would be great I can just lie here while you do all the heavy work on me" she says with a chuckle "that would be a relaxing experience" she says grinding against his waist lightly.

Kade: He pushes her leg off. "Nia, sleep. Or I'm going to sleep on the floor." He lets go of her and just lays next to her.

Nia: She growls a little before burrowing into his chest and sleeping

Kade: He grunts before falling asleep also.

Time skip

Nia: As morning arrives she still sleeps soundly in his arms

Kade: He stirs a little and slowly wakes. He blinks at the brightness in the room then realizes what time it is. Crap He gently wakes Nia. "Hey, we have to hurry if we want to catch our plane. It's time to get up sweetie."

Nia: She growls but stirs and awakens and looks at the time "Well we have a good three hours lets get our breakfast shower and hit the road" she says as she gets her towel "I will shower first you go and eat" she says

Kade: He rolls his eyes and smiles. "Yes dear." He gets dressed and yawning heads down to the first floor.

Nia: She showers puts on her clothes and goes to the pavilion to have breakfast hoping that Kade has finished and is getting ready for his shower.

Kade: He finishes his eggs and heads back up to the cabin. The camp is starting to get busy and he smiles. He was going to miss this place for a few weeks. He heads up to take a shower and to double check his packing.

Nia: She comes back to his cabin through the window and starts to check their bags "Okay I got the gulf-stream waiting at the airport for us it is ready when we are" she says with a smile

Kade: He laughs. "I'm always ready dear. Alright, let's head out." He grabs both his bag and Nia's.

Picture:File:Gulfstream.jpg  File:Gulfstream1.jpg

Nia: She goes and sits in the car as he packs all their bags inside and gets them to the airport.

Kade: He yawns and gets in and drives to the airport.

-Time skip-

They make it and Kade unpacks everything.

Nia: She spreads herself out on the bed and watches him "The flight was great" she said with a smile

Kade: He smirks. "Not as great as you." He winks and gets ready for them to off. "Ready?"

Nia: She smiles at him innocently "For?" she asks

Kade: He rolls his eyes and holds out a hand. "Ready to explore this vast planet we call earth."

Nia: "Honey we just flew in. Let's rest for a while enjoy our accommodations some of the best the country has to offer" she says getting up and getting a night gown to wear.

Kade: He yawns and nods. "Alright dear. Your wish is my command. So, sleep here, or at a hotel?"

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OOC: On the plane, in Germany, on the ground, at the airport. That help?

Nia: "In the hotel they want to put the plane in the hangar" she replies as she gets ready to get off "the bags will be delivered and our ride is ready"

Kade: He nods and packs his carry on bag. Books mainly, and his guitar. He waits for Nia before getting off the plane. A car is there to drive them to the hotel. A fancy one at that.

Nia: That car so happened to be a very expensive Rolls Royce that she and Kade get on and they get off at the hotel which is one of the best in the country.

Kade: He whistles low. "Geez. Could you make this place any bigger?" They walk in and check in. They head up to their room, knowing that their bags would follow them. In the room there is one big bed, a nice TV. A REALLY nice bathroom, and anything else expensive.

Nia: She gives him a big hug "Yes it cost few thousand dollars" she says as she changes to her night gown and spreads herself on the bed

Kade: He rolls his eyes. "You know, we didn't HAVE to stay at the most expensive place we could possibly find. I mean, my dad doesn't make THAT much dear. "He changes and goes to take a shower.

Nia: "It's okay honey I wanted us to enjoy as much as possible" she says.

Kade: "I know sweetie." He says as he's coming out of the shower. "I love you sweetie." He smiles gently at her.

Nia: "I love you too dear" she says as she spreads our in her night gown her eyes inviting him to join her.

Kade: He lays next to her, running his fingers very gently over her arms, her chest, her tummy and lower. "If I didn't know any better, I'd say you were part rabbit." He smirks and kisses her very gently.

Nia: She kisses him back "And what makes you say that baby?" she asks

Kade: He slowly slides hand between her legs, rubbing gently. "I don't know. Maybe it's the fact that you always want me, or maybe because you want me all the time." He rolls himself over her. He holds himself up with one hand and continues to rub in between her legs. "And I think someone deserves a little something."

Nia: She pulls up her night gown slightly so he can go farther and realize she is wearing nothing underneath "And are you part rabbit?" she asks him enjoying his hand motions

Kade: He smiles. "Only for you dear."


Nia: She lies with him on the bed relaxing and feeling great after the time they just had "Wow you have gotten better" she says

Kade: He smirks. "As they say, practice makes perfect." He winks. "But damn girl, you know how to make a guy as hard as hell. I loved what you did in round three."

Nia: She smiles proudly "Guess who is still ready for round four"

Kade: He groans. "Already? Geez girl." He lays on his back and beckons her to him. "Your turn sweetie."


Nia: She lies on the bed and relaxes "So did that feel good or what" she said with a smile

Kade: He smiles and kisses her cheek, wrapping his arms around her and holding her close. "It felt amazing, and I'm glad I get to share something so special with you."

Nia: She buries herself in him "Time to rest and then tomorrow we can go site see" she said

Kade: He smirks. "Oh Nia, I won't be doing any site seeing with you around." He holds her close. "But yes, tomorrow we get to see Germany."

Nia: She smiles and snuggles into him soon falling asleep

Kade: He watches her sleep. Gods she looks so cute like that.

Nia: She snuggles a little more into his chest and then stays still

Kade: He closes his eyes and falls asleep.

*Time Skip*

Nia: She is asleep in his arms as the sun begins to peak over the horizon.

Kade: He blinks at the sun and yawns. He rolls away from Nia and goes to take a shower, desperately needing it

Nia: She groans and curls up in a ball trying to stay warm

Kade: He yawns and smirk, then heads to shower, and maybe find something to eat, or maybe call room service instead.

Nia: She wakes up with the temperament of a grumpy kitty since the bed was cold and lies there looking around

Kade: He yawns and walks out of the bathroom, a towel around his waist and he was drying his hair with another. He stops the moment he realizes Nia's awake. "Hey baby. Good morning. Sleep well?"

Nia: She looks at him "Yes until the bed got cold" as she stretches and gets ready for her shower

Kade: He nods. "Sorry, I was filthy from last night, and I thought that I could get ready before you woke up. Breakfast here or should we wait until we're on the road to find something?"

Nia: She gets up and snuggles to his chest "Whatever you want dear" before getting a towel and getting ready for her shower

Kade: "In that case dress comfortably. We'll head out onto the street. And try to blend in dear. I don't want anyone to think that we're easy prey for mugging, even if we can fight." He heads to the hotel phone book to try and look up a nice place, but can't read it. "%#@^"

Nia: "Honey I have been here before I know my way around don't worry" she says "so sit down and calm yourself and I will take us to a good restaurant" she says with a kiss before getting into and taking her shower

Kade: He shrugs and nods. He heads to his case and pulls out his guitar to pass the time.

Nia: She takes her shower quietly gets dressed takes his arm and nearly drags him out of the room to the car

Kade: He raises his eyebrow. "In a hurry much? We have all day Nia."

Nia: She looks at him "Yes but I am hungry" she says as they travel to a restaurant for breakfast

Kade: "Alright, fair enough. So, what do you want to eat, and where exactly are we going?"

Nia: "We are going to a nice restaurant that is supposed to be world renowned" she replies

Kade: He nods slowly and looks out the window, watching the scenery go by. "Germany........."

Nia: "Yes Germany" she says as they arrive at the restaurant

Kade: He gets out of the car and helps Nia out of the car, being a perfect gentleman. "Have you been here before? Or have you just heard of it?"

Nia: "Been here before" she says as she takes her hand and lets him escort her

Kade: "Alright, will you tell me about your first trip here, or something that's special to Germany that you like the best?"

Nia: She tells him about her last trip "I really liked the countryside so beautiful and peaceful" she said at the end

Kade: "I would like to visit there. If it makes you that happy, it would be worth it." They head to the restaurant and are seated and a small table for two.

Nia: She sits down with him and passes him the menu "You can pick locations too you know" she adds as she scans the menu in her hand.

Kade: He nods and runs a finger down the menu. It was in German, so he didn't quite know what everything was, but it had Greek roots, so he went from there. "Yeah, but it's cute watching you choose. Ooooh. Look, they have a five cheese omelet. I think I want to try that. What about you?"

Nia: "I think I will have that too" she says licking her lips and looking into his eyes

Kade: He smirks. "You'll like it, I promise. They use the best of the best of cheeses, and it is, delicious." He raises his hand to flag down the waiter. "We would both like the five cheese omelet please." Hoping the waiter spoke English.

Nia: The waiter understood and took their menus and left and she sat there and stared into his eyes.

Kade: He stared back. "What? did I do something wrong?"

Nia: She smiles reaches across the table and gives him a kiss "Of course not"

Kade: He grins back at her. "Alright. So, care to tell me about your family? Your background? I feel as if I know nothing about you."

Nia: "Well you do know me in a lot more intimate way than any other person" she says before delving into the details of her life story.

Kade: He grins and listens carefully, content to just stare at her and admire her beauty. Once the food came he eat slowly, trying to draw out the moment.

Nia: She watches his eyes carefully as she finishes her story and food "And oh by the way something tells me we need to take a stop in the room before we go out today" she says with a smirk.

Kade: He smirks and winks back. "What makes you say that beautiful? We have a lot of exploring to do today."

Nia: "Oh I don't know your eyes seemed to like to wander a lot" she says sticking her tongue out a little in a way she knew turned him on.

Kade: He groans a little. "Nia... it's 10 in the morning. How are you a little minx this early?"

Nia: "Quite frankly I have been wanting to just have a full day in bed with you" she says with a smile.

Kade: "Oh, because waking up and going to bed like that isn't enough? Or the day we first met. Three times I believe. No, it was twice." He grins. "But don't you want to explore?"

Nia: "In my dreams its one time without stopping and yeah but we have a lot of time and I know you love having me you whisper it into my ear every night" she says

Kade: He grins. "Alright, well finish eating and we'll head back if you want me so much." He gives her a pointed look. "No rushing. That hurts your stomach and I don't want you being hurt."

Nia: She finishes her food at a regular pace while occasionally giving him seductive glances

Kade: He smirks. "Already." He pulls out hos wallet, paying, leaving a tip. He gets up, holding out a hand for her. "My dear?"

Nia: She takes his hand and stands "Yes honey?"

Kade: He shrugs."It was an invitation to take my hand..." He kisses her hand, and bows a little, looking up at her. "Shall we head back?"

Nia: "Yes" she says as she holds his hand and lets him lead the way

Kade: They head back to the hotel, Kade being a perfect gentleman, despite the beautiful girl sitting next to him. When they make it to the hotel, Kade leads her up to their room. "Now, what exactly did you have in mind?" He asks as they step into their room.

Nia: She tries to push him onto the bed and climb onto him "I want us out of our clothes and for you to make me feel like a goddess that's what I want" she says with a seductive smile.

Kade: He grins and grabs her hips, pulling her closer. "Is that so? What would happen if I were to tease you?" He flips her onto her back and holds himself over her. He kisses her neck softly, whispering into her ear. "You don't always get what you want right away."

Nia: She moans happily "What do you plan on doing with me?" she asks as she wraps her legs around his waist

Kade: He kisses down her neck, running a hand on her waist, brushing his fingers under her waist band for a second, then running his hand up her stomach. "Everything I can think of."

Nia: She smiles and moans "Go ahead" she says with a smile

Kade: He slips his hand into her shorts, slowly teasing her.


Nia: She smiles as he finishes teasing her "So have you had your fun?" She asks

Kade: He smirks. "Oh I've had fun, but wasn't there something you wanted to do?" He flips them over so she's on top, straddling him.

Nia: She grinds and lets him begin.

Kade: He groans and lays his head back. "Oh F*** girl."

Nia: She smiles and moans "I am ready for you to make me feel like a goddess Kade and be a little more gentle this time last time once you got started you became a little too rough. I am still a lady and am delicate." she says

Kade: He groans again and grabs her hips, pulling her as close as possible. "Anything you want, and you can lead." He gives her a lust filled grin. "**** me as much and as hard as you want."

Nia: She grinds on him moaning "But your supposed to be making me feel like a goddess which means you do all the heavy work while I lie here and enjoy it" she said with a lustful smile

Kade: He flips them over again. "If that's how you want it..."


Nia She moans during a break between rounds completely covered in white stuff "Mmmm this is going great so far just as I dreamed" she said to him

Kade: He slowly drags his hand up her side. "Oh, and what would make it better my queen." He nips at her neck, at the same time moving his hand back down to play with her.

Nia: "I am your goddess not your queen and maybe we should break out the toys" she says as she looks him straight in the eye as she eats all the white stuff in order to turn him back on.

Kade: He growls and corrects himself. "Goddess it is." He reaches over on their table, grabbing the toy he knew liked the most. "Will this be sufficient?"

Nia: "Whatever you think will make my day honey" she says as she begins to lick and kiss his face out of excitement

Kade: He grins and then looks at her hungrily.


Nia: She moans deeply "mmmmmmm good" she says as she collapses back onto the bed and licks herself clean "I need a break" she says as she snuggles into him "unless you are just going to work on me while I rest" she adds soon after

Kade: He smiles. "Nah, I'll let you rest awhile. I think you need it." He strokes her back gently and kisses her forehead. "You're cute when you do that, and sexy."

Nia: "Put your *censored* in my mouth so I can have it like a lollipop while I rest" she says opening her mouth to him

Kade: He groans. "Your going to have to move if you want that. I don't think I'll be able to move." He smiles a little.

Nia: She moves aside to give him room before opening her mouth again

Kade: He positions himself for her and he closes his eyes. "Go for it girl."

Nia: She moves her tongue around and growls and moans as she lazily works on him and rests

Kade: He groans moves swiftly "Oh gods girl." He gently grabs the back of her head, helping her movements.

Nia: She nearly chokes in surprise and growls for him to be a little more gentle

Kade: He eases off a little, but keeps his hand where it is. "Oh gods girl I'm close." He thrusts up a little into her mouth.

Nia: She moans to him to let himself go

Kade: He thrusts up one more time and ***s in her mouth. "Aaaahhh. Good girl."

Nia: She drinks everything and lies there leaving it in her mouth and resting for a little while

Kade: He smiles at her. "Damn girl that's sexy as f**k." He groans and lays his head back. "I need sleep."

Nia: She salivates on him but continues to rest waiting for him to get more energy

Kade: He groans. "You're going to kill me girl. Rest you little minx."

Nia: She curls around his waist and rests quietly

Kade: He closes his eyes, exhausted. "I think I'm going to sleep. I need it." He pulls her into his arms and holds her close.

Nia: She has already fallen asleep and snuggles into him

-Time skip-

Kade: He slowly wakes up, sore from last nights excitement, quite literally on that. He grins and shifts a little, groaning at how sensitive he still was. How did I get so lucky?

Nia: She is lying on top of him and slowly awakens "Aww we didn't have fun at all for the rest of the day" she says sleepily as she looks at him and kisses him.

Kade: He kisses her back gently. "Who to blame for that..." he teases. He smiles and shifts again. "Alright Nia, I need to get up and shower." He rolls her off of him gently, laying her in the spot next to him. He gives her a quick kiss and stands to head to the shower.

Nia: She holds her hands out to him "Take me with you I don't feel like getting up" she says with a yawn

Kade: He shakes his head. "Oh no. We would not leave this room if I did that. And I would actually like to sight see."

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