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More Info:

 Age: 16  Height: 6'1"  Weight: 127 lbs
 Sexuality: Straight  Relationship Status: Dating Megan Chambers
 Birth Place: Madrid  Main Weapon: A sword
 Accent: Spanish
 – "I can't protect you without holding a sword. I can't embrace you while holding a sword."

Alexandra Dimas ~ Daughter Of The Night

'Monsters are real, ghosts are real, too. They live inside us, and sometimes, they win.'
It’s hard to accept, but you can’t change the past. You can’t go back and manipulate things to the way you wanted them to happen. Because life would be meaningless and boring and just not worth living. But you can change the future and that’s a beautiful thing about life. Yes, you will make mistakes. And yes, you will have bad days – but as long as you let the past go, you’ll have such a gorgeous and bright future ahead of you. Knowing that things were meant to happen. Knowing that each day you will learn something so that you keep growing to be a better person. Life is like a rope, twined in all its complexities and yet weaved into one marvelous stream that you have the chance you use something amazing from. So grab hold of it.
Character's Bio

 Age: 15  Height: 5'4"  Weight: 112 pounds
 Sexuality: Heterosexual  Relationship Status: In a relationship
 Birth Place: Évora, Portugal  Main Weapon: Celestial bronze katana, throwing knives, dual-wielding daggers
 Accent: Neutral
 – And I was in the darkness. So darkness I became.

Character's Powers


  1. Children of Nyx have the ability to conjure weapon out of pure shadows which can be used for combat; however, only one weapon can be conjured at a time and it cannot be bigger than the one who conjured it. This can also be used for other non-combative objects, but within reason, something might be shaped like an iPod, but as shadows do not have any working parts and source of electricity, such as batteries, they would not actually play music.
  2. Children of Nyx can create solid bullets out of shadows and fire them from their fingertips. The bullets fly fast enough to possibly tear into an opponent’s skin.


  1. Children of Nyx have the ability to conjure a dome of solid shadows around them which will defend against attacks for a short time.
  2. Children of Nyx have the ability to conjure a cloak of darkness which will blunt physical attacks, but slows the movement of the conjurer.


  1. Children of Nyx are innately stronger and are slightly less drained by their powers during the night.
  2. Children of Nyx can see perfectly in the night as if it were day and darkness in general.
  3. Children of Nyx can communicate with and command nocturnal animals.
  4. Children of Nyx, during the night, sense any motions in their vicinity (up to roughly a city block away). Large, rapid movements are easy to distinguish, while smaller, slower movements blend together like background noise, requiring focus to single out.


  1. Children of Nyx have the ability to Shadow Travel,to teleport from shadow to shadow; the further the distance, the more is energy drained.
  2. Children of Nyx can bend shadows around them, concealing them for a short time.
  3. Children of Nyx are able to create complete darkness in a small area for a short time, extinguishing all light sources. They can also perform this power to a lighter extent, by putting out a single light bulb or candle with a thought.
  4. Children of Nyx can telekinetically move and transform their shadow constructs. The more constructs moved and the bigger they are, the more energy is drained.
  5. Children of Nyx have the ability to create intangible stars, which will light an area for a short time.

3 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Nyx can cause true night in an area for a short time, blocking sunlight over a battlefield. Their passive boosts and the abilities of other demigods are affected accordingly. This effect lasts for at most a minute before fading back, and can only be used once a day. They can also create a pair of shadow wings to fly with (which drains less energy than shadow travel).

6 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Nyx are able to create up to seven nocturnal animals, no larger than their normal sizes, to serve them for a short time. While the animals are summoned the user is slower, and they are drained whenever one of the animals is harmed or when the animals are released.

9 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Nyx have the ability to shed their flesh and turn into a state of pure night. While in this state, the user is granted flight and their existing abilities become stronger. They are intangible in this state and anyone they touch has their vision stripped away for the rest of the transformation; however, once the user changes back they will be extremely drained and immobile for a long time. They would possibly pass out.


  1. Children of Nyx tend to prefer the dark.
  2. Children of Nyx are often nocturnal; preferring to operate at night and sleep during the day.
  3. Children of Nyx tend to have a darker outlook on life and events of the world.
  4. Children of Nyx often pursue jobs that take place at night or in darkness such as being a security guard, nightclub bouncing, and mining.
  5. Children of Nyx are typically favored and get along with nocturnal animals, such as bats, raccoons, ocelots, etc.

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Alexandra: She glances around the beach before seating on the sand, pulling her legs to her chest. She rests her head on her knees while averting her gaze to the waves, sighing silently. 

Derek: He is flying in formation with his cabin at the end of practice for the day and as they break up to go do what they want he sees Alexandra sitting on the beach and flies to her "Hi" he says with a smile

Alexandra: She looks at him and smiles back. 'Hi.' She says.

Derek: "You seem lonely want some company?" he asks sitting next to her

Alexandra: She nods, 'Yeah, thank you.'.

Derek: "So I am Derek Son and Counselor of Aeolus Cabin and you are a daughter of Nyx I would imagine" he says seeing the dark gravitate to her "what's your name?" he asks smiling

Alexandra: 'Alexandra.' She says, smiling also. 

Derek: He hovers above the ground "So what do you like to do?" he asks

Alexandra: 'Dance, read, sing or just practice running.' She responds, looking at him. 'You?' She asks.

Derek: "Flying taking care of young sibs reading relaxing some singing too some of the Apollo kids took it on themselves to actually put up with and train me" he says chuckling

Alexandra: 'You can sing, huh?' She asks, slightly raising her eyebrows.

Derek: He starts to sing some songs she might like to her softly so that it wouldn't attract others

Alexandra: Smiles softly, enjoying the sound of him singing. 'That was amazing.' She says.

Derek: He gets up and bows "Thank you thank you very much" he says goofily and sits back down

Alexandra: She laughs before applauding. 'Splendid.' She says in a fake British accent.

Derek: "May I have the pleasure of hearing your lovely voice in song?" he asks

Alexandra: 'Oh, I don't have a lovely voice, trust me.' She says.

Derek: "Oh I am sure you do sing for me?" he asks with puppy dog eyes and a smile

Alexandra: She shakes her head, 'No...'

Derek: "Aww okay" he just sits there looking out at the surf

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