Akela: She walked down the desert path slowly, taking note of all her surroundings. One hand remained at her side, whilst the other clutched a small vile of green flame that flickered slowly. After a few steps she rested against a rock, a sense of alert and emergency lingering.

Kina: Kina had been tracking Akela for awhile, and after finally finding her the day prior, she followed Akela through the desert. Keeping distance between them as to not be seen, Kina followed Akela hesitantly, nervous about the powers she supposedly possessed as she got closer to Akela.

Akela: She sighed to herself as she brought open a map and looked to see where she was. Upon seeing the distance she was from where Camp allegedly was she scowled at the map and threw it on the floor. A few seconds passed before she rolled her eyes and picked it up, folding it, and shoving it in her bag. After, she looked out into the desert.

Kina: As Akela had taken time to look at the map, it gave Kina a chance to catch up to her, as as Akela began looking out into the desert, Kina approached her from behind. "Um, excuse me miss?"

Akela: She turned, startled at the voice and her hand immediately went for her vile. She scanned the other up and down, squinting a little, but for the most part she seemed to be scared, "What do you want?"

Kina: She straightened her posture as she calmly raised her hands to alert Akela that she didn't carry any weapons with and that she meant no harm. "I'm sorry to disturb you on your um-" she looked around, "Walk. But is your name by any chance Akela?"

Akela: She stepped back a bit, the vile now being opened, "How do you know my name?" Slightly, her tone changed to defensive rather than docile.

Kina: "Well, although I do understand your hesitancy to trust me, I can assure you that you have nothing to fear." She paused for a second, "My name is Kina, Kina Moriales to be precise. And I've been sent by a place called the Broken Covenant to find and escort you safely to our headquarters."

Akela: Her eyebrows furrowed, "Why? Why do I need to go there? I'm looking for a place called Camp Half-Blood, not the 'Broken Covenant.'"

Kina: "Good question, but to that I have an even better answer." She paused momentarily to collect her thoughts, "Camp Half-Blood wont take care of you as well as the Broken Covenant. And the special little gift I've been informed that you have, is frowned upon at the camp. Where as at the Broken Covenant, they will help you in anyway possible to make sure you keep your power and that you can use it to your full potential."

Akela: If one looked at Akela's hand, there would be the some green flames that would come and go. Akela looked Kina up and down, "And if I say I don't want to be at my full potential." She waited for a moment, "How do you know about me? Who sent you?"

Kina: "I was sent here by a leader of one of the Broken Covenant's factions. He has been keeping a close eye on you as he did not trust that the gods would want someone with such power alive. He sent me here to make sure that you stayed alive and that I escort you safely back to the sanctuary." She didn't believe a single word she was saying, so how could she expect Akela to do the same?

Akela: "If he wanted me to be protected so badly, why didn't he come and get me then? Why send you? Or is it too much of a hassle to get me for whatever reason?"

Kina: "The leader has a faction to run, if he left the faction would spiral into madness. That's why he sent me, he could easily keep an eye on the faction while I make sure you arrive safely."

Akela: "And he trusts you?" She seemed to be warming up to the idea of going where the girl wanted her to, however a large amount of trust had yet to be given.

Kina: She nodded in Akela's direction despite knowing Dante didn't really trust her. But then again, why would he send her to retrieve Akela if he didn't at least trust her a little bit? For all he knew she could be running to the safety of camp as well, "Yes, he does trust me."

Akela: She squinted her eyes, "One of my questions remains unanswered though. How does he know who I am?"

Kina: "News spread fast of your unique gift. The Broken Covenant's leader caught wind of what had happened almost immediately. He then informed the faction leaders."

Akela: "I heard Camp had a border, wouldn't I be safer there?"

Kina: "Perhaps, but the whole time I've been at the sanctuary, I have never heard of any incidents surrounding monster attacks.

Akela: She narrowed her eyes, "Just because you haven't heard of one, doesn't mean it hasn't happened."

Kina: "I know, but even if it was attacked, you wouldn't have anything to worry about. After all if a monster attacks you, you could just incinerate them."

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