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Rian [ River | Cian ]

  • River: Having had another good Christmas for the second year in a row - truly down to Cian - River felt content in the few days after. Smiling happily as he was led on his bed, he looked over at Cian and raised an eyebrow, "Have you caught that Bulbasaur yet? You're still gonna call him River right? You promised!"
  • Cian: Cian was proud to have given River another good Christmas, after all he prided himself on giving the best gifts and this year he felt like he outdid himself. But truthfully nothing could have beaten River gifting him the new Pokemon game. While feeling bad that River was laying beside him in bed, it was hard for him to peel his eyes away from his Switch. "I'm working on it right now, but of course I'll still name it River." He responded while keeping his eyes focused on his game.
  • River: If it were any other day or circumstance, River could've considered flicking the console away and demanding a cuddle or two from Cian but, seeing as the other had just gotten the game, he felt like it was only right that he left his boyfriend to indulge in it. Moving, however, so that he was a little closer to Cian, he moved to try and look at the screen, "How come its taking so long? I thought you were the proclaimed best Pokemon trainer ever?" There was a teasing tone to his voice, one he hoped Cian would pick up on.
  • Cian: Feeling River cuddle up next to him, Cian let out a soft sigh of content as he felt himself beginning to smile. "The Bulbasaur just popped up, I can only catch him so fast." Cian said with a laugh as he poked River's side in retaliation. In the meantime, the Poke Ball he had thrown before hand ended up catching the Pokemon. After quickly naming it River, Cian turned his game more for River to see more easily. "There, is that better?"
  • River: River watched intently as Cian caught the Bulbasaur and smiled as he saw the nickname it was given. Nodding, he snuggled into Cian's side a little more and watched the screens given the new access. "Yeah," He said with a laugh, moving up and kissing Cian on the cheek, "Much better."
  • Cian: Cian's cheek felt warm from the kiss planted on it, a grand turn of events from his usual cold to the touch skin. It brought a smile to his face as his cheeks began to blush lightly and he turned to River to return the favour. "I'm glad, now you can stop asking me every five minutes when I'm getting him."
  • River: "You're saying that like you don't like it when I bug you" He said with a laugh, snuggling into Cian some more, "Besides, I'm being a good boyfriend showing interest in your games."
  • Cian: "I wouldn't say I like the bugging, I'd say it can be cute and endearing though." He quipped back before kissing the tip of River's nose. "I can't argue with that though."
  • River: "Don't essentially call me boring if you want any more cuddles in the future," River warned jokingly as he smiled at the cute moment of Cian kissing his nose, "Good, because arguing with you is boring."
  • Cian: "What do you mean? I wasn't calling you boring..." He said in response as he put down his Switch. "Where did you get that idea from?"
  • River: "Saying that I'm bugging you is insinuating that I'm boring and annoying, duh," River said, as if it were common sense, "That's where I got that idea from."
  • Cian: "I'd agree that bugging insinuates you were annoying, which you weren't before you decide to throw that back at me, but it definitely doesn't equal you being boring."
  • River: River rolled his eyes a little and nodded back at his Switch, "Regardless, this isn't playing your game and playing with your favourite Bulbasaur."
  • Cian: Setting his switch down on his nightstand, Cian pulled River on top of him as he smiled. "Why would I play with a computer Bulbasaur when I my Bulbasaur have you right here?"
  • River: River propped himself on his elbows, either side of Cian's head and smiled back, "I can't tell if being called a Bulbasaur is cute or not, but it's a good effort regardless."
  • Cian: Cian feigned offence at River's statement, personally finding Bulbasaur one of the cutest Pokémon to exist. "Are you kidding? Bulbasaur is adorable! Especially in the anime when May's Bulbasaur had hearts on his forehead."
  • River: River laughed a little, rolling his eyes, "I never watched the anime, silly." He paused, bottom lip jutting out in thought before smiling again, "If I was a Bulbasaur, what would I have instead of hearts on my forehead?"

Micarrison [ Micah | Harrison ]

  • Harrison: It wasn't often that Harrison felt overwhelmed with things - it was a once in a blue moon occurrence. Despite this, he was currently going through such a thing and had chosen to walk around the edge of the forest, preferring the isolation. He was none the wise to anyone else's presence, instead choosing to be lost in his thoughts.
  • Micah: Having gone out of camp for a bit to grab some things for the room in the sanctuary that Harrison and himself shared, Micah was quite concerned when he came back and Harrison was gone. Having spent the greater part of an hour searching for him, Micah was finally able to spot Harrison by the forest's edge and jogged over to him. "Harrison, what are you doing out here by yourself?" He asked when he finally caught up to the mortios.
  • Harrison: Harrison truthfully hadn't considered anyone else, much less Micah, when he decided to go out for a walk. Though he had heard Micah approaching and could sense it was the other that he had become familiar with, Harrison chose to ignore it for as long as possible - until Micah spoke to him. He turned around, offering a slightly apologetic smile, and shrugged, "I wanted to."
  • Micah: As a small frown began to form due to Harrison's response and sort of general demeanour, Micah furrowed his brows as he looked at the other. "Is there something wrong?" He asked sincerely as he stepped closer to the other and gently slid his hand into one of Harrison's.
  • Harrison: Harrison shook his head, squeezing Micah's hand a little, "Not really, just overwhelmed I guess. Why?"
  • Micah: Hearing that Harrison was overwhelmed, Micah's frown turned more into worry. "Why are you feeling overwhelmed? Is it something I can help you with?"
  • Harrison: Harrison shrugged nonchalantly, not really knowing how to reply, "No. I just go through it sometimes - you know that."
  • Micah: Hearing that it was just the usual overwhelming feeling was a little bit comforting to Micah, but he still felt like he should help his boyfriend in some way. "We can talk about it if you want."
  • Harrison: Harrison shook his head, smiling a little sadly as he moved into the other's body, "What's the point? There's nothing to talk about really, is there?"
  • Micah: With Harrison moving towards him, Micah wrapped his arms around him comfortingly. "Are you sure? You know I don't like you feeling this way, so if you want to talk about it we can."
  • Harrison: Harrison exhaled a little as he was hugged, letting himself move against Micah's hug. "It's fine," He repeated, not really feeling like talking about it because, mostly, there was nothing to talk about, "I'll be fine tomorrow - you now that."
  • Micah: With Harrison pulled in close, Micah couldn't deny that it did actually make him feel a bit better about the situation. While still hesitant about whether or not Harrison was being truthful, he decided to push the thought aside. "I know you will be..."
  • Harrison: Harrison hugged Micah back, squeezing him lightly. "Then don't worry too much, yeah?" He said with a smile, "Don't put yourself under that stress."
  • Micah: Returning the squeeze as well as kiss to Harrison's forehead, Micah let out a brief sigh of relief. "I worry a lot, you should know this by now."
  • Harrison: Harrison snuggled into Micah a little after the kiss, letting himself be enveloped, "I do know, but you don't need to worry so much about me."
  • Micah: "Well, you don't necessarily make it easy for me when it comes to worrying about you..." Micah responded as he slipped a hand into one of Harrison's. "Regardless, do you want to stay out here for a bit more? We could go on a walk or something."
  • Harrison: Instinctively squeezing Micah's hand as their hands became joined, Harrison shrugged. "I know I don't but I can't just reverse 70 years of dealing with things overnight," He said with a sigh before shrugging once more, "Up to you; I'm fine with whatever, really."

[ Aito | Saeryun ]

  • Saeryun: Saeryun was still at the pavilion eating the final leftovers of the Christmas meal the nymphs had gone all out on. Though lost in his own world, he looked around and observed the other campers.
  • Aito: There weren't a lot of people at Camp during the holidays, which meant Aito's hookups were few and far in between and that certainly wasn't something he enjoyed. Truly bored out of his mind with no man to entertain him, Aito made his way to the pavilion in search of some food. Sitting by a table close to Saeryun, Aito started to eat some of his food.
  • Saeryun: Saeryun, at first, was oblivious to Aito's presence, only catching sight of him as he glanced around the pavilion to occupy his mind. He recognised him somewhat - knowing he was among the new campers from the newly erected cabins - but beyond that, he had no strong feelings. Sure he was cute, but Saeryun was never one to be so bold despite being a counsellor. Giving Aito fleeting glances here and there, Saeryun continued to eat the food he had on his plate.
  • Aito: Aito was far from subtle when he noticed Saeryun, his attraction and overall personality would never allow it. Finding the head counsellors incredibly attractive in both a sexy and cute way, Aito knew he needed to attempt to pursue him. After a few minutes of stolen glances, Aito picked up his plate and made his way to Saeryun's table. "Mind if I sit?" He asked, a smile on his face in order to seem more appealing.
  • Saeryun: Truthfully, Saeryun was a little surprised to see Aito at his table after taking his eyes off of the other for a few seconds but, all the same, he smiled and nodded, "Sure, I'd be happy if you did."
  • Aito: Aito smiled softly, baring his teeth as he sat down across from Saeryun. "Sorry for being so sudden, I just saw you were sitting alone and figured we might as well keep each other company. Given that there aren't many people at camp right now anyways."
  • Saeryun: Saeryun nodded, smiling a little, "That's true. Besides, it's always sad when someone's alone at this time of the year, right?"
  • Aito: "Exactly! And I'd hate for someone as handsome as you to have to sit alone during the holidays." Aito said both jokingly yet serious before putting a spoonful of food into his mouth.
  • Saeryun: Saeryun smiled a little, indulging in the compliments given to him by Aito, "And do you always speak so smoothly to people you've just met? Seems very bold."
  • Aito: While he shrugged nonchalantly, Aito was sporting a bit of a coy grin. "Depends. I'm not always this bold but when someone is as good looking as you, well it's hard to refrain."
  • Saeryun: "Really?" Saeryun asked, taking a sip of his drink, "For all you know, I could be straight and finding a way to catch you off guard so I can attack you." He paused, shrugging, "I'd consider that pretty bold."
  • Aito: Aito shrugged nonchalantly, while what Saeryun was saying was a valid concern that Aito had he wasn't about to let it effect him in the moment. "That is true, but at the same time I've slept with straight guys before. As for the attack... That is a bit concerning." He said with a faint laugh.
  • Saeryun: "However concerning, shouldn't it be something you should be worried about?" He purses his lips, an eyebrow raised, "I know I would be." He smiled, shrugging, "You seem very determined, though."
  • Aito: Aito shrugged once more, a little less nonchalant than before considering Saeryun didn't seem to be biting. "Admittedly it is worrying, but I'm persistent. Plus, you seem to be entertaining the thought, otherwise why else would you be talking to me so in depth about this?"
  • Saeryun: Saeryun wasn't intending to play hard to get, but he had to admit it was fun - especially seeing as Aito was continuing. "Maybe I am, maybe I'm not," He said with a shrug, "Maybe if you impress me I might sway my mind?"
  • Aito: Pushing his plate forward a bit, clearly done with the food for now, Aito leaned forward to get closer to Saeryun. "Oh yeah? And how exactly would I impress you?"
  • Saeryun: Saeryun's eyes glanced down, making note of the finish plate, before looking up and glance meeting with Aito's. "Surprise me; what impresses me changes with my mood and what day it is."

Ryeau [ Ryder | Beau ]

  • Beau: It was a long time coming, the official wedding ceremony of Beau and Ryder. While they had actually cancelled the entire ceremony they were once planning in favour of eloping in Hawaii, Beau was still nervous. It was just him, his soon to be husband Ryder, a hired photographer, and the priest standing by the beautiful blue ocean. Due to the hot weather, both weren't in traditional wedding attire, instead sporting matching all white outfits comprising of an airy dress shirt and formal shorts.
  • Ryder: Ryder had been looking forward to the moment for ages. Sure, he wanted to have a ceremony so his mum could see him get married but he didn't want to risk her life; if any monsters were to come, whilst she was a demigoddess in her own right, he worried that maybe she'd suffer a fate similar to his (exchanging the monster with a demititan, mind you). With hands joined with Beau's, Ryder smiled as he squeezed Beau's hands softly, waiting for the priest to begin the ceremony.
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