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SAna (Seunghyun & Anna Celestine Lawrence)

  • Seunghyun: For the past four years, the Erotios remained in a loving relationship with Anna, who was now a light nymph. He enjoyed her immortality more than anything, finally getting to free his mind from worries. Right now, he headed towards her room in the nymph sanctuary, proud of his surprise. A rare sight, Seunghyun wore a white longsleeve top with navy cropped pants along with his white sneakers.
  • Anna: Unaware of any plans, the nymph remains on the comfort of her bed wearing a blue dolphin shorts with a familiar oversized white t-shirt. Anna with her back on the mattress and legs propped up against her bed headboard, was reading Mark Manson's The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck. Seunghyun can come and go in her room as he desires since the lady doesn't have any plans on leaving her weird but comfortable reading position
  • Seunghyun: The Erotios knocked thrice, a code just for him. He then entered her room to find his girlfriend reading a book. "Nothing new." He popped himself onto her bed and playfully tried place himself between her arm and chest "So, what is my beautiful girlfriend mad about now?" He wondered from the title of the book.
  • Anna: she looks up at Seunghyun as he enters the room before raising her arms to let Seunghyun rest on her chest. She rests her arms back on his shoulder "I'm not mad" she wonders how he thought about that and realized how the book is titled "It's a book about re-evaluating your values and giving out efficient fucks" she laughs at how she worded it the way the author would
  • Seunghyun: Like a lazy, content cat, the Erotios suddenly did not want to move anymore. He liked the spot on her chest. Nice pillow. Seunghyun also got a glimpse of the chapter she read. However, he chose to ignore it. "So, you're saying... I'm what you value, and you're going to give me all the fucks, right?" He grinned in a suggestive manner.
  • Anna: she had her eyes on the book so the nymph automatically nodded in agreement on his inquiry. She only got what he meant when she glanced at the comfortable erotios and his fishy grin before slightly blushing "y-yeah I guess that too." she mumbles
  • Seunghyun: The Erotios remained snuggly fit onto her chest. He smiled at the feeling of her warmed face. "So, have you heard about... New Athens yet?" He wondered.
  • Anna: She tries not to fidget much so that Seunghyun can enjoy his comfort before placing the book down on the mattress and carding her fingers through his hair "Uhuh, what about it? Do you wanna move out?"
  • Seunghyun: "Moving seems like such a drag though." He mentioned. The Erotios found a lot of things tedious, including transferring all his furniture into a new home if it existed. "I guess I wanted to check it out. Some of the spirits said there's a gamer cafe nearby too."
  • Anna: She scoffs at him mentioning the gamer cafe, implying his priorities. "Sure, when do you want to?" the glimpse she got to have of New Athens when she went out with a friend made the nymph curious of the new place as well.
  • Seunghyun: He grinned at her scoff, touched by how she didn't even reject the idea. "Now." He pulled himself from her chest and rolled towards another pillow. Such gave him a better view of Anna.
  • Anna: "Now, now?" She sighs at the sudden plan, as if she's bidding farewell to the comforts of her bed "Fine, I'll get ready" it took her a moment before she stood up to get prepared
  • Seunghyun: "Yeah, now, now. I heard there's even a korean barbeque place, in case that'll make you dress faster." He grinned. While waiting for her, Seunghyun casually took the book into his hands and read a page. It seemed like the author was interesting, being a fuckboy with a brain.
  • Anna: "Do you want me to gain so much weight?" she scoffs indignantly as she grabs her clothes and realizes how Sage is dressed up. "Ah, so you've planned this ahead huh?" her eyes narrows at him
  • Seunghyun: "I'm usually lazy, so don't complain." He smirked back at his girlfriend. The Erotios sat upright and stretched his arms. "We have to get you ready for parenthood. You never know. Aphrodite might give us one before you expect it." He teased.
  • Anna: She knows Sage is only teasing but nonetheless, she can't account herself for blushing as a reaction and proceeded to hide herself on the bathroom. Half an hour has passed when Anna came out with her hair dried as well wearing a casual outfit before she grabs a pair of shoes and getting herself a small satchel purse to put her phone and other shenanigans
  • Seunghyun: He grinned at Anna's reaction. How cute. Upon seeing her summer themed outfit, the Erotios casually dettached the long sleeves of the dress shirt, a feature Uniqlo recently produced. He laid them on Anna's desk and familiarly slipped his hand into hers. "I wish summer never happened." He complained, being a lover of cold, winter months. Perfect for lazy people.
  • Anna: Being all the rainbows and sunshine on the relationship, she squeezes his hand before slinging her satchel purse and heading out “It’s okay, you can brood all over summer and I’d still be beside you.” She laughs at her own cheesiness, feigning a shudder “Ah, it’s too early for this cheesiness” she grins as they start to walk their way towards new athens
  • Seunghyun: The Erotios blushed, but he was also disturbed. He could imagine the two of them being all sweaty but cuddled together. A disgustingly cute idea. Speaking of which, the two of them have not even consummated their relationship, but as a love spirit, he didn't really care. What was more important was their togetherness. "You're not. The rest are just aren't as lucky to have you." He planted a kiss casually on the side of her head.
  • Anna: "Okay, Seunghyun. You don't need to beat me in being cheesy" she chuckles as her steps suddenly has a spring to it, reflecting her joy in Sage's simple gesture. "Do you want to check out the gaming cafe first or?" she drags on suggestively, waiting for his plan
  • Seunghyun: "I don't need to. I want to." He teased, vibing with the happy Anna. Good thing the forest was near New Athens. They would arrive in about 5 posts from now. "The rest of New Athens is fine. The reservations I've made are for noon, since I really don't like lining up. We could visit the cafe for a peak. But, what do you plan on doing until noon?" Seunghyun was not one to torture his girlfriend by bringing her to a male dominated cafe, especially since she didn't play games herself.
  • Anna: she nods as she ponders on her choices “How about that kbbq place?” She suggests with delight. The thought of korean barbecue already makes the light nymph drool, they still haven’t eaten anything anyway.
  • Seunghyun: "Well, we'll have to line up a bit, but let's do it." He chuckled, finding it cute that Anna ignored his statement about it being opened at noon. After all, no one can rest or hear well with an empty stomach. He understood that.
  • Anna: oops reading comprehension: 0 HAHAHA. Unaware that he meant the barbecue place a grin split her face as her grip on him tightens, reflecting her excitement "This'll be a great day" she claims loosely based on what she will be having for brunch
  • Seunghyun: Seunghyun felt relieved to see her so happy. Once they arrived, there was surprisingly no line. Perhaps, they were all too busy preparing for the ball to be held in a few days time. But of course, Seunghyun might not know that. "Table for two," he mentioned to the waiter, who who escorted them to their seats. Once they've settled down, he casually mentioned. "Is it weird for an immortal to have a mid-life crisis? Do we even have mid-lives?" He laughed.

SooDy (Cody Knight & Kim Soo Yeon)

  • Soo-yeon: "Thanks" she smiles as she grabs a wooden tray to place the food she and Jameson cooked before taking it up to Cody's room. She didn't know why her heart was beating frantically, she just doesn't want the son of Hades to skip a meal-- or so she convinces herself. The lady knocks with a little bit of struggle since she has the tray of food with both of her hands
  • Cody: Jameson allowed the little lady to struggle, as it were less awkward compared to appearing with her. The son of Hades laid on his bed, facing towards the opened half parted curtains. He, who assumed it was Jameson, felt a presence outside his door and casually allowed the person to enter his room. "Come in."
  • Soo-yeon: After turning the door knob and bumping the door with her hip to open it, she enters the room and sat on the edge of his bed with the tray on her lap “Hey, are you not feeling well?” she asks with worry
  • Cody: The son of Hades wondered why Jameson was such a klutz today, bumping everything along the way. He turned to instead find Soo. His eyes widened then avoided her. "Yeah. You shouldn't have hassled yourself with bringing my breakfast, but thanks." He wanted to ask about Sun-Woo's departure, but Cody waited for Soo to respond.
  • Soo-yeon: "I don't mind" she places the tray on the bed before moving close to place her hand on his forehead to check his temp "Don't you need anything else?" if he'd decide to look at the lady, he'd notice her wrinkled forehead because of worry "I can get you anything" she asks, unaware that Cody's waiting for Soo-yeon to talk about Sun-woo since she's preoccupied with Cody and only Cody
  • Cody: He sat upright. "No, no, it's really ok." Cody didn't really know what to feel. He also couldn't articulate his jealousy. Perhaps, this was divine retribution for all the problems he caused a certain son of Pandia. Her sudden hand on his forehead made him unconsciously grab onto her wrist and gently placed it away."I'm fine. What happened to Sun-Woo?"
  • Soo-yeon: She’d be lying if she denies that Cody’s attitude isn’t bothering her but she didn’t know what to do as well and she didn’t want to overstep their boundaries so she thought it’d be best to leave him alone. “He left. He was just here because Hebe might take her gift back if I don’t go back to what I’m supposed to be doing.” She meant the prosecuting. “Anyway, I’ll leave you to your company.” She says flatly
  • Cody: Prior to her leaving, he took her wrist again. This time, in a manner that articulated the feelings he couldn't bear to say. "Aren't you going to ask why I don't feel well?" He wondered, being quite terrible at asking her to stay. Upon realization that the two's intimate conversation was about that, he couldn't exactly get mad either. However, he did feel worried for Soo, knowing the other liked her. Therefore, under what conditions would she be required to remain immortal?
  • Soo-yeon: Now she's growing more and more confused as she take in what he said, is this really more than being fuck buddies? "Why aren't you feeling well?" she tilts her head trying to peek at Cody's face as if that'd give her more answer.
  • Cody: He couldn't find himself to tell her, so he laughed instead. "'Cause you're choosing to leave me when I'm not feeling well. Aren't you worried I might turn into one of the skeleton armies dad summons?" He joked, releasing her hand to pat the area beside him.
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