Ship (Shu & Pip) o:

Shu: The boy, trotting around in husky form, began rolling around in the grass, panting rather happily.

Pip: Pip walked around Camp with an obvious bounce in his step - he hadn't been on Earth in a while and he was more than happy to look around and see how everything looked now. One thing he had never seen before was a dog - especially a husky - so upon seeing Shu, Pip stared at him with a confused yet intrigued look on his face, head tilting a lil.

Shu: Once finished rolling around in the grass, the Siberian Husky stood up and shook the stray blades of grass of his body. He did not take note of the curious boy, and instead, shifted to human form and lied down on the grass, closing his eyes and stretching, maybe going to take a nap.

Pip: Seeing the dog turn into a boy, Pip's interest increased massively and he sat down on the grass cross-legged and watched, his head seemingly permanently tilted as he watched the other.

Shu: Sensing a presence nearby, the boy sat up, looking around with confusion and bewilderment. "H-hello?" The boy stuttered out, "is... is anyone there?" As he darted his head side to side, trying to find where the presence was, Shu still never took note of the young spirit nearby.

Pip: Hearing the other's voice, Pip smiled goofily as he waved massively - trying to signal where he was, "Helloooooooo? Can chu see me?"

Shu: He whips his head to spirit, a look of shock plastered on his face. "Y-yes, um, I can." Shu says. He wasn't sure whether it was another illusion or not, but he questions hesitantly, "who are you, exactly?"

Pip: Although he stopped waving, Pip still had a wide grin on his face as he stayed here he was, "That's good~! My name is Pip, who're chu?"

Shu: Shu tilted his head slightly, muttering to himself, "Pip... what an odd name..." Realizing the boy asked him a question, he snapped out of his daze and repiled with, "it's Shu... my name..." He toyed with the seam of his shirt awkwardly, casting his eyes down to the grass.

Pip: Pip's grin was still retained as he sat up and crossed his legs in a childlike manner, "Chur name is Chu?!"

Shu: Casting his gaze back at Pip, he nodded. "Yes, but, um, the pronouncation is, a bit... uh... off..." He said, but thinking over his last statement, he quickly replied with, "but-but it's okay!" As his cheeks turns a bit pink of embarrassment, he mutters to himself, "good going, Shu."

Pip: Pip tilted his head, confused as he thought he said it right, "But it's Chu, right?"

Shu: He nods, not even questioning the boy's pronounciation. "Yes, that's, um, correct. Your name is very... unique." Shu smirks slightly, "I like it."

Pip: Pip's grin becomes a little more lopsided as he bounces a little, "Thank chu Chuuuuuu~! I like chur name too, it's cute~!" Pip would clap happily knowing that his name is cute.

Shu: He gaps slightly, his cheeks turning a light pink at the compliment. "W-well," Shu sheepishly rubbed the back of his neck, "I honestly don't think it really is. It sounds like shoe, really." He pressed his lips in a fine line and looked away, obviously embarrassed of his name.

Pip: Disregarding etiquette, Pip ran over and sat beside him in the position he was in before, "Nononononono! Chur name is Chu and it sounds like chu!"

Shu: Shu whipped his head over to the boy, cocking his head to the side. "Uhm... thanks? But, yours is cute and rolls off the tongue. Mine is... bland." He began muttering to himself, mostly complaining about his 'piece of shit' name.

Pip: Pip continued to beam, "But Chu's a cute name! Chu rolls off the tongue like Pip does!" He then tilted his head a little, looking a little sad, "Does Chu not believe me..?"

Shu: He looked at Pip, and shook his head violently. "Nononono," he exclaimed hastily, "I do, I do, I really do believe you! It's just, well," the guardian exhaled sharply, "I don't believe it. It's-it's hard to... explain..." Getting flushed, he ran a hand through his hair and said, "f-forget I said anything..."

Pip: In an instant, Pip's sad face was replaced by one of curiosity as he continued to tilt his head, "But how can I forget something chu just does that work..?"

Shu: "Well, it can be easy for some, and harder for other. You just simply ignore it, and it eventually goes away. What I said was incredibly stupid, so, I mean," As he tries to explain it, exhaling once more in defeat, he hangs his head, still rather flustered, and asks, "I'm not making this any better, am I?"

Pip: Pip still looked incredibly confused, his head still tilting for a few seconds, before he smile brightly, "I like chur name Chu!" Being oblivious to how his confusion had started from a similar statement, Pip continued to smile as he waited for Shu's reaction.

Shu: Eyes casting over to Pip, he laughs slightly, picking his head up and smiling at at the boy. "Well, I'm glad someone likes it. Do you like a lot of things?" Shu questions him.

Pip: Pip nodded eagerly, like a puppy seeing something new, "I like a lot of things because there's so many things to like! Like, ice cream! Apples! Plushies and puppies!"

Shu: He laughed merrily at Pip's enthusiasm, smiling warmly. "I like those things too. Do you have a favourite ice cream flavour? Or is there too many that you can't decide?"

Pip: Pip nodded as he pouted a little, "I like them all but I can't eat them all at once because then I have tummy ache..."

Shu: "Yeah, it isn't the best idea to eat it all at once, or eat it too fast or you'll get a brain freeze." Shu shakes his head, frowning. "It hurts a lot." He says, shrugging, but smirked. "I think my favourite is.... vanilla. I can't have chocolate, which is a shame."

Pip: Pip pouted some more, "I hate brain freeze! It hurts my head and I don't like it!" He then tilted his head, confused as to why he couldn't have chocolate, "Why can't chu have chocolate Chu?"

Shu: He chuckles at Pip's pouting, and once hearing the boy's question, he replies with, "well, it's like a puppy eating chocolate. It won't taste very good to the puppy and his stomach will hurt... and I don't really like the taste of chocolate." Muttering the last part, hoping the latter wouldn't hear. Casting his gaze once more to Pip, he gave him a small smile. "After all, I am a puppy." He explained, turning into a sieberian husky and trotting over to Pip, panting happily.

Pip: As Shu trotted over to Pip, he squealed and clapped his hands - a broad smile on his face as he bounced up and down a little on his bum, "Puppppppyyyyy! Is Chu a puppy as well as a human?! How is that real!?"

Shu: He lied down and rolled onto his back in front of Pip, turning back to his human form and laughing. "I'm a guardian of puppies, so I'm able to turn into one myself," he explained, laughing merrily,"Hecate made me, to protect the puppies." He makes a cute tough face, pretending to flex. But as Hecate came to mind, his smile faltured slightly. "But, who's your god parent or who made you?" He inquired, tilting his head.

Pip: Pip giggled at Shu's tough face and flexing before smiling brightly, "Erish~! I'm a dishcord shpirit who she made to caushe trouble back in Ancient Korea!" Due to the fact he didn't really know what he did would be considered wrong in the modern day world's standards, he continued to smile like an excited child.

Shu: He smirks at Pip, smiling wider at his enthusiasm. "You must be pretty brave, huh? No one can mess with you. They'll be blind at how awesome you are." Shu said playfully, giving the latter a toothy smile. "I bet you're reeeally tough. So tough that all the bad guys will never bother you again." He laughed slightly, biting on his thumbnail.

Pip: Pip shrugged, smiling still, "Shometimesh! Though, Erish changed me into my apple form again becaushe I washn't a good shpirit..." Pip looked down, a little sad - but not overly.

Shu: He took his thumb away from his lips, smile faltering. "Well, who says you aren't a good spirit now? I mean, I think you're a pretty good spirit. You're very nice. Sometimes, the gods can over exaggerate and let their anger out on their creations. Sometimes they can't see what's right in front of them. But, hey," he shrugs, "what can you do? Eris still loves you, right? If she didn't love you, you wouldn't be here today."

Pip: He shrugged again, his smile coming back full force, "Do chu think I'm nice? Erish said she felt shorry for me sho she let me come down here! Doesh that mean she thinksh I'm nice?"

Shu: He nods eagerly, smiling reassuringly. "Of course! I think you're super duper nice!" He exclaimed cheerfully, laughing. "You have so much potential and happiness, it can make the world stop and smile back."

Pip: Pip tilted his head, confused, "The world can shmile? I thought it was jusht a big pile of rock!"

Shu: He laughs, shaking his head. "Oh no, it's so much more. This big pile of rock makes the air we breathe, the pretty things we see, and it's all the gods to thank. There's so much out there, waiting for you." His smile falters, casting his gaze to the grass. "But, it can be scary. You can never know what's out there." Shu redirects his gaze back to Pip, smiling once more. "You're gonna go far and experience so much!" He exclaims enthusiastically.

Pip: Pip pouted his head, confused, "The world ish different than Ancient Korea! There weren't any of those things that go on four wheels or those things that people tap their fingers on! Those are scary because what are they?"

Shu: He shakes his head. "No no! That's not it at all. What I mean is that the world can be mean with mean people. The gods created this camp for the sole purpose to keep the monsters and bad people out. So, you don't have to worry about them. And, I think you mean cars and cellphones. Cars are a way to get to one place to another that is very far and you don't have to walk. Cellphones are a way to talk to friends, family, no matter where they are. Pretty cool, huh?" Shu explained, a toothy grin on his face.

Pip: Pip nodded with a blank expression as he listened to Shu's words. To say Pip took most of it in was a lie but he caught key words and phrases to which he smiled, upon seeing Shu smile, and nodded, "Shuper cool!" He then tilted his head, confused as he was about to address Shu's earlier words, "Chu said there's bad people...why did the Gods make mean people?!"

Shu: He shrugged, rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly. "If I knew, I'd tell you, but I don't even know myself. Maybe people had hurt them in the past? I'm not sure why. But," Shu looked around before speaking in a hushed tone, "I secretly think they're jealous of how cool we are."

Pip: Pip giggled as a grin broke out on his face. His laughing filled the air for a few moments before he copied Shu's movements and tone, "Why are we whishpering Chu? Do chu not want people to know how cool we are?"

Shu: Shu burst into a fit of laughter, covering his mouth. It took him a while for his mirth to subside before he said, "Well, I don't want to make people jealous or anything. I mean, everyone's pretty cool when you think about it. I mean, demigods are pretty compl-" he stopped himself from using a rather big word, before saying, "pretty difficult to understand, but they're really cool. Have you met any demigods since you arrived?" The boy asked, cocking his head to the side slightly.

Pip: When Shu laughed, Pip was confused so he just sat there with a blank expression as he waited for the former to be finished. When he stopped Pip shrugged and shook his head, "Nope~! Chur the first person I've properly met."

Shu: "Really? Does this mean you haven't really seen all of camp yet? Or the areas near camp?" Shu asked, raising his eyebrows slightly.

Pip: Pip shook his head, "Both! This is the first time I've been here~"

Shu: "Really? I've been here for a little bit, but not long. Do you maybe wanna go on a little adventure with me? Explore camp a little bit?" Shu smile, showing his teeth.

Pip: Pip tilted his head a little, "What's an adventure? Can you eat it?..."

Shu: He laughed mirthfully. "Not exactly. It's where we go and see something new. We can go and grab some food we haven't tried before. That's an adventure too."

Pip: Pip smiled as he clapped his hands childishly, "So an adventure is where chu explore?! I like exploring." He then tilted his head, "If trying new food ish an adventure...doeshn't that mean you can eat an adventure?!"

Shu: He nods his head. "I guess so. An adventure can mean many, many things, but how about we walk around camp and eat new foods? Would you like that?"

Pip: He nodded his head, humming happily as he smiled, "Of coursh! I want to eat lotsh and lots Chu~!"

Shu: He laughs, standing up and holding out his hand for Pip to hold. "Me too, let's go!" Shu exclaims cheerfully, a noticeable, cheery grin on his face.

Pip: Pip, without any hesitation what so ever, grabbed Shu's hand, "Where doesh the adventure shtart firsht Chu~?!"

Shu: "Well, it can start anywhere, but for food, let's start with the pavilion." Shu says with a grin. "I heard there's lots of good food there. I haven't exactly seen or eaten from there yet, but we can find it together! Maybe we'll see some cool sights along the way."

Challen c:

  • Cheol: The young man was walking around campus, hanging out a few of campers who he became acquainted with who are a bit touchy for his liking, but he wasn't really paying attention. Cheol was mainly looking at the scenery around him, something else on his mind. One of the campers asked him a question, but he didn't seem to pay attention until they shook him, snapping back to reality. The other campers laughed while Cheol blushed in obvious embarrassment. The boy told the campers he wasn't feeling well and said he was heading back to his cabin. Once departing from the group and at a fair distance, he said to himself, "I have to find Dallan again, this is getting insane." And so, he began searching for the latter, searching high and low.
  • Dallen: After meeting Cheol and having someone actually enjoy his abilities, Dallen had a somewhat new perspective on existence. Every time he moved from shadow to shadow, or made the area around him darker, his mind went back to how the other male he met had been enticed by it. This particular day, he was in the shadows of a cabin to watch campers go by. He'd been there most of the day and was going to go back to the Nymph Sanctuary when he spotted Cheol - barely missing him. Instead of apparating right in front of him, Dallen decided to shadow travel in front of him so that Cheol could see the shadow moving on the floor below him.
  • Cheol: As the boy was getting ready to scout by the dining area, he sees the shadow moving across the floor, eyebrows raising. Obviously fascinated, he stops, smiling slightly. "I never knew something like that could happen." Cheol muttered to himself, practically stary-eyed and watched the shadow in awe. He almost forgot what his objective was until it hit him like a slap on the face. "Oh shit." He exclaimed, slapping himself lightly on the cheek. But, where to look? He could be anywhere. This'll take longer than he thought.
  • Dallen: Dallen travelled to a tree near by and apparated enough just so, like the Cheshire cat, only his head was showing and he raised an eyebrow at Cheol - unaware the other was looking for him. He laughed, enough for Cheol to hear it, before evaporating back into the shadows - eager for the other's reaction.
  • Cheol: Cheol whipped his head to the laughter, but found no one. He looked around tentatively, hand wrapping around his necklace. "Hello?" He called out, "who's there?" His grip tightened on his necklace just in case it was an enemy. As much he didn't love resorting to violence, he will use it if neccesary. "Or, are we playing a game? I heard these campers love games." The boy said, looking around and on alert.
  • Dallen: Unknowingly, he smiled at Cheol's reaction and he darkened the shadow underneath the tree as if it was some hint to his identity. In a small voice, barely audible, "It's only a game if two people are playing."
  • Cheol: He turned his attention to the voice, squinting slightly, before responding with, "what's it to say that I'm playing your little game already?" Cheol smirked confidently, dropping his hand that was clutching his necklace to his side. "Do tell, what game are we partaking in? That is, of course, you're still apart of it and I'm just standing alone. So far, this game is about guessing, is it not?" He questioned, his mission to seek Dallen completely slipping his mind.
  • Dallen: Although nobody could see him, Dallen shrugged with a smile of his own forming on his lips as he moved to a tree closer to Cheol, still concealed in the shadows, "The game has multiple aspects. There's the guessing aspect - which we're doing. The hiding aspect - which we're doing and, the final part, the seeking aspect which you haven't completed yet." He then laughed a little, "And, if you weren't playing you wouldn't be replying, would you?"
  • Cheol: He chuckled, smirking at him. "Touché." said Cheol. "Let's see, you aren't giving my many hints here, which I like. I like things that are difficult. But, let's take note on the things that are right in front of us, shall we?" He cocked his head to the side before saying, "you're sly, obviously, just by telling of the way you're hiding yourself, you must have a fondness of the dark, considering you aren't feeling uncomfortable nor bothered by it so." The boy processes the information, but questioned further. "Do I know you?" He asked.
  • Dallen: Still sealing himself in the shadows Dallen laughed again, however it was a warmer laugh - more inviting which was a contrast to the one before which had hints of playfulness, "Well, last time I checked darkness spirits have to be fond of the dark, right? If not, it sort of, uh, defeats the purpose...right?" He hummed as a smile appeared on his face again, though shielded by darkness still, "We've met once, you seemed to be fond of what I could do."
  • Cheol: Cheol gave the latter a warm smile, knowing who this was and he didn't have to continue searching everywhere. "You're right, I was, and, I still am. It's good to meet you again, Dallen." The boy said, flashing him a toothy smile. "It seems I've discovered something else about you - you're very playful. I like that." He laughed slightly. "That little stunt back there, I thought that was pretty amazing."
  • Dallen: Dallen waited a moment before coming out from the shadows, leaning against the tree as he was in eyesight now, "I'm glad you still find it amazing - maybe one day we can do it all over and go even darker." He smiled warmly which was unusual for him, "You too Cheol - you seem to be curious since you looked like you were looking for me."
  • Cheol: He returned the smile, before faltering and his cheek turned a tint of pink from utter embarrassment. "Y-you can't possibly know that. What if I wasn't looking for you? What if... um," Cheol rubbed his arm awkwardly, "I wasn't? What if I was looking for someone else?" He stammered out, the color of his cheek darkening in color.
  • Dallen: He shrugged, "If you were looking for someone else, you wouldn't be blushing nor stammering, would you?" Dallen smiled, "Plus you speak to yourself a lot."
  • Cheol: "I'm just not very good with talking to others. It can be pretty difficult sometimes." He said, rubbing his arm. "Force of habit that I talk to myself. I've been doing it since I was little." Cheol shrugged. "Besides, how'd you know where to spot me at just the right moment, hm? Did you just happen to be lurking around?" Cheol arched a brow, smirking slightly.
  • Dallen: "We all talk to ourselves, force of habit or not." Dallen smiled still, "And a little of both, if I'm honest. I'm always in the shadows and you appeared to be coming - the best of both worlds if you ask me."
  • Cheol: "I guess you have a point there." He chuckled, slightly. "But, what have you been up to? Pranking camper, I bet? Since you do have that ability of yours." Cheol flashes Dallen a kind smile.
  • Dallen: Dallen shrugged, "If I said the thought didn't cross my mind and I did it a few times, I'd be lying." He laughed a little, "Have you been enjoying the darkness? Since you seemed to love it so much."
  • Cheol: Cheol nodded, strands of blonde hair getting into his eyes. "Of course. My friends found it odd, don't understand why. They just don't understand how the simpliest things in life can be both captivating, yet terrifying." He swept the stands of hair from his eyes, but gave an annoyed look as the strands of hair fell into his eyes again. He took it as a sign to redo his ponytail, so loosening the hair tie and pushing his hair back into its ponytail.
  • Dallen: He nodded, agreeing with Cheol, "Not many people see the charm in darkness - though I do believe it's because of spirits and nymphs having fun with small kids during the night...some people need to learn to get over things."
  • Cheol: He wrinkled his nose, crossing his arms over his chest when he finished fixing up said ponytail. "Some people can just be downright cruel. It's takes a long time for someone to get over something like that. I speak from experience." Shooting Dallen a glance, the corners of Cheol's mouth curved up slightly. "But, I agree. It's best to just forget about the past. You can't hold onto it forever." Chuckling slightly, he dropped his arms to his side. "You seem to know a lot about this."
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