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Setting: Deep within the forest, a good distance from both the BC Headquarters and Camp Half-blood

DTH-42: The garbage-can shaped robot clanks throughout the deep woods, his eyes scanning for any human life forms, with steam pouring out of his rusty exhaust pipe like a hotspring. He speaks with his annoying robotic voice, as usual "Let's see... the boss said that campers sometimes wander down here occasionally, usually on quests or just hunting for monsters... I must exterminate anybody once I am able to identify them as an enemy. Oh boy, I hope I find Scott! I am going to give that damn kid a run for his money... except he won't be able to run without any legs!"

Lallaine: "Ugh, dang it," she mutters while stomping through the forest. "I'll kill him, I'll kill him, I'll kill him. Who does he think he is?" She still mutters unintelligent things while kicking rocks on the way. She keeps doing the same things when she hears something like clanking of metal against rocks. She hides behind a tree, not minding to take her sword out, but just make herself alert.

DTH-42: With his sonic-hearing systems, he could just barely pick up Lallaine's muttering. "Thought I heard something..." Luckily for the girl, 42 hasn't had a repair protocol in a while, so his systems are a bit glitchy. 42 begins to walk in the relative direction towards Lallaine, activating his infrared heat scanners, which aren't powerful enough to scan anything behind the tree. Regardless, he at least tries communication. "Is anybody there? Come out, or I will find you."

Lallaine: Robot? she wonders. Slowly and quetly as she can, she unsheathes her sword and readies it in front of her. Probably just an automaton of Hephaestus. She doesn't get out first. "Who's that there? she shouts instead.

DTH-42: With the sound waves from Lallaine being much heavier in volume, and easier for 42 to pick up, he heads straight towards her location behind the tree. He's about 10 feet away, and identifies her as a human based on body structure. It'll take him longer to determine if she is a half-blood, mortal, or just a human-like nymph. "Identify yourself, human, and sheathe your weapon." Foolishly, 42 kept his chest plate uncovered, which has a giant Broken Covenant emblem plastered on the front, making it extremely obvious who this machine belongs to.

Lallaine: Great, wrong move, Lallaine. She sighs quietly. Just keep the talk going. "Who do you belong to, robot? Tell me, and I'll do as you please," she says calmly as she can. She tries to sneak her head out, but the tree's trunk is too big to let her do such without moving in her place.

DTH-42: Usually, 42 would be smart enough to conceal his identity despite him being such a moron for a robot, but Lallaine's voice somehow triggered an old protocol in his programming that would give his model details, but the message is buggy due to age. "*kzzzzzzt* I am Prototype Docile Tool-hander No. 42 of Hepha*st** I was designed to assist the god in his projects *y select*ng and t*ansfe*ring the required tools to my mast*r *buzz*" The message glitches out, and 42 recollects himself with a minor system reboot. "Negative, human, identify yourself, and you will do my bidding regardles!" He awkwardly pauses, his second line of dialogue code lagging. "Ha ha ha. Beep boop."

Lallaine: "What the heck is that doing?" she mutters. "Alright. I'll show myself, but you put all your things considered as weapons down, you get me?" She know robots are pretty specific, and she waits until it speaks again. This mechanism wouldn't be so bad, she thinks.

DTH-42: 42 stares at his right arm, a sharp metal claw that is his only weapon aside from anything he is able to pick up from fallen enemies and use as a blunt. 'If this was, perhaps, a demigod who had come to the woods to join the BC, 42 wouldn't want to kill her on sight until he had sustainable information to confirm it so. "Very well, human, I will comply for now." 42 lowers his claw a position that would be difficult to begin an attack from, but keeps his combat systems online in case of a surprise fight. "Now, identify yourself."

Lallaine: "Okay." She quickly turns and faces the machine, her sword in front of her in blocking position. Looking at the robot, it doesn't seem to harmful. She furrows her eyebrows and shrugs. 'Well, you wouldn't be of a harm, aren't you?" She sheathes her sword, though alert if she needs it. "Who's your—" On the robot's chest is the Broken Covenant's insignia. She looks at the robot,but thinks. The machine didn't identify her as serious enemy, so she keeps it that way. "—owner, robot?" she continues instead, more alert this time.

DTH-42: The robot doesn't waste time with conversation and takes this moment to do an infrared scan on her that will determine her as a mortal or demigod. This test only takes about of minute of scanning. However, once again, 42 made a mistake in his processing and left his voice alert mode on. "Initiating scan of infrared heat signatures; identifying target as either subject_mortal.exe or subject_demigod.exe" 42 is now in a sort of petrified state, all of his hardware focused on the scanning process. An interruption of any kind will cause him to glitch out and have to reboot the process again.

Lallaine: She lets the robot scan her, though she already wants to get back to the camp. How did she get close to the BC? This forest doesn't seem so near. But if this robot is here, probably it's owner one of the BC, then their lair would possibly be somewhere near. She has to focus. She waves her hand a few feet away from the front of the robot. "You still on, robot?"

DTH-42: 42 completes his scanning process without interruption. Because he still has his voice mode on, he gives a brief dialogue before getting back to sentience. "Scanning complete. Subject identified: demigod. Godly parent: Undetermined. Affiliation: Undetermined. Gross-threat level: Average." After this report 42 finally realises what has happened. "Oh come on, did I leave my voice report protocol on again?! Why did my programming make that so hard to deactivate?! He looks at the halfblood with his faint blue LED eyes. "So, half-blood, what are you doing here. Are you just trying to find your way back to the Covenant," 42 raises his claw in an aggressive motion "or are you dirty camper scum that I must eliminate? Tell me, or I will exterminate you as the latter."

Lallaine: Thank goodness he doesn't know. Now, what should I do? She tries steadying herself. She can't reveal herself. She can act as one of the Covenant, but that could lead her into serious trouble. No one will be able to help her, if her mom even cares. She then decides to move that topic away. "Well, I think your owner is pretty unaware about that programming of yours." If I could find a way to deactivate this thing... "Are you having a lot of trouble with that? I may help you to get it fixed." She smiles warmly for a try and, for cover up, too.

DTH-42: The robot seems to lose his rational thought CPU at the meer thought of being repaired. He practically seems to jump at the cause, lowering his claw and slightly leaping off the ground a few centimeters due to his heavy weight. "You mean you could really fix me up?! That would be terrific! Oh, I can't belieive I'm going to be fixed, the boss will be so proud of me! His voice seems to be getting higher and higher pitched as his autotuned vocal frequencies begin to sound like a kid opening presents on christmas morning, that is, if that kid was an evil robot.

Lallaine: She smiles again. "Sure I will. I'd love to help you." She isn't an expert on wirings and whatnot, but she still remembers some of the lessons when she was still on school and some of the books she've read. She walks toward the robot and clasps her hands. "Now, where's your main panel?"

DTH-42: He gives a mechanized chuckle as his front plate pops off and lands on the ground, revealing his vital wiring and primary circuit panel. "Sorry for undressing in front of you, but it's right here!" He slightly bounces up and down with excitement, making a creaking sound, obviously needing to be oiled.

Lallaine: "Alright. Here we go." I need to deactivate him. Oh man, wires. Red, blue, green, yellow wires. It makes her head spin, but she tries to stay on focus. "Okay, I'll start. Stay still." She studies the wires, where they are connected to, where the energy and power must be traveling through, and she tries to determine the purposes of the different colours of the wires. She tries pulling a yellow wire out of its red socket, and replaces it with red wire, the yellow she puts on the red's former socket. A spark appears. "How do you feel?" she asks.

DTH-42: 42 looks fine for a moment or two, but soon begins to spark. The said wires were the controllers of his mechanical joints, and he instantly falls on his back due to him unable to control his limbs. "AAAAAGH! How could you! You said you would fix me. I will destroy you, half-blood scum!" 42 hopelessly tries to get up, but being incapcitated on ground, he only struggles with the occasional curse in binary code.

Lallaine: "Oh my! Sorry, wrong wires," she says. Will this be okay? No, deactivate him......or what about change his mind's orders... Changing who the robot will be might be some good way, though she's not so sure how. At least, he can be a friend of the camp. But it's hard. Probably the owner only has access to it. Well, who knows? Maybe another move of wirings may bring up another set of plans. She looks at the panel again carefully. Diffrent colours of buttons, strings of red and yellow lights, hard drives and nails, of course. She studies the drives, and decides to interchange the wires conneced to it. One here, the other here, and another here. "Now, how do you feel?"

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