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Lucifer Naal
Son of Zephyrus ~ Owned by Dolt~!
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150 lbs
Dublin, Ireland
His sword
It's easier to build up a child than to repair an adult


Lucifer: The day had been the usual for the young demigod as he walked out of the training arena. Sweat glistened off of his skin as his camp shirt stuck to his skin. It had been a grilling training session for Lucifer because he had nightmares last night again. It always consisted of his mother and the harsh words that would be hurled into his face. THe young albino shook his head to chase away the dark thoughts.

Nia: She walked out of the training area after a day long session of winning fights. She was in her tank top and jeans sweating when she accidently bumped into Lucifer "Sorry" she said

Lucifer: The tall 6'1 Irishman jumped when he felt something bump into him. It made him on guard and he almost raised his long arse sword to be in his defensive mode before he paused. Monsters don't usually have a feminine-esque voice. Unless they were shape shifting... Or if he was going insane. Both were a possibility in Lucifer's own mind before a) this was camp and there were no enemy monsters and b) Lucifer was sure he wasn't going crazy. He then looked down and realised, through all his over-productive thinking, that it was a girl. "Oh no. It's fine." The Irish drawl came out in his voice.

Nia: "Irish are you? Nice people you are I got to visit a couple of times" she says looking up at him "So been training a lot I assume" she says gesturing to how his hand was still near his weapon

Lucifer: A small quirk of a humored smile appeared on his chapped lips. "Is it really that obvious? I mean, I don't exactly walk around with ginger hair and a green shamrock hat everywhere." He mused as he ran a hand throug his pale locks. He then looked down at his blade before throwing it in the air out of habit, the handle landed in his palm as he sheathed it. Lucifer has done that so many times that he wasn't even worried about the blade slicing his fingers. By no means was he trying to impress Nia, it was just a force of habit. "Training? You could say so. It helps me... Unwind." And by no means was he going to tell Nia about his dreams.

Nia: Being around for a long time she had seen her share of little tricks and was therefore not all that impressed "Agreed it helps to you know relax the muscles, get the blood flowing.....clear the mind and oh your accent gives it away" she says in fluent irish having been to Ireland and studied the language. She looks him up and down "I sense something has disturbed you?" she asks 

Lucifer: Lucifer grinned as Nia described the feeling of when she herself has been training. But it was so much more to Lucifer than just his own body. The feeling of the wind when he dodges and gracefully does a twirl to counter attack, the feeling of the rustic steel of his blade in his hands. It sends Lucifer on a whirl, more so if he is in the air. It must be cause his dad is a Wind God. A glint of amusement fluttered into his eyes when he heard Nia talked in Irish. It's been ages since he heard that language. "Not really. Just not sleeping well."

Nia: By looking at him she felt it was more than a lack of sleep but decided not to press further "I see so how has your training been going? Have you gone through live combat situations in the forest yet? Those are usually better than dummies or other campers cause you know unpredictable" she says she found the boy to be interesting and was trying to learn more about him "Seems like my kind of guy" she thought to herself