Iggy and Adela

Igneous: Iggy, after getting into an argument with another Counselor, his hands almost smoking from his irritation. Iggy decided it would be best to go cool off, so he headed towards the Lake, almost clearing a path with the heat radiating off of him.

Adela: Adela was sitting by the lake enjoying her day. She was in an unusually good mood, her first since coming to Camp. She was happy to be getting some sun in peace and solitude. Her siblings even more annoying than she expected and she hadn't met anyone at Camp that she considered to be up to her standards.

Igneous: Iggy had made it to the lake, but he walked directly in to the water - He stopped with his feet, but the water around him would start to boil and evaporate a little bit. Hi didn't even glance over to Adela, but assuming everyone else had left, he had clearly ruined the environment around the lake, at least for now.

Adela: Adela smirked as everyone scatted. "Wow," she said in a snakelike voice, "I love a man who can get rid of a crowd, especially these people." She stood and walked over, holding a hand over the boiling water. "And I thought I was hot." She snickered and extended a hand, "I'm Adela, and you are not like these other losers."

Igneous: He glances over to Adela. Though irritated, it amused him. "Not scared, Adela?" He muses, his voice deep, and the irritation clear. "Iggy," He finally replies. "I'm sure I'll burn you if we shake hands, so I'm not gonna do that.... Unless you like it."

Adela: "It would take a lot more than water you could cook pasta in to scare me. For demigods, the people here are weaker than my abuela." She took a fallen leaf and dropped it into the boiling water, like a kid putting salt on a snail. "I'd prefer to keep my skin, thanks. Who might your godparent be then?"

Igneous: "I will agree, they are weak bastards." He can't help but snarl at mention of weak. "I'm a fire spirit, Baby. Son of Hephaestus, cursed with immortality and forced to be here."

Adela: Adela laughed. "I'm glad to finally find someone who agrees with me. As for your immortality, I'll take it if you don't want it. Doesn't sound like a curse to me" Adela started throwing other stuff into the water: grass, pebbles, bugs, really anything. "I'd love to be immortal. Outlive all these morons."

Igneous: "Oh, it's a curse. It's not my own life, now is it? I have to serve him. I have to spend a hundred years in his forge only for him to allow us out every hundred years, and I'm met with being who can do as they wish? My father has other children, that he allows to live their own free lives?" Iggy's aura got that much warmer. "Trust me, I wish I never took the offer."

Adela: Adela scoffed. "Yeah that sounds like a pretty shit deal. I'd rather just be immortal and, like, famous and look hot all the time. Can't always get what you want though. I mean, I could be famous if I wanted to, but even I can't look hot all the time. Just most of the time."

Igneous: Igneous looked over at her, clearly unamused. "You say that until you watch everyone you loved die," He responds. "Why don't you just leave? I'm not here to talk out my feelings, the counselours are annoying enough."

Adela: "Just to be clear," Adela hissed, "I don't love anyone but myself. My mom is dead and I certainly wouldn't be friends with any of these at risk teens. And I never asked you to talk about your feelings. In fact, feelings are worse than gonorrhea, so if you don't want to talk about them, I'm perfectly happy. The attitude, hothead, is unnecessary."

Igneous: He laughed, stepping towards her and grabbing her neck - Not enough to hurt her, and he managed to turn down the heat long enough to not burn her, though it still was extremely warm to the touch. "Oh, but isn't the attitude what you wanted? If you didn't want the hothead, you should have left when I told you too, Sweetheart."

Adela: Adela was admittedly a little shocked when Igneous grabbed her throat, but she wasn't exactly frightened. Without a second thought, she teleported, or whatever it was her and her siblings could do, out of his reach. "Alright, Jack the Ripper, chill out." She rolled her eyes. "No need for physical contact. I don't know where your hands have been. I'll leave when I feel like it. In the meantime, I was here first, so if you want to be alone, go be alone. Kay?"

Igneous: "Unfortunately this is the only spot I can cool down. Literally. So how about instead, you stop bothering me, unless you're planning on entertaining me on your knees." He scoffs, and turns away, back to sitting on the bank of the lake.

Adela: Genuinely disgusted, Adela turns back towards the tree she was sitting at before and retakes her spot, trying to go back to enjoying her day. Being Adela, however, she can't help herself and stay silent for long. "Yeah, I'm sure that throat grab thing really works on a lot of girls. Everyone loves to feel the hot, stubby hands of Hephaestus around their throat, that's why Aphrodite stays with him."

Igneous: "You'd be surprised at how many women prefer it, actually," He rolls his eyes. "I thought we agreed to ignore each other? Literally a moment ago?"

Adela: "Actually we didn't agree to anything. I bet your used to using your heat and anger to boss people around, but bossing people around is sorta my thing, so leave it to the professionals, steamboat." Adela sits, unbothered, in the shade under the tree and it's obvious from her demeanor that barely even cares about the conversation, let alone Iggy's petty threats.

Igneous: "Well, I guess I have a solution then..." He holds up a middle finger to her, and turns away, seemingly planning on just simply ignoring her.

Adela: "Disappointing," Adela said, picking up the magazine she had been reading before he arrived and flipping through it, "I sort of liked you, but just like the rest of them you're nothing but a weepy man child who can't handle the pain of his past. How melodramatic."

Igneous: The heat around him flared up slightly, and he almost, almost responded. But, he managed to just roll his eyes and look away.

Etienne and Kora

Kora 3

Kora Wyndham Daughter of Athena ♥ Hacker

Kora was walking back from camp, earbuds in ears, but also not really paying attention to her surroundings. Instead, she was mouth-syncing to the song on her phone as she walked, and also what could roughly be considered dancing to it as she walked, which mostly meant she was twirling along with it as well. Clearly, she was in a great mood, and the world was her oyster, so she wasn't really paying attention.


Etienne Montague Child of Eros ♦

Etienne had his back turned to the girl when she bumped into him, almost knocking him over. "Woah," he said, catching his balance, "I believe walking is a no contact sport" The girl was lucky, Etienne was in a surprisingly good mood today. He wasn't sure exactly why, but at the very least he had managed to survive a week at camp without developing some type of crush. Nevertheless, he was in good spirits. "If they changed the rules, tell me now. I have some people to bump into."

Kora: In true Kora fashion, she gasps, and pulls out her headphone, barely hearing what he said. But the surprise event didn't change her mood. "Hey! I'm so so sorry! I just got lost in the music again! Ugh, I should totally be more careful." Kora giggles, rolling her eyes at herself. "I'm really sorry!"

Etienne: "No worries," Etienne laughed, "I was standing in the middle of a walkway. I'm Etienne. You are?"

Kora: Kora smiles sweetly. "Well, I was the one dancing and lipsinging, so I guess we're even. Hi! I'm Kora!" Kora holds out a hand for him. "I was just coming back from camp, meeting some siblings, I guess."

Etienne: "Who are your siblings if I might ask?" Etienne smirked, he knew she was talking about godly siblings, not full siblings, but he was more curious as to who her godly parent was. "Do you not live in Camp yourself?"

Kora: "Oh, Athena's kids." She answers with a nod. "You know, smart, strategic, basically ravenclaws for demigods... Not that I'm bragging or anything, but like, mom number 2 is pretty cool. As for living there, I do not! I actually live in New Athens, my best friends and I hut monsters together!" Kora grins, a little too happily, at the mention of hunting monsters. "Can't really do that from camp, I guess. Not freely."

Etienne: Etienne gave a small laugh. "Hunting monsters by choice? I can't imagine. The only good thing about Camp is that it marks the end of centuries of fighting monsters. I might move to New Athens soon, though. I've heard my brother is there, but I haven't had much luck finding him yet."

Kora: "Yeah, well, I get to learn a lot... Besides, I kinda owe them my life." Kora chuckles. "Well, who's your brother? Maybe I can help! Nobody can hide from the internet after all and..." She pulls out her cellphone. "I've got my ways~"

Etienne: "I don't know how much use the internet will be since he is a few hundred years old, but his name is Elliot." Etienne kicked some dirt around. "I sort of thought all my siblings were dead, but it turns out some of them might have been cursed, like me."

Kora: She smiled gently, and walked over to him, grabbing his hand and dragging him over to a spot where they could sit. "Elliott. Gonna need a surname, now." She tilts her head. "Cursed? What happened?"

Etienne: Etienne's jaw tightened. "Surname Montague, hopefully." He stated. "As for my curse, well, it's a long story."

Kora: Kora giggles. "Montague like Shakespeare? I loved Romeo and Juliet!" She exclaims. "I'll listen if you need an ear, but I won't push if you'd rather not talk about it," She adds with a shrug. "Alright... Elliott Montague." Kora stayed quiet for a few moments, scrolling through her phone and typing every now and then. "I can't say I recognise anyone with that name in the general long island area - Are you sure he's here?"

Etienne: Etienne sighed heavily. "No, I'm not sure. But I hoped. No disrespect, but I think I'll keep looking. Like I said I don't trust the internet to find my brother. I don't know if someone as old as him knows how to use it."

Kora: "I'm not stopping you... I'm just saying nobody can hide from the internet. Don't believe me?" She holds up her phone to him, which held a surveillance recording of Etienne and Kora, as she's seen holding the phone up to him. "If he's here, I'll find him. Do you have a picture of him or something?"

Etienne: Etienne raised an eyebrow and looked around for the camera. Resigning himself to not finding it, he turned back toward Kora. "The last time I saw him, people were still commissioning portraits from the Haus of Holbein, so no, no pictures. But last I knew he was in his twenties, so he'd probably be in New Athens."

Kora: Kora seemed pleased with herself for the surveillance trick. She pulls back her phone, nodding. "Well, I'll just see if I can match any faces with--Oh hey..." She pauses. "So I just looked up portraits, is this him?" She showed him a picture, tilting her head. "If it is I could match peoples faces to it, and I'll let you know if I find anything."

Etienne: Etienne's eyes widened at the family portait Kora managed to find on her phone. Etienne never bought one, he thought they were a bit silly, but he was starting to see the appeal. And being on the internet was a bit of an ego boost for him, but he tried not to show it. "That's him. Well, one of the three boys in this picture are him. He's one of triplets. It makes me wonder if they're still around..."

Kora: Kora smiled. "Hey! No issue. I mean, it may take some time, but if there's anyone here I'll probably find them. But I might get busy with my side hustle, so I apologize for that in advance... Will you be at camp for some time?"

Etienne: Etienne laughed, not mockingly like usual, but more in a self-deprecating kind of way. "Well, I am immortal so, unless someone here bumps into me too hard, I don't really see an end to my stay at camp."

Kora: She nods understandingly. "Well, I'm afraid to die, so I guess I'm a little envious." Kora's face relaxed for a moment into a frown, and she looked far away for a moment. But soon, it returned to the smile. "That being said, I'm not saying it's a good thing. It's a case-to-case basis. So... Yeah." She chuckles slightly. "If I do manage to find anything I'll let you know."

Etienne: "Thank you," Etienne smiled brightly, wrapping the girl in a hug, but pulling away quickly, "I hope to see you soon. Thank you so much for your help." Etienne smiled and walked away, feeling more hopeful of finding his brother than ever.

Prim and Polly 1

Primrose: Prim was enjoying the gentle warmth of sping in Camp Half-Blood. It was nice to be so deep in nature. Back home in Malibu, she was rarely in harmony with the natural world. But here, she could look out on the chilly Long Island Sound and smell the faint scent of budding strawberries. Spring was Primrose's favorite season. There was something so beautiful about a new flower, or the first rose. She nestled down just off the beach and looked out upon the water dreamily.

Polly: Polly didn't quite know if it was her mother's thing, or if she got it growing up around a literal volcano, but 'warm' was never warm enough in the spring here. Still, after having travelled a bit, and finally coming back, she remembered how normally cool it was here. Polly aimed to find the warmest spot, and it just happened to be around a beach. Polly walked down to the beach, and just before her feet hit the sand, she pulled off her sandals. Polly walked quietly, having noticed the other person and aiming not to bother them.

Primrose:Prim didn't notice the girl at first. She was walking so quietly. For a moment, Prim thought that maybe the girl wouldn't want to be disturbed. But curiosity and boredom overtook her and she had to meet the new girl. With a flip of her bright blonde hair she called out, "Hi! I'm Primrose! Wanna come sit?"

Polly: Polly seemed a little surprised by the sudden kindness the girl showed. "Uh... Hi, I'm Polly." She answers, slowly walking towards her. "I guess, yeah..."

Primrose: Prim wasn't that surprised at the look on the girl's face. She was often met with shock when introducing herself. Although usually it was because people recognized her, but here it seemed like people were just surprised to be shouted at by a 5'2" blonde in 6 in. heels. Either way, Prim was delighted when the girl came and sat on the ground with her. She sighed contentedly and said, "The ocean is beautiful here. Not the same as somewhere like Greece or Trinidad, but beautiful its own way. Don't you think?"

Polly: She goes to sit down next to her. "Not nearly as beautiful as in Hawai'i," She notes. "But I'll never see anything as pretty as Hawai'i..." Polly sighs. "But to be fair, I'm not much of a traveller."

Primrose Prim smiled and let out a cheerful sigh, "Ah, Hawai'i. You're right. There aren't many oceans as beautiful as the tropical pacific. Someday, however, you must see the coasts of Mykonos in Greece. It's breathtaking. Although, I don't know if you'll ever find any place as beautiful as your home. Hawai'i or otherwise." Prim looked back out onto the water. From the way Polly talked about Hawai'i, Prim could easily tell it was her home. That and after visiting enough islands, she could pick out an islander when she saw one.

Polly: Polly smiles gently in response to Prim's answer. "Maybe one day. I'm definitely not against it." Polly chuckles. "You seem well travelled. Why is that?"

Primrose: Of course, Prim instantly knew the answer to that question: Money. She didn't like that answer much, however. She certainly wasn't going to start this friendship off with a lie, so she answered, "My father loves to travel, so we go on vacations a lot. I also travel around the world for my work. I have certainly seen a lot of it."

Polly: Polly nods. "Sounds really nice, actually. The Camp and where I've from are the only places I've ever been. Have you ever been near Mauna Loa in Hawai'i? There was a small tribe there... There's not much anymore." Polly seems to deflate a bit at the last part of that sentence, but the smile remains nonetheless.

Primrose: Prim watched the girl slump at the end of her sentence. She got the sense that Polly had lost something there. Maybe the small tribe was wiped out somehow. Prim wished she could say "Yes! I have! I was just there last week", but she couldn't. Instead, all she could say was, "I don't think so. Sorry. My father has a home in O'ahu so that's where we stay mostly. We live in Beachside, Kailua. We go there sometimes in Winter, but we haven't been in a couple years."

Polly:"Well, the top of the volcano - It's very warm, but it gives a very cool view on the Island. Plus, the hike is fun! The Trail I took was a bit past Waikola. That's where I'm from."

Primrose: Prim was happy to see the girl perk up talking about her home. "I've never been up a volcano before. My father wanted to take me when I was younger, but I was too scared. Now I wish I had. Maybe someday" Primrose smiled at Polly and then back out at the water. It wasn't as blue as the oceans around Hawai'i, but had a rather gray tint to it. Prim still thought it was beautiful, though, because it was theirs. She was falling in love with Camp Half-Blood more and more every day.

Polly: Polly smiles, and follows Prim's eyes towards the water. "Do you like it here?" Polly wonders. "I'm not a huge fan. I was sort of forced to be here but... It's weird for me to be here."

Primrose: Prim thought for a moment and then sighed, "It's a love/hate relationship for me really. I like the people I'm meeting and I feel safe here, but I was forced here too. I don't know if you know this, but in the outside world I was a real burgeoning actress. One more blockbuster and I could've been up there with Scarlett Johansson and Emma Roberts, but then I found out I was a demigod. My dad says it's not safe for me out in the real world, but I want to act. I loved being in movies and TV shows. I loved attending award shows and red carpet galas. I loved meeting fans and going on tours. I even loved the stupid press interviews. But now I'm "recouping after a major loss" as my PR team have fed the media. I miss my life. That's all."

Polly:Polly looked genuinely surprised, but also intrigued. "I actually had no idea - I never really payed attention to any sort of media except for books, and movies of books that I love. That being said... I don't agree with your father." Polly looks over at her. "If my papa was still around, he'd tell me to make the most of my life, despite the fact that we have this huge... Burden, and sort of responsibility, to protect the world around us from learning what life really is. To let them see the darkness of being a demigod. To tell you not to pursue your dream... I don't know. I'm sure you could, given the right precautions and practice. If it's what you love, then do it."

Primrose: Prim smiled tearfully at Polly. "I'm sorry about your loss," she started, "and you're right. My career is not over. And believe me, my dad wanted me to stay home forever. We did everything we could. I had a satyr named Barkley with me at all times and my father hired loads of security staff to keep me safe. He even paid millions to have thousands of bullets made from celestial bronze for the staff to use, but in the end it wasn't enough. Even with all that security, my safety could only be assured so long. On my sixteenth birthday I had some hellhound party crashers. That was when it was decided I would have to come to camp after all. What about you? What brought you here?"

Polly: Polly looked at the ground for a moment, the smile finally flickering a bit. "I... Put my village and everyone I love in danger. My brother and I started something we couldn't finish and... we payed for it. My God parent or whatever insisted I come here. I left for a bit, but I couldn't handle being back there so... I came back here."

Primrose: Prim tried to meet the girls eyes, but she watched as they scanned the ground. "I see," she sniffed, a couple tears rolling down her face, "I'm so- so sorry." She wiped her face and put a gentle hand in Polly's. "Maybe you can go back one day. When it's safe." She let the silence rest for a moment and then asked, "Who is your godly parent?"

Polly:She looks up, and in a thankful response, she squeezes her hand for a second and smiled. "I might, but... Just not any time soon, I guess... " Polly rubbed her eyes for a moment, attempting to hold back the small tears that had formed. "Oh, it's Aetna. Goddess of Volcanoes and stuff like that. Fitting for someone who lived next to Mauna Loa."

Primrose: "Maybe that's how she met your dad." Prim said simply with a smile. "My mom is Aphrodite. Fitting for someone who lived in Beverly Hills."

Polly:Polly chuckles. "How very different we are, yet it's easier to talk to you than most other people I've met in the Camp."

Primrose: "I've been told that before," Primrose giggled, "You should meet my friend Alexandros. Talk about different, he's as shy as a mouse and I'm about as shy as an opera singing Dragon" Primrose laughed, still clutching Polly's hand in solidarity.

Polly: She laughs with her in response. "He sounds nice! Huh. Maybe coming back to camp wasn't the worst idea I've ever had. I'm actually making friend! Thank you."

Primrose: "I think it may have been my favorite idea you've ever had." Primrose smiled and stood up. "Now," she said, brushing the dirt and sand off her light-blue, highwaisted jeans, "I think I'm going to go and recurl my hair. This sea hair is really deflating her. But I'll see you around. Maybe I'll introduce you to Alex if you'd like? Lord knows I'm his only chance to make any friends."

Polly:Polly grins in response. "I think I'd like that. I'll be around the Aetna cabin, but I'll definitely keep an eye around for you."

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